MD #102: Alea iacta est
MD #102: Alea iacta est
Summary: "The dice has been cast" ~ Caesar. Dr's Stone & Galen along with Sgts Ynyr and Stone discuss a few things in Sickbay, the least of which is the recognition that what's done is done and what's left is to move forward.
Date: Wed 19/Jul/2017 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Behind each bed a small touchscreen has also been built in to help supplement care and transmit vitals to Medical personnel's tablets. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue. This bay has seen many improvements from the overhaul but can clearly operate effectively without any power.
Sat 03/Feb/2029 (IC Date)

Sometimes managing morning or mid-day rounds is like trying to micro-manage a catch-and-release program, and - especially at the moment - the urgency is to get those who are ambulatory and not terribly wounded back to their stations as swiftly as possible. Those who had taken wounds over the last course of the better part of the week that -could- be returned to duty status have done so. Those who are still convalescing are itching to get back to work in the worst way and, in light of that particular ship-wide attitude those who aren't released yet are cranky, grumpy, surly and. . lets just say some nerves are frayed. Sam is carrying a cup of coffee, patiently listening to one engineer explain why she should be released, despite the fact that the stitches from the last round of surgeries isn't out yet and she can't quite balance on her own without aid of a crutch and some wishful thinking.

Ambrose has counseled the impatient and helped with rumor control, employing such helpful phrases as, "You'll know when we know" and "Whatever has happened in the last twenty years, it will still have happened after you're cleared for duty." Only once was he called upon to restrain a Marine with a firm hand and a gentle, "Lie down, please. Corporal." Otherwise the junior doctor has taken all the news and events with a healthy dose of zen. Or maybe he's just very good at focusing on his work. Seeing the engineer in discussion with the CMO, the Two takes a break from his own rounds to wander their way. "Something I can take care of for you, sir?" he asks Samtara.

Once again Stone shows up at the med bay. Though this time it seems to be to check up on the marines that are here as he is making his way around and talking with some. Trying to reassure them that they'll be back in no time. Offering a few things they can do from bed to keep themselves occupied. Looking around as he moves about. "You should listen to him, he seems to know what he's talking about." Stone offers, in an attept to calm the corporal. Though letting him move on toward Sam after. Offering her a small smile as well.

After reassuring the engineer that she will return to station tomorrow - if the stitches hold AND she doesn't tear them again - the CMO steps away from the end of the row of beds and through into the main ward, smiling at Dr. Galen and then Stone as he makes his rounds visiting the wounded marines. "Nothing that I can't juggle on my own, but I do need to ask if you have anything slated for your schedule at the end of the day?" she wonders while offering the cup of coffee she's holding to Stone. "What's morale sound like, marine wise?" she asks of Stone next, knowing that he'll have a read on the marines better than she will.

Two MP's arrive and step in through one of the hatches that let into the Orion's Sickbay. One of them is the Master-at-Arms and Ynyr seems to have blood down the side of his head and neck and holding his right arm close to his body. The other MP is walking with him with a concerned look, "Wait here, Gunny, and I'll get somebody to check you out." Lleufer rolls his eyes, "I'll take a seat. I'm fine, really." It looks like something or someone konked him and cut his scalp along the side of his head at an angle above and slightly behind his right Arpay pointed ear.

"Thank you, Sergeant," Ambrose offers to Stone when the man backs him up. The Sergeant is probably a better medicine for an unruly Marine than the skinjob doctor. Moving on to speak to Samtara, the other doctor nods to her first point, then shakes his head to answer her question. "No, sir. What do you need?" Catching sight of the incoming wounded, Ambrose studies what he can see of Lleufer's injuries before adding, "Shall I take this one?"

Stone soon moves to the other two. A smile and nod to Ambrose, "No worries. Happy to help." He offers. Then taking the offered coffee and smiles in thanks before sipping from the cup. "Most are antsy and want to get back. Some are also just frustrated. They all need to vent, and most usually do physical stuff for that." He offers with a soft sigh. Looking to Lleu as he steps in. Offering a nod in greeting.

"What happened to you?" Sam demands in a tone of voice that is incredulous and alarmed at the same time, sharing a look with Stone that conveys both as she's reaching for a pair of gloves, sharing a nod with Dr. Galen. "You can absolutely help, and hold that thought," she replies and intercepts Leu before he can take a seat in one of the chairs and - instead - directs him to the first open exam bed. "Sit," she instructs and turns her attention to the MP that arrived with Lleu. "Who ever hit him - I trust - is either equally injured or in restraints already?"

