AWD #263: Air Wing Commendation Ceremony
Air Wing Commendations
Summary: Holtz, Phin, Maia, Ygraine, Kale, and Kelsey receive commendations in a ceremony before the crew of the Orion for making a strike in Caprica City to take out the planetary puppet government.
Date: 26/Sep/2013
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Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #263

Announcement: [Aria]: There's the hiss and the crackle of the ship-wide radio system coming to life. A woman's voice breaks over it, tiny from the effects of electronic communication. "All off-duty personnel are to report to the observation deck in fifteen minutes time. Say again, all off-duty personnel are to report to the observation deck in fifteen minutes time."
The rumors were true. Earlier this morning, the observation deck was closed — and now it's suddenly obvious why. All of the cushy, comfortable furniture has been removed, replaced instead with neatly arranged rows of chairs in two symmetrical sections. A podium is set before them and, in a makeshift attempt at providing a platform, a rug bearing the symbol of the Colonies has been placed in front of that. The bright colors of each one of the Twelve Colonies hang from the walls — even the ones that have been reported destroyed. Gemenon. Canceron. Sagittaron. Tauron. Virgon. They fly among the flags of those worlds that may still have hope, their pasts and their possible futures juxtaposed against one another. It bears all the hallmarks of a formal ceremony, though there's not yet been any announcement as to what, exactly, all of the pomp and circumstance is actually for.

Hearing the message from his bunk, Knox tucks on his cleanest uniform and spits on his boots really fast. Hey, you never know. He makes his way up Deck Three to the Obs Deck and comes inside. "Whoa," he breathes. Having just been in here last night, this is a bit of a change. He slides in and stands towards the rear and clasps his hands behind his back.

Warren arrived a little early, selecting a chair as close to the front of the room as is possible with possible any possible reserved seating and such. Beneath his chair is tucked a black violin case it seems. Matching the pomp and circumstance of the room, the viper jock is sitting there in his dress greys. At the Whoa from Knox he glances over his shoulder a moment with a ever so slight tense when he sees the man, and gives him only the briefest of nods before looking back foward and adjusting his uniform.

Brina arrived on time although that wasn't exactly a huge feat for her as she was just down the corridor in the rec room. The changes has her stopping just in side, can of drink in hand which kind of makes her feel awkward now. It is discreetly set down (where no one else will find it, she hopes) and then she looks around, trying to figure out what is going on and if she should find a seat or wait.

Kostas slips into the room just a few minutes after the announcement, perhaps not have been too far away. She's tucking a medallion chain back into her uniform shirt as she does so. Her instinct is also to go to the rear of the room, but her lips curve into a half smile as she sees a fellow Dog Platoon member. She moves to be near Knox, also standing in the at ease position, looking over the new decor with one arched brow. "Sergeant," she greets, quietly.

Phin reports to the Obs Deck all gussied up in his dress grays. Full clean-and-pressed Fleet Recruiting poster mode. For all that, though, he has an unsure way about him. He looks about for some air wing personnel he can mill around near. And there's Warren, conveniently. He offers a "Hey" to the other Viper pilot as he sinks into a seat.

Mahasti is quiet, slipping in to dust off her white coat a bit after Brina - having detoured to change in the sickbay since she keeps a uniform in her desk. She takes a moment, at the flags straightening her hair with meticulous fingers, suddenly rather glad she changed her clothing. The tidily small woman brushes past Knox to avoid collision and instead stand not too far away, straightening her clothing and sort of looking amused at the fit of things for a moment. Her mug of hot coffee is in hand, ever presence. Warren's violin is watched - far more than him really. "Brina, would you like to sit next to me still?" she asks, warmly to the female MP.

Dressed in her Dress Grays, Maia arrives fresh from the chapel. Her expression holds much more than curiosity, it holds a bit of trepidation as well. Still, she walks straight, shoulders back, as tall as she can at her height. Just through the entrance at the rear, she catches sight of Knox. She offers him a friendly smile before heading towards one of the seats in the back, saving the seat beside her on one side.

Presumably there's some milling about prior to any call for attention. Ygraine's braids are pinned in place, criss-crossing the nape of her hairline at the back, and her uniform has been spiffed up neatly. She's keeping an eye out for the familiar faces of her part of the Wing; Lucky Strikes and Gentlemen Ghosts. Ah! There they are. "Hey, Captain." she fits herself into the seat on Phin's opposite side, complimenting Warren on his pins, "Lookin' sharp. Shine wear off yet?" Maia's offered a wave from her chair.

Holtz enters the room fully decked out. Dress greys, white gloves, dress sash, shoulder lanyard, the whole nine yards. He's even shaved and shined his rank pins specially for the occasion, whatever it may be. His brows are creased slightly, shoulders squared and chin jutting out as he crosses through the crowd, directing a curious glance here and there.

