AWD #155: Air Briefing 06.10.05
Air Briefing 06.10.05
Summary: There's a new DCAG in town, and other matters of aerial import.
Date: 10/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #155

If nothing else, the Wing's newly appointed DCAG is prompt. At exactly the appointed hour — a fact which she verifies by examining her watch as she enters — Franklin cracks opens the hatch and peeks past the cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger. Balanced carefully in her arms are a clipboard, a stack of thick files, and a tablet, which is currently turned off. The assembled pilots are examined in silence for several long seconds before she strides straight for the front of the room, carrying herself with the brisk air of a woman who has somewhere to be. "Good evening," she says, a few steps before she's even reached the podium. She settles in quickly. "For those of you who haven't heard, I'm Major Atalanta Franklin, recently transferred from Escort Carrier 'Rubaul'."

Phin arrived on time and took a chair in the center of the second row, which is where he prefers to plant himself for these things. He's pressed and tidy in his blues, clean shaven except for the mustache he's still - for better or worse - cultivating. And that no one has ordered him to chop yet. He has a notepad with him, which he dates at the top and scribbles down a few preliminaries on, though the main of his attention is on the new DCAG. Blue eyes curious.

Kelsey is here and sitting off to the side in the middle, parked in a chair in her blues. She's got a scratchpad in front of her and a cup of what smells like coffee. Seeing the Major stride down the side, she watches in silence and waits. Unassuming, rando Raptor pilot.

Ygraine :for her part goes to sit near Bennett…but not before she passes the back of Phin's chair and ruffles his perfect hair. Then she flops bonelessly into a seat, and turns her attention to the Major.

Reticent for the moment, James Cato sits at his randomly chosen spot in the middle and pays silent attention to Major Franklin. He has nothing in hand, gently tapping the pads of his two right forefingers against the arm of the mini-desk attached to his seat. It goes along in a simple rhythmless beat that might be a doubletime of his own heartbeat for all anybody knows. It's just a quiet little fidget to have. Now and then he chews, apparently having some gum in his mouth.

Kingsbury is seated near Phin, holding his own notepad. He's slumped, blues neat but James Kingsbury is slouching like a master. In fact, there are wood shavings at his feet. It seems he'd been whittling while he'd been waiting—and in fact, there's a half-carved elephant on his lap.

Having arrived a little early since he was off-duty, Agrippa is also in his duty blues and has chosen a seat towards the back of the room. He had taken up a lounging position, the pad and pen on his desk untouched for the time being. When the newly transferred Major steps into the room, Punchdrunk sits up just lightly though the posture is still rather relaxed. There is no more chatter coming from the young pilot as he is apparently trying to determine what kind of officer this DCAG will be.

Evans must have been on shuttle duty today as he's still in his flight suit, finding a chair to lounge in with his checklist still on a clipboard clutched to his chest. He's actually staying quiet for the moment, scoping out the faces and focusing on the new DCAG.

Having found himself a seat near the back, Jason keeps quiet as he looks to the Major, studying her for a few brief moments, before he looks towards the others for a few moments. Leaning back in his seat, he looks a bit thoughtful now.

There's an ever so slight curl to Holtz's lip, but his expression is otherwise blank as he turns his attention to the front and watches the new DCAG approach the podium from his seat down near the front, but he's quiet as he slouches in his seat, cool blue eyes focused sharply on Atalanta.

Bennett is sitting pretty much right behind Phin, so she unfortunately lacks a view of his 'mustache'. The raptor Captain glances up from her notes — which are comprised of 'Major Atalanta Franklin' underlined and traced a few times in absent succession — and smiles when she spots Ygraine. Her attention subsequently goes to the hatch when the Major peeks her head in, and the smile softens to something more curious.

Having found himself a spot a bit to the side Luc seems quite comfortable as he leans back in his seat. Watching the people in the room. Seeming quite relaxed as he does study some of those around for a moment before focusing on Atalanta.

Back row, nearest the door, Maia sits, legs crossed at the ankle as she watches the DCAG arrive. There's a notebook on her desk and a pen on her hand and a few doodles along the edges of the paper she'd made while she waited. Of course she'd been early. She's dressed in her fatigues and she keeps her attention front and center.

