AAR: Ambush on Aerilon

The true face of the Allied Planetary Forces is revealed.



6 April 06 (AWD #455)

FR: LTJG Marcus Petropoulos
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson
CC: Mr Alastor Fairfax (Commander, 3/8 Marines), CPT Sophia Brooke (S1), CPT John Amos Ommanney (S3)
RE: Engagement at Eastings 42


A detachment of the 3/8th Marines was asked to accompany Aerilon Armored units to search out, sweep and verify the taking of a former military base that had been held by the Allied Planetary Forces (hereforth APF). A unit consisting of one AMTUV, two Samnite IFVs, and several convoy resupply units accompanied to attempt to make the base operational again.

After departing the main highway, we entered a forested area near the base. The convoy came to a sudden halt and a request was sent for a medic. Our troops were deployed in a loose formation with EOD (see attached) to the front and Specialist Clara Mercier, a Corpsman, was sent to the aid of a teenage girl (hereforth insurgent) and what appeared to be an infant. As Specialist Mercier approached she realized that the insurgent was not holding an infant, but instead a bomb. The insurgent proceeded to activate the improvised and threw it for detonation, which destroyed the AMTUV, killing CPT Sambora, commander of Alpha Troop, Aerilon Armor and signalling an ambush.

We were engaged by two heavy machineguns and several small-arms fire. Our deployment caused our EODs to be pinned down. I ordered a covering fire and we engaged the insurgents. It was the quick thinking of SGT Cooper Knox that made it so that the tide may be turned, calling out for the use of fragmentation grenades. I ordered the unit to deploy all grenades in a staggered wave while PFC Mallas covered. We were able to bring the ambush to a close.

Despite taking several causalities, we were able to send out a fire team to investigate the ambush point. From what they reported, the ambush team was teenagers as well, the oldest appearing to have been no more than eighteen years of age. They were armed with a mix of Colonial Standard and Heavy Weapons as well as various small arms. The wounded and survivors of the 3/8 were transported back to Orion by medevac Raptors. We were unable to fulfill our mission of reconnaissance of the base and will need to send follow on units to do so.

Recommendation: All contact with Aerilon civilians be done with a heavy approach to security and scrutiny. The Allied Planetary Forces apparently are not above using the young in their attacks, nor are they above playing upon human sympathies. Any further contact should be done with extreme care and prejudice.




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