Ynyr and Stone have known each other about as long as Lleu has known Samtara, even if the two Marines haven't actually worked together a great deal over the years. The MaA gives his fellow Marine a nod, "Hey, Stone." No surprise to his his fellow NCO here since he's married to the CMO. That thought eases his own mouth into a smile despite the pain of his injuries. The Gunny starts to sit and wait his turn when Samtara tells him to relocate. Lleu does as she asks and takes a seat. "Nobody hit me. We are still investigating the sabotage and looking for more IED's in Engineering so they can get in and make repairs. Part of a bulkhead strut came loose and fell. That is what struck me. Nobody else was hurt. Got my shoulder and my head, but I'm OK. Didn't black out or anything."

"So, in short, you lost a fight with the ship?" Sam wonders as she carefully examines the laceration, avoiding his ears with marked care as she does so. "Let me clean this and we'll see if the edges will hold together or if it'll need stitching." She then makes a sound of amusement at Stone's words, belatedly, "Hah. Yes. I know. Bruised and incapable of seeing out of both eyes? No problem. Marine up, go find something to fight." She aims a smile that is both amused and resigned at both of the marines in the room, "Well. Some things never change, and everything changes all the time, as well."

Stone does move closer to Lleu as well, but leaving space for medical personnel. "Hey." A small grin as Lleu speaks, "Still better to get it checked out, I suppose." Chuckling at Sam's words as well. Not stepping in their way for now.

Lleufer grins at Samtara, his mood much lightened from the weight of the past few days. "No, not fighting against the ship, but against those who meant her harm. She's hurting but the Orion means us no ill. I should have been more careful." Ynyr cocks his head to let Sam look at his head. It'll probably need a few stitches as it split the skin a couple of inches. The Gunney chuckles at her 'Marine Up' comment, knowing them all so well. "I don't think my shoulder's broken." A nod to Stone, "Aye. I don't want to dissapoint Bennett with my inability to keep up with her athletic requirements." A wink. No wonder he's a happy man, having found out that his wife is not only alive but on board!

"Yes, of course." His assistance requested, Ambrose follows Samtara and is busy with the technical side of checking Lleufer over while Sam does the talking. A pen-light is shined in the man's eyes, one at a time. "Dizziness or nausea, Gunnery Sergeant?" The Marine seems to recall the incident, be speaking clearly, and not to have lost consciousness, so there's that. He offers the man an easy-going smile for the cheeky remark. "In the midst of calamity, good fortune."

Sam lets out a laugh as Lleu's words, sharing a grin with Lleu before she glances over her shoulder to Stone, "Which means that his wife must've arrived shortly before we made the jump from Calumet. Because she strolled in to his office like she didn't just come back from the dead, more or less," she keeps her tone of voice light as she presses a folded bandage against the laceration then guides Lleu's hand toward it. "Hold this," she instructs and reaches for the tray beside the exam bed and extracts the satire kit and necessary supplies. "You'll need a couple of stitches and you may have jammed your shoulder, but I'm going to take a look at it anyway. If it's broken, you get to write up how it happened," she promises with a shake of her head. "I understand that there's recon flights going on right now of the colonies. Do we have any word yet?"

"Treat her well and she is kind in return." Stone offers about the Orion. Chuckling at Lleu's last words. Nodding about his wife. "It is a fortunate thing." Listening curiously. "I am not sure what has been said so far, hopefully it all goes well." Seeming a bit interested to be on the ground.

Ambrose shines the light into his Arpay modified eyes and Ynyr's over large pupiles dilate normally, getting a slight wince out of the Aerilon at the brightess to which he is a little more sensitive to than an unmodified human. But his eyes also quickly readjust once the light is removed. "I think I was a little dizzy immediately after I got whacked, but nothing since." Despite the old bullet wound scar in his right front temple with the matching exit wound scar in the back of his head, Lleu's baritone no longer holds any hint of slur. The imobility of the left side of his face is long gone, thanks to Arpay nano-technology that repaired him years ago. Ugh, that hurts. Ynyr tries to put his right hand up to hold the bandage but it hurts like hell. He gives up on that and swaps to his left hand, which is pretty awkward and requires him to turn his head sharply to his left, chin against his other shoulder. "Got it." The Master-at-Arms grimaces, "I gotta write up an incident report anyway, Doc." Too late. Ambrose has this Marine's curiousity, "No, haven't any news yet that I'm cleared to share. Hey, have we met yet? I'm Lleufer Ynyr, Master-at-Arms."

