AWD #090: Air Briefing - Jailbreak
Air Briefing - Jailbreak
Summary: New CAG, Major Phoenix Straton, briefs the air troops before the big mission over Picon.
Date: 06/04/2013
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Ready Room — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #90

A little over an hour before tonight's mission to the prison on Picon begins, the Airwing gets orders to report to the Ready Room for a pre-mission briefing. The Ready Room itself is set up- a number of pilots already sitting and waiting. There are a lot of (NPC) pilots and ECOs ready and rearing to go. Major Straton has yet to arrive, but a few minutes remain yet for stragglers to get into the Ready Room. Packets have already been distributed to each seat. This Opp looks to be shaping up to be a big one.

Phin is already in his flight suit as he strides punctually into the ready room, helmet tucked under his arm. He finds himself a spot to sit in the second row from the front, center. A quick "Hey" is exchanged to a few of his fellow flight officers, then he picks up his packet and begins skimming it.

After his own personal meet-and-greet with the new CAG, Holtz went and changed into his flight suit. There's already a bit of a crowd by the time he gets back to the Ready Room; spotting Phin, he moves down to take a seat next to the younger pilot, murmuring a greeting as he sits down and waits for the briefing to begin.

Moving into the ready room, Jason steps along a bit slowly. Dropping into a seat, he leans back a bit, trying to make himself relatively comfortable now. Muttering something under his breath as he looks around, nodding to the others present now.

Already in the ready room and in his flight suit is Luc. Sitting relaxed off in a corner and tilting his chair to rest against the wall. Chewing on a piece of gum he watches and nods to the arrivals as they flood into the room. "Hiya boys."

Probably the only one not already in her flight suit, Maia arrives looking bright eyed and alert. Game time. Stepping inside the hatch, she gives an apologetic look to those already gathered and stands unobtrusively just inside the door, to listen to last minute instructions.

"This looks like a big show, Storm," Phin observes to Holtz as the major joins him, looking up from his packet. Right hand is raised to offer a semi-wave of recognition of Jason, Luc and Maia, and a few others he knows well-ish as they file in.

Stepping into the Ready Room, Major Straton is acknowledged by someone shouting "OFFICER ON DECK!" in true military style. When the Stand and salute happens, he salutes back. "As you were." he begins, "My name is Major Phoenix Straton. I've been serving our colonies proudly for just over twenty four-years. Some of you know me from my time training nuggets on Leonis- Most of you have never heard of me." Phoenix pauses a moment, as he stands in front of his Wing, turning to face them fully. "As you may be aware the information for this upcoming mission comes largely from a couple of skinjobs supposedly turned traitor. I don't trust traitors, I don't trust Cylons. I've made it /very/ clear to command that committing our entire compliment of Raptors to this mission makes me extremely uncomfortable. Some of you will be flying support in predators- I will be along in one of those Predators. Now, does anyone have any comments, criticisms, questions or concerns before I brief you on your mission?"

Stand up, salute, sit down. Holtz has been on both ends of that little military ritual more times than he can count, and he repeats it again reflexively when the shout rings out. He listens as the other major speaks; between his briefing with Petra and Jameson and his earlier meeting with Phoenix, he doesn't have anything new to say or ask himself, so he stays quiet when the call for questions goes out.

A grimace, since he had just gotten himself comfortable, as Jason gets to his feet, a bit slowly, before saluting and dropping down into his seat again, a bit quietly. Muttering something under his breath, before he leans back in his seat again, watching the happenings at the front a bit absently. No questions, or anything else coming from him at the moment.

Luc is about to rise as the CAG steps in but as he hears the man's words he just settles back in his seat. Spotting Maia as he does though and gestures her to a seat next to him. As for questions, he grins. Though for once his mind get the better of him, for once, and he opts to stay quiet with that wide grin of his.

After snapping the attention, she relaxes back against the bulkhead as she listens to the new CAG. If she agrees or disagrees with anything said about Cylons, she doesn't voice it. The final part gets her attention, though. Yeah that's what she wanted. The Raptor pilot immediately lifts her hand after mentally counting the heads of the Raptor pilots around the room, smiling at Dolly and the others and then indicating she'd stay where she was for now. "One question Sir." Maia pipes up. "May I fly a Predator?" There's a quick curve to her lips along with a hopeful expression.

Phin stands and salutes sharp, only relaxing back into his chair when Phoenix gives the OK to do so. His brows arch when the skinjobs' contribution to the mission is mentioned, but he apparently has no comments on it. Not yet anyhow. He keeps his mouth shut and his ears open, watching Phoenix with a curiosity he can't quite conceal.

Ygraine arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

"Assignments will be handed out at the end of the briefing." Phoenix says, beginning to explain "I'd like you all to read the briefing material that has been provided for you." He takes a quiet look around the room. "Orion herself will be jumping in over Picon , she will engage the basestar located over Picon and then jump out. We'll be hitting them hard and heavy, and we want to save everyone we can."

"In brief, this is shaping up to be a difficult and dangerous mission. We have a high risk target in the form of prison holding at least one hundred prisoners. Our entire squadron of Raptors will be landing in the positions shown on page two, figure A." The sound of a hundred pages turning, "We believe the prison to be defended by Forge AA batteries. Our other target is the walls of the prison themselves. I do not want this to go belly-up, and I want each of us to get home in the same condition we arrived in."

Holtz pulls out the briefing packet and thumbs to the indicated page, cursing quietly at the mention of the Forge batteries, which have proved almost as troublesome for Orion's pilots as a brace of Raiders. He doesn't seem all that fazed by it, though, as he calmly studies the diagrams printed on the page in front of him.

"The real trick is we only have forty-five minutes to pull this off, evac everyone we can from the prison and get back to Orion. Orion will not be staying to provide cover. After she jumps in and distracts the basestar, she will be jumping out. We will meet at the extraction point, where all we rescued from the surface of the planet will be placed in quarantine until they've been given a clean bill of health by the Medical team. The secondary reason is to ensure we can not be tract, in case the toasters have implanted any of the prisoners with tracking beacons." Phoenix stops, turns and nods towards the collected pilots. "Once more- Any questions?"

Looking to the briefing material, Jason shrugs a little bit to himself as he reads through it. He doesn't say anything at the moment, expression a bit stony now. Eyes narrowed a bit in thought, it would seem.

Phin keeps his expression neutral, but his blue eyes are bright. Perhaps with nerves, perhaps eagerness to get up for this. Likely a compressed mix of both. A short nod when Phoenix mentions returning in good condition, then he also flips through his briefing materials. Slight shake of his head. No questions from him.

Hearing that assignments will be handed out afterwards, Maia just remains attentive, paging to the correct one then lifts her head at the mention of taking Orion. She'd heard much the same last evening and this morning. She voices no further questions or concerns.

Ygraine flips through the material, one of her knees bent and boot handing off the edge of her seat as she makes notes on her mission brief in relative silence, gaze flicking up briefly to regard her fellow pilots.

"Great." Phoenix says, "Briefing adjourned, you are all dismissed." Phoenix gives a salute to the wing as a whole. "May the Lords and Ladies watch over us all."

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