AWD #085: Almost Harmonious
Almost Harmonious
Summary: Two people describe the assault on Captain Ceres Garrido.
Date: 01/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall - Deck 3
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #85

It hasn't been a good day for Maia in the mess hall at all, but she finds herself coming here anyway. Breakfast had been scarce for the most part and if rumors are anything to believe someone was taken to the brig earlier just this morning after a pilot and a deckie had almost come to fist throws. Waiting patiently in line, the Raptor pilot looks to be lost in thought, her expression caught somewhere between bemusement and wary caution. As she steps up to get whatever meat-like substance that's on offer for the day, accompanied by vegetable of the day. Pushing her tray along she gets a bottle of water before going to seek a seat.

Petra has apparently already made it through the line a bit earlier, as Maia can see the man sitting down at a table, only to watch the Deckie that was already sitting there look at him, scowl, and rise to his feet to move elsewhere. It certainly doesn't do anything to improve the LTC's mood, sighing and shaking his head as he munches on his industrially-made mashed potatoes and what should be beef tips. When he spies Maia looking for a seat, he offers the woman a wan smile, but turns his attention back to his food.

It may be coincidence that Maia has come to the mess hall at the same time that Petra was there, but from her determined stride in his direction she is seeking him now that she has found him. The wan smile was plenty encouraging enough for the Raptor pilot, dressed in her off duties, to consider it an invitation. "Lieutenant Colonel, Sir. Would you mind if I joined you?" Indicating the recently vacated chair with a nod of her head. Her own smile is seriously lacking, replaced by a tentative and somewhat nervous look.

Morgan has returned for a second attempt at securing a meal after an incident distracted him from the objective. He takes his place in line, standing behind a large, brawny deck-hand who looks as if he could lift a viper without difficulty. The MP waits patiently, advancing quietly along the line until his turn comes. Like Petra, he opts for the alleged beef tips, the mysterious glob that is probably powered mashed potatoes, and ling thin planks that the server swears are green beans. He takes a cup of coffee, and then he leaves the line, looking around the room for something that might approximate friendly territory, which is often hard to find when you are the responsible for the MPs who are becoming rather unpopular because they want to protect people from each other.

Petra shakes his head at Maia, "Of course I don't mind. Obviously…plenty of space. Apparently I've acquired a new superpower - eliminating some people's appetite." The fork is set down as he straightens up a bit, taking in a deep breath. Spying Morgan looking for a place as well, this time he clears his throat and calls over, "Lieutenant. Come join us, if you don't have plans already?"

Without further need for invitation, Maia slips gracefully into the seat across from him, but doesn't immediately begin eating. "I feel your pain and I'm just a pilot. It's rough isn't it?" There's a flicker of sympathy in her eyes as she lifts her utensil, having opted for a spork-like implement, she stirs it around in the meat. Was it beef tips? It's the least of her worries. "Sir, I have a deposition to give regarding the incident in the hallway yesterday and I requested your presence there." Of course now she is compounding on his worries. Hearing the greeting to the Lieutenant, she looks over, seeing Morgan. For the second time this day. "Lieutenant," offering a polite if subdued nod.

Morgan turns toward the very familiar voice. Unlike the deckhand who cleared the table when Petra arrived, he inclines his head and heads toward the table. "Colonel," he answers. When Maia greets him as well, looking mildly worried, he nods to her, but he smiles. "Lieutenant." He looks between the two of them. Even though Petra offered, he adds, "I wouldn't want to intrude, sir."

Petra shakes his head at Morgan first, "You're not intruding, Lieutenant. The Lieutenant here just joined me as well. I'm actually still trying to figure out of these are really hunks of beef, or if the Colonial Navy finally unlocked the secret of soy beef that doesn't taste like ass." He flashes another faint smile at Maia, "Tough isn't the issue. Its the fighting. Its disappointing."

"You're not intruding," Maia inputs at almost the same time as Petra, quirking her lips in a semblance of a smile. "Either way, they're better than the Salisbury steak stuff in the congealed gravy." With a delicate shudder, she pushes the visual of that aside. "Yeah.. about that. I umm." Glancing towards Morgan, there's a quick guilty look before she forges on. "Can I give that deposition now, Sir? Since you are both present? Or should I do it another time?"

Morgan looks at his tray and sighs. "I should just stop pretending that I need to eat," he comments wryly and not loudly enough for anyone beyond the table to overhear. He does smile, at least. Then he looks around the room and shrugs. "There are many other people here, lieutenant, but if you're comfortable with that and the possibility that someone might wonder why you're giving it here …" He looks over to Petra and adds, "And if the colonel is comfortable with it, then I can adapt." He remains standing, just in case, however.

