PWD #13: Allowed to Have Fun
Allowed to Have Fun
Summary: Bennett and Duke have a one-on-one meeting. Fun is allowed.
Date: 22/December/2012 (OOC Date)
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Bennett Duke 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
December 22, 2004 (PWD #13)

Sadly enough, for him at least, Duke missed the festivities. Maybe he spent most of the night working? Most of the night sleeping? That remains unknown but the truth is that, really early in the morning, he is once again, conducting meetings with the entire Wing. And now it's Bennett's turn! As it is usual by now, the screens behind the stand in the Ready Room are showing flight footage that belongs to Bennett's archives, and the man ha her folder in his lap and has been browsing through it while he waits. He is wearing his duty blues and he is sitting on a chair in the front row, leaning back against it. It seems that he is just out of the showers but he does sport a bit of a tired look…if very faint.

Duke really needs to learn to let loose. At least, that's what Bennett might have to say about it, were she asked. Which she is not. The captain steps into the ready room with her hands clasped behind her back, a little lean as she broaches the hatch to make sure the Major's inside. Score. "Sir." Her salute comes up. "Good morning, sir. You wanted to see me?" Why in the gods' names she's wearing red nail polish..

Duke stands up when Bennett steps inside and offers a salute to her as well. "Captain Bennett, as you were" He lowers his hand and then nods "Yes, I wanted to have a one-on-one meeting with you, nothing overly horrible I hope" And it's a good thing that Duke is very detail driven because those red nails are spotted. "Nice festivities last night?" asks the man in a more casual tone. He takes a deep breath and nods his head to the seat next to his "Please, take a seat.." and with that said, he does the very same thing, leaning back against his chair.

He hopes? Bennett offers a cautious smile, smoothes out a small crease in her otherwise impeccable blues, and heads over to take the indicated seat. "Sir, if I could.." She settles in, blue eyes seeking his with a forthrightness not typically expected from a junior officer. "Well, I wanted to congratulate you. On your promotion. I hope they aren't working you too hard." No comment on the 'festivities', though the slightest tinge of pink creeps toward the tips of her ears.

When Bennett seeks to make eye contact, he doesn't deny that and the man looks straight into hers. When she congratulates him, well, it's certainly something he wasn't expecting and a warm smile draws on his lips, followed by a nod. "Well, thank you Captain." His smile still holds as he says "Well, the usual I guess, work with the entire wing and all. My main focus as you've probably notice by now is to get more training for everyone, I always thing training should never go lacking" This is perhaps, his instructor side talking. Perhaps. As for Saturnalia, he does not make any further comments of course…people tend to go crazy during this holiday, it's like 'Wild-On'. And now, he goes straight to business "So tell me, Captain…how are you finding everything in the Orion?"

"I agree absolutely," Bennett answers, possibly picking up on the Instructor Voice there. She's heard tell, like everyone else, that he's done time as a flight instructor. "Actually, I'm settling in quite well, sir, thank you. The wing here is.. more low key than I'm accustomed to. It's a pleasant change. In fact, now that I have my bearings, I was hoping at some point to discuss with you a training scenario I had in mind— but that can wait, since I gather you've got other things on your mind today?"

Duke seems to be pleased with her first words and he nods in acceptance "Good, good…I know not everyone is fond of them but the idea of a Wing is that everyone should /always/ be at their best form." They are the Military after all. A bit of a smile forms when she mentions that the Wing is a little bit more low key but he makes no comments on that. Perhaps he read a couple things on her file. He shakes his head now and says "Oh, not at all, we can discuss your ideas as well. The reason for this meetings is to help me get an understanding on what's on everyone's mind and to clarify doubts if there are questions"

Bennett might catch that little smile. She's pretty perceptive; comes with the territory. Clearing her throat lightly, she crosses one leg over the other and listens again while the Major finishes speaking. "Well, for starters, I was thinking of running a little session — mostly a refresher, I should hope — on hotzone protocols." She ticks items off on her fingers. "Entry and exit strategies, fireteam deployment, emergency preparedness, when to employ under-seat firearms, that sort of thing. I mean, I don't see this stuff really coming into use out here, but.. I do think it's a good opportunity to practice, sir."

Duke goes silent as she speaks, obviously paying attention to her words. "Hm, I see." says Duke, nodding at this "How many Raptors would you like to use for this exercise? Also, I assume there will be discussions with the Marines in order to potentially do a cooperative training?" He seems to be into the idea of running this exercise of course. "There are a few other things I want to prepare for the win, this time using the actual birds instead of the simulator and hopefully, no Nuke alerts will appear." There is a very faint smile that shows but he lightly shakes his head at this, after all, serious business yo.