Maddox also steps inside, and this is the first time he steps into the Obs Deck, however, he is rather amazed by all the different details here and there. He is wearing his dress grays as well, and for a moment, he steps to the side of the door but remains there, just looking at everything. Finally, he spots a few Viper pilots there and makes his way in their general direction "Gentlemen" offers Maddox to Phin and Warren, nodding his head as a way of greeting. He finds an empty chair nearby and takes a seat, leaning his back against it now. A different sight from when he got to Orion, now he is clean shaven.

Knox looks over to Kostas and nods, a sage expression to his face. "Ensign. Good to see you here, sir. If this is what I think it is, you'll see something pretty good. Maybe not what you've seen done for a lot of others who might have deserved more, but this is how we honor them, sir." He looks back forward, still at parade rest. His uniform looks like hell, most of the loose threads burned away and some subtle but lingering stains. Knox has seen a lot of action. Tut the patches are all clean and he's shaved and squared away otherwise.

Amos had in the middle of a shower when the announcement came, but he seems to have had enough time to make himself presentable since. With no word on what this might be about he's in his greens and upon stepping through the hatch he spots a few of the marines congregating and at the back and heads that way, giving the pair of them a brief nod as he eyes the podium. "Ensign, Sergeant," he then offers, eyeing the flags once more, "big hooha before the off?"

Once Agrippa steps through the hatch and enters the Observation Lounge, he can see what the set up is for. The decorations for each of the Twelve Colonies is certainly admired and the Viper Jock's feet finally begins moving again. He heads to the seats towards the back, finding a particular blonde who he greets with a smile, "Looking sharp, Maia." He takes the seat next to her, his gaze looking over the others, some who are also in dress greys.

The call to assembly must have caught Bennett just as she was coming off a duty rotation. The tall pilot is still in her flight gear, zipper pulled down over her layered tanks and dogtags. Her dark hair looks to have been dunked under a tap, at the very least, and twisted up into a semi-neat bun. Noting the volume of people who've turned up, she takes up a spot quietly near the back and clasps her hands behind her.

Still dressed in his sweats after having been working out when that message came, Jason starts moving to the seats at the back as well. A brief pause as he sees the people in their formal wear, before he moves to find one of the seats not too far from where Maia and Agrippa has seated themselves, offering them a smile and a nod. "I'm not sure I really like what they've done with the place," he remarks, a bit lightly.

Warren gives a nod towards Phin, "Hey Dolly" Ah and then there's Yggy, "Milkshake. And no not quite yet. Sure it'll rub out here shortly." Theres a little grin on his face at that. Theres a nod give over towards Maddox as well as he takes a seat.

At almost precisely fifteen minutes past the call for all off-duty personnel to report to the observation deck, Major Franklin, clad in freshly pressed dress grays, strides into the room. Her formal, even stern, demeanor conveys a certain gravitas on its own. But considering the fact that she's carrying a wooden box in her arms, one which she treats with the sort of reverence that might be reserved for the oldest known copy of the Sacred Scrolls, it's obvious that she has ritual rather than simple solemnity on her mind. As she makes her way to the podium, a Lieutenant — one of the JTACCOs from the CIC, by the look of it — accompanies her, arms laden with paperwork and datapad alike.

"OFFICER ON DECK!," comes the percussive call of a voice near the door.

"Sir," Kostas says crisply as Amos heads over, though then she rather ruins the effect by observing, "Shit, sir, I ain't seen so many blues or greys since the emblem ceremony after bootcamp. You think?" At the call, though, she snaps to attention, and remains there.

There is a subtle double take at Storm's entrance, and Ygraine mutters a soft, "Damn." under her breath before snorting at Maddox. "What am I, Mads, chopped liver?" There's a quirk at the corner of her mouth though, so she's probably kidding. And then there's the shout out for Franklin's arrival and Ygraine is on her feet and at attention.

Cooper glances over to see Atia enter and looks back forward. The call, though, is an instinct for the response. Boots clamp together and he goes to attention, everything else forgotten for the moment.

Phin offers a polite "Hey" to the approaching Maddox, and turns to incline his head to Holtz when he spots the Major. The "Damn" from Ygraine makes him smirk, and he seems about to say something, when the call cuts off any further attempts at milling conversation. Up he goes, spine straight.

Brina snaps to in the manner only a Marine can with the precision and bearing included. Her brow knits slightly even as she looks straight ahead, the lines born of confusion. This is a lot of pomp and circumstance and it has her a bit lost and even a bit nervous. W. T. F.

When the call comes for 'Officer On Deck' Warren snaps to his feet standing at attention, arms by his sides, eyes foward waiting.

Mahasti stands, at attention, no commentary from her. She is perfectly poised and proper for now, no noise. She eyes Brina for a moment before just starring foreward in curiousity.

