AWD #154: Affairs in Order
Affairs in Order
Summary: In which Phin files some paperwork with JAG Rhonwen.
Date: 09/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Phin Rhonwen 
Offices — Deck 1 — Battlestar Orion
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #154

Day is long and the hours seem to tick on slowly as shifts get ready to change. The offices this time of the night is quiet. You can hear the hum of the ships engines through the bulkhead and the hiss of the environmental systems as recycled air is pumped into the room. The offices are a sea of cubicles that house support staff. In the area that JAG has claimed as it is own. A silver haired woman sits. She is dressed in her duty blues and her hair has been braided and pinned up. Her appearance is as neat as a pin. The soft strains of classical music drift from where she is seated and her face is illuminated by a PDA she is working on.

Whether Phin is off-shift or on, it's hard to tell. This isn't his usual corner of the ship, but he's dressed in his duty blues nonetheless, and looks generally official. And likewise tidy. He's carrying a clipped-cornered folder under one arm. He pauses outside the JAG's office. Maybe hesitating. Maybe just taking a sec to listen to the music. But finally he knocks.

The woman turns to look to see who is there. She is seated at a cubical that shows little in the way of her personality. She smiles as she see's Phin. Her pale green eyes study him for a moment and there is a sense she is taking in his every nuance. After the silence between them is about to give birth to awkward silence she speaks. "Lieutenant please do come on over and what may I do for you? She motions to an empty chair that sits within her cubical. "Please have a seat." She moves to turn off the music.

Phin's nuances are a little nervous at the moment. Or at least, ill-at-ease. But in he comes anyhow. "Are you sure, sir? I didn't make an appointment or anything so, I can come back later. That's totally fine. Either way, you can leave that on. It's pretty." He gestures to her music player. "What is that, anyway?" The song, he probably means.

The older woman then smiles kindly as she moves to turn the music on. "There is no need for you to worry if I was in a private meeting there would have been another here. There is also the matter that I try to have an open door policy. I am just rewording some policy I am writing. Now with that said how may I assist you?" The music starts to play again and the string sections create a vibrant and rich sounding swell before the light sound of wind instruments join into the piece.

Phin sits, posture straight, putting his folder in his lap. "I was just thinking, with the Picon op coming up and…I mean, it just seemed like it'd be a good idea to…I was thinking I should get my will on file, sir." Shrug. "I mean, officially. I wrote a, uh, thing, after our dogfight above Caprica, on Warday, but it's not really, like, properly filed or anything." He withdraws a piece of what notebook paper from his folder. It is very unofficial. It's really nothing more than a list of names of what're probably personal possessions. Some names crossed out with others edited in, parts of it not terribly legible.

Rhonwen holds her hand out to take it. "I can take care of it for you and I will make sure there is copy in two locations in case things do not go as planned." Her voice is kind and gentle. "I will tell you a secret, which piece of paper as long as it can be confirmed that it was written in your hand would and could still act as your last will and testament. But, I will take this and we will make this more official for you and we will put it on file in a location here and a location off planet, just in case. Are you agreeable to this?"

Phin offers Rhonwen a slight smile. "Cool. I mean, that sounds good, sir. Thank you. That's good to know. I kept thinking of things I wanted to add, or people that I'd wanted to have stuff suddenly weren't…around anymore." He clears his throat. "But I wanted to get at least that nailed down, while we still had time. Before the op, I mean."

"I do understand and there is nothing to worry about. I myself have done the same thing. I brought my law library that I had digitalized before War Day with me from Picon. Believe me I do understand. It will also make things easier for the living. Now with that said I have one question for you, who would you like to be the executive of the will if something were to happen to the Orion?"

Phin nods. "That's the idea, sir. Just to make things easier. I don't really have anything that valuable but…I just kind of want to make sure it's done." He frowns thoughtful at her question. "Executive? What all would they have to do?"

"Inform the others and make sure that everything is executed to the fullest extent of your final wishes with the help of the law of course." Rhonwen explains to him. "It is important." She adds. She then smiles again. "Now are all those names you have listed are of people who are part of the Orion? Or do you have family on the new planet?"

Phin shakes his head, about family on the planet. "No. I know a lot of people had relatives sprung from the prison on Picon, but not me. I've got a brother, but he's in the Marines. Posted to the ship here, too. I don't really have much family outside him at all." He pauses, thoughtful. "I mean, my mom was still on Scorpia. Before…everything. But I don't really know what happened to her. That was pretty much it."

"Alright, would you like your brother then to be you executor of your will?" Rhonwen asks in that same gentle manner. "Are all the name on the list you gave me current and everyone is alive?" She nods. "It is okay not everyone here has family that is alive or has any family period." She adds. "I am sorry about your mother and I will hold on to hope that you will find her alive."

"Yes, sir. I, uh, updated it before I came, so it's good for now," Phin says. "And yeah. I guess it should be my brother. Sergeant Bear McBride, heavy weapons, Charlie Company. Everyone else I can think of who might handle it's also on the ship, and pretty much everything's here that matters to me. So…I guess if something happens to the Orion, it's not really going to matter much." As for his mother he, he just shrugs. "I appreciate the thought, sir." He doesn't seem to know quite what else to say to that, except ask, "You got any family? On the planet or…not, I mean."

"Myself I have no family, never have. It was just me on the planet. The close person I have to family is alive at the moment but things can change." Rhonwen states. "Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast, and the horrors of war. Do not be upset for me, one cannot miss what one has not known." She adds.

Phin nods to that. "Nature of the beast, sir. That's life, war or not. Anyway. I think that covers it, for now, unless there's anything else you need from me for…this stuff. I'll let you get back to your music."

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