"Absolutely," Bennett agrees again, smile shifting to a grin when Duke mentions the marines. "The boys in black are a raptor crew's best friends," she adds with a chuckle. "I'm thinking perhaps two or three raptors. I'm not sure if we have anything other than the standard defensive configuration, but.. well, viper cover is also a possibility, sir." Her amusement fades somewhat at mention of the nuke incident. It's clear she still takes full responsibility for it, as the senior officer involved. "Hopefully not, sir." Soft, that, if a little clipped.

Well, Duke will say a little something on that incident "Captain…while I know you aimed to take full responsibility and regardless of this being product of a sim error…" he takes a deep breath "It is still responsibility of the ECO to double check what the console is showing, this is plain and simple." He licks his lips and says "It is my hope that this won't happen again and I'm sure Peacock will be more careful from now on. I do however, believe that more supervision should be placed on him, at least for a while until we can be certain than no error like this will happen again. This is simply, something I cannot allow in this wing." He takes a deep breath and says "Grounding him while we have extended training would simply be counterproductive, but he needs to be supervised" Now, he clears his throat and then says "As for your idea, I approve it. You'll have the Raptors available for this exercise. Communicate with your team and I shall send word to the Marines that you are seeking to make this happen" And then, a smile is offered to the woman.

Bennett glances away for a moment when Duke tells her the responsibility was Theo's, then back again with a small nod. She'll concede, but it clearly still irks her. "Perhaps his regular pilot should be notified," she offers. "I do think it was an isolated incident of being a little too lax, because we were on sims. But if you need a second set of eyes on him, sir, I'm happy to give it." A smile to his last. "Thank you, sir. I'll send out a memorandum to the raptor group once I've got a few more details nailed down."

Duke just nods slowly as she discusses the incident in the sims "I do agree with you." But still measures need to be taken. As for the last, his smile returns and he nods once again "Good, see that you do." He clears his throat and says "Also, Lola Lennox…I saw the note you sent me." He nods to this and says "For the time being, I would like each one of you to focus on the assigned branches. In Lennox's case, Piloting." Now, he shakes his head "I have nothing against cross-training, not at all…but at this given time, it is better if Lennox focuses on her Piloting" And to this, he nods "You are a good Pilot, Captain…a damn good one…also, I think you have a knack for getting people to listen to you"

Bennett quirks a brow slightly when Lola's mentioned. Oh, right, that note. She might've been about to hurry down to Sheridan at the time she wrote it, so it takes a second to register. "Understood, sir. To be honest, I agree that too much cross training can be a detriment to wing cohesion. Presumably, we each were put into our respective pipelines for a reason; I, for one, wouldn't make a very good countermeasures officer or viper jock." The last causes her to smirk slightly. And then, right out of left field, he's praising her. And she clears her throat again gently. "I've never been much of a hotshot, sir. I just like to see that things get done. Someone with better skills at the stick is welcome to centre stage, as I see it."

Duke nods in silence when she talks about the training and options of cross-training. He half smiles just a bit and then takes a deep breath. "I know you do, Captain and people listen to you" Yeah, he repeats that but it's true, to be completely honest. He clears his throat and says "I have something for you. /I/ perhaps, should have handed these out before but…well…hopefully it's not too late." With that said, he looks to the chair to his other side and takes a small paper bag, there's something inside obviously. "Happy Saturnalia…or…well…you know what I mean" and with that, he hands her the bag. Inside, she will find a small Raptor made out of wood. It definitely fits in the palm of her hand and while the details are not /perfect/ it still is a pretty accurate representation.

Oh…. my. Whatever else Duke has said, the contents of that paper bag completely steal the show. The captain's eyes widen almost comically as she pulls it out, and turns it around on her palm. "Sir, I…" Silence as she studies it, noting the little ailerons on the wings and the to-scale venting fans on the tailsection. "..I didn't get you anything." Her eyes tick back up to his, and she seems sincerely apologetic. "This was very thoughtful of you. Thank you, sir." Her lips quirk into a lopsided smile. "Do you have any paperwork you want to get off your hands this week?" Hey, no pilot likes paperwork. Well, the good ones anyway.