"On my arrival aboard the Orion, I was appointed as the Deputy Commander, Air Group." Atalanta pauses for a moment, allowing that to sink in. Her face is impassive, save for the slight arching of both brow. "I realize that the majority of you don't know me. I also realize that this means the majority of you don't trust me — yet. I don't blame you for it. I do, however, expect you to follow the orders which you are given. I am not your mother. I will not coddle you. I am not here to wipe your noses. I am your D-CAG and I am here to do a job. That job includes: eliminating the Cylon threat, protecting what remains of the Colonies and its people, and keeping all of you alive. It is a job which I take very seriously. I expect all of you to do the same of yours. I will accept nothing less. We cannot afford it. You cannot afford it. For the first time since War Day, we have the opportunity to take the fight to them. It is not going to be a quick skirmish. We're not going to get dusted up and go home to our dinners. This is going to be a long, bloody battle. And I intend to make damned sure that the blood is theirs. In light of that, additional training exercises will begin immediately." One slender hand displaces the tablet which rests atop her files; she flips the top one open. "Where are my Raptor crews?"

Phin blinks when his hair - which he probably did devote some time to - is ruffled. Turning his head to stick his tongue out at Ygraine as she passes. Which doesn't look very professional. He also has to turn around to do it, so he's briefly facing Bennett. He flushes some, and quickly retracts it back into his mouth. Noticing the wood shavings on the ground he glances over at Kingsbury, noting the whittling. He grins, but doesn't comment on it. Eyes back to front. He does more dutiful, professional scribbling.

Here's where Cato raises a hand. Something about the manner in which he does it makes it seem like he's always doing that. Serial question-asker perhaps, or serial volunteer.

Kelsey watches impassively, though as the Major seems to be more serious, her expression darkens a bit and she looks to the cup of coffee. She reaches for it and takes a sip while raising her other hand.

Kingsbury raises his hand, looking at Atalanta. He grins at Phin briefly then goes serious, professional.

Evans tilts his head a little at the speech, but does indeed lift his hand for a moment when Raptor crews are called for. The look on his face says most of it: What did they just get volunteered for?

As various squadrons shout out, Ygraine takes the initiative to lift her hand as well. "Vee Aye Kyoo one twentyoone, Gentleman Ghosts, sir."

When the DCAG begins her greeting speech, Agrippa listens to the words that the Major uses, finding himself nodding his head a couple of times. At the mention of additional training exercises being on the menu, there is a arch of a brow from Punchdrunk as if surprised, however no verbal complaints come from the young pilot. When she asks for the Raptor crew, he gives Maia who is at the desk next to him a quick glance before his focus returns to Atalanta.

There's a brief gesture from Jason now, to show he's one of those mentioned Raptor crews, but aside from that he doesn't move much. Expression quite blank as he remains leaning back in his seat, just listening for now, it would seem.

Listening, Maia hasn't made any notes of yet, most of it she had known already. Though there at the last, she lifts a hand, waves, then lowers it again, looking around the room at the other Raptor pilots, ECO's and Viper pilots, glancing back at Grippa, offering a quick grin before moving on to the DCAG again.

A gleaming silver pen has appeared in Holtz's hand; he idly drums it against his leg as the voices pass around him. When the call goes out for Raptor crew, he can't help but shoot a glance around the room, but naturally he himself stays quiet, his hand unraised.

"Good. SAR exercises will be beginning shortly. They will not be conducted in the sims. They will be conducted on and over Piraeus. They will be live, though I assure you none of the rounds will be. Given the conditions on the Colonies which we'll be targeting for operatons, I want to be sure all of you are prepared for pulling personnel out of combat areas while under constant fire. " Franklin pauses, pen poised over her paperwork, while she waits for reactions from the crewmembers which she has just called out.

Kingsbury nods, once, then moves to take notes. A pen appears in his handwood carved, perhaps he made it himselfand he scribbles things down in messy handwriting.

Cato puts down his hand but shifts a little where he sits, nodding a few times in a businesslike understanding. It's hard to say if he has a question or not but there's a look to him like he might, and is just kind of chewing it over a bit with his gum before putting it to words.

Phin continues to watch the new DCAG in a studying sort of way, though his only apparent reaction to the details on the Raptor drills is to take more notes. Scritch, scritch, scritch.

