AWD #030: All You Captains
All You Captains
Summary: Holtz is promoted to Captain.
Date: 06/02/2013
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Zachary Holtz 
CAG's Office
A nine foot by none foot office. Most of the floorspace is taken up by a desk and filing cabinets.
February 6, 2005

While he's techincally supposed to be resting and recovering, the CAG still has plenty of housekeeping to do. Among the first things he put out was a note to Holtz to report in. Sitting behind his desk, Zachary sits up straight, a bandage still on his head and a cane leaning against his desk to help him walk.

After returning from a quick shave in the head, Zachary's note was discovered by Holtz, who quickly changed his uniform before heading up to the CAG's office. He's in blues now, still tugging his jacket straight as he steps into the room. He stops in front of Zach's desk, straghtening to attention with a toneless expression on his face. "Reportin' as ordered, Major," he announces himself.

"Morning, Holtz." Zachary offers and sips from his coffee. "How's the last few days been for you?" he asks as he looks at the man over his coffee mug.

With the formalities out of the way, Holtz looks down at the DCAG, his posture slackening as his eyes linger on Zachary's bandages. He hesitates before answering, but finally nods. "Still in one piece, sir. These days that's enough to mark one for the win column." He cocks his head slightly, gesturing at the bandages a moment later. "But I'm not the one who's got a few new holes."

"Touche." Zachary laughs a little. "Doctors ordered me to take a few days off. So, in the meantime, I can take care of things long overdo." he says, reaching into the desk…

Press 1) if you want him to pull out a Five-seveN and put a bullet in Holtz's brain.
Press 2) if you want him to pull out a small box with Captain rank tabs in it.

Zach's brain presses two and pulls out the small box. "We'll discuss who is and isn't Squadron Leaders when I can get all of you Captains herded up." he comments. All you Captains?

With that, he underhand tosses the box to Storm. "You'll forgive the lack of formalities, but I'm sure Milkshake would like to see these on you."

Holtz peers curiously as Zach reaches into his desk. Reflexively he reaches up to snag the box out of the air; he's momentarily confused, though, and for a long moment he just stares at the DCAG with a crooked brow as he tries to process Zachary's words. These? Oh… those. He finally opens the little box, and the stare is transferred from Zach to the two shining gold pins inside. His visage is pale as he looks back to the DCAG. "I… don't understand," Storm manages to get out after his moment of consternation passes.

It takes him a moment to collect his thoughts, and he clarifies. "I know we're short on hands, but didn't I about let you get shot into meat paste the other day?" And now you're giving me these?

"Shit, Holtz, I stuck my nose in that hornet nest, not you." Zachary corrects and points out. "And when you weren't sure of my condition, instead of panicking, you instead took command of the unit and completed the mission. You earned those over the course of the last few months. And I'm not going to leave you hanging wondering whether or not it's going to happen. Are we reading five by five?"

There's a million retorts going through Holtz' head, but he gives voice to none of them. Instead, he merely tightens his grip on the box, and finally with a slight exhale he inclines his head. "I expect it's no use arguing," he replies with the faintest of smiles. "Yeah, Major, I read you." And with that, he pops off his old pins and gets to work replacing them with the new.

Zachary nods in approval before he does force himself to his feet and offers his right hand in a shake before he salutes. "Congratulations, Captain."

There's a slight delay as one of the pins proves a bit stubborn, but soon enough they're in place, and Holtz quickly reaches out to pump Zachary's hand before snapping off a salute in return. "Thank you, sir." He relaxes. "Didn't figure I'd ever see these things on my collar," he muses with a wry snort. "Was just starting to get used to the idea, too." A short pause follows. "But I'll do the job, sir, count on it."

"I do count on it." Zachary says after the handshake and chuckles. "I know Ygraine has been going on about you visiting her, so scoot, Captain." he comments with a thin smile. "We'll talk more when we get Cole back."

"Uh, right." At the DCAG's frank mention of Ygraine, Holtz again finds himself at something of a loss for words. He nods at the mention of Cole, seeming almost grateful at the change of subject. "Looking forward to getting him back, sir. I've already told Colonel Petra he'll have anything he needs from the Strikes to that end." Storm chucks a thumb over one shoulder as he steps away from the desk. "Alright, I'll go find Shakes. Thanks again, sir."

Zachary doesn't seem to mind much. Maybe he actually got rattled enough that he softened a little. "Right. See you around, Storm." he says, before gingerly lowering himself back into his seat.

"And you, Major." And then, Holtz is gone, booted feet carrying the newly-minted captain out of the DCAG's office with not-quite-indecent haste. Though it doesn't seem to be out of a desire to escape, so much as a desire to be somewhere else.

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