At the announcement of an Officer on Deck, Maddox stands up straight and sets his arms by his sides looking forward. His eyes lock on Major Franklin for brief seconds but then move to the Lieutenant carrying all the paperwork.

Catching the wave from Ygraine, Maia returns it with a smile though as Holtz arrives, she nods to him as well, though the movement is brief. As soon as Agrippa joins beside, sitting in that saved seat, she clasps her own white gloved hands together. "Thanks, Alex." There's a nervous smile given to him though thankfully Jason's arrival distracts her. "Her Superstar. I can't believe you pulled that off!" Offering him a white gloved fist bump. Though when the Major takes the front and the voice calls out, she's standing automatically, snapping to attention.

Amos might have been about to reply to Kostas, or he might not, it shall remain one of the great, or not so great mysteries of the universe as the call to attention beats him to it and he, like his fellows, snaps to.

Bennett straightens her spine almost imperceptibly when the call of officer on deck is made. It's a subconscious thing, as is the way her eyes cut toward the front of the room and remain there.

Yet to get her uniform, Hekate decides to perch herself at the back and watch from far, attempting to keep a straight posture dressed in her worn civvie clothing. The sweatshirt and jeans hold old stains and are ragged around the joints. She swallows and tilts her head, lifting on her toes to try to get a better look, a brow rising as she follows quick succession with others, dropping back to her heels so she can stand straight.

Pausing for a few moments as he hears Maia's words, Jason shrugs a bit. "Ah, every now and then you get lucky, right?" Moving to get to attention with the others, he keeps his eyes on the Major and Lieutenant as they make their way to the front. Expression a bit distant again, as he keeps his eyes to the front now.

Franklin does not issue an order to return to the way they were. Instead, she gingerly trades burdens with the Lieutenant Abbenshire, the files which the JTACCO had been carrying laid out carefully on the flat surface before her. "Major Holtz," the CAG begins her list, calling out the names one by one by one in a sharp cadence. "Lieutenant McBride, Lieutenant Kane, Lieutenant Junior Grade Vashti. Boots on the line."

Holtz offers nods to the familiar faces of his wingmates, but he doesn't have time to do much else. When the call to attention goes out, he stiffens as though someone had just shoved a steel rod up his spine, his gloved fists balled loosely and pinned at his sides. At the sound of his name, he moves to the front of the room with precise steps, halting in front of the line of flags and doing a smart about-face.

Another man in the back is LTJG Devlin wearing a split lip smile and standing quietly as he listens to what is going on. He catches eyes with a few people, but because of the situation he is quiet which is a rare thing for those who know him.

A flicker, just a flicker of life returns to St. Clair's eyes when Atalanta reads those names off her list. Might be a ghost of a smile on her lips, but she does not budge from her stick-straight posture; not even when her still-damp hair begins trickling a fine rivulet of water down the back of her neck.

There is the briefest of sidelong glances at Phin. Ohshitson. Ygraine waits for Phin to edge out of the row, she follows suit, and with a similar smart sharpness of step that falls back to practice as a cadet, makes her way to the front, leaving room for the others to fill in the space between her and Holtz: highest rank down to lowest.

Phin doesn't exactly look surprised. Or particularly glad to be called up. He exchanges a quick look with Ygraine, and up he goes. About face and short stop, back to attention, posture ramrod straight next to Holtz.

Amos watches in silence as the names are called and the wing members take their place. He reckons he's spoken to a grand total of one of them, but then that's likely to change given time.

Hearing her name, Maia follows suit, following the others to the front, planting her feet and executing an about face, shoes glistening to a mirrored shine. Once facing the rest of the room, she remains standing at attention, her posture straight, standing between Phin and Ygraine.

Maddox turns his head lightly, to look at Phin and Holtz as they are called. He follows them with his gaze as they move and then he looks forward again. This only lasts few seconds because his attention moves to the others that were called.

Leaning to get a better look, Hekate chews her lower lip in thought before she spies Devlin. Breifly looking him over her gaze slips over the faces of those called forward, studying each as her fingers pluck anxiously at the hem of her sweatshirt.

Warren keeps quiet, shifting only ever so slightly when Phin and Yggy pass by. Other than that slight movement he's rigid at attention, watching Atia as she leads the ceremony.

Kostas remains ramrod straight, dark eyes forward to watch the procedings. Though every once in awhile, it strays to the sergeant beside her. Her lips press together a little more slightly, and then it's back to watching the Air Wingers.

Brina watches curiously but keeps at full attention otherwise.