Duke smiles at her reaction and then shakes his head "You don't have to get me anything, Captain" says the man. His smile carries and he does offer a gentle nod "I'm glad you like it. I know I'm not the best there is at carving but I've been doing it since I was a kid and…well…I thought these small little models would be enjoyed" He is known to have several different models made by himself, all in his bunk. When she mentions paperwork, he tilts his head and it takes him a moment to piece things together "Oh!" He shakes his head and says "No, nothing of that nature, don't worry Captain. But thank you" And yes, no pilot likes paperwork. -.-

Bennett's brows inch a little higher when he indicates that he made it. Well, then. "You are a man of many talents, it seems, sir." She dimples a grin, tucks the little raptor back into its back, and steadies it on her lap. "Are you sure? About the paperwork? I'd be happy to sign off on some duty reports or something." And while she has hardly been a model officer, according to her file, an eye for detail is something that has been noted by numerous superiors. "I don't see much of our squadron lead, so.."

The man chuckles a little and shakes his head "I have a father that was easy to poke for knowledge, even since I was very little" Besides, he is not even close to being 'perfect'. Now, he nods to her and says "Yes, very sure…don't worry about that Captain but I do appreciate your offer, very much so" Now, about her file…it seems that Duke doesn't care about past events, and that they should not rule one's present. "Your file shows a lot of potential Captain, that's what I care about and you have shown me good initiative" He smiles at her and nods "This, I encourage." As for the Raptor SL "A lot of our high rank officers are tied with other things" An example, Wisdom and the CAG. Finally, he nods firmly and asks "Captain, do you have any questions for me? If not, I believe I can let you go." Now, he smiles a little more…more of a Duke smile instead of a DCAG smile "See? This wasn't so bad"

"So it seems," is St. Clair's mild-voiced reply. There appears to be something more she wants to say on that subject, but it's dismissed a moment after it enters her head. "Not at the moment, sir. Except.. well, there was one more thing. You may have seen the incident report I left on your desk a few days ago, about the, uh.. well, the discovery of something quite interesting down on Piraeus. I was hoping to take a couple of raptors and head back out there for additional data. Major Petra gives his approval, but I wanted to be sure you were in the loop.." Since going over his head is obviously a huge faux pas.

If he denotes some will to say something else on that very subject, Duke doesn't show anything of the nature of course. But it is more than likely, that he would welcome any comments. When she speaks of the report, he nods his head and offers "Yes, I've seen it." he clears his throat and considers for a moment "I will meet with Major Petra on this, including you as well of course. I have no problem with allowing the Raptors to go, but I want full precautions to be taken. I want all crew to carry a personal radiation meter to measure exposure and as soon as things get past the line of safety, I want everyone to return." He takes another deep breath, licking his lips afterwards "Not to mention that whoever goes with your Raptors will also have to be fully prepared to withstand that level of radiation" Which means, funny looking outfits.

Bennett seems somewhat relieved when Duke mentions that he will take point on organising the meeting. And also with his discretion on the matter; he, too, clearly has a pilot's sharp eyes for detail. "I couldn't even begin to guess, sir," she answers quietly. Something about it seems to bother her, but with a breath, it's banished to the realm of tomorrow's problem. "Was there anything else, sir?"

Duke just takes a deep breath and examines Bennett for a brief second. Finally, he decides to nod his head and clear his throat, shaking his head afterwards "Nothing else, Captain…thank you for your time" With that said, he stands up and offers a salute to her "Clear eyes and steady hands…" another nod "And thank you for coming in such short notice, I assume the festivities ran until late last night and hope everyone had fun?" This thrown as a last question accompanied with an easy smile.

Bennett looks right back at the Major, like she's contemplating in turn the very way he's contemplating her. Nothing, again, is said aloud. Discretion is one of St. Clair's strong suits, it seems. "You as well, sir," she answers softly, uncrossing her legs and climbing to her feet with the gift tucked almost protectively under one arm. The festivities? "..ah.." Late. "Yes. Yes, I think they did." There is a brief, impish glint in her eyes. "Oh, I think everyone had a lot of fun. A proper send-in for the new year, sir." And with that, she gives him a good, crisp salute. Maybe there's hope for her, yet.

Duke nods firmly and says "Good. Everyone deserves to have fun from time to time…the fact that we are in the Military doesn't mean we are in a no-fun zone" He clicks his tongue at adds "At least not all the time" And with that, he nods "That'll be all Captain, thank you for coming." Deep breath taken and then another nod "Dismissed"

Bennett smiles a little at the 'no-fun zone' comment. And being who she is, she thinks to add at the last minute, just before she turns to go, "That means you, too, sir." Her tonguetip traces her lower lip like she's considering something.. then lets it go. "Thank you. It's good to have someone like you at our backs, sir." Letting him ponder that one, she turns and strides for the hatch.

The man chuckles at Bennett's words and says "I missed the memo…let us blame the mail room for this" As for the rest, he doesn't say anything, he just shows a faint smile which of course she doesn't see since she turned around. Dun Dun Duuuun.

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