Kelsey lowers her hand and the coffee mug as the Major continues. When it comes up that they'll be doing SAR operations under fire, Squire looks over at Evans and gives him a sly smirk. Born in fire and fury, brother. There's a subtle thumbs up and then her gave goes back to Ata.

"Basket catches." Ygraine singsongs under her breath. "Awesome." She actually seems to mean that. Girl loves her some basket catches. She scribbles a note, then lets her hand stray to draw a heart on Bennett's pad to be a nuisance before returning to her own. And SAR maneuvers planet-side? Yggy's actually perking.

Bennett's hand went up, somewhere in that sea of bus drivers. It's disappeared again likely before the DCAG can take note of the perfunctory flash of fingers. "We have done a few training exercises in that vein, sir," she notes dutifully, eyes on the woman up front, "though perhaps we should put more of a focus on it. I will be happy to coordinate that with you and the squadron leaders."

Evans smiles, JUST a little, as Atalanta describes what they will be working on, then when he catches Kelsey's look, breaks into a grin for a second or two. A seriously inbred hick accent pervades his voice for a moment as he responds, "Ah think we kin manage that, Major, sir," and then back to being quiet and listening.

The only reaction Maia gives is a nod. Sure, a little practice never hurt anyone right? Scribbling something on her paper, she scoots it to the edge of her desk, right towards where Agrippa is sitting all the while watching the DCAG as she talks.

Luc grins with arms crossed. "Sounds quite good." IS all he says, seems mostly for himself really. Trying his best not to say too much for the time being. He does have a bit of a grin on his lips, the usual one that bodes for his cocky thoughts.

No nod or anything comes fom Jason as he listens, remaining still in his seat for the moment. Listening carefully, his gaze moves slightly to the side for now, but not moving at all, it would seem.

"Vipers will be undergoing individual evaluations with me personally beginning immediately. Unfortunately, the targeting pods which we have aboard need to be reserved for use against Raiders and I do not expect our store to replenished any time soon. Training exercises for the Viper squadrons must therefore be tailored to specific, individual needs. I will be posting a schedule of my availability next to the hatch." Atalanta lifts her eyes to the door, indicating the area directly next to Ruegger's photograph. "I expect to see each and every one of your names on it no later than Saturday morning. Kane, that includes you." ((OOC note: That doesn't mean I expect the scene to happen by Saturday, that means I'd like to *schedule* these ASAP.))

Catching the movement on Maia's desk out of the corner of his eyes, Agrippa glances over to the Raptorette and then the paper she had moved to the edge of her desk, reading and grinning at the words. However, his attention shifts back to the DCAG immediately when the word 'Vipers' is spoken. Now is the time he clicks the top of his pen so that the ball-point unsheaths, and he begins writing some notes. Now Agrippa is curious as to what this individual evaluations will entail, as the Lucky Strikes is the best squadron in the Air Wing.

After the DCAG speaks again, Maia sits there a few moments, tipping her head to the side as she regards the woman. Finally, after a few moments have passed, she lifts her hand, this time keeping it up.

The mention of Vipers draws the full attention of the Strikes' commander, and for the first time, Holtz's inscrutable facade cracks just a bit at the mention of individual evals. He mutters something under his breath that could be a "You gotta be frakkin' kidding me" as he directs a look to the pilot beside him. Or it couldn't be… but knowing Holtz, it probably is. His lips are drawn into a tight slash across his face as the pen in one hand twirls between his fingers.

Bennett arches a brow very slightly at something the DCAG says, but her expression remains otherwise implacable. Something else is jotted down on her pad of paper.

Phin just nods sharp at the bit about Viper evaluations. Writing more stuff down. Some of this stuff is underlined, to emphasize it for himself later. Eyes do tick up to Bad Dog's picture. Whatever it brings to mind, it sombers his expression to a slight frown before his gaze returns to the DCAG.

Atalanta's attention lifts towards the seat which Maia has claimed. Though her eyes have turned expectant, there isn't so much as a furrow in her brow. "Yes? You have a question, Lieutenant Kane?," Atalanta asks, pausing over her laundry lists of items. Her pen hovers, leaving the last item unchecked.

Ygraine leans over to gaze at the viper pilots, takes note of Holtz's expression, and leans back again to murmur something into Kelsey's ear.

"Major Holtz has been seeing to my training for cross qualification. That won't be changing.. will it?" Maia's voice holds all the respect in the world, but the wording leaves a lot to be desired.