Franklin clears her throat once, lightly, before she begins. "On the 7th of September, 2005, eight pilots and ECOs of Carrier Strike Wing 11 were shuttled to Caprica, where they were to report in to planetary resistance commander Major Jankovic, CMC. Their mission? To prevent the installation of a new puppet government on the planet, by simultaneously destroying both chambers of the Colonial parliament. They conducted this mission knowingly and willingly, despite having been made aware that due to the strength of occupying forces, it was unlikely that they would return, regardless of their success or failure in obtaining their objective. They did acheive it, despite the overwhelming odds which they were presented with. In doing so, they spared the millions remaining on Caprica from the tyranny of an oppressor who had, by all accounts received, intended to conduct a systemic and devastating purge of the populace." She pauses for a moment, swiping a finger across the datapad which she has in front of her. Clearly, there is more coming to the announcement.

Jason remains quiet as he watches the people present at the moment, a bit of curiosity in his face as he keeps his attention to the front now. Nodding a bit as he listens to what's being said at the moment.

Mahasti is silent, still standing stick straight, Her eyes are already tired and she seems to be listening to every word, expression growing dim or perhaps vacant-looking for whatever reason. The woman is however still fully at attention despite her facial expression's emptiness.

Holtz's head might not be moving, but that doesn't mean he can't look around. He's using his peripheral vision to good effect, eyes flicking about over the crowd and down the line of pilots standing next to him. His stone-like expression never changes, but his chin lifts slightly, almost imperceptibly, as Atia reads her announcement.

Phin's eyes don't shift. They focus straight ahead, deliberately avoiding making contact with anyone. His jaw sets as he listens to the announcement. Expression is as neutral as he can make it, but he doesn't do stoic particularly well. The closest he can get is somber.

Ygraine keeps her eyes straight ahead. The changes to her expression are subtle, just the slightest pursing of her lips. She's not quite somber, but she doesn't crackle with her usual level of energy just at this moment.

Maia remains at attention as she stands before the others, though she does glance towards Agrippa in the back of the room she quietly listens to the relaying of what had happened, not looking towards anyone else, appearing to be almost stoic.

"For these reasons, Fleet Command, authorized by Rear Admiral Jameson, on this date, September 26th, 2005, hereby bestows the Silver Cluster on Lt. Phin McBride, Lt. Maia Kane, and Lt. JG Ygraine Vashti, as well as to Lt. JG Kale Degan and Ens. Kelsey Wescott, both absent on medevac duty." A pause. Is it possible that the CAG has a secret sense of theatrics?" Furthermore, in the course of leading this mission, Major Kurt Holtz did knowingly and willingly interpose his Predator between that flown by Lieutenant McBride and Lieutenant Collins, thereby shielding them both from what would have been a lethal barrage with his own vessel, and further risking his own life in the process. For this, Fleet Command, authorized by Rear Admiral Jameson, on this date, September 26th, hereby awards to him both the Colonial Medal of Valor and its heartfelt thanks." She ceases her reading, looking up from her notes to the crowd, expression softening from solemnity to subdued introspection. "Their extraordinary dedication to the service of the Colonies and their citizens are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on themselves and on this Fleet."

Devlin feels eyes on him and quickly looks and after nogicing Hekate he goes back to looking at the proceeedings while also noticing others that he has met recently. Kostas ends up with a pair of eyes on her for a moment as well.

Amos can not help but be faintly amused at the difference between these medals being presented and the ones to the marines he head ot hunt over half the ship to find. He doesn't begrudge the Wing the ceremony, but it does amuse him none the less.

Warren stays stoic, no emotion, just simply attention, watching, waiting. The only movement is his eyes a moment, glancing from Atia to Holtz and then back.

Maddox listens in complete silence, his eyes scanning the expressions of all those who stand in the line. He takes a deep breath as he hears what happened, what was done out there, how much they've fought. A faint smile forms on his lips when the Silver Cluster is awarded to Phin, Maia, Yggy, Kale and Kelsey, and his expression softens as well. He remains listening to what the CAG is saying and looks at Holtz when the man is mentioned. The smile remains, and there is also a slight nod of his his head.

Something that is said in the CAG's announcement causes Hekate to go 'ramrod' straight as well, but likely for different reasons. Her brows furrow deeply and her lips part and close. She lets out a long breath and is very obviously biting her tongue as her gaze continues to sweep over the faces of those at the front. She chews the inside of her cheek and then wets her lips as her hands take hold of the hem of her sweatshirt, muttering something below her breath so that it barely sounds anything more than another breath.

At the awarded medals and the relation of the exploits of the awarded are read Devlin nods along with the others and then his gaze shadows, darkening really as he seems to have bitten sometihing unpleasant. Narrowed eyes watch the rest of the proceedings and his customary smile is nowhere to be found.

Mahasti is still silent. Subtly tugging at something under her uniform. She still seems dim and more exhausted than normal. She has a slight look on her face of 'I don't really belong here' despite being ordered to show up.

Ygraine's nostrils flare at the announcement. It's hard to tell whether she's pleased, but she's not exactly protesting, is she? She remains chin up and attentive until ahh, mention of Holtz's medal is made, and that's enough to at least bring a ghost of curve to her lips.

