AWD #355: Already Drunk
Already Drunk
Summary: Those off to celebrate, and those still working, meet in the hanger bay.
Date: 11/06/2016
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #355

Per orders from the Admiral, the ship is on light duty for the holiday. As far as the Deck is concerned, they're set up for handling and maintaining the CAP flights and the Raptors that are coming and going to the surface. Everyone else has been told to piss off and go enjoy the day and get drunk. This leaves only the starboard side flight pod anywhere near staffed except for a simple firewatch crew there. But here on the port side it's still pretty empty. There's a distinct lack of weapons carts being pushed around and most of the bays aren't even lit. Only about 1/3 of the normal rotation staff is on duty and there's more off-duty personnel on the deck, waiting for transports, than there are deck members. People are milling about, laughing, chatting, taking bets of all kinds. Drinking here is still verboten (and the MPs are there to make sure) but most people seem to be in really high spirits.

Kelsey is one of those people. And why not? She was bubbly and excitable before the war. Some of that seems ot have returned. She's in a short blue spaghetti strap that leaves a pleasant V and shows some midriff. Below the waist she wearing a pair of brown shorts. She's young and has a nice body and seems well aware of that fact for how she's dressed. On the way down she was nattering with a few pilots about something before arriving on the Deck while riding on the shoulders of a Captain from another Raptor squadron. After hopping down in the waiting area, she decides to go wander and see who is working since it looks like most people aren't.

There may not be many knuckledraggers still decked out in their glorious orange coveralls, but one of them that is is Toby. He's not involved in the CAP, or shuttle raptors though, no, he's off to one side to inventories of vital but dull equipment, like CO2 scrubbers, and BA set bottles. Service dates are being checked, notes are made of any approaching their end of life, and he has a cart specifically for those he's withdrawing from the deck. All useful work that's a hell of a lot easier to get down when there are less people about and using them. He's paying very little attention to those heading down for the festival, and if he was allowed ear phones and music (or indeed if he had any) he'd be listening to them to help tune the insessant cheerfulness out. As it is though he has to rely on the only mildly dampening qualities of his helmet.

Awwyeah. She knows Toby from behind, even if he's one of the mingling orange people. Kelsey weaves through the crowd and heads over to him. She checks to make sure he isn't doing anything dangerous before she sneaks up behind him and puts her arms around his waist and gives him a big hug. "Mmm. Tylium fuel and tri-mix. You wore my favorite cologne, Toby," she sighs happily into his neck before giggling happily. Yep, he gets another squeeze to go with it.

It's fair to say that Toby was not expecting to be hugged from behind, and by his reaction he might not be again. Not having heard Kelsey's approach he ends up swinging round on instinct, as if he'd been attacked. The fight part of the flight or flight reflex is stamped on hard the instant he recognises the pilot but instead of reciprocating the hug with a gesture of his own he takes a small pace back instead, away from her. "What the frak?" he starts, then there's a moment of clear realisation on his face and he clamps his arms (clipboard and all) across his chest. "Waiting for a shuttle down below?" he asks, eyeing the other revellers beyond for a moment, then, doing his best not to grump, "have fun yeah."

The spin has her try to hold on, only to fail and end up having to step back a couple steps and she holds the big grin, even at seeing his reaction. She lifts her hands in a Y and she points her herself. "Who has two thumbs and is already drunk? This girl." Her arms fall down, hands coming into fists with thumbs out and she pokes herself in the chest twice. "Heck yes I'm waiting for a shuttle." A couples steps taken forward and she won't stop her infernal smiling. "Oh, fun is not a factor. I'm already loving this. Tonight is gonna be awesome. What time are you off? In time for the fireworks? I heard from Jester that his friend from Engineering ws told by this girl in Tactical that the Admiral is spooning out bowls of chili with the rest of the command staff serving hot dogs and bratwurst." Nodnod! "Braaaaatwuuuuuurst."

"Already drunk?" Toby repeats back, "really? I never would have guessed." It's not meant mean, he's trying to be light hearted and happy for her, but it just doesn't quite come off right. As for when he's off he just shakes his head, "I'm not. Pulling a double so some poor frakker doesn't have to come back early. Besides, if everyone is down on P then it should be possible to get a nice quiet night in my rack." Well, apart from those not on P and going for it, but he can dream. "Got to finish these inventories, grab some food, then it's firewatch in the other launch bay." He flashes a flat smile, "you should enjoy yourself though. Let your hair down," he pauses a moment, considers, then adds, "even more."

