MD #220: Ambushing the CAG
Ambushing the CAG
Summary: Gloria has a report to give to Niko, but finds him at a less than ideal time.
Date: 14/11/2017
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Niko Gloria 
Air Wing Shared Berthings - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The berthings for the ship's Air Wing are the same that one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but meant to house a squadron of twenty to twenty five souls. Unlike other Mercury-class Battlestars, pilots from all frames and ECOs are intermixed. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean.
Curtains in this bunkhouse bear the squadron colors of Ghosts and Strikes, unlike the rest on the ship. As a legacy squadrons of The Sixty, those racks belonging to the Ghosts have blue curtains with a top-hatted gray skull centered on a pair of crossed missiles, and those belonging to the Strikes gold-backed curtains with a green clover centered over a pair of crossed 30mm cannons.

Even the CAG can't escape scheduled PT. Niko is just back from the fitness center. Wearing his regulation shorts, BS-114 t-shirt, and running shoes with a towel looped over his shoulders, he now sports a nice sheen of sweat as he cools down from the treadmill. He heads for the locker beside his bunk, mopping at his forehead with his towel.

Gloria is bunked not to far from the CAG, meaning she can tell when he's about. Grabbing a report file that looks fairly well padded out she slips past Bennet's bunk and turns to ambush her boss' boss. Or would do, if she didn't catch sight of the fact he's clearly in need of a shower. "Sir… " she starts, before quickly adding, "never mind, it can wait."

Niko grins when he sees Gloria approach him with a file folder, only to withdraw. "I've got twenty minutes before I have to be back in the office," he says, as if this were an eternity. Plenty of time to shower. "What's on your mind, Dodona?"

"Those missiles you wanted checking out," Gloria replies before she sets the folder on his bunk for him to look through later. "My main conclusions are in the first few pages, the rest is supporting evidence, schematics, and the results of a few sim-runs." She pauses to give him a moment to get his brain engaged in the right gear, then continues, "there's good news, and areas that still need to be worked on."

"The saber-killers? Good." Niko perks up for this news, and listens intently to what Gloria has to report. He glances down the folder, then back up to the ECO with a chuckle. "Yeah, I'll read that later." Of course he will. "Give me the short version. Think they'll lock onto those jamming ships?"

Gloria smiles back a cheerful smile as the CAG asks the important question. "Oh yes, they'll lock on all right, everytime in the sims. Aegis did a damn fine job on those guidance systems. The sticking points are elsewhere though." Holding a hand up she shows him two fingers, "first, your engines. They're set up for atmo, not space, so that'd need to be changed. Also, the payload. It's cluster munitions designed to take out trucks. Without futher data I cna't tell you if they'll puncture the hull or not."

Nice! Niko is happy to hear the guideance system will work, but the realities of the propulsion and payload take the edge off a bit. "Damn." He adopts a thoughtful frown. "The cluster bombs might still work. The way those things broadcast, max power at every wavelength, they've got to have antenna and shit, right? Wreck those we at least shut them the frak up." Anyway. "What do you think it will take to swap out the motor and warhead? Doable?" Okay, so maybe he's not going to have to read that report.

"Might be easier taking an anti-ship missile and swapping the guideance if I'm honest," Gloria replies. "Not something I've had chance to look into yet, as I need to get a few more head together to see what we can come up with, but I figured I'd give you an interim report with the good news so far." Interim report, thats an inch thick. She gives a nod to the comment about antenna though. "I would imagine so, knock them out and it could be enough to continue with normal ordnance."

There's a nod for her proposal. "Good thinking," Niko says. "It's good news and good work, Dodona. Grab whoever you need to get it done." Then he nods again for the likely effectiveness of the cluster bombs. "Those fraks will probably turn tail and run as soon as they see missiles homing in. Don't think they've got the guts for a real fight."

Gloria throws Niko a very slack salute as he praises the work. "I'll let you know when we've got anyhting ready to test in realsapce. Sound slike engines need to be the priority, but I'm make sure options are explored as to warhead." She grins at the thought of their enermies fleeing, and gives a shirt nod, "aye, Zeus willing. I'll leave you be though, got to go grab some scran before the knuckledraggers steal it all. Enjoy your shower."

"Good." Niko will leave the technical details to someone who knows more than the right time to pull the trigger. There's an amused smirk for the salute, and then the CAG nods. "Zeus or anybody else. Keep up the good work, Dodona." And then he's off to his locker to grab his shower kit.

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