After Arpay Decon
After Arpay Decon
Summary: 12 hours to kill in quarters while the Orion crew wait on the Arpay. After the initial shock of meeting 'alien' looking people who claim to be human, the Marines in particular break out the jokes in bad taste. It's a way to cope and digest, and smoke some weed. We knew the Corpsman was worth bringing along.
Date: 12/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Miri Lleufer Angelis Pratt 
Arpay Station, Quarters
More imagination. It's a thing too!
Eh… time dilation again. We lost track.

With the whole preference for them not to be split up, they probably are sharing barracks style housing with bunks, or at least a few rooms that are connected and close together. Easier for them to be comfortable, but also easier for the Arpay to keep an eye on the group as well. Lleufer now has all of his combat kit from the Raptor and sits on his assigned bunk in one of those rooms. He has taken his rifle apart, made sure it was clean and untampered with, and then put it back together. He is now doing the same for the LMG. With no knowing if anyone else laid hands to these weapons while they were stowed on the Raptor, Ynyr feels better if he personally checks and reassembles them to make absolutely certain everything is in order as it should be. If nothing else, it helps pass some of the 12 hours they have to wait. Eating, sleeping, exercising, or washing up will likely take up much of the rest of it.

Miri sits on her bunk, the contents of her med kit spread out in front of her. She looks somewhat despondent. This was the highest-quality kit she could assemble, trading for and buying bits, a point of pride. It probably looks like a playset to these people. She huffs, starting to put it away.

Having spent the better part of the twelve hours of downtime roaming their designated area and generally exploring, Tabi finally arrives back in their barracks and flops down onto her bunk with a groan, head turning to stare at her as yet untouched gear. "You know what?" She asks, completely randomly of her fellow marines, "I think we're way tougher than these folks." Rolling over, she stretches, reaching for her pack and dragging it over. Then forces herself to sit up and empty the pack onto her bed, making sure that everything is there.'

Pratt? Pratt waited to see if Bennett was staying up, and the moment she indicated she was? Naptime. Well, at least he doesnt snore too loudly. So at the moment, he's probably only been conscious for the last 4 or 5 hours, long enough to get confirmation that not a damned thing happened while he was chasing Miss Virgon around a winery, and then he's up and mostly lounging at the entranceway, exploring with his gaze rather than actually going out for a looksee on his own. When Tabi talks about how they are tougher than these guys, he considers for a moment and rolls a shoulder, "We're the new freaks and we don't tower over them or are bristling with weapons bigger than theirs. You saw that guy's reaction. Immediate underestimation. That can be a good thing."

The Marine MP wipes down a piece and then eyeballs it before he rubs a bit more firmly to get rid of grit. It makes his area smell of gun cleaning solvent, the favored aftershave of the CMC. Lleu glances over at Miri when she sighs, "Chin up, Corpsman. I'm sure it takes more skill to work with what we have, than using whatever fancy tech they have. Don't sell yourself short." Ynyr speaks low in their own Colonial standard with his usual hint of Aerilon accent. He then eyes Angelis, "Maybe, maybe not. We don't know what they have been up against. They do have more military discipline than most."

"Just kind of figures, go from being sneered at by assholes from Caprica to being sneered at by elves from outer space." Miri looks up, full of piss and vinegar. One can easily imagine her with t-shirt emblazoned with 'eat the rich'. Oh Miri.

"Yeah, and fancy weapons and wicked uniforms. I'd like to see them do what they do with /our/ gear, go landside on Scorpia, or …" She trails off and shrugs, "Whatever. I wish there was a gym in here." Angelis shifts and looks over at Pratt, eyeing the LT cautiously, 'cause, Officer. "It can be." Her gaze then flits over to Miri, watching the corpsman intently, "What the Sergeant said. And that's why I think we're tougher than them." She grumbles, shifting restlessly on her bunk, then shoves all the stuff back into her pack and pushes to her feet again, slowly pacing back and forth, one hand tugging idly on the end of her ponytail. She glances at Miri again, "Well, next time they sneer at you, just punch them. That usually wipes a sneer away."

Pratt smirks at the last, muttering, "When that prick was laughing at us before, believe me, I wanted to crumple a frakking elf's nose in right then. Figured it might be a Bad Idea, though." With that said, he takes in a deep breath and lets it go in a slow sigh, shifting his gaze back to look out the entrance way, "But look at it this way: We're probably not stuck out here for the rest of our lives, and these guys might be able to help us finally kick the Cylons' asses for good. So, yay. Right?"

Lleufer tries not to laugh at 'space elves', "Probably a good idea -not- to let them ever hear you call them that." Ynyr glances to the LT and grins. He -usually- likes and gets along well with Taurons. Except for one certain Deckie back on the Orion. The piece of the LMG he was cleaning is set down and another selected for careful inspection. "I agree, sir. If they -are- human. Their eyes are strange. I'm wondering if they evolved different eyes, or teched themselves some implants or genetic engineering. Their rather black and white attitude about things aren't going to go over too well with some people back home." Lleu fits the piece back into the LMG's frame and checks another, starting to reassemble it.

"It's my professional opinion based on initial observation that they might have had divergent evolution from us. Like horses and donkeys. Laser-eyed space donkeys." Miri tucks her med kit under her bunk. She looks around. "How mad do you think they'll get if I smoke in here?" she asks, somewhat mischievously.

