Allied Planetary Forces Engagement


25th March 2006

FR: LTJG Alexander Agrippa
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CPT Alejandro Salazar
CC: CPT Bennett St. Clair, MAJ Elias Gray
RE: Allied Planetary Forces Engagement on Aerilon


The original mission was for five Raptors to delivery crucial supplies to Firebase Gabby, much needed ammo as well as medical supplies. The Raptors were also tasked with ferrying wounded and a medic back to the Orion. These transports were assigned three Vipers as escort, lead by LTJG Alexander Agrippa, who was also tasked as mission lead, ENS Niko Arenaza Janik, and ENS Benecia Pearson. Entry into the system was not contested, nor was entry into the atmosphere. Visibility was clear and DRADIS was clear. The Raptors all landed without incident and supplies were being unloaded while the Viper flight flew air cover over the Raptors and Firebase Gabby.

It was when the Raptors were unloading the supplies and loading the wounded that the Viper flight suddenly received a large number of friendly IFF signals on DRADIS in two waves, over twenty-four Vipers in the first wave and over twenty-four Predators in the second wave. All three Viper pilots confirmed their readings of the unannounced friendlies that were inbound on Firebase Gabby.

Due to the unexpected appearance of the large number of Colonial IFF contacts on DRADIS, mission leader Agrippa requested the Raptors to expedite and prepare for emergency egress. That was when the unidentified Colonials identified themselves, on our TAC-One band. One Colonel Jonathan Ridley identified himself as the CAG of the First Wing of the Planetary Allies Forces. Orders were issued to turn off DRADIS and to surrender to the inbound forces to be escorted to an airbase for debriefing. The Colonel claimed they were taking control of the sector. A threat followed that if the orders were not complied with, lethal action will be taken. Since there was no intel on a Colonel Jonathan Ridley or the Planetary Allied Forces, Mission Leader Agrippa declined the Colonel's invitation.

Firebase Gabby was already preparing and activating their anti-air defenses, three of the five Raptors finished unloading supplies and loading wounded, two more were still unloading urgent surgical gear. Enemy Vipers were already breaking information and engaging friendly forces in the area, forcing them to flee. Enemy Predators were already setting up their bombing runs on Firebase Gabby, ninety seconds out.

With two of the Raptors still unloading, Mission Leader Agrippa made the call for the escort Vipers to intercept a flight of four Predators that were inbound on the landing and medical area to buy time. A single pass was completed and three of the Predators were either knocked out of commission or forced to retreat. Unfortunately, the fourth Predator broke through and unloaded its ordnance onto the medical area. The two remaining Raptors were able to lift and jump to designated backup coordinates. With superior enemy numbers, Vipers were ordered to retreat to the cruiser at maximum velocity.

The Viper flight and Raptor flight suffered no casualties, however Fire Gabby appears to be a total loss. Number of survivors are unknown.



  • Firebase Gabby


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