Doctor Ambrose Galen
ambrose1.jpg Galen, Ambrose
LT Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
35 M
Hair Eyes
Black Hazel


Ambrose Galen was 'awakened' September 18th, 2014 on Piraeus, born under the name 'Two.' But this member of the Lines chose to leave the home world to join Colonial society. He attended University, Medical School, and did his Residency on Caprica before joining the Medical arm of the Colonial Fleet.

Recent Events

Ambrose attended Caprica University 2014 to 2022 — First for an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and then Medical School. His three year Residency for Internal Medicine was done at Delphi General Hospital, after which he spent two more years specializing in Infectious Diseases.

Service Record & Medals

Date Rank Station Assignment
NOV 2027 Lieutenant Picon Officer's Basic Training
JAN 2028 Lieutenant CFAS Rockport, Libran Medical Doctor
OCT 2028 Lieutenant BS-114 Orion Medical Doctor

Recent Logs


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