Since the last mess that was a trip to the mess hall, Jason has spent some time asleep, although not very long. He's also taken a shower and has now headed back inside for some more food. Looking a bit relieved that he managed to get himself some food without trouble, he looks around for a few moments, moving in the direction of a seat near where Maia, Morgan and Petra are. Still looking rather tired, and there's something absent over his expression.

Petra looks vaguely uneasy at the mention of the Salisbury steak disaster, then when the disposition is mentioned, he stops and glances down at his food, then looks at Morgan, "Well, if the Lieutenant doesn't mind. I certainly didn't bring anything to take notes with, but as long as a fight isn't going to break out? I'll consider it a successful lunch as long as the food actually gets in me and not on me. This is…about the mess from last night? I haven't seen a report but I think half of the CIC officers just wont shut up about it today." He glances over as Jason hunts for a seat, offering the man a slow nod of his head in acknowledgement before looking curiously back to Maia.

Not here to fingerpoint, Maia looks up at Jason, "Hey Superstar, just about to talk about the fight in the hall last night." Everyone had heard about it by now more than likely. "Sure, I don't mind here and now, I've got nothing to hide." With a wary glance to Morgan, she seals the deal with her next words. "I pulled my sidearm. I never took the safety off, but I brandished it all the same." Nah, she's not eating right now, her gaze settles on Petra, sure he's going to be disappointed in her.

Jason comes to a stop as he hears Maia's words, nodding a bit slowly. "Ah. I should probably speak about my part in it all as well, shouldn't I?" Moving for a seat even closer to the three now.

Morgan turns his head slightly to note Jason when the man sits nearby, but he doesn't say anything more about the crowd. "It's a deposition. The same rules apply anywhere, lieutenant. As long as we agree to that, and you don't mind repeating things if more people arrive and the noise level rises." When Jason offers to speak to the topic as well, he does nod. "Mr. … Springthorpe, is it? Lieutenant JG?" He evidently ran some checks after the morning's events. "I don't want to turn the mess hall into Deposition Central, but if Colonel Petra is willing to serve as witness for you as well, we'll see what both of you have to say. Have you given a deposition in the past? Do you understand the expectations?"

Petra lowers his voice a bit, "As long as this doesn't start a discussion group. Stick to what happened and what people did, but lets try to leave opinions out of it so our fellow lunchtime enthusiasts don't think its an invite for debate, hmm?" He smiles for a moment, shoving the last bit of beef into his mouth, then slides the tray aside, to make room for his elbows on the table. Fingers are linked together, chin placed on top of his linked fingers, he glances around at the other three faces, then nods at Morgan as if to indicate he's fine with this. With a small amount of amusement, he murmurs, "I don't have an office, so here is as good as anywhere, I suppose," then settles back to listen.

Relief that Jason stepped up and was admitting his part spreads through the pilot and is visible in her eyes. Maia wouldn't have named him, not for anything, but he knew what went down and could hopefully corroborate her words. When Morgan shows no reaction to her pulling the gun, she gives him a quick look. "That's right. Ceres already told you what I did." None too happy about being ratted out herself, but she doesn't linger on that. "Sure, I give you the facts and that's about it, right? Never given one before, but I've got nothing to hide."

"That would be me, yes," Jason replies to Morgan, before he adds, "And I have not had to give one before, but like she said, nothing to hide. Quite the opposite, in fact." Getting to his feet again and moving even closer to where the others are sitting now. Seating himself, he listens to what's being said so far, while eating some of his food a bit quietly.

Morgan mentally says goodby to the faux food before he shoves his metal tray aside. "Now I see why she sticks to sandwiches," he mutters. He fishes a notebook from the breast pocket of his tunic, and clicks the trigger on the accompanying pen several times. "We stick to the facts - what happened, whtt you did, what you experienced without emotional bias, embellishment, or attempt to rationalize those things," he clarifies with a nod to Jason. He jots a few things at the top of the first page int he pad. "Kane? You say that you drew your sidearm. Let's back up to the ev nets before that. Tell me what happened from the beginning."

Petra shifts his attention to follow the conversation: At first, he seems to study Jason for longer than absolutely necessary, but then turns his head to follow Morgan's question to Maia, only choosing them to add in, "Hearing what happened from the start would probably help me understand how this could have gotten so out of control, as well."

"I was coming down the corridor towards.." The irony just now hits her and Maia smirks, "the mess hall. Redux was just in front of me, on the sickbay side. We were coming across several deckies and they noticed her and started making disparaging remarks towards her. I stayed out at that point, words are nothing." Her eyes narrow slightly as her lips thin and her jaw sets. Two more deckies joined the fray, encouraging the others. When Ceres tried to just go back the way she came, they stopped her, there was violence in their eyes. I stepped in front of her to try and buy her the time to get away. I was too late, the fists went flying, too many to count, all striking her in the face. Again, I asked them to stop, they refused. I tried to get in between them and her, when one looked at her with that murderous look," she shudders, looks away.. "I pulled my sidearm, told them to stop, asked Jason here to get help and urged Ceres to sickbay where she'd be safe. Ceres never tried to defend herself. She never lifted a hand to them."

