AWD #199: All The Fun Stuff
All The Fun Stuff
Summary: Several pilots and a doctor walk into a bar…
Date: 24/07/2013
Related Logs: Takes place shortly after Return to the 'Roids
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #199

The crowd's pretty slim in Charlie's this evening, and mostly comprised of civilians with a smattering of marines, and a handful of officers. There seems to be a game in progress at one of the billiards tables; by the looks of it, some CIDSR personnel are getting sharked by a tallish, dark-haired woman in leather pants which are surely breaking some sort of colonial regs. Lower lip caught between her teeth, Bennett is just lining up a shot on the orange 5-ball.

Phin showered after returning to the Orion, and did a quickie change into civvies before heading down to the surface. Argentum Bay Silverstars Pyramid T-shirt ('03 Champions!) and jeans. So he's mostly removed the post-flight grime. He still looks more bright-eyed than usual, though, and he heads directly to the bar. "Can I get a beer, please? Whatever's on tap is cool." While he's waiting for that to be poured, he leans on the bar and angles himself to watch the billiards game. And Bennett, in her leather pants. Which make him blink.

Bennett misses the shot, as it happens, by more than a few hairs. The cue ball careens wide, cracks the ten-ball and then the eight-ball, but manages to pocket nothing. Straightening, the pilot smiles slyly to her opponent, and murmurs something into his ear before stepping around him to retrieve her drink. Which.. looks suspiciously like water. She hasn't yet spotted the arriving Phin and his Silverstars tee.

"Nice shot." Phin says to Bennett, as a sort of greeting. He offers her a slight half-smile, picking up his beer and sipping it when it's delivered. "How's the weather tonight, Butch?"

Warren, after returning to the Orion, showers, shaves, and slips into what little civies he has. Jeans and a tshirt, black text on a white shirt. Ah the ironies. He smirks heading into the bar down there glancing around. He glances at the billiards game and Bennett there and heads towards the bar, giving her a quick slap on the rear as he heads towards the bar ordering himself a drink as if he did absolutely nothing on the way. He gives Phin a nod there at the bar.

Holtz's idea of post-sortie cleanup seems to be grab a change of clothes and run his head under the faucet a few times. Still, though, he's clean enough for polite company — or even impolite company — as he strides into Charlie's in fatigue pants and an old black metal-band t-shirt not far behind Phin. He pauses to light a cigarette before slapping three task force-issued drink tickets down on the bar. "Ambrosia sour, and whatever these chuckleheads want." A look at Phin and Warren. "First round's on me, boys."

Bennett turns as someone addresses her, and her face lights up in a warm smile when she spots Phin. After a sip of her water and a pull of her smoke, she leans in and tells him quietly, behind cover of the back of her hand, "I missed, Doll." Dawl, drawled ever so slightly. The drive-by buttslap ought to have her up in arms, really it should, but Warren only gets a wink in retribution. "The weather's just lovely down here. A little wind, perfect for flying. What are you boys back from?" The question's aimed at the both of them, it seems.

"My beer's on him, apparently," Phin informs the bartender he ordered from a moment before, with a thumb-gesture to Holtz. He looks none the worse for wear for his adventures in the asteroid belt. If anything, he looks more charged than usual. Not that that's really unusual for him, after a sortie. He does more blinking when Warren slaps the Raptor pilot's bum but, when it meets with a wink, all he can do is laugh.

Warren glances over to Holtz as he states he's got the first round. As his glass is slid to him he raises his glass towards Holtz in salute, "Cheers to you bringing us all back in one piece." He glances over to Bennett and gives the woman a wink, "Oh you know, the usual. Catching rocks, slagging toasters." Theres a smirk and he shifts on his seat glancing towards Bennett, "You know the usual…making the deckhands cry at the battle damage. On the upside none of us are in the med bay"

Holtz shrugs. "I'll drink to that," he replies to Warren with a nod, dutifully following it with a swig from his own glass. "Ouranos," he calls out in Bennett's direction, not quite able to keep from shooting a leer at the woman's choice of attire. "Scragged some canners, ducked some rocks… all in a day's work, yeah?" he adds dryly as he follows another gulp of ambrosia with a drag from his cigarette.