Phin continues to look straight ahead for most of that, though the award Holtz gets does make him glance to one side at the other Viper pilot. And nod a little to himself. That one sits right with him. Hard to tell what he makes of his own.

Kostas remains stick straight and neutral, her mind perhaps wandering off to wherever Marine minds go when they're not shooting something. She must be more alert than her expression indicates though, for at the feeling of eyes on her she glances towards Devlin as well, though he's probably already looked away by the time she does so. Then it's back to eyes front.

Chin up, blue eyes calm and steady as she watches the medals being bestowed, there is something akin to pride on Bennett's serene features. Pride, and something else that's difficult to discern. Apprehension, perhaps? She remains at attention, however, since the call to 'at ease' has not been made.

At the tilt of Phin's head, Holtz's eyes slide to the side, meeting the younger man's glance. He doesn't turn his head, although there is a sudden intake of breath at the announcement, and his chin rises a little more, noticeably so this time. His blank expression never wavers, but there's definitely a hint of barely restrained pride mingled with surprise flashing in those flinty grey eyes of his at the moment.

Jason listens carefully, a momentary smile on his face, although the rest of his expression stays serious as he watches. There's some kind of thoughtfulness in his eyes as he does.

With that said, Franklin turns to offer a nod to Warren, before calling out in a loud, clear voice, "Detail, AttenTION! Present ARMS!". From her place behind the podium, she snaps into a salute so crisp, so sharp, that it would likely make a drill instructor weep with pride. The woman's heels even click together.

At the announcement, hearing her name spoken again her eyes flicker over the others while not turning her head, gauging their reactions. Though she remains at attention, her lips just barely quirk at one side as the surprise makes itself evident.

Hekate can understand the need for salute and she does, as if precisely practiced in front of a mirror over and over, still a little tensely awkward. Drawing up, the young woman takes the time to try to adjust her stance, the poise she puts into each movement, shoulders moving back. Yes, this takes some time and adjusting, a bit of fidgeting and a grim expression on her face.

Brina's right arm comes up in a salute, her hand held just before her brow and at the right angle. There's a bit of happiness for those just rewarded to be found in the slight smile she can't keep at bay, the MP otherwise expressionless despite it.

At the nod from Atia, Warren breaks his rigid stance. He turns and squatts down, pulling out the violin case which had been stashed underneath his seat. He places it ontop of his chair, and opens it, every movement he takes crisp and smooth. Slowly he retrieves the violin and bow before he stands. He approaches the front with the posture and crispness one would expect of an officer at attention. Taking his position he turns back towards the crowd, and the podium and raises his violin, and brings the bow to the strings. There's a pause before he draws the bow across the strings begining to play the Colonial Anthem.

Ygraine snaps into the proper posture and position with the sort of automatic conditioning that can be applied to a dog with a clicker. And then Warren's playing the anthem. Yggy has to bite her lip, because she's not going to get patriotically weepy, okay? She's really not.

Bennett should be watching the front, but damned if her gaze doesn't wander Warren's way, and begin to follow his hands as he plays. A flicker of something in her throat, but otherwise she's still.

Kostas raises her arm in salute in unison with those assembled, crisp and precise. She holds it, her expression unchanged from its faceless marine visage. It doesn't change at all for the anthem either.

At the call for attention, Maddox fixes his posture just a bit and throws a firm salute. He does look at the others, but this time, remaining perfectly still. He looks at Warren as he starts playing the Colonial Anthem and takes a deep breath.

As the strains of the Colonial anthem fill the hall, Franklin descends the podium to where Abbenshire is waiting with the now-open box, displaying each of the aforementioned medals nestled inside. "Gentleman," she says to them, quietly. "Excellent work. Congratulations on your awards, each well-earned." Beginning with Ygraine, she pins the medals to their sashes across their chests one by one, working her way up in rank until she ends with Holtz. She takes one step back, offering the newly-pinned assembly one final salute.

Phin salutes with all the precision of a proper Academy puke. When Warren starts to play his eyes go up to the flags, down the line of the twelve of them.

Arm raised in salute, Jason still keeps silent, attention fully on the front. Not paying attention to the music at the moment, as he keeps his attention on the people at the front.

Mahasti makes the informal and cold gesture. Warren taking the violin out is enough to cause a tension on her faintly prissy features. f-l-a-t note in the fourth measure there, buddy. She is silent, watching the proceduresa little bit. She waits now to be excused or at least allowed to sit down comfortably.

Holtz moves so mechanically, he might as well be on autopilot. The massive pilot stares over Atia's head as she pins the medal onto his sash, shoulders still squared and chin still lifted and jutting out in the direction of the assembled crowd. When she steps back and offers a salute, his arm sweeps upward, scythelike, as he returns the gesture.

The Colonial Anthem, Flyovers.. Standing at attention, holding her salute, a find sheet of moisture covers Maia's eyes and she has to take a few deep breaths to compose herself. The music was so beautiful and the pride she feels at being part of the Colonial Navy is evident in the slight lift of her chin.