"Sorry," Ambrose tells Lleufer, quick to note the additional discomfort from the light. "This ship does have a storied history," he agrees of the Orion, then takes a moment to make some notes on his datapad, attaching them to Lleufer's medical record for the current incident. "Doesn't appear to be any sign of concussion," he notes to Samtara as he steps back. The Two's eyes scan down the long, long medical history for the Marine. "But there is a history of head trauma." To put it midly.

Once the kit is set up, Sam stands to one side of Lleu while Dr. Galen handles the rest of the exam, "Lleu, this is Dr. Ambrose Galen," she makes the introductions while applying a numbing agent to the area around the head laceration and waits the silent count while it takes hold. Only then does she speak again, leaning in to make a series of precise, tiny, sutures to seal the edges of the wound. "Yes," she replies with a chuckle, a surprised sound of wry amusement from her, "yes he does. I still think that the combat helmets the marines wear need to be reinforced, I wonder if the ones that are part of the gear now are any better," she adds and tips her head slightly. "Back when the Arpay were first part of our coalition, there was talk about getting helmets modified to accommodate the altered shape of your ears. Did that ever go through?" she wonders with a glance toward Stone and back to Lleu.

"Think most Marines might have some head trauma." Stone offers a bit lightly. Offering what he can. Not really much help with the medical after all. "I think all the gear improve a bit, if perhaps slowly. They are relatively comfy." Then again, Stone might be happy with a rock on his head.

Lleufer tries to sit still as Samtara begins to apply the stitches. At least he doesn't have to stay in the awkward position and hold the guaze with his left hand anymore. "Yes, the Orion does. I was originally assigned to her for the NOMAD mission, before the Second Cylon war started and stayed with her though the years of it. It's been a little strange accepting the Recall and returning to the Orion after all these years. But I'm glad that I did." Especially now. "Pleased to meet you, Dr. Galen." Ynyr clearly has no problem with the other being a Model Two. A shrug to Samtara's question, "Maybe, I guess. My helmet doesn't pinch against my ears so maybe they did. Usually they always fit a little loose anyway though so not sure it mattered."

Ambrose looks up from his pad when Sam makes introductions. Given that she's in the middle of stitching the man up, he doesn't try to shake hands, offering only a good natured smile. "Pleasure to meet you, Gunnery Sergeant. You've seen a bit of action, then." Then he gives a low chuckle for Stone's comment. "Medically speaking, yes."

"Yeah, you all gather up head trauma and bullet wounds and the motley assortment of lacerations, puncture wounds, radiation, starvation, exposure, dehydration and all that before the consequences of interacting and ingesting the local flora, fauna and the water as you move through non-native environs? So very much fun to be hand," Sam remarks with a measure of asperity in her tone of voice as the last of the stitches is set in place. She blots the blood away from the line of sutures, leans slightly back to eye-ball the wound. "Yourself," she adds with a smile at Stone, "included in that list. First time we met I was fixing a bullet wound you'd taken to your left hand. Mister Stoic there wouldn't let me treat him until all the rest of the marines who'd been wounded were tended too." She makes a snort of sound, amusement still, "If you can find a marine who hasn't been wounded, Dr. Galen, the marine is either a fresh out of basic recruit and is still a bit green around the edges, or is insanely lucky and a walking hazard because Luck has a nasty target painted all around said lucky marine."

Stone gets a grin out of Ynyr, "Some say you have to have head trauma to want to be a Jarhead anyway. Occupational requirement." He would give Ambrose a nod but chooses to try and hold still for Samtara. "Yes, Sir." Doctor equates officer, even if Lleu doesn't know Ambrose's rank. "I've been pretty chewed up but the Arpay fixed me at the end of the last war. Made me good as new, and even better." Hehe, Samtara is making it hard for Yynr not to snicker or nod while she stitches. "Good on you, Stone."

Stone chuckles as he listens to Sam's words about all the wounds, "I never said that I wasn't included. However, we have thick skin." He offers a bit playfully. Letting Ambrose and Lleu get to know one another some, as they introduce one another. Another chuckle as Sam recall their first meeting. "Hey, it was only my hand." He tries pointing out. "Marines are not supposed to be lucky." Grinning at Lleu and nods, "I think you're right." Colt agrees.

