aerilon.png Aerilon
Ancient Name: Aries
Population: 1.2 billion
Patron God: Demeter
Capitol: Gaoth
Major Cities:
Gaoth, Promethea
University of Aerilon, Promethea A & M
Pyramid Teams:
Aerilon Threshers, Promethea Golden Horns

Current Status

Along with Caprica, Aerilon was one of the two planets to get the most attention. With much of the food and medicine coming from natural resources found on the colony, it was one of the natural efforts to re-establishing control and putting the population to work. For those across the colonies who survived and did not have technical skills, or the means or ability to mine or work construction, working the farms and land of Aerilon was certainly an option. With so much of the population killed and ravaged by war, millions of acres of the planet were left unclaimed. Those who wanted to make a go of it were given education and start-up equipment by the Arpay to get on their feet. The first few years were very difficult for Aerilon, but after ten years of practice and education and planning, the planet was producing more than the colonies could consume. After twenty-two years, much of its bounty is shipped to Arpay and distributed from there. The Arpay are more than happy to pay for it with trading much needed equipment, refined ores, and technology.

The military has a large recruiting presence on the planet with several bases. Most of the established academies are on Aerilon due to the large amount of available land that can be used for training and field exercises. Additionally, there is ongoing effort to still recover more of the bunkers that were cracked open during the war. Their contents of war materiele is considered important to future efforts by high command.

The vitality of the colony's economy is considered vital and a lot of effort has gone into 'modernizing' the efforts and infrastructure. The land-wealth of the colony has brought a lot of business to the colony and there are three well-regarded civilian colleges there as well as the Navy's War College. One city in particular, Nelossa, is rapidly gaining a name as a place of scholarly study — something that twenty-two years prior would have been considered impossible for the quiet little township. Today the population has swelled from 1,500 to over 25,000. It isn't just Nelossa, though. Much of the colony is reaping the benefits of motivated and highly skilled construction crews. New fortifications and air defense sites are being built every day and all of them are attracting local business, much as was seen on Caprica.

Pre-Leap Status

While most of its major cities were targeted with neutron bombs, Aerilon is in the unique position of being a largely rural, agricultural planet, with the majority of its population living outside of sprawling metropolises. The people have put up an armed resistance en masse. The newly formed militias are depending largely on guerrilla tactics, but many lack the formal military training of their fellow resistance fighters on Picon. There are two basestars in orbit.
For more information, see: Colonial Conditions.

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