Oh, viper jocks. Bennett's bemused smile says it all. "Mmhm," she murmurs, setting her glass back down and reclaiming her cue with an unnecessary little flourish. "You all came home undamaged, I see." Crack. In goes the five-ball, only barely. The civvies are scowling at her, but the pilot merely favours them with a delighted laugh. "Ouranos, really? Anything good out there?" She hops up onto a neighbouring pool table while she awaits her next turn, and chases her next swallow of water with a pull from her smoke as she observes the vipers.

"I think the deckies might get short with me, actually," Phin says. And he does sound a little sorry for the condition his Viper's in. He's leaning on the bar, freshly post-mission showered and wearing his Silverstars t-shirt. Nursing a beer, which he raises to drink along with Holtz and Warren. To Bennett he replies, "No casualties." Which is his extent of damage commentary. To her question, he frowns slight. "Hard to tell. The belt's huge, and we haven't even scouted a quarter of it. It's thick with toasters, though. We ran into a bunch of them on our last try out there, and easy as many tonight." He eyes Bennett, and her work with the five-ball. "Who's winning?"

Ygraine apparently had time to change into some civvies before taking a shuttle down; one can tell it's summer by the fact that those jean capris are accompanied by a halter top that ties at the nape of her neck and midback. Newsflash for the curious: freckles everywhere. Wheat colored hair free of braids and clearly looking to blow off steam, there are smiles for Bennett and Phin, but her feet carry her Holtz-ward.

Warren grabs his drink and raises it towards Holtz and takes a swig as he glances to Phin. "Glad you managed to make it back too. Especially after your wireless got shot out. Kept looking back to make sure you were there the entire way back," he says as he pulls out a smoke and lights it up. He glances over to Holtz, "Told you though, easy target aquasition. We need to avoid that strip next time. Too easy for an ambush like the last one. I mean if you don't mind my saying so Major." He does glance over towards Bennet with a grin, "Oh you know, rocks, toasters, sprinkles. All the fun stuff."

Bennett, like Ygraine, is blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with an overabundance of freckles, too. Maybe it's why they work so well together. Spotting the ECO somewhere under all that blonde hair, St. Clair puts her fingers to her lips and gives a sharp whistle to gain Ygraine's attention. "You know," she tells Phin, "I am not too sure." Her smoke is toyed with between two slim fingers before it's pulled from again. "Did you find any tylium stores out there?" she asks Holtz.

"Yggy V!" Phin hollers at Ygraine with a grin, by way of greeting. When he smiles, it's even clearer that the mustache he's still cultivating really isn't a good choice for him. It doesn't even make him look any older. But he still hasn't shaved it. To Bennett, "You up for another game when the table's clear? I wouldn't mind playing tonight." To Warren, he nods. "Coming at it from another side's a good idea, yeah. Maybe they are just laying ambushes for us. I don't know, though. That first Raider that Punchdrunk spotted seemed almost as surprised to see us as we were to see it."

"We did, but I can't say the same for the vipers," Holtz deadpans, with an affirming nod in the direction of the other two fighter pilots. "Just patchin' the holes in this one's ship'll keep the knuckledraggers busy for a day or two," he adds with a smirk at Phin. He shrugs at Warren. "I want my pilots speakin' their minds, Toast. Ain't gonna say you were wrong, besides. Not sure I'd call it an ambush, though… way they were strung out like that, I'd almost say they were lookin' for something, maybe scopin' the place out, same as we were." Ygraine gets a short wave before he turns to Bennett with a shake of the head. "Nah, this stretch was pretty barren. Other than that chrome patrol, wasn't much out there."