"Right, it's 'just a flesh wound'," Sam remarks, tone of voice still dry and a bit -just a bit- sarcastic as she spreads a thin layer of antibiotic ointment across the sutures then follows it with a thin layer of bandage that she tapes into place. "This dressing will be changed in twelve hours and depending on how it looks it'll stay off from that point on. Don't get it dirty, if you don't mind, and if you tear the stitches I'm going to scold you like a toddler," she warns with a grin aimed at Lleu as she steps back and strips the gloves off of her hands. "Speaking of the Arpay making you all better," she adds as the gloves get tossed into the bio-hazard bin, "I need to speak to all of the personnel who have the mods that were offered by the Arpay, and the ones who inherited the modifications," the levity is gone from her voice and a more somber tone settles in place.

Detached amusement flickers across Ambrose's face as he listens to the Chief Medical Officer and the two Marine NCOs banter. Not being one of the 'old hands' he's the odd man out. "Arpay medical technology is impressive," he agrees after hearing Lleufer's tale. And then the Two's brows go up for the topic of Arpay genetic modifications, and he looks to Samtara with interest.

"Understood, Doctor. I don't flex my head very much so I think the stitches are safe." Lleufer cautiously tries to move his right arm to test his shoulder. It hurts but he can use it. Bruised at least. Samtara regains his attention, "Oh? What about? Or do I need to be patient and wait to find out?" Something occurs to him and he frowns, "My injuries aren't going to keep me off duty, are they? I've got too much to do to be sidelined." Just to be sure he flexes his right arm more just to prove that he /can/ use it and even if it hurts, "I'm off the stims. I'm good for a pain killer, right? I gotta go assist Flynn with something."

"If I stand and breathe, yes. Just a flesh wound." Said a bit playfully, which is odd to see Stone perhaps, as he's usually calm and professional. Another nod though about meeting all with mods. A bit amused at Lleu's question about go back into duty. Not that it was unexpected. A marine through and through.

Sam turns slightly to include Ambrose in what she's saying, "As we know, the modifications that the Arpay offered will continue carry down through each successive generation, an inheritance that cannot be filtered out, at least, to my knowledge of current medical options. Those with the modification to their eyes have augmented and enhanced vision. Those with modification to their ears, however, have additional abilities that are not limited to a change to the shape of the ears let alone the ear canal, and so on. In short, you may have the ability to project," she clarifies, laying it flat out on the table with no dancing around, "and if you can project, then the ability needs to be refined. The lines," she glances to Ambrose, "need to include those who may have the ability in any planning or training sessions they have in mind. I'll be taking this to the commander and admiral as soon as they can fit me into their schedule, which will hopefully be within the next day or two. There's more," she adds, glancing toward Stone as she steps back and lightly swipes the coffee mug back from her husband and takes a sip before sighing, "and I'm going to need to speak to command before I put the rest of this on the table. But it's important that you spread the word to those who have the modifications that it's essential to find time to meet as a group, and as soon as possible."

Carefully, Lleufer moves to stand and gives himself a slow rotator cuff test with his right arm. He holds it out and with thumb pointed downward, uses his left hand to press down on his arm. Yeah, that hurts, but not where it could and he can do it. Then he rotates his right thumb upwards and lifts his arm, then slowly lowers it. Still hurts but he can do it. The Gunnery Sergeant listens to Samtara talking about projection, then rolls his head around slowly on his shoulders to feel where muscles are stiff and sore. "All right. I'll mention it to Bennett and Randy. I can send a message to Shay, too but she's assigned to another ship now. Becks says I can project, and I've experienced projection several times myself, but I've never /tried/ to do it. Things … sometimes have happened though. So I' pretty sure Bennett and I /can/ do it if we wanted to. We just have orders not to." Stone gains a smirk out of Master-at-Arms. "Am I good to go, Doc?"
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.

Ambrose glances aside, looking over Lleufer's mods as Samtara explains the situation. His brows go up again. "I understand the ears provide a sensory link, but I'm not certain that it is Projection, per se. But I have no objection to modified personnel participating in our experiments, if they like." And then he nods to second a point Lleufer mentions, "And we haven't been given permission to do any of it, as of yet."

Stone allow Sam to explain the things and easily hand over the coffee to the eager doctor. Nodding some to Lleu as he speaks, but remaining silent. Looking between all three, "Well, hopefully all goes as planned."

