AAR: Aerilon Stronghold Assault



FR: SGT Kapali
TO: MAJ. Ommanney
CC: RADM Louis G. Jameson, MAJ Elias Gray
RE: Aerilon Stronghold Assault


  • Intel provided by informants on Aerilon indicated a stronghold in an Aerilon town that formerly had several SAMs on location. Access to the stronghold was achieved by means of rail head, river and assorted roads. Facilities on site included a warehouse that intel suggested was a holding camp. In a two part battle plan, the Alpha group (air wing) was tasked to take out the possible SAM sites and eliminate the raiders in the area. The beta team consisting of a marine element from Orion was tasked with liberating the camp and extracting prisoners or survivors.
  • While accessing the camp via a line cut into the razor topped wire fence surrounding the camp the marine team was spotted and the alarm raised. Heavy weapons fire was exchanged, multiple enemy combatants emerging from the warehouse armed with a variety of handheld weapons including grenade launchers and rifles. The age range of the enemy combatants is noted to range from youths to those appearing to be in middle to late years, at least one enemy combatant carried an infant into the fire fight. After command (Ensign Flynn) was wounded to the point of requiring immediate medical attention, Sgt. Kapali ordered the team to fall back to the ex-fil site and radioed the pick-up request from the waiting Raptors.
  • While exchanging heavy weapons fire with the enemy combatants en route to the waiting Raptor PFC Mallas took multiple severe injuries that ultimately resulted in KIA. Specialists Mercier & Bell behaved admirably and provided expert and timely medical support to render aid along with weapons fire and tactical support ultimately leading to the safe extraction of the remaining members of the Bravo team.




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