"Mmmmmmmwah!" Ygraine blows a double handed kiss in Phin and Bennett's direction comically, completing her amble to Holtz's side. She gives the large man a thump on the bicep with the back of her hand. "A woman puts on heels, lets her hair down, and shows skin, ya at least give her a double take." she informs him without any real rancor. Tugging out her challenge coin, she flashes it at the barkeep and gets herself a beer. "I hear mention of tylium huntin'?" She offers Warren an easy nod, a beaming smile, and a, "We met, yet?"

"Absolutely, Doll," murmurs Bennett to Phin's enquiry, favouring the younger pilot with a smile in passing, as she goes to take her next turn. This time, she makes sure to exaggerate her shot by draping her lissome frame across the table just so. Predictably enough, the civilians are too busy checking out her ass to notice that she's cheating. Yes, brazenly cheating. She taps the ball into place before pocketing it, like the scoundrel she is. "That's a shame," she answers Holtz without looking up. She sounds a little disappointed.

Warren gives a nod over towards Holtz, "Maybe not an ambush but still. Plenty of them there on the edge." He shrugs a moment and takes a swig of his beer, "But if they weren't the ones making that strip of nothing, who the frak did? Either way you got us back safe. So, cheers. Also we need to get that Taylor kid a callsign." He gives a shrug and takes a drag from his smoke before he heads over toawards Bennett and gives the woman a slap on the ass again for cheeting, and also to draw attention away from it, "Don't I owe you a smoke?"

Mahasti is slipping in quietly, alcohol swab in hand, a pair of scrubs thrown over her shoulder wiping what appears to be blood off of her forehead. She even has a few bruises on her forearm. "..What?" she blinks a bit She sort of ponders heels and Ygraine for a moment before rather innocently just sort of awkwardly taking a small deoderant stick out of her pocket to reapply before sort of taking a few steps towards Warren to greet the group assembled curiously. She eyes the slap and tsks at Warren, "Good .. whatever time it is." she chirps, giving a friendly wave to everyone she actually knows.

Warren also somewhere in there give a shake of his head toward Ygraine and offers a hand, "Lieutenat Warren "toast" Smythe"

"I guess there could be tylium deeper into the belt," Phin says. "We haven't come across any deposits yet, but it's the kind of place you could hide almost anything. It's a bitch to navigate, too, so 'hide' might be the key word." He shrugs when Holtz mentions his very damaged Viper. "It wasn't that bad." That does not sound accurate. But watching Bennett's game is a distraction from talking about it anymore. As is Mahasti's entrance, who gets a polite, "Hey, Doc." A firm nod to Warren, when he mentions Taylor. "I was hoping he'd come tonight. At our next squadron meeting, we should just hold an impromptu council of callsigns. Get him branded."

"Nothin' I ain't seen before, dearie," Holtz drawls at Ygraine with a smirk. "And I've seen more than that in the closets, you know." He utters a snort as his eyes slide back to Bennett and her cheating, but he doesn't do anything to betray his fellow pilot to her opponent. After draining the green liquid in his glass, he ambles over past the pool table, stopping just long enough to mutter "So that's why you wore them pants, yeah?" in her ear as he makes a show of looking at the dispersal of the balls, a hazy line of smoke following him as he walks.

"Twofor Taylor?" Bennett replies, when the half-familiar name comes up. It isn't a suggestion so much as a clarification as to whom they're referring to. "You know what? Frak you, bitch." That's one of the civvies, officially giving up. He tosses his barter on the table — a pack of smokes — and storms off angrily. His buddy checks her out once more before abandoning his cue and following after. The pilot merely smiles after the pair. "It was fun, boys." To Warren, after she's straightened and flashed him a saucy grin, "You do. But I think I'd prefer an I.O.U."

"Smart man," replies Bennett as Holtz passes her by. "Are you sure you are a viper stick?" Oh!