And then Bennett's salute comes up as well, a ripple in a sea of crisp fingertips raised to temples. After watching Warren a time longer, her blue eyes wander along the line of flags and come to rest upon Virgon's, where they remain.

Franklin holds the salute, precise and proper, throughout all that remains of the anthem, until the last notes of patriotism and sentiment fade away. "Detail!," she barks, dropping the gesture and returning her arm to its natural place at her side. "ORDER ARMS!" A call for each of them present to follow suit.

As the Anthem ends, and the order is given to Order Arms Warren brings the violin down. Holding it at his side, bow on the opposite side as he stands at attention off to the side.

Kostas lowers her arm as crisply as she'd raised it, not a betrayal of fatigue. She remains at attention.

By the time Brina lowers her arms she has tears running down her face. Normally she'd chide herself inwardly and tell herself to buck the frak up and act like a Marine but the music and the flags and everything else all together would make stopping immediately impossible.

Maddox lowers his arm, setting it by his side. He still stands at attention, facing forward, but letting his gaze travel over all those at the front.

Speaking of academy pukes, Ygraine's salute comes down to her side with swift precision and waits for Holtz to lead them off to stage, prepared to follow and return to her original starting point.

It takes her a moment, but Hekate drops her arm after a crisp salute. As best she can as the song has helped diminish the darkness in her eyes. Hazel hues lower to study her fingers, rubbing at a few old cut wounds and scratches idly as she lets out a rather long breath. Her shoulders lower and she loses her sharp edge to her stance.

Bennett is a little slow to drop her hand, but she does follow suit after a beat, and returns to attention somewhat stiffly. That trickle of water from her hair has got to be driving her nuts.

Jason lowers his arm again, as he lets out a bit of breath. Gaze finally going to the flags for a few brief moments, resting on the Virgon one for a few moments, before he looks away from them again, as he lets out a breath.

Mahasti 's arm lowers, waiting now for dismissal. She stays still thankfully, and quiet.

Phin lowers out of his salute, but remains straight-backed at attention. He closes his eyes for a beat. They don't look particularly misty when he opens them, but his expression is still fixed in that tight-jawed solemnity.

Maia drops her hand to her side crisply, dropping her salute and remaining at attention, awaiting the next order. Only now does she allow her gaze to travel freely over the more familiar faces in the room.

The CAG turns sharply on her heel, coming around to face the assembled. Her green eyes sweep over them, lingering here and there, focusing on one and then the other. "Gentlemen!," she cries out in staccato notes. "We stand on the eve of battle! Tomorrow, we retake the first of our homes! As you stare into the face of your enemy, remember this moment. Think back to the actions of the men before you, and to the strength of the men next to you. Let them be reminders to you, of the indomitable nature of the human spirit, and to all that we each may yet hope to acheive." A beat and then finally, blissfully, Franklin announces, "As you were."

Holtz's chest puffs out slightly as Warren plays through the Colonial anthem. When the music dies away, and Atia's command is given, his hand slices back down, reassuming its original position as he exhales, and, at Atia's final command, relaxes.

Feeling the odd man out, no uniform, no rank, nothing really but a hope, Hekate offers faint smiles as people begin to relax. She stays back, watching the figures of the Air-Wing she may come to know in the weeks that follow. The mention of battle has her shifting and then the young woman begins to turn, heading for the exit.

Devlin's smile necer returns and after the salute and the music he too, once proper slides out as well.

"So say we all," Warren quietly intones a moment as he relaxes. He isn't the first to move from the front. No he doesn't move really till the others have vacated the platform and stage.

Once as you were is called, Yggy more or less clambers her way over those only just getting up to elbow her way to Holtz. Once there, she hugs him, tilting her head so she can whisper in his ear and giving his thick bicep a pat.

Brina assumes at ease. When the time comes she will offer her congratulations to those who have been decorated and then scoot back out of the room quietly.

Mahasti is quiet, leaving as soon as is allowed or polite. No words exchanged, no smile given, just a very tired doctor off to where ever she needs to be.

Dammit.. when the CAG mentions the battle tomorrow, the first in the retaking of Picon, Maia does look around at the others in the room and remembers the prayers she had prayed for everyone's safety just before the meeting. Now, seeing them here like this, she silently prays it again. Definitely, she's not religious, but it can't hurt, right? Once the final command comes, she visibly relaxes, preparing to follow the others back to their seats.

Bennett moves, finally, once the at ease is given. Her fingers drift up to the back of her neck to wipe away the trickle of water that's slithered under the collar of her flight suit. There is a smile for her fellow wingmates, should they chance to look her way, though she doesn't begin milling about in order to approach them just yet.