Jason offers a bit of a quiet nod at Petra as he notices that he's being studied for a few moments longer, and then nods at Morgan's words. He keeps quiet as Maia gives her account about the happenings. Waiting for now, in case there's any questions to her, as he prepares for his own account.

Morgan scribbles furiously while Maia narrates her tale, using a form of shorthand that he learned at the academy. When Maia pauses, his eyes flicker front the page to peek at her, but for less than a second so that he is ready to continue. When she resumes, he is scribbling once again. When she has concluded, he questions, "Did you recognize any of them, Kane?" As if to prod her memory, he asks, "Have any of them ever worked on your ship?"

Petra frowns a little as he listens, a sigh escaping him as he shakes his head, when he hears Maia's accounting of things. He says nothing to interrupt, however, and finally does draw his attention back up to Maia's face to continue listening. CLEARLY the LTC wants to say something against his own request to keep opinion out of it…he's just keeping it stifled for now.

And that's where the Raptor pilot is not so forthcoming, Maia's expression closes. "Only Jason here and the ones who got sent to the brig." That's all she offers, with no further explanations or names.

Jason nods a little bit as he listens now, keeping silent for the moment as he waits to see if they're satisfied with Maia's answers. Finishing the rest of his food as he does.

Morgan glances up to Maia for a moment and then notes, "You are saying that you didn't recognize any of them, lieutenant?" Then he sees that look from Petra and nods. "Do you have any questions, sir?" he asks the colonel.

Petra shakes his head slowly at the question from Morgan, "Not yet. I have a feeling I need to hear multiple viewpoints before this makes sense to me…but this makes it a little clearer."

"I recognized almost none of them, though there were a few familiar faces." Maia inputs. "I didn't say I didn't recognize any of them." Looking at Jason, she smirks. "Batter up."

Nodding a little bit as he heard that, Jason lets out a bit of a breath. "I had been in the Observatory for a while, and was just making my way out when I saw the deckies starting to approach Redux and the MP with her. And when I heard they spoke, I believed something had to be done to try to get them to stop before things got out of hand. "So I headed over to try calming people down. When they continued, I tried explaining to them that you in Command seemed to trust them." A brief look to Petra, to indicate who that 'you in Command' was meant for. "And then Maia here asked me to get some backup. It was about then that one of the deck hands seemed to think I was insulting them, and got a bit angry with me. First he asked if I thought they were dumb because they were enlisted, then because at least him was from Tauron." A brief pause, before he adds, "I tried to explain to him that it was because there's a Chain of Command, he started showing me. I believed I saw Lieutenant Garrido and one of the other deck hands brawling, but the little dispute with that deck hand I was arguing with escalated a bit. He hit me, I hit back, and after a few more punches, he elbowed me in the head. When I got back to my feet after a few moments, I headed in here to avoid further trouble."

Morgan continues to take frenetic notes while Jason recounts his version of events. When the man finishes, Morgan looks at him and questions, "You said that one of them was from Tauron. How did you determine that? If you know him, what was his name?"

Petra nods very slightly when Jason indicates him, perhaps just signaling that he understands the man's intent. He glances curiously over at Morgan, waiting for a moment before asking, "How many deck crew ended up in the brig over this? Please don't tell me Rutlii was one of them, right?"

Maia suddenly remembers that, the Tauran thing. With a quick glance to Jason, she gives him an ever so slight encouraging nod. At Petra's question, she speaks quietly in reply. "Only two from what I heard later. Dio and Augie. Augie came in at the end, I believe sometime between me pulling my weapon and the MP here taking Ceres to the sickbay. I think Augie and Dio were fighting while Superstar here was fighting his own battle. When the deckie pushed his chest against my weapon and dared me to shoot him, I immediately lowered it and reholstered it." Just remembering all of that part.

"Well, he said it, sir," Jason replies to Morgan. "If I rememeber right, he asked me if I was saying they were dumb because they didn't have rank, or because they were Tauran." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm afraid I don't know his name, sir. Hasn't seen him around, except lately."

"If you do learn it, Lieutenant Springthorpe, report it," Morgan instructs. "If he was fighting, then I want to know." He looks between the two JGs and questions, "Are there any other details that stand out in your memory?"

"You do realize, Lieutenant that these are the people who are with our machines we have to fly right? Things are quickly escalating and boundaries are being crossed, lines are being drawn, sides are being chosen. Sides that I will be the first to admit shouldn't even exist. While they shouldn't, the do exist. You can't expect us to narc out names of people and not expect reciprocation in kind." Maia had seen the violence firsthand. "There's no way I would do that especially one of the deckies when I've seen how they gang up on one person. I spit that name out, Lieutenant, I'd be next. I'm already being labeled a toaster lover."