"That's not the point — " and then Holtz is walking away from her, which sets Ygraine to blinking. She refocuses on Warren, reaffixes her smile, and returns the handshake. "Lieutenant Ygraine Milkshake Vashti, ECO, Gentleman Ghosts. Likely to be savin' your ass in th'near future. I'm Bennett's back seater." The doc with the blood on her forehead gets a blink, but then, there's been worse during brawls, right? It's not like there's a health department around here.

Warren glances over towards Phin and nods, "Kids got guns, just needs to learn to trust those instincts instead of asking permission for whiping his ass." There's a nod towards Ygraine, "Pleasure, and I'm sure my ass will need your saving in the future." He then turns to Bennett and her comment and smirks, "Oooh and I.O.U. Eh? Sounds dangerous." He glances over towards Mahasti and gives her a wave and smile as he takes a drag from his smoke before glancing over towards Bennet, "Well an I.O.U. it is since you seem to have the smoke covered."

Mahasti pauses "If you have a nose bleed and sneeze on me, I will be very displeased. Very displeased." she warns with a smile, "Nothing more than that Warren? No sassiness?" she teases, quietly walking to whisper to a bar tender, before managing to get a drink in a plain glass and likely a food order. Warren is eyed before she heads towards him, tilting the glass up and take a sip of it before leaning on a table to watch the group, keeping just a little distance thus far. She looks pretty mellow though, After a few moments she folds up her scrubs, tucking them into a special laundry bag and slipping them into her bag neatly.

Phin goes to grab and chalk a cue when the civilians clear the table, though he seems in no hurry to start playing. He just gets the balls racked while Bennett settles up smoking matters with Warren. "You gonna tell him the first rule?" he asks Ygraine. A little dryly, but it's in good humor. It's a rule he's more or less trained in.

As he returns to the spot he'd started from, Holtz smirks back at Bennett as he flashes a rather rude gesture in her direction in response to her jibe, cigarette smoke shooting from his nostrils. Mahasti gets a nod and a "Hey, Doc" before he waves to the bartender for a fresh drink. He grunts in agreement with Warren. "Yeah, no kiddin'. They can hold a rook's hands in training, but it's a different ballgame in a real furball. Think he'll be alright once we get the trainin' wheels off though, yeah?" A moment later, a fresh ambrosia slides down the bar to rest in front of him, complete with a wedge of lemon affixed to the rim.

"Only if you want it to be," answers the bus driver coolly, addressing Warren just at the moment. She drinks deeply from the glass of water, with her smoke still tucked between two fingers, and finally spots Mahasti approaching them. "Good evening, doctor," she greets, still with a trace of a tease in her voice. This, apparently, is what's hiding under those stuffy navy uniforms. "What shall we play, Phineas? Misery?" Few could make that word sound so delightful. Holtz just gets a laugh for his gesture toward her.

"Thank ya, Phinny." Yggy rolls her eyes and flicks her finger under her upper lip to raz him about the 'stache before holding up said finger in a one position to Warren. "Rule number one, Respect Your ECO. But ya seem t'know that already, so you're one up on most of th'other viper pilots." Holtz gets a grin as he returns, and then there's a possibly successful attempt at lemon wedge thievery. "Fortunately," she says demurely, "Th'Lucky Strikes have a great retention rate." When Bennett suggests an IOU, she just grins saying, "Be careful, Phinny, she's a shark."

Warren glances over at Mahasti and gives the doc a wink, "Don't think just because I haven't made you blus yet doesn't mean you're safe." He gives a nod over to Holtz and grins, "That almost sounds like a callsign right there. 'TrainingWheels'" he echos with a chuckle, "Whatcha think major?" To Bennett's statement he only replies with a wink and leans in a momment to whisper something to the woman before nodding to Yggy, "Hell yeah. If someones out there calling the targets, and jamming their draidis and whatnot? Makes my job easier. More I can focus on what I'm doing, and less I have to focus on where raiders might be and what vectors their on in relation to our vipers vectors, their velocities and lieklyness to attack," frakking math majors, "the better. Any ECO that can gives me that, and jams them, gets my respect."

