AWD #587: Almost Lost in Translation
Almost Lost in Translation
Summary: Jimenez comes to find Toby, conversation is.. difficult, but enlightening
Date: 29/01/2017
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #587

Toby has undoubtedly heard the rumors about the space elves on the ship. Heard the pilots and ECO's talking about the crazy-armed escort carrier that's parked with the fleet. They've been interviewing a lot of people and moving about. Toby has probably seen the Doctor moving back and forth the most. Hard to miss those crazy dark eyes and the pointier ears. The the odd-color uniform with the well-used sidearm. So when she appears at the edge of the bay Toby is working at, it may be a surprise. However, she is looking right at him. There's a tablet in her hand and she seems to be patiently waiting for Toby to finish whatever it is that he is doing.

Toby is busy, not crazy 'the fleet is in the middle of combat' busy, but busy none the less. The alien's look is noted but it doesn't interrupt his work. Well, not until maybe twenty minutes later when he finishes one job and needs to go grab some parts from stores for his next. As his route takes him close he pauses a moment to offer a brief piece of advice. "Look, don't know what it's like where you're from, but here, it's rude to stare." Then, with that said, he makes to continue on his way.

"I apologize." The words are heavily accented. She's trying to speak Colonial and being careful with how she pronounces it. "I am Doctor Jiminez. I want speak you about your think of Lines. And Piraeus. Ghosts." Its very broken but the intent seems to be genuine. She lacks a lot of the pretence other people carry when they come to talk to him about these things. Her other hand holds up a small device that fits in her people. "Can I give my- lan- lang-u-age.. to you? Please?" He's probably heard about people getting shot in the eye with the device. They suddenly speak this bizarre language. The same on these people speak. And of course the associated rumors about growing two heads and become a dancing monkey slave.

The nature of her query gets a cautious eyebrow from Toby, but he doesn’t dismiss her off hand. "Well, I'm a touch busy," he notes, using one hand to gesture towards the hanger bay, "but if you're happy to walk and talk then I guess we can talk, so long as the Chief doesn't object." Not that he appears to be about to go ask mind, more if she spots them and says no. As for the device in her hand? Well, he waves the same hand in a faintly dismissive gesture then heads for the stores, expecting her to follow. "No offence, but no one is shooting me in the eye with anything, let alone something I've no frakking idea what it does. Standard isn't my language either, so I guess that evens it up somewhat."

The look on her face is careful, head tilted barely forward. She's trying to focus everything she has on what he is saying, trying to mouth the words he speaks. Its frustrating. She seems to only get about half of it, if that. The gesture of the matching hand has her catch that reference. She knows what No means. The woman turns to try to move with him and she holds the device out in front of her left eye and presses a button. "No harm to do. Safe. No pain. Standard is very my bad. Trying." It isn't a game, she's just really terrible with the language. "Please. Want thoughts to you- no, from you." Each time she says 'you' there seems to be an extended emphasis on it, the same way al Yamoha uses the term. "Piraeus." She taps her heart twice in the exact same salute, too. "Must knowledge your think. Please." She's really begging, hoping he'll reconsider.

Toby has precisely zero inclination to get shot in the eye with the unknown device, but he does take a couple of steps to hopefully make communication a touch easier. Stopping at the entrance to the stores, so she can watch his mouth as he speaks rather than just having to listen he says slowly, with gestures. "Look. We.. you and I.. we can talk. You want to talk about Piraeus. Great. Lets talk Piraeus. What do you want to know?" Then, after a moment's thought he adds, "you want an interpreter? Someone who did get," he gestures vaguely towards the device, "we can do that if you want."

Stopping at the hatch, she stares at his mouth, once again trying to intake the words. Her focus is so narrow that she doesn't even seem to notice much else going on. This is probably important to her. Most of the last she doesn't seem t understand. Something about wanting the device. She almost offers it again but thinks better of it. There's frustration on her face. "You." She gestures to his heart. "Speak ghosts. Piraeus. Loose words, here," she points down to the ship, "I hear Five? Is Line, no? Small words," so she can understand.

