AWD #096: Air Wing Mission Review April
Air Wing Mission Review - April
Summary: Petra reviews action items with the CAG and a couple of members of Air Wing.
Date: 12/04/2013 (OOC Date)
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Petra Phoenix Holtz Ygraine 
CAG's Office - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
It's the CAG's office! (He hasn't had time to personalize it yet, and this scene won't help him in that regard, for certain!)

Middle of the afternoon, and a TACCO with a stack of stuff in a large folder manages to slip into the Air Wing offices without getting accosted, thumping a fist on the hatch first, to make sure the Major isn't already in a meeting with someone else. Cause if he wasn't before…

"Its open." Phoenix stated, as he went over his own bits of folders- recreating personnel files from former prisoners and generally taking his notes. Coffee, as always, is brewing. It has a good, strong scent to it. Phoenix looks up, to see who exactly was going to enter.

Petra nudges the hatch open, ducking his head to step inside and push it closed behind him. Flashing a faint smile, he straightens up and nods his head, "Major. You have about an hour of your time I can steal? I know you're probably still settling into the command, but we have a few things that need to be gone over. I'd like to review what the Air Group is currently working on and get your input as to what else they can take on from the things that are being dumped in our lap?"

"Of course, please. Have a seat. Coffee?" Phoenix asks as he stands and begins to refresh his own mug. "If this is going to be an airgroup meeting, I should probably get an Ensign to get one of my squadron leaders out here for another head in this pow-wow." he smiles quietly, "If that is, you don't mind."

Petra shakes his head, "I dont mind at all…might be better if you did - I think most of this is going to involve your raptor teams, but Holtz would probably be good to keep in the loop as well, so you dont have to repeat half of this conversation. And…actually yes, a mug of that would be good, thank you." With that said, he drops into a chair and sets his folder down on the corner of the desk.

Ygraine has arrived.

Holtz has arrived.

Phoenix nods, "I'll send the Ensign out right now to get them." he does just that, an ensign called and sent off to collect Holtz and Ygraine both. "They should be along shortly."

Petra nods slowly, shifting his weight in his chosen chair, "Good, good. Are things settling in well so far? Colonel Sheperd didn't really do either of us a lot of favors with how he handled things the last week or two before you came on, and I've already heard the grumbling from Deck about it, so I imagine it hasn't been anything resembling a cake walk."

Ygraine arrives eventually, dressed in her off-duties to give her bandaged upper right arm a bit of breathing space. She's recovered well, but is still on light duty, and truly was the luckiest of those on the casualty list. "Sirs?" she inquires, once she's admitted through the doors.

Holtz follows a few minutes after Ygraine. He's changed into his blues, which cover the bandages over his stitched-up right leg. He's not fully at 100% though, the cane he's got clutched in his right hand testifying to that. He moves slowly, although without much actual difficulty. There's a curious look at Petra before he settles on Phoenix and straightens as best he can. "Told you wanted to see me, Major?"

Petra glances back at Ygraine and Holtz make their way in, "Lieutenant. Major. Very happy to see you back in the land of the living." He murmurs a thank you to Phoenix for the mug of coffee, stifling a small smile, "Everyone drinks decaf once and a while." He gives the new arrivals a moment to settle before reaching for the thick folder he set down on the desk, "So this last week alone we have had several new developments that need action. As the Major here is my Department Head for the wing, this is typically a conversation I have with him and the Marine CO all at once, to basically discuss what combat operations the Orion is capable of supporting, and then I take that final list back to the Admiral and we committ the task force to it. As you both are the primary points of contact the Major will probably be rehashing all of this with, it was a more efficient idea of the Major's that we bring you in on the conversation. We good so far?"

"Take a seat." Phoenix states to the two officers who arrive. "I'll need some good heads to help me wrap my mind about this. You two know the wing better than I do, and I want your input in this."

