Petty Officer 2nd Class Ajax Medvedev
ajax.jpg Medvedev, Ajax
PO2 Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Deck Technician
Age Sex
32 M
Hair Eyes
shaved dark


Ajax was born to a poor family in the Kashmir province of Sagitarron. As such, his young life was ruled by religious education, and growing up in economical hard times. His mother had to work full time, as the father, died in a mechanical accident at a factory. As such, Ajax and his younger brothers, did what they could to help mom. As soon as school was done at the temple, the boys had jobs that they went to (if they were old enough to work) and came home late into the evening. For most in most cities, this would likely prove to make them prone to violence. However, in Kashmir, there was never an opportunity for mischief beyond what boys will naturally get into. In his teenage years his mother would move them to Valos, and then lose them all to the military, and one to a drowning accident. Ajax Medvedev went to the Navy, where as his brother Kratos went to the Marines-previous to that he had been a crewman in a construction team, used for his strength.

The Navy was a shock, to his culture, to his way of growing up-but a welcome one. Before he had been struggling to survive it felt like, but once in he was shocked into momentum. To make the most of what he was learning. Ajax proved to be good at repairing things that were broke. His mind got that stuff, and it seemed the big guy from Sagitarron was more cut out for this, than say carrying around a rifle. He impressed his CPO throughout training, and recieved good marks when he was placed on his first Battlestar right off the bat. Which came as another shock to the system. But, each Shock he got, the better he did-the quicker he adapted.

Ajax climbed his way up the ladder quick, only to stall at PO2, which is fine. He understood that sometimes something opens and you get it. For him, he was happy working on a crew and repairing raptors and vipers, or helping on the Damage Control crew, and working to be certified there. By the time the Valos incident came up, Ajax had molded his life into that of a Sailor. he was inked, still attended all temple times, stayed clear of medical-and was doing well for himself. He had a leave several months before the Massacre and returned home. By this time his mother, finally tired and done, gave up on her life-and so the only one still in that region was his brother Kratos-who had taken in with this new sect in Valos. Ajax visited-and then told his brother to leave, that their leader was speaking heresy. Both left on hard terms. And then Valos happened.

hen the smoke cleared over his once home, his brother was dead with other heretics and Ajax was left without his older brother, Kratos. In the midst of his own anger and grief, Ajax wrote a poem and sent it to a friend back home in a letter. That in and of itself got somehow passed to a publisher and then put out in several publications. This did not endear the Sagitarron enlisted to brass-and likely explains his stall at PO2. After that, he was moved off the space goers and was put on an Air Base on Picon, just outside of Perkinston.

He was on leave and away-out cmaping with buddies when the Fit hit the Shan. As it was he tried to make it back to some semblance of military control and found himself caught up with many other current and ex military lucky enough to survive. Pressed right into the resistance. From there on out, Ajax's days were spent hiding and repairing birds in barns and on highways., playing chain gunner to various raptor crews-and ground fighting when the need was so great. Before the whole mess with Bancroft and Spree played out, he managed to get himself injured. Enough to knock him out of duty for a while-that's when he got evac'd with others up to Orion.

That;'s when his last shock came.

There were others fighting.

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