Kelsey is in too high of spirits to let it effect her. She knows what he means and just laughs with it. When he says he's pulling a double, though, we eyes go wide and still manage to look sad like she might cry. "No. I refuse to accept your answer." Buuut its all a ruse. "You're a really good guy, Tobes. That's why you deserve to party with everyone. Why not come out and at least have one little drink, one little bratwurst, and enjoy some fireworks. Trust me, I don't think there will be much sleeping in the bunks tonight. That's why we're on light duty until noon." Mmhmm.

Toby tilts his head forward, ever so slightly, as she uses that shortening of his name again. She's already said she's drunk though, so he forgives her, just takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "I can't," he explains patiently, "there's work to be done, work that will be completed a lot quicker without the usual schedule of operations in here. I can get it done tonight, instead of having to split it over several shifts at another point. And," he continues, pointing starboard, "that firewatch isn't going to just happen magically by itself. Now shoo, enjoy yourself, go on, be off with you."

"If there's anything to get your spirit's…spirited, it's the words 'light duty." Randy's speaking to no one in particular and doesn't seem to be on duty at all. She's got on some black jeans, a dark vneck shirt, and the black bomber jacket she managed to pilfer on a recent fieldtrip. Her hair has been left down in natural waves, parted to the side. Randy doesn't know the Deckies much at all, but that hasn't stopped her from coming down to encourage them, "Nice." She mills about casually until she can find some place to watch off to the side like coming up for air.

"Toby. My friend. My favorite man of the bull." She grins at him. "Okay, fine. But only because you're being so selfless. But." She steps forward to him. "You owe me. I want you to come out with me some night and have fun. We can just sit and talk and do whatever but you, buster brown, are going to take a little break. And I mean soon." She winks and leans up quickly on her toes and smooches his cheek before stepping back, grinning, and making a heart shape with her hands. Annnnd as she does, she backs right into Randy. She turns suddenly and laughs, "Sorry!" She's had a few drinks to start the day well.

Toby has most of his attention focused on Kelsey, what with her being right in front of him and maybe about to brutally hug him again at any moment, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have half an eye on the goings on behind and thus spot the approach of Randy. Sadly though, he's too busy recoiling from the kiss to give any sort of warning that might prevent the collision. "What the.." he starts, but manages to avoid the expletive this time, "fine, whatever, just please, I have work to be doing." Slipping the clipboard out again so he can get back to business he shoots Randy a look that could well be translated as 'please, take her away'.

Randy holds up her hands too late when Kelsey backs into her. She'd been too busy staring at some cute brunette to notice. She just sort of ends up receiving the woman. "Hey," she pulls her hands off just as quickly as they were on. There's a look to Toby, lost and confused before she offers Kelsey a smile. "No problem."

Kelsey seems giggly. Randy might figures she's some enlisted by her age. "Hey, yo'self!" she says like she's pretending to be offended, but laughs again. "No, really, super sorry." She turns to waggle fingers at Toby as she moves. "Hi, I'm Kelsey." A friendly handshake is stuck out. But there's a familiar alarm bell ringing and four Raptors are coming down the elevators. Yep. People start lining up. They're gonna pack people in on every trip down.

Kelsey's hand is taken and given a shake before retreating at the alarm bell. "Randy. You getting on this thing?" She reaches up to rake her fingers through her hair, pushing it away so she's not staring through hair all night. She's wearing black jeans, a dark vneck shirt, and her black bomber jacket she acquired most recently.

Hustling through the ship at a speed designed to get her in trouble any OTHER day except for this one, Kapali has a small packet tucked under one arm and a pair of boots carried in the other as she ducks through traffic to leg it at top speed through the doors to the hangar. A swift look is aimed around the cavernous space before spotting Randy and Kelsey and heading over at that same swift pace, "There you are!" She aims a nod paired with a smile at Kelsey before eyeing Randy for a long moment then shakes her head, "NOPE. NOT happening." She extends the packet toward Randy then wiggles the boots, "You have five minutes to change. Move it, sister!"

The sergeant notices Kapali out of the corner of her eye, but doesn't have good visibility on what Penny is holding. "Oh shit," Randy mumbles probably only loud enough for Kelsey to hear. "No I do not! I, we're boarding /now/," she points, as if the alarm bell wasn't enough. Still, she acquiesces.

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