"I" Toby replies slowly, pointing at himself to confirm the word, "speak to ghosts. Yes." He wants to quibble the use of the word ghost, but decides against adding additional layers of confusion into the conversation. "They do," he double taps his heart as she had moments before, "too." The at the question of Fives he holds on hand out flat, palm down, and wobbles it a bit. "Look like Five. Maybe Line, maybe original. Don't know."

Jimenez seems to appreciate this and takes a calming breath. Progress. She repockets the razer device and begins tapping on her pad. She looks at him very carefully as he salutes with the tap. The small words spoken slowly seem to resonate. It might be a relief that an alien race of humanity is trying to speak Colonial and integrate with the hard work. She taps the pad a few times and gestures to it. "This. This salute." The woman turns it to face Toby. It looks like a documentary or something about the history of it. There are constant clips of people using it in various situations. Sometimes the tapping seems more formal. Its like watching al Yamoha interact with her people. "I." She gestures to her eyes after the first tap. "see you." She gestures to his eyes. Then a second tap and she points to her heart. "I." A point to his heart. "greet you." The documentary continues playing in a language that has the same sounds as her accent. "Old greet. Very, very, very old. Knows.. Idea. Ah-" she frustrates a moment and looks at him to offer a word, "belief? Soldier. Fight. Protect." She tries to throw out words, seeing if anything sticks or if this is making sense.

Toby watches the footage, although he's not entirely sure what it is he is supposed to be taking from it. As she speaks again he looks back to her, then acknowledges with a nod, "I see you. I greet you. Okay." He puts a pause in to let her process that, and separate immediate replies before he effectively repeats, "Lilah, ghost, uses too. She," he repeats the salute, then points to himself, "to me." The words that come after raise a faint smile and rather than reply verbally he starts to shrug out of the arms of his coveralls and ties them off at his waist. With his arms now bared he turns slightly so she can see the 'Sol Invictus' tattoo round his left bicep, the one where the 'o' has a small dot in it. And yes, he's watching her reaction to that very carefully.

Yes. Good. The Doctor seems to be following all this and its making visible progress. "Lie-lah. Lilah." She repeats the name, wanting to be sure this is correct. "Ghost salute." She has the concept right just by how she phrases it. The woman is trying to puzzle out ghosts and then he's shrugging out of his coveralls. Free show? She quirks a brow and then looks at his tattoo. Those eyes go wide, clearly recognizing it but not expecting it. She turns the pad back to herself and taps it a few times. She natters away in her own language but he /definitely/ hears the term 'Sol Invictus' in there. When she turns the screen back, Becks Jimenez is showing him a very very close design to the same one of his tattoo. Its painted on a wall. There's something that looks like unit numbers on it. Another image has it as a patch. "You mark-ed with soldier. Sol. Invict-us." She smiles up at him like she were an old friend who just rediscovered them at a reunion. Her posture goes a little more straight and she gives him a much more formal tap to her heart. "I greet Tobias Shackleton, soldier."

With the conversation progressing rather than ending, Toby feels no particular need to sort his coveralls out, they're out of a dangerous area after all. On the bulkhead next to them he draws the circle and dot with a grease pencil, then points to himself, "my God. Mithras. Mith-ras." With no idea if she understands that word he does his best to draws another version, that of the Piraen rank tab. "Lilah's rank… Captain, on Piraeus." His eyes flick back to her to try and see if she's following or not then he gestures around them, as if to indicate the ship, or perhaps the fleet. "Not Mithras, other Gods." His tone is neutral there though, he's not trying to dismiss the Lords and Ladies in a way that turns the alien off the rest of humanity, just explain that not all follow. Smudging the two symbols out he straights slightly at the second salute, really not sure how to respond other than with a faintly awkward silence.

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