Mahasti tilts, doing something abnormal for her - Her drink is offered to Warren "Want a taste? Its yellow Izarra." she offers, swilling the almondy tasting liquid just slighty. She eyes Warren sharply and shifts over to very calmly tsk "Why is it you want me to blush? I think I'm a bit prettier when I'm smiling." she offers. She pauses "Bennett, you might be right. I do seem to drink quite a lot." she offers with a wide grin. Without much warning, Warren is given a firm hip bump. She seems to still be quiet for the most part.

"I think I'll be OK. I'm used to playing with dirty cheaters," Phin says with a grin back at Ygraine. Her mockery of his 'stache makes him stick out his tongue at her. He is intrigued by the way Bennett says Misery. "Sounds like…fun? Possibly. Anyway, I'm game. We playing for stakes?" He considers 'Training Wheels' for Taylor. "Sounds wordy in my head. I don't know. The guy told me he was off the line for, like, months, because he frakked his leg up so bad playing pick-up Pyramid. Maybe, like, Longshot or something?"

"Milkshake can do better than vectors and velocities," Bennett opines, gaze settling on the blonde she often calls her backseater. "She pulls rabbits out of her frakking hat on a near-daily basis." Her voice is soft, but the respect is clear. Whatever Warren murmured to her seems to amuse her considerably; she touches his shoulder lightly and pitches something just as quietly near his ear, before sidling away to start setting up her game with Phin. "Sure. High or low?" She doesn't elaborate on what that might mean. Nor does she protest his insinuation that she's a cheater. Mostly because he'd be right.

Holtz shoots a dirty look at Ygraine for her act of lemon-thievery, but he doesn't move to stop her, turning to Warren with a look of consideration on his face. "Little long, that. Cut it down to 'Wheels', maybe?" he says thoughtfully before knocking back a slug of his drink. "Longshot ain't bad, neither." Phin's interjection grabs his attention, and suddenly he calls out loudly, his baritone carrying across the room, "Hey, McBride! When you gonna shave that dead rat off your face?"

Warren nods to Holtz and smirks to Phin, "Wheels, Longshot. Suppose either works. Not sold on longshot though…kinda want to see him hit a long shot for that. But Wheels works." Theres a smirk over to Phin, "Hell I got burned to a crisp and had to go back through flight school to be flight ready again. I think he can survive a little leg fuckup" He grins a bit at whatever Bennett says to him and glances over to her as she sets up her game with Phin before looking back to mahasti, "Whats wrong with making you blush? You get all flustered and cute at that"

Phin's brows arch at Bennett. He considers that and finally replies, "Low." Holtz gets a roll of his eyes. "I'm trying something different." Well, he's succeeding in that. "It's for the Picon invasion. Like…luck." Or something.

Ygraine beams right back at Holtz, and drops the lemon into her beer. Weird. There's a sudden look of surprise and pleasure when Bennett compliments her, as if the Captain's assessment of her skill is something she considers more than passingly before Phin's comment makes it to her forebrain. "What are ya implyin'?" she makes the Big Eyes at Phin, then calls out, "Clearly if he loses, he's gotta shave th'damn thing off!" Oh snap. She then peers over at Warren and Mahasti, noting, "Some women don't like bein' put on th'spot." She adds, "Callsign counsels are silly. Ya should get 'em from things ya done and on th'spot-like. Callsign counsels result in my havin' t'call people names like 'Superstar' unironically."

Mahasti leans on Warren's side without too much fuss "Is it really that fun? I guess I can't give you that present." she half taunts, watching Bennett "Did you have to use corn startch to get into those?" she asks, sort of musing for a moment and tilting her head "They look tailored and quite sharp." she compliments Bennett. She ponders "Bennett, do you think I could take a quick snapshot so I can weird my bunkmate out with more photos stuck to the wall of my bunk?" she asks chipperly. Warren is eyed "Isn't it more fun to have my hands on your back, slowly working your muscles with massage oil? I'm a lot better at that when I'm not flustered." she offers, taking a large draw of the drink in her hand. Ygraine is given a point "It is true!" she offers, voice giving away pure cheer.

