Petty Officer Second Class Afton St. James
Afton.jpg St. James, Afton R.
PO2 Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Pararescue
Age Sex
28 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde Green


Her father? Afton really never knew her father just like her younger half-sister Riley never her knew her's either. Sisters. At least Afton had that. Annalese St. James gifted both her bastard daughters her last name, which is something of a story in itself.

Annaliese, thirsting for her roots, became an Orthodox Theist and was a priestess of Asclepius on Gemenon. Faith played a huge role for the St. James women and Afton loved helping her mother in the Colonial Cross. They often went on long trips to help with humanitarian relief aid. It was almost a family vacation one could say.

Growing up, it became a goal for Afton to pursue a career in the religious sector and she had only just begun her training in theological studies when the word came from her sister then on Sagittaron with her mother. Her mother had been killed during one of the terrorist attacks and this turning point in Afton's life would be the largest one yet.

Enlisting with the military, she began basic training in and effort to do more than just spread the word of the Gods. Terrorists do not listen to anyone save for brute force and this became her goal, to give relief in a more direct way. During her initial training she met Ted Nielsen. Rather Petty Officer First Class Ted Nielsen, a pararescue jumper who explained his position. Relief aid directly into combat areas, essentially and elite medic for rescue and retrieval of injured persons. This was her ticket.

She enlisted into the program in late 1997 and failed out not but twenty weeks later in 1998.

Defeated by her less than spectacular blow out, she went on a sabbatical to find herself again. To commune with the Gods to help her in a time of loss. Spending over a year doing odd jobs, traveling, seeing many of the colonies, she discovered the need for a closeness with Athena and Ares to return to her PJ pipeline training.

In 1999 she re-enlisted and was accepted and finally in 2001, she graduates and begins her service in the colonies.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Period Position Station Notes
1998 Pararescue Pipeline Picon Failed out first round at age 21
March 1999 Pararescue/Combat Rescue Officer Indoctrination Course Eos Base, Picon 9 weeks
June 1999 Navy Combat Diver School Adross Naval Base, Tauron 5.5 weeks
July 1999 Navy Underwater Egress Training Anchorage Naval Base, Leonis 1 day
August 1999 Marine Basic Survival School Klemens Marine Base, Scorpia 2.5 weeks
September 1999 Marine Military Free Fall Parachutist School Selis Marine Base, Leonis 5 weeks
October 1999 Zero-Grav/Space Training Andromeda Space Station Leonis 6 weeks
December 1999 Pararescue EMT-Paramedic Training Fairchild University, Caprica 22 weeks
August 2000 Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course Anchorage Naval Base, Leonis 24 weeks
April 2001 Graduated the Pipeline First assignment Fort Alastor, Caprica PO3
October 2001 Operation Two in the Hand Caprica Rescued downed Raptor crew
December 2001 Gemenon Mine Collapse Gemenon Rescued minors, injured
February 2002 Transferred Fort Kypera, Tauron Help to quell rebellions
April 2002 Rescue High Pass Gemenon Rescued hikers in avalanche - only 2 alive
August 2002 Operation Silent Retrieval Tauron Government official retrieval
May - June 2003 Hurricane Relief Aid Aquaria's east coast Spent months helping injured and trapped
August 2003 Operation Red Zone Tauron Retrieval of civilians from Loyalist hot zone. Injured by mortar
September 2003 Promotion Fort Kypera, Tauron PO2
November 2003 Operation 'Our Day' Tauron Sent in with marine squad to take out Loyalist Terrorists that bombed a building. Injured by cave in. Fractured disks in back
March - June 2003 Back to duty Fort Kypera, Tauron Limited duty because of injury
November 2003 Transferred Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Pararescue/Medical

On The Grid


File Image Name Notes
Cole_icon.png CAPT Aristides "Janitor" Cole He has more problems than I likely could count on one hand. But we all have problems. He's a good sort…and one I can call friend. I saved his ass once, but he's an ear that I need more than I realize.
Phin_icon.png ENS Phin "Dolly" McBride Good kid. Haven't seen him much of late but then everyone has their duties. I hope to Zeus he made it.
Holtz_icon.png LT Kurt "Storm" Holtz Punches like a brick house. Despite that though he's a decent guy and his hearts in the right place. I watched him bust up another air's lip. News about his child and wife is what undid me finally. Gods be with him.

Recent Logs


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