"Yes, sir." Ygraine may be a bit puzzled as to why she's required, but seems willing enough to offer input. She throws an uncertain look at Storm before dragging her attention back to the two commanding officers.

Holtz glances at Ygraine briefly, but nods at Petra. "Five by five, Colonel." His mouth twitches, and he looks over at Phoenix, gesturing at the cane with his free hand. "Docs said I need to keep the weight off — " He cuts off abruptly when Phoenix bids them to take a seat, which he does with a grateful nod, his eyes swinging back to Petra a moment later. "What ya got for us, sir?"

Petra nods slightly at the responses and opens the folder, "Good. Because if you weren't busy before, we're about to make you busy. First order of business: The Lieutenant that we originally raided that prison camp for…was there. We finished interviewing the man yesturday after Medical did a bang up job helping him recover, and he gave us the information we were looking for: We now have three separate sets of jump coordinates and times and dates, for when a scout raptor from the Blackjack group will be listening for a message. The Blackjack group originally contained three super dreadnaughts, a half dozen heavy cruisers, and a support fleet that makes NOMAD look like an anchorage maintenance group." He pauses for a moment then looks around, "If even one of those battleships survived…we can retake Picon. A superdreadnaught is a basestar killer. So this became extremely high priority. We need crews ready to jump out to each of these points at their specific times. They will be challenged with the codeword 'Arrow' and should respond with 'Lance'. We will give you a message packet to carry with each, to relay to Commander, Blackjack, in the hopes of eventually getting them here."

"If they're high priority for us, they're high priority for the Cylons too." Ygraine murmurs. "We know for sure the Lieutenant wasn't compromised?"

Phoenix nods, "It goes without saying that doesn't leave this room, until further notice, I assume." he says, looking to Petra for a moment, as he nods and begins to take notes. "We need to keep those things on our side, and without *any* Cylons figuring it out." And its clear Phoenix means *any*.

"So she really did come through," Holtz murmurs under his breath as Petra continues. He lets the colonel finish before pursing his lips thoughtfully. "That's great news, Colonel," he muses. A shrug goes Ygraine's way. "They might not've even known what they had," he remarks. "Seems like the main purpose of that facility was to house our crew's family members. An ECO with no connection to Orion might not have been high on the jailers' priority list." Another shrug. "Should be easy enough to find out, though. If the battlegroup's in one piece, chances are good he wasn't." A grave nod goes Phoenix's way, the significance of that 'any' not lost on Holtz.

Petra shakes his head lightly, "He says he didn't talk. If they turned him? Then we'll know it when we try to meet the scout raptor. The message we want to send Blackjack does not contain our jump coordinates…we want to be able to establish communications and find out what their situation is. We may not need to even really have them here, if there's a security concern, but we can address that once we find out if they are even still there at this point - a lot can happen in a month." He nods slowly in agreement with Holtz' words, "Whoever you send out there might end up waiting for nothing…though I hope not. So CAG, let me know who you volunteer for this job and I can sit in on your briefing with them to hand over the message packet and wish them luck. Any questions on that one?"

Ygraine is nodding, albeit silently. She'll do the job if called to it, and the fact that she's sitting here suggests she will be.

"I see no reason to add more people to this conversation than are already involved, Sir." Phoenix says simply. "Unless you see a reason to add more souls to this conversation." he offers as he looks between Ygraine, Holtz and PEtra. "This is important enough to keep it on the down-low."

"Hard to believe the frakkin' Cylons could turn one of ours," Holtz mutters. Still, he isn't discounting the possibility. He's paying attention as Petra finishes, although this doesn't sound like something that'll be handed off to him. Eyes flick from Petra to Phoenix and back as he idly taps his cane against the side of his leg. "Understood," Holtz says simply to the CAG. Then his attention is back on the tactical officer, waiting for the next item, if there is one.

"Hard to believe one of them, much less three of them, would turn." Ygraine points out, but acknowledges, "Silent as the grave, sir."