"I respect the orders that have been standard procedure all this time, but we're long past the point where standard procedure is going to work from here on forward. And this is going to need to be one of those things," Sam explains as she curls both hands around the coffee mug, nodding at Lleu and then at Ambrose in turn. "I don't know enough about it to be any kind of expert. Which means you," she nods to Ambrose, "are going to be the leading expert and representative from Medical. And thank you, in advance, for liaising with those who have the potential to have the abilities without knowing if it's a viable option yet or not. But things.. everything changes and everything remains the same, only it doesn't, and we have to respect that," she replies with another glance to Stone. "Very few things go as planned, which is why having multiple variables for potential outcomes is a good idea. So is making it up as we go along, rather like parenting," she adds with a wry glimpse of a smile.

Lleufer's face looks grim as he listens and then he nods faintly, "I agree. We need to practice and understand projection. Both to defend ourselves against the Clerics, and maybe … to see if it is possible to …" The Gunnery Sergeant looks at Ambrose, "To undo the damage once one of our personnel are compromised. Like PFC Pillar. It -would- be nice if we can have some assurance that she can return to her duties safely. Because if not, what do we do with her? It's not her fault what was done to her." Oh aye, he grimaces, "Or if a Cleric ever gets hands on me, if I could fight them and keep them out of my mind or even reverse it to alter -their- mind instead, you bet your butt cheeks I would want to try. Rather than be helpless." Ambrose can see a hint of scarring where Lleufer's Arpay ears were grafted. His are not as cleanly healed as some but overall they mostly look natural after all these years. He could easily be mistaken for an Arpay if one doesn't look too closely.

"Yes, sir," Ambrose accepts the responsibility Sam gives him without complaint. "The situation has changed, but the ethical concerns remain. I'm not sure all the Lines will be willing to move ahead without permission from command." He does not name specific Lines, but their governing traits can probably fill in the blanks. "Self-projection is not prohibited by regulations. So that has been the extent of my experiments to date." Then he listens to Lleufer's point and gives a slow nod of understanding. "We may be able to create new memories for someone the clerics have overwritten. Returning them to their former state? That … I don't know. Not unless the original memories are still there to recover."

"I think that the more we know about all these things will be of importance down the line." Stone suggests his own two cents. Moving around the area a bit as he listens and just check on those resting before looking back to the others.

Sam breathes out a quiet sound that, for just sound, doesn't sound terribly optimistic. "I should have spoken to command months ago on this topic. But I didn't want to take the decision out of the hands of those whose lives this will literally affect. As as I'm not a Line and I'm not a bearer of the Arpay modifications, I'm not even close to anything remotely resembling an expert. I'm flying blind here, and it doesn't settle at all well." She finishes the coffee in the mug as Ambrose speaks and sets it aside, nodding slowly along until the last. "I am given to understand that what the Clerics can do is essentially over-write and erase that which Was and re-write or re-imprint a new set of What-Is in place. And that it isn't something that can be just flipped back like a thrown switch. Which is why it's considered a weaponization of the ability instead of anything else. I'll speak with Command and between myself and Becks we can give Command more intel to work with." Another nod is shared with Stone, "It's going to be marines who are going to be in face to face confrontation with enemy soldiers, armed combatants and the clerics, so if there's a skill or a defense, you all need to have it."

"Yeah, I dunno. But having suffered some pretty rough PTSD myself over the years, I can vouche how some memories are better if lost - if replaced with something else. I still have memory gaps myself, after Santos Ridge. But even so that may be better than remembering everything." Lleufer lifts a hand to tap the bullet scar in his the front of his noggin. Taking a bullet to his head may well be one of those things he's happy NOT to remember every detail. A nod to Stone, "Exactly. We can't defend against something we barely understand. And let's face it. It's potentually a weapon /we/ can also use ourselves, if we know how." Ynyr frowns, "Problem is that the Arpay, and those of us with the mods, can't do it nearly as easily as you, Dr. Galen. You can touch me anywhere and do it, but I have to have someone touch my ears, or at least close to them, in order for me to project. So that's a seriously limiting factor. But with practice there may be way around that. I have no idea." Yep, Lleufer totally agrees with Samtara on the Marines needing everything they can get to use to their advantage. "Anyway, I need to get back to my job. Thanks, Doctors." If he's good to go, Lleufer will head back out. The other MP left a while ago.

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