Knox watches the ceremony in peace, saluting and dropping in time with the rest. A Marine registering honors. When its done, he tucks his arms behind his back to parade rest and waits. Though, the man seems to keep his eyes on Phin.

Kostas moves to the at ease position, not truly relaxing with so much brass around. Her gaze drifts to Knox, and then Amos. "There ain't more is there?" she asks, no nobody in particular, gaze moving around the room—and then towards the exit, a bit longingly.

So this is it, the battle for Picon. Maddox nods at the works spoken by the CAG and when the last command is given, he relaxes, finally. He looks down at his uniform, perhaps still getting used to wearing it again…it has been so long after all. He is close enough, so he doesn't aim to step towards the others…however, he steps towards the aisle, not aiming to leave but just to get away from the chairs.

Phin tries not to look too eager to vacate the front, but he gets down from the line quick enough. He glances back at Holtz, as if contemplating saying something, but declines. Trying to blend back into a more milling position.

Letting out a breath as he relaxes, Jason's gaze once more goes back to the flags, looking at each of them for a few moments now, as he quietly mutters something under his breath, before looking around at the others present for the moment. Keeping quiet as he does.

Holtz looks momentarily startled at the sudden assault, but he recovers quickly, decorously even. His trunklike arms wrap themselves around Ygraine, and his lips twist into a grin as she whispers into his ear. He just squeezes her gently, hands thumping her lightly on the back as it seems, for just this once, words are failing him.

Once they are given the go-ahead to leave, Maia doesn't linger overly long, instead, she walks back to where Agrippa is and murmurs softly to him. "I am going back to the chapel.. I wasn't finished. Are you coming?"

Ygraine pulls back from Holtz, giving him a faint but honest grin before she dashes off to go and search for Phin.

Knox watches from the edges of the back. He takes his arms back around, glancing to the others as they mill about. But as he finds his footing back into the group, he searches out Phin. "Sir. Congratulations, el-tee." He offers a salute then a hand to shake.

Once she's satisfied that the pomp and ceremony are over, Bennett begins weaving through the mingling crowd in order to approach those who've just received their honours. She reaches Maia first, and reaches around the younger pilot's shoulders for a one-armed hug if she permits. "Congratulations," is murmured softly, with a small smile.

Phin is seeking out Jason, for his part, once he's gotten back into the crowd a little. Though he comes to a stop when Knox approaches him. He's certainly not hard to find or follow. He returns the salute with all military propriety, but he looks half-embarrassed about it. "Enough of that, Sergeant." He does take the hand to give a quick, firm shake. "It's not really…" He pauses whatever he was considering saying. "Thanks."

Turning away from the silent Agrippa, Maia notices Bennett first and at the offered hug, she returns it, a smile curving her lips. "Thank you, Sir. Now to prepare for tomorrow. Be careful out there, yeah?"

As people are mostly milling about, congratulating people, Warren moves back to his seat, quietly packing his violin back away and taking care in doing so. Once thats secure he turns and heads in search of Atia and when/if he finds her says, "Thank you Major for the honor of being able to play the anthem tonight."

Holtz watches Yggy go, a smile following her as she bounds off in search of Phin. He has to almost force himself to reassume that calm expression, difficult as it may be considering the sudden rush of adrenaline. He exhales again, uttering a long wooshing breath as he finally relaxes, the tension leaking out of his limbs as he steps off the improvised platform and tugs at the gloves on his hands.

Maddox finally approaches the others and offers a salute to all of them "Congratulations, to all of you" he nods to them "I need to head out for CAP but, wanted to say that before leaving." He shows a faint smile, gives them a quick nod and then adds "See you all later" and with that, he turns, making his way towards the exit.

Coop shakes his head after the handshake. "Damned ballsy, sir. You all earned it. Glad someone stepped up." He glances to Ygraine a moment, then back to his intended target. "I have something for you, sir. What we discussed." The Marine looks more serious and solemn with the words.

Jason just keeps silent as he watches the people around him, although there's a smile in place as he watches them. Expression seeming a bit distant at the moment, as if there's soething he's thinking about now.

Bennett gives Maia's shoulder a squeeze. "You as well, Lieutenant." She seems like she might, for a moment, have something more to say.. but then leaves it at that. With a smile, she turns to slip away again. And Holtz, as it turns out, falls in her path next. "Well deserved, sir," she offers to the big man with a slight quirk of her lips and a brief touch to his elbow. "I think we have our work cut out for us tomorrow."

Kostas remains in place for the moment, near the door but not blocking it. Her posture relaxes, though, and she takes more of an actual gander at the room and the occupants. Her dark gaze still keeps returning to Knox, as if tracking him, but she seems content to just hold up her part of the wall for the moment.

Ohboy… When Maia notices that Bennett may have more to say, her eyes trail the Pilot and she looks as if to follow. When she finds her with Holtz, she definitely does follow, remaining a polite distance away, but looking eagerly between the two as she removes her white gloves.

