Major General John Amos Ommanney
amos1.jpg Ommanney, John Amos
MAJ GEN Marines
Station Fleet HQ
Position Head of CMC
Age Sex
Deceased M
Hair Eyes
Dark Grey-Blue

"We are now up against live, hostile targets. So, if Little Red Riding Hood should show up with a bazooka and a bad attitude, I expect you to chin the bitch."
— Dog Soldiers


Born the fifth of seven children in a family of high powered lawyers on Libran, Amos, or John as he went by then, had his entire life mapped out for him by his parents from a young age. Attend expensive schools, go to temple every Sunday, study law and then take his place in what was rapidly becoming the 'family firm'. Being a good and dutiful child he didn't question that and worked hard alongside his brothers and sisters to fullfil his parent' dream and make them proud. He achieved top grades throughout his schooling and represented his high school in pyramid, archery and athletics.

While he had the opportunity to go to almost any university in the Colonies he stuck to his parent's plan and attended the Libran State University, earning himself a First Class Honours degree in Law and Legal Practice three years later. While he was there he made friends with a couple of his coursemates who were involved in the ROTC and as a result moved to Picon to do a Masters in Military Law for his postgrad. Sensing a prime opportunity the recruiters moved in and he signed almost immediately, waiting only to finish the degree before heading for basic training and then officer training with the CMC.

Due to his background and his education he was initially posted to the JAG's office but he was having none of it and managed to get himself transfered as far as the Military Police. That still didn't satisfy his desire to be out and about in the field though and his career stalled at the rank of lieutenant for a long time. On the brink of becoming disillusioned and heading back to civie-street he then got the chance to take part in a cross-disciplin training programme on Scorpia. Having had to spend weeks out in the wilderness he remembered what had brough him to the military in the first place and put in a transfer request out of the MPs in favour of a combat unit.

It was a hard fight as he was lacking in experience in some areas, but eventually he got a chance and he never looked back. He thrived, is the simple way to put it, and learnt quickly, going from the Lt no marine wanted to leading one of the most saught after companies in the regiment. Not long after that came the long awaited promotion to Captain and the additional responsibility of being adjucant to the S3. Turns out he was good at that too, although the S3 was also a John so he initially became John-Amos to avoid confusion, which was then rapidly shortened to just Amos.

On leave on Caprica for War Day he spent the first few weeks of occupation doing what he could to cause mischief for the occupiers until he managed to contact with the resistance movement under Major Jankovic. Joining them he effectively became an adjucant to the S3 for the marines operating with the 55th until he was shot by a cylon patrol while trying to contact a small resistance group in the wake of the Adar assassination. Med-evaced out to the fleet around Piraeus to recover he's now back on his feet and looking for war.

Ending the war as officer incharge of all fleet based marines, Amos stayed in the service and took the fight to the APF. In the twenty two years that followed he lead task forces, co-ordinated operations, and shook countless hands. Rising steadily through the ranks as other war time commanders retired or died he married while stationed on Leonis, and became father to three healthy kids. In late 2026 he accepted the final promotion, to Commandant of the Colonial Marine Corps, a position in which he served until his assassination onboard BS Orion in October 2028.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1989 Oct Enlisted Marine Corps CMF Eos, Picon 9 week Marine boot camp.
1989 Dec Officer Cadet CMF Eos, Picon 14 week officer training camp.
1990 Mar Ensign 13th, 7th Fleet Anchorage JAG's office.
1990 Sep Ensign 2/4th, CMF Alastor, Caprica Transfer to MPs.
1993 Feb Lieutenant (jg) 2/4th, CHC Kings Bay Promotion, MP squad leader
1995 Feb Lieutenant 2/4th, CHC Kings Bay Promotion, MP squad leader
1996 Mar Lieutenant 2/4th, ALS Collins Peak MP squad leader
1999 Aug Lieutenant 2/4th C-AKE Mallfut MP squad leader
2001 Apr Lieutenant CMF Klemens, Scorpia 8 week cross-disciplin training camp.
2001 Jun Lieutenant 1/9th, CMF Selis, Leonis Transfer to rifle platoon
2002 Aug Captain 1/9th, ALS Niflheimr Vally Promotion, adjucant to S3
2005 Jan Captain 55th MCCS, Caprica Assistant to S3, co-ordination of resistance units.
2005 Aug Captain 3/8th, BS Orion S3.
2006 Jun Major 3/8th, BS Orion Officer Commanding

Extra Info

  • Athena — The patron deity of Libran and often seen, among her many other perviews, as the Goddess of law and justice, as well as that of intelligent warfare.
  • Areas — God of just killing anything that stands as a threat, the more primal, base side of warfare.
  • Hermes — The family deity, God of verbal manipulation and protector of boundaries, useful for both lawyer and soldier.

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