Jason's head moves slightly to the side as he listens, shrugging a little to himself as he glances around. He keeps quiet for now, expression a bit distant as he listens to what's being said.

Kelsey just listens passively, letting the briefing wash over her. Though when Yggy whispers in, she cuts a glances and tries -really- hard to keep a straight face. Its a frakkin epic struggle. She -does- eventually win, but only barely. There will be a swatting later. Oh yes.

Kingsbury is now doodling on his pad, silent.

Cato scratches his head idly and listens attentively. Seems he has nothing real important to offer just yet, so instead of opening his mouth he just looks aside and toward Maia quietly.

One brown brow arches mildly at that. "I am not certified as a flight instructor, Lieutenant. Your training regimen will continue as directed by Major Holtz. If you have concerns regarding the evaluation and whether or not you're prepared, you may speak to me after the briefing," Atalanta says, offering a reassuring, albeit fleeting, smile. "Are their any other questions regarding these two topics?"

Nothing from Bennett, save a quick, dimpled grin and a brief flick of blue eyes Kelsey's way before they return to her notes.

Once she has the answer, Maia nods in response then brings her notepad back in front of her and writes something on it. No further questions from her, she just keeps writing on the paper, looking at Cato when he looks her way, offering a half smile by way of greeting. Once she finishes the writing, she tears off the paper and folds it in half, sliding it to the edge of her desk to Agrippa again.

Luc rubs his hands together at the words from Atalanta about what lies in wait for the vipers. Leaning forward and thus it seems his chair has been resting on only the back legs there is a bit of a thud as he settles. Perhaps a bit more interest showing. Listening to Maia's question as well and glancing around the area for people's reaction. Not giving away his thoughts on the things. Just letting his own thoughts play. No questions though.

Phin glances aside at Holtz, maybe interested in how his squadron leader is absorbing all this. His own hand stays down. No questions.

Here's where Cato asks, "Question: Have assignments been worked out yet, and are you doing those directly or assigning the assignments to an assignee?" There's a lazy sort of drawl to the way he asks that. Familiar but respectful at once.

Jason shakes his head a little as he hears that, almost lazily. Absolutely no questions from him today. More or less as usual, that is.

There is a slight shake of a head from Agrippa in response to the DCAG's question if there are any questions from them, he then looks towards the side towards Maia's desk. Seeing what's written on the note, he gives her a nod, perhaps an answer or response to what was written.

Holtz's eyes slide towards Maia as she mentions her crosstraining, and he gives the other pilot a tiny nod before turning back to the front — though not before meeting Phin's gaze for the slightest of instants. His expression remains hooded as he takes a small notepad out of his pocket and scrawls something across a faded yellowish page in spidery script.

"As clear as ever, Cato," Atalanta replies, with a faint tic appearing at one corner of her mouth. It seems to be the closest she's come to looking amused since setting foot in the room. "I will not be disrupting existing assignments for the time being. I would like to see how the wing operates at present before determining where it may be improved. Recent transfers from Taskforce: Blackjack will be paired with Orion crew where available, as part of Lieutenant Colonel Petra's integration initiatives." There's a beat, before she presses onwards. "If there are no other questions, there is recce to discuss."

Cato sighs to himself, nodding. "Aye sir." he mutters, shifting some more in his seat. These seats are hard. One side of your ass is still waking up while the other's numb.

Ygraine peers over at Cato curiously a moment, and then leans back, lifting her chin up like she's trying to peer at something from afar.

"As I'm sure all of you are aware by now, preparations for the invasion of Picon are currently underway. However, almost all of our recon info on the Colonies is outdated. Intel has outlined the following Colonies as priorities: Caprica, Leonis, Scorpia, Aerilon, Libran, Aquaria, Minos, Troy, Pallas, and Picon — in that order. Again, these are not intended to be engagements. They are, as I have stated, recon only. I will begin by taking volunteers who would care to pop their heads out, take a peek, and jump back. If I have no volunteers, assignments will be posted." Atalanta's green eyes return to the self-identified Raptor crews first. She is, obviously, waiting for hands to start going up. Her pen is poised to take down names.

Bennett is so busy observing Cato, she almost misses the request from Atalanta. Her gaze shifts back to the DCAG, and once again her hand goes up, pen-first.