Her attention having wandered off and hidden itself among the crowd, Franklin turns to Warren with a mildly surprised, "Hmmm?" Her brow lifts before her brain processes, a few seconds late, what it was that Warren had said to her. "Of course, Captain. Of course. Thank you very much for your lovely rendition of the anthem; I think it added a great deal of emotion to the ceremony, and I do hope that it struck a deep chord in everyone present." A single heartbeat, before she adds, "And that it will do us some good tomorrow."

It doesn't take long for Ygraine to find Phin and Knox, and she flashes the marine a smile. It's not entirely sunny but it is heartfelt. Ducking her head she murmurs lowly to Phin, "I know we gotta be clear headed for tomorrow, but I think a nip ain't outta order. Yeah?"

Phin's eyes widen slight at Knox. "Oh. I…thanks." Is he just a bit uncomfortable? Maybe it's talking to the skinjob so publicly. He doesn't exactly violently avoid them, but he's rarely seen in their company. "I'll…umm…I'll come by and see about that in the morning, if that'd be OK, Sergeant." Right now, he seems to be looking for opportunities to escape. He turns to Ygraine. "Hey. Sounds kind of good, now that you mention it."

"Of course Major. My honor to do so. I'm sure it was good for everyone to hear it again," Warren intones to Atalanta before glancing about the room, "For me though sir? Glad to use absolutely every little thing I can to get my home back sir. Thank you again." When he's finished he snaps to attention again and brings his hand up in salute, waiting for her to return it, or enough time passes that he realizes she's lost in something else, before he drops it and starts to move over to collect his violin case so he doesn't forget it.

Knox can take a hint. He brushes it off. "No swear, sir. I'll get it to you." He gives the Lieutenant a terse nod and glances to Ygraine. "Sirs." He doesn't see Kostas watching him, though. He just tucks his uniform tighter and moves off to vacate.

The smile is still lingering on Holtz's face as Bennett approaches him. "Thanks, Butch," he replies and nods, exhaling again. "Yeah, no kiddin'. Picon's gonna make the last nine months look like a picnic, yeah?" He shakes his head ruefully, though the thought doesn't seem to be dampening his spirits much. They've survived this long, after all.

Ygraine flashes an apologetic look Knox's way, asking Phin quietly, "Where to? And who do ya want me to pass it on to?"

Her lingering off to the side is only for a brief moment before Maia looks back towards the exit. Instead of speaking to the two, she does another about face and heads out of the Observation Deck to return to the nearby chapel. When she passes Phin and Ygraine, she offers them both a grin, Knox also gets a friendly smile before she disappears out the door.

Jason looks around again, before he starts moving in the direction of the door, a bit slowly now.

"Can't really leave the ship. Maybe, uh, I'm sure you know a good space," Phin says. The ECO's knowledge of various nooks and crannies of the battlestar is a storied thing. "I kind of want to go change out of…this. So I'll meet you and whoever's up for it."

"We will endure," Bennett posits, voice soft. "And, gods willing, triumph." Her smile is faint, distracted, as if her thoughts are elsewhere. "I would like to review a few final details with you, when you have a few minutes tonight. I am not afraid to bribe you with tea, either." She winks, then slips away once more. Maia is glanced after, briefly, but not followed. It seems to be Warren she's after next.

The CAG returns Warren's salute sharply and precisely, locking it into place for a moment before she drops her arm once more. She turns, looking back to Abbenshire, whom she offers a nod of thanks. The Lieutenant is already collecting their shared paperwork and the box for the medals, which will likely be returned to storage. With that concern addressesd, it leaves Atalanta free to wander the room for a few more minutes.

Warren, after the salute and he collects his violin, looks about to see who's around. He gives a nod towards Bennett when he sees her, seeing where exactly she's headed next, as if looking to speak with her, but he doesn't look like he's going to interupt her if she's headed towards someone else.

As Knox approaches the door, Kostas straightens and makes a beeline for the Marine. "Sergeant Knox," she calls out, loud enough to catch his ear, but not a shout. "Need a word with ya. Should only take a few, not gonna take up too much of your off time." She nods towards the door.

"Sure. Just let me get out of this monkey suit before anything else, yeah?" Holtz replies to Bennett with a dry chuckle, watching her for a moment as she sidles away. His eyes sweep around the room as he stuffs the gloves of his dress uniform into his pocket.

Coop is juuust about there when he hears Kostas. The Marine looks to her and nods. "I'm off until strike time, sir." He notes the glance to the door. Trouble. But he doesn't dwell on it. The man heads out and waits for her to lead the way.

Ygraine nods to Phin, because she wants to get out of her formals as well. But she does take a moment to try and pass along to Bennett, Holtz, and Warren that they're going to find a spot for a bit of a nip. She is indeed well acquainted with all those nooks and crannies.

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