Petra slowly shakes his head again, glancing over at Maia when she makes further comment, apparently choosing THAT particular moment to say something, "That had better not become a problem. If we have a murder on this ship by one of our own crew, we are no better than them. I want to refuse to believe that someone on this ship is capable of that. Jameson took the best of the Navy. Not the ones barely passing. The high achievers. The golden children. We are BETTER than this…"

"Excuse me for saying so, sir," Jason offers to Petra, before he adds, "But we're SUPPOSED to be better than this. Trouble is, people start mixing other things into it." Another brief pause, before he adds, "Personally, I have no trouble flying with Redux. Should she end up turning her guns on me… Well, some of the others would probably react more to it than me, truth to be told." A brief pause as he looks from Morgan to Maia as he hears her words. Looking like he's considering saying something now, but seeming a bit torn about it.

Morgan looks to Petra while he gives his hand a rest. "Sir," he says, "I, for one, will not be surprised if there are other incidents, and they might not end as well for the victim." He sighs. "We should have better discipline than that, but clearly, we don't. Both of these officers mentioned comments about the difference between enlisted and officers. That is the second time today that the difference seems to have played a part in things. The fist was an incident here, in this mess, involving a deck hand and a pilot. People are dividing into groups when they should be uniting against our common enemy, which seems quite united against us."

"I have no problems with Redux nor with Knox." Maia's expression changes somewhat at the mention of the latter name, softens somewhat. "It's hard on those two." Not elaborating further about that, she does glance to Jason, giving him a brief nod of encouragement. With a weary expression, the Raptor pilot turns her gaze back to Petra. "I believe if things had been allowed to escalate beyond where they went last night, if no one had been there to protect Ceres, then things would have been different. There would have been a body bag involved. There was deep hate not for who she is but for what she represents. Many of these men have lost wives, children, parents, siblings.. and they have no one immediate to take it out on so they're taking their rage and hate out on Ceres, the weaker of the two."

Petra shakes his head slightly, "They aren't going to be able to stay. You have no idea how much it disgusts me that I'm going to have to make a decision because of mob rule. I just…" He trails off and sighs, then looks at Morgan, "Do you need me to remain and witness anything else? Otherwise…I think I have something I need to take care of." Glancing at Maia, then Jason, he lets his breath go, "Thank you, both of you, for doing the honorable and correct thing, especially when having to face your own crewmen."

"Wait…" Jason offers to Morgan as he mentions that incident earlier today. "That deck hand who was there, not Rutlii, but the male one?" He shrugs a little bit as he speaks those words, taking a bit of a breath now. "That's the one." There, it's been said. Nodding a bit at Maia's words now.

Morgan turns to Jason and frowns for a moment. He removes another notebook from his pocket and flips back through a couple of its final pages. He looks up from it and nods. Mr. Shackleton? He is from Tauron." He looks to Petra and notes, "He's a new recruit who came to us from the resistance on Picon, sir."

When Maia gets the gist that Petra is going to leave, and the reason, Maia gives Petra a pleading look. "Sir, before you make any.. final decisions, might I talk with you a moment in.. private?" Casting Morgan and then Jason an apologetic look, "If you'd both excuse me, please, with my apologies." Hoping the Lieutenant Colonel would be agreeable to a private word. "It's rather important, sir."

Petra lets the rest of his breath go in a puff, nodding to the two men, but addressing Morgan, "Send me a copy of your final report and let me know what charges need to be filed, when you do. This is just going to get worse. Good luck." When Maia seems to want to come with him, he considers for a moment, then nods, "Alright, Lieutenant. Im headed back up to Deck 2. Might as well walk with me."

Jason nods a little at Morgan's words. A brief pause now, before he offers a nod to Maia and Petra. "Take care, sir, Centerfold." Looking to Morgan again for a few moments. "I know I should not have done what I did back there," he offers, a bit quietly.

Morgan nods to Petra and Maia. "No, sir," he answers. "I'll provide you with a copy of my report once it is ready." He nods to Maia. "Thank you," he says. Turning to Jason, he adds, "And you. Talking takes courage."

Maia rises and nods to the others, "Take care you guys, Lieutenant, Stand-up." Intending to fall in as soon as Petra is ready to head out.

"Not sure if it's courage, sir," Jason replies, before he adds, "But you're welcome." Another brief pause, as he looks around. "It's a fine mess, no matter how we look at it, I suppose."

Morgan looks once again at his tray, and shrugs. "Well, you came here to eat. So, enjoy your meal. This is cold and I think that a sandwich and one of those dark chocolate brownies might be better at this point. Enjoy your evening," With that, he stands and takes his tray to head for the conveyor where such things go. Soon, armed with not one but two sandwiches and two brownies, and a small bag of utensils, he leaves the mess.

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