Phin's brows tick up just a notch as he catches Holtz's eyes, but beyond that his expression isn't terribly telling. Still plainly thoughtful, though. Mention of Scorpia gets his attention, though his hand stays down. His regular ride is lacking in a jump engine.

Without hesitation, Ygraine's hand goes up. But it's likely no surprise to anyone.

Evans mmms softly, craning his head around to look at Jason, then Maia, then Kelsey, and Yggy, and so on, finally smirking as he looks back to Atlanta. His hand goes up, "Sir, shove me in a bus and gimme a hard drive to save it to, and I'll take pictures of whatever you want. Now, something like incriminating shots of the Admiral might come with a little something something on the side…"

Once again Cato's hand goes up. That's it. He's a serial volunteer. He gives the DCAG a turn of the mouth that says: You knew I'd go.

Kelsey pops her hand up, too. Missions? Yesplz!

And now it happens. For once, Jason's hand goes up now, although he still remains just as lazily placed in his seat as before. Nodding a bit to himself now.

Kingsbury raises a hand, nodding. He glances to Jason, as if to ask if he wanted an ECO

Atalanta begins scrawling names across her page. There's no scratching — she must have that sort of elegant, looping handwriting possessed by ladies accustomed to writing proper letters. "I assure you that I have no interest in photos of the old man in his undies, Lieutenant Evans. If you find the subject so intriguing, you're welcome to pursue it on your own time." Once again, that slight tic appears in one corner of the woman's mouth. She is, clearly, tryng to smother an expression, though it's hard to determine if it's a half-cocked smile or a disapproving frown.

At the mention of missions, Maia immediately has her hand up too! Oh yes she does! Missions! Looking at Evans when he looks at her she grins.

Evans just grins as he drops his hand, shifting his weight in his chair, "That's okay, sir. My bat doesn't really swing that way." That, at least, seems to be the end of his commentary for the moment.

Bennett smothers her own grin with a sip of tea, but contributes nothing in the wake of Evans' acquiescence. She watches the DCAG quietly, part thoughtful, part awaiting any details that might be forthcoming.

"This recon happening before or after the Enhanced Training Ops?" asks Cato gently, adding as if in an afterthought, "ETO's."

No smile or grin or anything like that is coming from Jason, as he lowers his hand again, and leaning back a bit more lazily in his seat once more.

"Recon missions will be ongoing. There's a lot of ground to cover, people, and we don't want any surprises on Invasion Day." Barring any other commentary from the assembled air wing, Atalanta simply continues on. "On a personal note, I would like recon of Pallas to include particular attention to any area which may serve as makeshift landing zone. There are, currently, approximately 3,000 survivors stranded on Pallas. As I understand it, their supplies are currently somewhere between "dwindling" and "non-existent". Rescue ops will involve coordination with medical and the Marines. If any of you have any ingenious suggestions for how to transport three thousand people without a landing pad for large ships, my door is open."

Ygraine raises her hand. "Schematics of the domes available?" she inquires. Leaning forward, she mutters something to Phin, which may or may not be heard by those nearest him.

Ygraine whispers: Let's you and me look over those dome schems and see if we can come up with something?

Phin tips his head back when Ygraine buzzes in his ear. His chair is reasonably adjacent, so he doesn't have to crane his neck too much. He looks up at her, offering a half-smile and thumbs-up. He is down, whatever that was.

Cato begins chewing hard on his gum then, thinking. His eyes travel off to a corner and he just kind of checks out for a moment to do more of that, glancing in the DCAG's direction here and there to show he's still paying attention to her.

Bennett scribbles something on her notepad, pauses, draws a line through what she's written, and jots something down beneath it. Her expression is thoughtful, and a small nod is sent Ygraine's way when she asks her question.

"I'll have Captain Gray forward the files on Pallas to you, Vashti," Atalanta says as she scribbles one more note on her paper — three little letters next to the list of recon volunteers, which is she is encapsulating in a box with the sort of absent dedication of someone who is prone to doodling. "You as well, McBride?," she asks, pointedly. Atalanta has, it seems, noticed some of the whispers and the note passing which she has thus far otherwise ignored.

Kingsbury looks restless, and even glances at the half-whittled elephant in his hand. His leftdominanthand twitches toward his whittlin' knife, but he's good. For now.