Petra nods slowly, "Alright, second item. I've already sent the Major a note about this, but I'll explain the situation. Captain Rozzen discovered a very cleverly disguised beacon message timed so that it would be mostly masked by a local pulsar's radio broadcast. The message includes a challenge phrase that would only make sense if you knew our original orders for NOMAD and Piraeus. So this could be a trap, especially if someone in the Admirality was captured and turned, since they're about the only ones not still on this Battlestar, that knew them. The message is coming from a message pod, the kind Raptors carry, that was apparently launched into a large asteroid, and it looks like someone comes out there to launch a new pod with the same message every couple of weeks. I've asked Deck to modify an existing pod to do the same thing, but at a much restricted range, that will broadcast a set of coordinates in dead space and a day and time of the week and a request to destroy the pod, so the next time this group shows up, they'll know we're waiting to hear from them. I repeat, this could be a trap. OR, it could be a remnant of Fleet Command that got away. Either way, we need to find out."

Nodding. Phoenix listened, he took few notes- but still. PAd and paper were fairly secure. "So. We'll need to coordinate with deck on this. I'd like to see who's sending these messages- If we're flying into a trap, best we lay one of our own first." he says, "Any way we could make that pod send us information on who shows up?"

Holtz quirks an eyebrow in surprise at Petra's second announcement. "Any idea — any way to tell — how long they've been broadcastin', sir? How many of 'em even knew we were here t' broadcast to, anyway?" He's not really familiar with Raptor ordnance, explosive or otherwise, so he doesn't even try to answer Phoenix's question. "I assume you'll wanna send some of my people out with the welcoming party, then?" he asks, again looking at Petra. "We've had decent luck crammin' a half squadron or so on the decks of our heavy cruisers, now that we've had the practice, if that's what you're thinkin'."

"We might be able to try scanning it at long range to see if we can learn anything about it." Ygraine suggests. "I can talk to Rutlii about boosting the sensor systems, she's been in charge of mods like that before, when we were reviewing that radioactive dig site. You remember, sir - " she nods to Petra.

Petra considers Phoenix' question, "I…dont know? Pods can be set with recording equipment, but transmitting to us? We'd need to go back there to receive the transmission. If you can figure out a way to work that out, then I'm all for it." He shakes his head slowly at the other questions, "We haven't actually gone out there yet, so those are all good questions, and something perhaps the Raptor crew that goes, can scan and answer for us, when they leave our response. So name someone as a POC from Air Wing and find out who Rutlii is putting on point from Deck, and make it happen, just let me know what the final plan is, so I can keep the Admiral updated." He pauses there for a moment to flip a page, "Next thing specifically just for Air Wing: Pallas. We have approximately 3000 scientists there that should be running out of food right about…now. I need to hear an evac plan about this - our scout raptor at the time confirmed the landing pad was frakked, so if we're going to bring in some of those liners we recovered, we need to talk to Engineering about how to recover the pad so we can use it. There have been no reports of basestars around there, but the contact at the time said Raiders periodically swept through the system, so its probably going to need to be a heavily escorted evac effort. I need to hear if Air Wing can pull this off, and how we can do it. If you need to send a Raptor back out there to check their current status, then do it."

Phoenix sits quiet, nodding. "Lets see what we can do about that. I'd like to get as much information as we can. Tell me who you want to go with you, Holtz, and I'll make it happen."

Holtz shrugs. "I don't see why we couldn't, Colonel," he replies with no small amount of conviction when Petra mentions Pallas. "If you need someone to fly a liner, I volunteer. Flew ships just like it as a civvie pilot for Intersun while I was mustered out." And, not to mention, he was the one that brought one of the liners home from Hibernia, to boot. "I can get the bugger in and out, so long as the snipes can clear me a space, yeah?" He tilts his head at Phoenix. "If you're talkin' the Pallas mission, sir, I could use a copilot for the liner. Not sure if we got anyone else with experience on the things, but an ECO should do in a pinch."