"Space donkeys?" Tabi blinks over at Miri, then laughs and shakes her head, "Yeah, I think we'll keep that one. Don't know about the laser eyes though. I mean…" She continues pacing back and forth, fingers tapping against the holster, other hand still playing with her ponytail. "Well, I don't see any no smoking signs, so go for it." The young Lance clearly doesn't mind, though the Officer gets another somewhat leery look. "I'm worried about… um… Sarn't Knox and Mercier… " This is spoken quietly into the room. "Our hosts don't seem very.. tolerant."

Pratt looks back when Miri talks about lighting up, then chuckles softly under his breath, "Frak em. If they cant handle you smoking, they'll say something." But then Tabi's mentioning the Lines and he lightly shakes his head, "They don't hafta know everything right now. No need for us to confuse the matter right now. We can just keep it simple, and if they talk to the Admiral and the TACCO, and they don't like what's happening on P and with the Skinjobs, well, they get to handle that. Mister Knox can take care of himself, from what I've heard."

"I might get mad at you if you smoke in here." Sergeant Ynyr gives the Corpsman a wink, "I don't really care as long as you don't blow it in my face. Cigarette smoke stinks. If alarms go off, I'm pointing at you when they come busting in." More pieces are put back together until Lleu has the LMG back in good order. He checks the action and then lays it aside to look over the ammo and start reloading it. "No, they don't. They probably have their reasons, but it is a concern. I was fishing for their reactions and we sure got some." Ynyr finally gets up and goes over to wash his hands with some soap and water.

Miri scoffs. "As if I'd ever smoke cigarettes." She leans over, bringing out a small glass jar containing some hand-rolled p-weed joints, Randy's parting gift to her. She pulls one out, lights up, and flops back on her bunk. "Think they're gonna do anal probes?"

Angelis keeps on with her pacing, but the smell of the smoke. Well, it brings back memories and her steps falter, face paling slightly. She looks over at Miri, watching the corpsman smoking that P-weed, eyes tracking the path of the smoke curling upwards. Then she blinks and takes a breath, holding it for a minute, then letting it out slowly. Her hand leaves off the ponytail and rubs across her eyes. She turns her attention back to Lleu and Pratt, "Ah… yeah, their reactions." She wrinkles her nose. "I was trying, but there's all this other stuff. I just kinda got the impression they didn't think much of umm… Kobol either. I mean, that's the only name I recognised, obviously. But I gather he wasn't exactly a great person…" Her pacing resumes, as does the ponytail tugging.

Pratt snorts when Miri asks about anal probes, grumbling under his breath, "You're gonna see a lot more than noses getting punched if one-a these goofballs tells me to bend over and lube up. I /will/ be creating an interstellar incident." Angelis mentions Kobol and he frowns a little and offers, "They said 'Captain Kobol'. Are they trying to say one of their military commanders founded the world we all supposedly came from? They're talking about him like this happened last frakkin week." he shakes his head slightly and sighs, "I am so glad Im not in Intel and have to figure this crap out."

Lleufer huffs a breath lightly, "Maybe he was a religious fanatic or a pacifist in their book." His hands he dries with a towel and coming back, Ynyr starts to put everything away and clean up his bunk. Then he stops and raises a brow at Miri, glances at the LT to judge Pratt's reaction to what she's smoking. The MP Sergeant snickers at the Tauron officer's reaction to 'anal probing'. When all his stuff is tidy and ready to go, Lleu takes a seat next to Miri. He doesn't ask for a joint so maybe he's content to breath a little of this second hand smoke and chill out for a while, sipping water from his canteen.

Miri nudges the jar toward Lleufer with her foot, offering it to him. "Do you think the brass actually knew all this shit was here?" she asks, exhaling a thick lungful of smoke.

Pratt grunts softly as he leans on the doorframe and lets a sigh go, shaking his head, "No clue. El Tee Cee said come out here, See if anything was here, get help. Getting back was icing on the cake. At least we got their attention and they are planning on coming back to talk to Command. S'far as Im concerned, that's a win." He turns his head back to look at Miri, then the jar, then back to her, chuckling, "You know, we get back and get off duty for a while, maybe I gotta come hang with you Marines for a while."

Well… even Ynyr won't refuse accepting a joint when Miri offers the jar. But instead of lighting it up, he finds a bit of plastic wrapper to wrap it up and tuck it carefully into a pocket, "Thanks. I don't usually … do that stuff, but I know somebody who would really appreciate it. I don't smoke, myself." Lleu isn't totally beyound breathing in some of Miri's smoke though for a milder effect. The MP Sergeant who, you know, is supposed to enforce the laws of the Fleet and Colonies among the military personnel, chuckles at the Tauron, "You should, LT. We Jarheads are the best. Glad to have ye." Comfortable, Lleu tips his head back for some napping while the others continue to speak low among themselves.

Angelis eyeballs Pratt. An Officer hanging out with enlisted marines? She looks vaguely horrified. "Gods… I'd do anything for a stiff drink, right about now." She mumbles under her breath, all of this just feeling a little too surreal. "Sure… why not? It's not like anyone else is going to really understand what's gone on here. I mean, they might just decide to kill us all." Yeah, Tabi's babbling a bit, and eventually she stops and takes a deep breath and forces herself back to being calm again. Well, calm enough to sidle on out the room, squeezing herself past Pratt, obviously off to wander around again.

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