"Oh!" Hey, the new boss said his name. Pointedly. Phin sits up straighter, flushing just a little. "Yes, sir. That'd be good, sir. Thank you."

After volunteering for the recons, Maia falls silent, doodling on her paper looking up now and then to the others, but in general just listening.

Although he's tried keeping it back, Jason is now unable to hold back a bit of a yawn. Seems he's found that far too comfortable position at the moment.

"Noted." Ahhhhh, another check mark. Atalanta looks rather pleased with the current state of her list, now almost complete. The expression quickly passes, though, as she looks back up to the room. "Finally, I'm going to need two Raptor teams to volunteer to test a battle strategy for Picon. Testing will be conducted entirely in the sims, to determine whether or not a proposed plan is viable. Volunteers?"

Kingsbury raises his hand again, right hand, pen in his left. He'd been doodling again.

And up goes Yggy's hand. Busy girl, isn't she.

Once again Cato's hand goes up, even though he's not looking at Major Franklin. It's like his sensor went off.

And another Raptor pilot lifts her hand, volunteering as well. Maia.

Bennett leaves this one to her squadmates; it's not like Atalanta will have any trouble rustling up volunteers amongst the Ghosts. She smiles, slightly, at the enthusiasm shown by her fellow bus drivers.

Jason starts raising his hand, until he hears the part about it being done in the sims. Then the hand goes down again just as fast as it started going up.

One more time, Kelsey's hand is up. Busy busy gal.

Evans gives Atalanta a slightly stranger look, and waits for a moment. Seeing several other hands go up, he apparently chooses to keep his down, though that doesn't stop the curiosity from being leveled at the DCAG.

"Excellent," Atalanta murmurs, as she begins simply making little x's next to names she's already written down. Her brow furrows slightly as she considers them, before flipping her folder closed once more. The next word out of her mouth likely comes at everyone's relief: "Dismissed." Simple. Direct. To the point.

Kingsbury leaves, heading toward the Air Wing Corridors [Out].

As soon as she is dismissed, Maia scoops up her papers and crumples them in a ball and shoves them in her pocket after she stands up and stretches a little. Stifling a yawn, she heads out the door without anything further to say, convenient being back row nearest the door.

Kelsey hears the dismissal, takes up her coffee and pad, and looks around to the other aircrews. She sips her mug and watches the Major for a moment. After a moment, Squire turns without a word and moves for the hatch.

Bennett stays put even after the 'dismissed' is given, and quietly peruses her notes with a thoughtful purse of her lips. She seems to be waiting for the crew who are clearing out, to clear out.

Evans slowly unlounges himself, gathering up his clipboard as he rises to his feet and streeeetches. Casting a look around the rest of the room, he shoots a smirk in Kelsey's direction, and apparently decides its time to go, himself.

Phin gets his notes in order before exiting. Some bullet points are added to certain areas, a few question marks jotted in places. He does not seem to have any actual queries for the DCAG, though, since once he's done writing to himself he stands to take his leave.

As soon as the all-clear is given, Holtz pockets his notebook and pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He lingers in his seat for a few moments, puffing languidly before he finally rises to his feet and quietly shambles towards the exit.

Once the dismissal is given Cato waits for a moment before most people are in motion before mentioning, "Might have an idea on that problem getting three thousand people moved."

Ygraine's got a distracted air, her brain a-whirl with puzzling over the problem presented earlier regarding the domes. Rising to her feet, she starts to head for the door, when she pauses to look over at Cato. "Yeah?" she asks. Her eyes dart briefly to the viper pilots making their exit, but Cato tugs her attention so she loiters.

Bennett looks over from where she's still sitting, when Cato speaks up about the aforementioned dilemma. The tip of her pen is caught between her teeth absently, and her expression is curious.

Is Luc asleep? Nah, seems he is still awake. Even if he has been sitting still in the same position through most of it, after leaning forward that is. Finally taking a look around the area. Blinking and remaining sitting where he is.

Atalanta's green eyes flick over to Cato as he speaks up. The look of recognition which she's given to nearly everyone else save for those pinned last week is the sort of 'familiarity' which comes from staring at photos in personnel files. Not now; the Lieutenant seems to be the one person in the room she actually knows. "Would you care to discuss it now or after you've settled in, Lieutenant?," she asks, with the accommodating air of a hostess catering to house guests rather than with the authority that might be expected of a Major.

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