AWD #355: Always Know Where Your Towel Is
Always Know Where Your Towel Is
Summary: A new transferee is unclear about pool etiquette
Date: 11/06/2016
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Jason Amos Halena 
Pool - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.
AWD #355

Looking a bit tired, Jason has made his way to the pool now. He's currently dropping into the water, letting out a bit of a breath as he does so, relaxing a bit more than before. There's a brief pause, before he starts his swim.

Amos has been at the pool a while, enjoying the relative quiet and the low stress exercise. Finishing a length as Jason arrives he stops at the wall, waiting to see what the pilot will do, then sets off again in a direction that won't see them clashing.

Relax? Who comes to the pool to relax? Certainly not Halena, who is in the tail end of her rigerous laps. She is a pale, slender form, doing free-stroke up and back, up and back. Finally, she stops, moving to the edge of the pool to step out. Her steps are a little uncertain, not least of which due to the limp she has. But she's clearly been doing laps to the point of her limbs being like jelly, and it shows in her first few movements. Then again, one might not know it's Halena, if one knows Halena at all, for her tell-tale red hair is covered by a swimcap. She wears a Navy-issued one-peice swimsuit. She shakes herself off a bit, and looks around with a frown. "What … are there no towels?" she asks no one in particular.

Pausing a bit to offer a bit of a nod to the others, Jason starts on his own laps. There's a brief pause as he hears Halena's words, as he looks to her. "I brought a towel with me, at least," he offers.

Keeping to a relaxed breststroke Amos is able to hear Halena's query, and brings himself to a stop at the next wall. "Towels?" he replies, frowning faintly, but then there are a load of new transferees still, "you bring your own." He is still an officer and a gentleman though, so offers "if you find yourself short though, use mine."

Bring her own? Halena looks rather puzzled by this. "Certainly wasn't required to bring my own on the Cygnus," she notes, thoughtfully, and looks around once again. Without much of an option, she moves to sit herself in one of the nearby chairs, to let herself air dry before attempting to put back on what appears to be a jumpsuite, folded and tucked neath her chair. Civilian clothes are somewhat hard to come by, for some people. "Thank you," she nods to Amos. "But that won't be necessary. I'll manage." But such a struggle it shall be!

Nodding again at what's said. "Been that way as long as I can remember aboard here," he offers, staying still in the water for now. Nodding a bit as he looks between the two again, he offers them a brief smile, but doesn't say anything else right now.

The towels you're issued with by supplies are for all your needs aboard," Amos explains, "and down on P generally. Use them for here, the head, everything." With nothing more immediate to add he pushes off again for another length, pointedly keeping his eyes politely off the lounging Halena. As he passes Jason though he calls over, "how goes the fight over Aerlion?"

"Well I suppose the best way to learn is the hard way, hmm? At least for me, apparently," Halena says. She doesn't appear too miffed by the lack of towels, instead settling back in the chair to let nature, or at least the air circulation system, take it's course. She does reach up to pull the cap off her head, flinching as she pulls it away from her red tresses. Her hair is messy, a bit frizzy, but at least it's dry. She has a slight indentation line around her hairline where the cap was. She seems about to close her eyes to wait to dry, but Amos' question to Jason has her sitting up just a little, listening and watching the men curiously.

"Learning by doing?" Jason comments, before he smiles. "It's happened to everyone, one way or the other," he adds. A brief pause as he considers Amos' question. "Still continuing," he replies. "Seems like a hard fight. I've been mostly doing bus duty lately, though."

"Or by other people's mistakes," Amos chips in, "that's my prefered method." Less likely to end up dead and all that. Jason's answer is given due consideration as he finishes another length and then stops, "sounds nasty down there from what I hear. Like Picon was before. Still, it's good to be taking the fight ot the cylons again. Soon one colony will be two."

"Well if one of you gentlemen had the forsight to conveniently forget your towel, I wouldn't feel quite so foolish about it all," Halena says, a touch teasingly, as she uses her fingers to shake out her tresses, then laces those fingers together and sets her hands atop her head in a relaxing, semi-slouched pose. Her legs stretch out before her — it's the first time that a nasty scar, running along the side of her right leg can be seen. Jagged, nearly ankle-to-knee, and then it eitehr continues or starts anew up her thigh. Puckered, the sort that marrs the skin for life. She lets her eyes relax, becoming half-lidded, but what can be seen of her irises still moves between the two men. She's still listening.

Jason nods. "It's good to take the fight to the enemy again," he replies to Amos. "And we'll take the colonies back. Those we can, anyway…" A brief grimace at that, before he looks to Halena, offering her a grin. "You'll have to remind us the next time."

Amos has enough gunshot scars and such that he doens't bother to worry about anyone elses. Hauling hismelf up out of the water he pads over to his own towel and starts to dry himself, apparently being done with exercising for now. "If you'll forgive me, I need to go get ready for the festivities. WIll I see you both down on P later?"

"Isn't reminding you of it this time enough?" Halena asks, with a touch of innocence in her tone. Amos' words have the ChEng swinging her hazel eyes back to him, and they get just a touch wide. "Festivities? The holiday…" she shakes her head a little. "I'd quite forgotten. Isn't there … any concern that we might be seen as vulnurable, to participate in such excess given the current situation of things?" She frowns in concern.

Jason nods as he hears Amos. "Ah, festivities… I'm not sure yet. Probably, at least for a little while." A brief pause an a shrug. "Never been much for holidays, really." A grin is offered to Halena. "I'll try to remember that."

Amos shakes his head slowly as he finally gets dry enough to start getting back into his off-duties. "It's good for morale to celebrate the festivals. A sembence of normality as it were, a chance to let our collective hair down and celebrate still being alive, and liberating Picon. "I guess I'll see you down there," he notes, then heads off, a few more things to sort before he can head downworld.

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