Or something, indeed. Bennett sort of eyes the 'stache for a few seconds before curving a sly smile Phin's way, and gesturing for him to begin. "Misery. Named after a town on Tauron's eastern seaboard. And a variation of eight ball, incidentally. If you drop the eight ball at any time, you forfeit." She flicks some ash from her cigarette, then looks over when Mahasti addresses her. "Cornstarch?" Confusion. The request for a picture causes her to laugh. "Sure, do you want me to pose?" One hand settles on her hip, while the fingers of the other form a 'V' over Phin's head.

Warren glances over at Ygraine, "Hey my callsign's Toast…in a universe full of toasters trying to blow me out of the sky." He makes a motion to his mostly burnscarred arm thats visible and then back to her, "I think he can survive Wheels." He smirks to Mahasti, "Of course its fun. Watchign you blush and fidgit? Pure enterainment." He grins a bit at that and winks at her, "And hey i'll take you rubbing my back flustered or not." He takes a long drag of his smoke and a swig of his drink.

Phin returns Ygraine's big-eyed look with a half-smile. "I didn't imply a thing. I just called you a cheater. And it's not that bad." He idly smoothes his mustache with a pair of fingers. He looks to Bennett. "Is it that bad?" It's definitely not good. "Eight-ball I can deal with. What do I get if I win?" Though before she can answer, there's posing to be done. He flashes finger-guns in Mahasti's direction. He's at least probably doing it somewhat ironically to compliment the rabbit ears. One would hope.

<FS3> Mahasti rolls Photography: Success.

Holtz snorts in agreement with Ygraine. "Guess I'm not the only one who thought that last council really scraped the bottom of the barrel, yeah?" He laughs wickedly at her idea for stakes in the pool game. "It's that bad," he offers to Phin almost cheerily. Not that anyone asked his opinion, but that doesn't seem to stop him. Squadron leader's prerogative, perhaps. Another drink bites the dust as Holtz again empties his glass. Even with a dash of lemon and sugar the way he likes it, ambrosia can be somewhat bitter, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for Storm.

Mahasti takes out her camera, with one hand, setting her drink down to take her time to set the dials cautiously "If everyone wants to squeeze in, feel free. I don't mind if you are ridiculous with it." she offers, holding her camera up, carefully to snap a quick photo, pushing the advancing wheel with a screeck screeck sound, looking amused. She quickly takes a second photo, rapid fire of Phin in particular. "If you want copies I'll send 'em your way!" she giggles.

Ygraine lets out a laugh! "Toast an' Milkshake! I love me some food callsigns, yeah?" Then, while looking at Phin and smiling sweetly, she says quite loudly, "Hey Holtzy, did I ever show ya that video I have of what happened when Phinny was stayin' on th'farm over break at Academy and th'bull got out?" She then chides Warren, "Tellin' a woman ya like her t'be uncomfortable ain't a great way t'get in her good graces, Toast." Then, to mollify Holtz, "Next one's on me, kay?" Then an oh for Mahasti. "Could ya…?" There's a little flick of her fingers in the air space between her and Storm.

Warren ooohs, "Group photo then?" He glances towards Bennett and Phin a moment before slipping up and moves overs towards the pair up beside Bennett. He smirks a bit to Ygraine, "Depends on how much teasing one does. Fine line certainly. Don't want the doc to give me something to increase the pain of any injuries"

"Shit," Bennett hisses softly under her breath, when she catches sight of the time. "Doll, could I please take a raincheck on this game? I promised the CAG I'd have some reports done tonight, and to be honest, I haven't even started them—" But suddenly there's a group photo happening, and Warren's stepping up beside her, and she puts on her most dazzling smile like posing for pictures is something she does every day.