"Could we get the folks on Pallas to move to a better rendez-vouz point?" asks Ygraine curiously. "Send them someone to sort out the evac and then meet at a drop point?"

Petra shakes his head at Ygraine, "Pallas does not have survivable atmo. They're holed up in a science outpost. They can't go anywhere, no aircraft at all, unfortunately." He flips through another page or two, "There are a couple issues that mean we will need to sneak a Marine sniper team onto Caprica, but we can go over that after I talk to the Marine CO. Picon. Two issues with Picon and then one issue about Dolly, and I'll get out of your hair. Picon: I just came back from a meeting with Spree and shared with her everything we know about the skinjobs. Most of it? She already knew. Unfortunately…that frakker we killed on the boat earlier? Is apparently also Major Flynn, her Operational Commander." He lets that sink in for a moment, "And the people under his command have no idea, and they love him. She's requested he be dealt with, since she can't depend on her own people to do it cleanly. He's on another continent from her, so there's going to need to be a joint op with the Marines to pay him a visit and take care of him, hopefully without starting another war."

Phoenix nods quietly, writing down what needs to be written down. "I see." his face dark as he, takes a moment and gives a deep sigh. He sips his coffee, a long moment. Thinking. "We'll have to do so quietly, then." he says. "Is there any way we can lure him into solitude, or just make it seem like the cylons did it. Work it to our advantage."

Holtz raises an eyebrow. "Issue with Dolly? What issue?" He sounds protective of the young junior lieutenant. The other eyebrow peaks at the mention of the Major on Picon being a skinjob. "You mean… this Flynn bastard's a One?" A scowl. "Well, ain't that lovely." He shakes his head. "That ain't gonna be easy. Not after the mess we already had with Bancroft."

"Has anyone seen fit to confirm whether he might be a defector?" asks Ygraine carefully.

Petra shakes his head, "No, its not going to be pretty at all. So once I get Marines involved, we need to work out a plan to take care of him. One that preferrably has us taking him out here or somewhere else equally far out before we shoot him, so what he knows doesn't get back to the Collective. So keep that one on your mind." He shakes his head at Ygraine, "If he's a defector, he's not saying anything. If we can capture him, bring him out here to interrogate, then great, but the current fact is, Spree has been steadily losing until we intervened, and while I'm very confident in our ability, she has a force numbered in the millions of marines. Right now, it's more probable that we turned the tide simply because this Major Flynn didn't know what we were doing and couldnt sabotage it. If he IS a defector? Then fine, JAG can deal with him. Spree has made it absolutely crystal clear that she does not want defector cylons in her command, and that includes the three we have on board." He pauses for a moment, clearing his throat, before nodding at Holtz, "Dolly. Dolly has a plan he was working with Rozzen, to hit the Cylons behind the Armistice line. When he's ready to go, we're going to probably assign a detachment of Vipers, Predators, and Raptors to a heavy cruiser and send them off for a week on a little tour of the Cylon Supply Lines, to frak things up as much as they can, and come home, so that's something else to keep in mind that doesn't really need action right now. The last think I have that DOES need some action are: The Sabre systems. We took advantage of Cooper Knox' status to steal information about the upgraded Forge AA systems, but we need to do something about the Sabre systems, because there's at least one at the Boneyard on Picon, and we can't just avoid it. I'd appreciate Air Wing talking to an Engineer or two and maybe trying some sim scenarios out to find out how we can reliably take those damned things out, so we can share it with Spree's command."

Again, Phoenix is quiet through what is said, nodding. "The Saber's have been a concern of mine. We need to figure out a way to either suppress them via ECM, or just outright destroy them. They've got range. They've got nasty firepower, and I don't want to lose birds to them. I'm thinking we need to get our hands on some of the components. Any chance we could get a marine team in towards one of the ones we know about to take that thing apart. Perhaps with some of the deck, or Engineering crews?"

