Lieutenant Alastair "Helios" Piers
Alastair.jpg Piers, Alastair R.
LT Tactical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Countermeasures
Age Sex
36 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


A former commercial airline navigator, Alastair Piers became part of the resistance on Aerilon as a transport officer, and was eventually enlisted into the Colonial Navy. After graduating the fast track program, Alastair was transferred to Orion as a replacement ECO. Known for speaking multiple languages outside of Colonial Standard.

Leap Years

Pre-War Events

Date Event Relevant Log
May, 1992 Graduated Virgon University N/A
July, 1994 Started work with Pan Galactic Airlines N/A

Second Cylon War Events

Date Event Relevant Log
AWD #1 Resistance - Aerilon N/A
AWD #200 Enlisted - Commissioned as Ensign in Resistance N/A
AWD #385 Transfer to Air Base Crandall to start Fast Track Program N/A
AWD #450 Graduated Fast Track, Transferred to BS-114 Orion N/A
AWD #480 Engaged to LTJG Benecia Pearson N/A
AWD #538 Engagement to Pearson broken. N/A

Leap Events

Date Event Relevant Log
2007 Marries Clara Mercier, Adopts Priam Mercier N/A
2008 Piers Family Moves to Leonis, Adopts Daughter, Alastair becomes part of garrison at CAFB Spangdahlem N/A
2009 Alastair leaves active duty as a Lieutenant, becomes lead ECO teacher at Spangdahlem Academy N/A
2010 Clara gives birth to daughter, Celeste N/A
2011 Clara gives birth to son, Obereon N/A
2016 APF attack on Spangdahlem BX kills oldest daughter, wounds Alastair, Priam, and Obereon. Clara and Celeste not present at attack. N/A
2017 Clara Piers files for uncontested divorce, reasons never given. N/A
2019 Alastair non-renews his school contract, moves to Piraeus with children. N/A
2027 Alastair recalled to duty - transfers from Airwing to Tactical, becomes Countermeasures Officer

RP Hooks

  • Virgon by birth, traveller by raising - his mother was a Lingustics Professor, his father a Viper pilot in the First Cylon War turned career military.
  • Polyglot - Alastair speaks several languages already.
  • Cunning Linguist - He's always looking for new languages to learn.
  • Paragliding - Jumping off a cliff in a wing suit? Hells yeah!
  • Astronomy and Catrography - Studying the stars and making maps goes together like tea and scones!
  • Patrons - Alastair is a devout Polythesist, prone to speaking prayers to gods and goddess that could be appropriate in proper moments and a frequent visitor of the chapel. His major patrons are:
    1. Hermes - the god of borders and linguistics.
    2. Demeter - the goddess of secrets and exploration.
    3. Dionysus - the god of mercy and wrath.
  • Arpay - Alastair had the surgery to learn the Arpay language and spent over two months engrossed in their homeworld's culture while going through the Raptor update program.

Service Record & Medals

Entry Date Notes
Shot Down AWD #457 AAR
Shot Down AWD #478 AAR
Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade AWD #489 Log
Awarded Silver Cluster for Valor AWD #492 Earned from this Incident


Qualification Date Earned Notes
Weasel In Training


File Image Name Notes
Clara_icon.png LT Clara Piers I never regretted keeping her secret, and she gave me the best years of my life and no reasons behind her sudden abscence.
Priam Mercier Piers Adopted Son of Clara, on Piraeus
Celeste Hope Piers A member of the Leonis Ballerina Company
Obereon Alastair Piers In CMC Academy

Recent Logs


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