"Copies? Yeah," Phin grins. "I'd like that. No rush, but I'd definitely want one. And I kinda like Wheels shortened like that." He scoots in to make more room, though still in position where Bennett can 'V' behind his head for amusing effect, while he finger-guns. Ygraine gets a wide-eyed, slightly uneasy look. Which he'll probably still be wearing for the picture. "You…don't still have that." He says it like he's trying to reassure himself. And failing.

Holtz's smile is more like a grimace, but he doesn't shrink away from the picture-taking. Tattooed arms crossed over his chest, he's on the edge of the crowd of pilots but still within the camera's field of view as the diminutive doctor goes to snap the picture. The grimace changes to an amused smirk, though, when Ygraine describes the picture of Phin she's still apparently got stashed away somewhere.

<FS3> Mahasti rolls Photography: Success.

Mahasti pauses "I don't mind too much, his intent is good enough." she offers to Ygraine, holding up the camera, making subtle changes. "I am not a pro or anything but yeah no problem. If you see Toby thank him for helping me fix it." she is always a good sport about photos "Actually if I'm ever around, I usually have a camera with me. "I'm far more likely to give you a taste of your own medicine, Warren. She snaps one of Ygraine and Holtz alone, before a double snap of everyone together. Click click "Phin smile or I'm going to pinch your bottom!" she warns. If his expression changes at all she'll snap another one! bwahahaha.

"I may be a cheater," Yggy purrs fetchingly, "But when have ya ever known me t'be a liar? I got video." She wriggles her nose at Phin before she goes to smile toward the camera, likewise smiling when Mahasti snaps the second picture at her request.

Ygraine adds, "See ya at briefin', Butch!"

Bennett looks far more bemused than glamorous, in that last shot; her eyes are clearly ticking Warren's way when Mahasti snaps the picture. "See you all shipside in the morning," she tells the assembled pilotry, with a murmured "I owe you one," to Phin before gathering up her jacket and booking it for the door.

Phin blushes when Mahasti threatens to pinch him. Which is a change of sorts. "We'll play later, Butch. Good luck." That parting to the Raptor pilot done, he just leans on the billiards table and returns to sipping his beer. To Ygraine, "No, you're not a liar. Just occasionally evil." He smiles as he says it, though.

Warren grins at the picture and gives a wink towards Mahasti a moment, "mmmmhmmmm sure" He chuckles a moment and smirks towards Phin and his possible smile. He glances towards the time as well as Bennett heads to leave, "Frak I should be hitting the rack myself."

Mahasti squints at Warren "Let me go back with you, I have something for you and you owe me five minutes." she mumbles, giving Ygraine a fond wave. She gathers her bag and offers her hand to Warren, expression just slightly amused. That drink of hers is dumped down the hatch "Ah I ordered fried potatos, someone eat them for me?" she asks, eying Warren a little more sharply.

Holtz looks up as Bennett and Warren both announce their exits, and he looks up at the clock on the wall with a grunt. "Gettin' close to that time for me, too." He doesn't seem to be in a terrible hurry to leave right this minute, though, as he flags down the bartender one last time. "One for the road," he calls out, and then points at Ygraine. "This one's on her." The man behind the counter nods and whips up another ambrosia sour for Holtz, who promptly drains half of it in a single gulp.

Being declared evil earns Phin another beaming smile from Ygraine as she waves off those leaving and looks over at Storm. "Back t'Orion, ya old space dog?" she asks, adding mock-solicitously, "Let me go fetch your cane."

"I'll take the same Raptor back," Phin says. He's finished most of his beer, and he doesn't seem keen on a second drink. "Might do a few laps in the pool once we're back on the ship before I crash, though."

Holtz shoots a glower at Ygraine, and this time there's no mirth in his expression. "I think I can manage," he replies frostily before draining the last of his drink. "Night, everyone." He lights up another cigarette for the trip back to the shuttle before heading for the door.

"Hey," Ygraine calls out, draining her beer and hurrying after him, "Hey, I'm sorry - " and then out the door they go.

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