At the mention of the Sabre systems, Holtz can't quite suppress a shudder. One of the damn things did nearly kill him, after all. He nods along with Phoenix. "Frankly, sir, I don't much care for the idea of tanglin' with those things in the air. Damn thing one-shot my Viper over the prison on Picon. If we can get at it from the ground, I think it'd be a hell of a lot less bloody."

"Requires recon, first." murmurs Ygraine absently. "A whole lotta intel based on observation before any approach, air or land."

Petra nods slowly, "That's very possible. Talk to Lieutenant Morgan, Gunnery Sergeant Stone, or Captain Siska and get them to discuss that possibility with you. Tell them it's something I want done, if you have to, but I dont think you'll have to. If a ground assault is what we need, then lets do it. If we get a super dreadnaught intact on our side? Then retaking the Boneyard is the first step to a liberation campaign. Because with the Baker Bay in orbit of Picon? We will have air superiority, and the Boneyard becomes a Colonial air base."

"I saw. I want parts of those sabers on this ship to be dismantled, and studied. I want a way to defeat them so we don't have a repeat of our last mission." Phoenix says, somewhat towards Holtz and Petra both. "I'll speak to the Marines on that one. Its important we take those out. And yes. We'll have to see about getting the Baker Bay back. One of those dreadnaughts in the sky will be a great boon for our cause." Phoenix leans back, finishes his coffee and puts the empty mug down. "We need as many force multipliers as we can get."

"One, hell. We get all three, we make a fight of this thing," Holtz muses. He thumps the cane lightly on the deck, adding emphasis to his words.

All three, and they can end the war. Or so Yggy seems to think, from her expression. She contributes little, not being experienced enough to do so. Listening, though. Ears open.

Petra nods slowly at the commentary, closing his folder while he listens, "That's the bulk of it, folks. There's more going on, but that's what we have that has Air Wing involvement on it. I want to make one final comment, since all three of you are in the room. I've already had the same discussion with Rembrandt and Rutlii. The fighting with Deck has to stop." He looks around at all three faces, "I don't care who starts it…don't continue it. I've already made it clear to Rutlii that she had better make it clear to her Deckies that the next time I see vigilanteeism on my boat? Everyone involved is going to regret the thought ever occurred to them. No more frakking with Vipers - I don't care whose. Tell your officers to be the better men and women if a knuckledragger acts like an ass around them. We are all better than this. Are we in agreement on that?"

"I'll make it so." Phoenix replies, "Holtz. If you'd do the honors of letting that trickle through the ranks, I'd appreciate it." he says towards his fellow Major. "I'll be the heavy, just let it be known that flight privileges can be removed, for a short stint as a knuckledragger if people don't want to respect the folks who keep us in the air. I'm sure Rutlii would appreciate having a few of my pilots learning how to keep things flying."

"I agree completely, Colonel, believe it." Holtz replies to Petra. "Had a chat with Rutlii myself, before the Picon mission. There's been lapses on both sides, but neither of us are interested in seein' it continue," he says forcefully. "Trust me, sir, any of my people that get out of line are gonna be sorry even before you get ahold of 'em. Can't speak for the chief, but knowing her…" He shrugs, as if that's all that needs saying. A thin smile goes to Phoenix, and he nods readily. "You got it, sir. I'll make a post on one of the boards in the ready room, so no one can say they missed it." He seems amused by the poetic justice of the idea.

"Gentleman Ghosts will behave ourselves. We're Gentlemen, after all." Ygraine's tone is wry at that, but she nods in agreement.

Petra offers a thumbs up to the responses, "Thank you, all three of you." He slowly rises to his feet and nods his head at Phoenix, "I've taken up enough of your time and dumped enough on you in one evening, so I'll get out of your hair. All of you swing by Medical when you can, and congratulate Captain Nadir on her promotion to CMO, hmm? Good night." With that said, he sidesteps the chair and turns to head back out into the corridor.

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