AWD #592: Adorn with Laurels
AWD #592: Adorn with Laurels
Summary: The crew of the Orion and honored guests gather to recognize the service of an exceptional few.
Date: 03/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
Mon Aug 21 2006 (AWD #592)

This ceremony is a much larger affair than the department-level award gatherings that typically happen on the Obs Deck. The port hangar is vast, and the amount of empty space left by the missing vipers and raptors is a stark reminder of their recent losses. Command and senior officers, including Admiral Jameson and Commander Spree, stand in a line before the parked air craft, decked out in their dress uniforms. The viewing formation extends back down the hangar bay, facing them. Rank after rank of people in dress gray are forming up. Guests of honor stand to the front right of the formation, including the Arpay liaison officers Jimenez, Chapman, and Valloy, a small gathering of skinjobs with a Two, Four, Five, two Sevens, an Eight, Ten, Eleven, and a Twelve, and finally a young boy and an elderly woman in civilian clothes. The honorees, including the Commander and surviving crew of the Fleet ship Erol, are front and center. Conversational noise fills the bay as everyone arrives and starts to get settled in.

Miri adjusts her sash discreetly. She hasn't had many opportunities to put on her dress grays and she feels kind of like she's in drag. Face forward. Military bearing. Ignore the itchy nose.

Lance Corporal O'Connell is standing where the Marines are, likewise dressed in a uniform she probably hasn't had to wear since graduating Basic. Her hair, having long grown out to past shoulder length by this point, has been braided and pinned up per regs, her boots freshly polished and her dress uniform as closed to pressed as it can be. She's standing at something half way between parade rest and full attention, the MP uncertain as to how to stand.

Captain Alejandro 'Chiron' Salazar did not, in point of fact, even own a set of Navy Dress and had to requisition the clothing and have the fit checked. Still, he managed to do so on time and arrives with his dark hair neatly combed, trimmed, and he's freshly shaved. Wonders never cease. It's just as well his callsign was changed for he no longer looks the part of a 'Hobo'. The Lucky Strikes Squadron Commander goes to take his place among the ranks of Airwing personal with his viper pilots.

Oliver arrives from the Main Corridor.

Major St. Clair arrives with a handful of other pilots, mostly of her squadron. Lieutenant Wescott is in the mix, Lieutenant Pratt, and a couple of backseaters trying their best to look serious. And mostly succeeding. Lining up somewhere in the middle of the pack, she comes to parade rest, chin up like it might help her see over the heads of taller pilots.

In her grays, Robin stands with the rest of Command. Apparently, someone made sure she had a dress uniform. Probably her, through some intermediary. The woman only seems to spend more time in her office and a bird than she does in the berthings. Her expression is solemn as she waits for everyone to flood into the hangar. Her hair is parted neatly on the side and swept back into a tight, short pony tail.

Penta is with the other Marine staff officers, in his own dress grays. Not like he ever had the chance to wear em much over his career, but he had em. And they still fit with only minimal alterations, woohoo!

Clara filters in shortly after the ceremony's gotten underway, looking distinctly awkward in her dress uniform. She takes up a position near a bulkhead wall by herself, fingernails scritch-scratching nervously at the back of her hand.

Some hasty sewing and a few adjustments later, Angelis' uniform fits far better than it did the last time she put it on. Which isn't in recent memory. The young Lance even took the time to rebraid her hair and secure her usual ponytail into a neat bun. She stands at attention, eyes fixed on some blank point, carefully not looking at any of the present Commanders. Fighting the urge to move too much, her gloved fingers roll a seam in her pants back and forth.

Ensign Elena Heron stands with St. Clair and the squadron. Her short red hair seems to be rebelling against its current haircut, but somehow the young pilot managed to tame it sufficiently for the occasion. The uniform had always been big on her. It fits now.

Charlie arrives from the Main Corridor.

Lleufer arrives into the hangar and stops a second to draw in a slow, deep breath. His pale grey eyes look over the ranks forming up. Thank the Gods it's not another funeral service. Ynyr runs a hand over the front of his dress Greys and tugs the bottom edge of his jacket to make certain everything is straight and tidy. On his left breast is pinned Silver Cluster along with his Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal. The scarred up Sergeant sets himself to walking crisply through the hangar to go and take his place where he is directed to do so. Lleu's gaze slips over many others already here whom he knows and lingers briefly on a certain Airwing officer.

Randy stands near the back of the spectators. Her dress uniform looks so crisp it's like someone just pulled it out of mothballs. The Marine's hair and swept off to the side in some controlled fashion, away from puffy eyes. She starts to move off to the side a little so she can get a better angle, being blocked by taller people.

Once it looks like everyone is assembled and the Admiral gives the go ahead, Major Gray steps forward to handle speaking duties. "Attention on deck!" The often indifferent TACCO has cleaned up his act for this task, sporting a haircut, clean shave, and neatly pressed grays with a sidearm at the hip. "At ease. Members of the Fleet and Marines, honored guest. Today we are gathered to recognize members of the Colonial Fleet and Colonial Marine Corps who have performed above and beyond the call of duty." And with only that brief introduction, Elias goes straight to business. "Attention to Orders. Fleet Commander Rear Admiral Louis Jameson will now present the awards." The first name up? "Specialist Clara Mercier. Step forward and be recognized."

Clara gets a bit of a deer-in-headlights look as her name is called. Pretending not to have heard probably isn't going to fly, so she mumbles an 'excuse me' to the burly marine blocking her way, and slinks forward. Her feet carry her, somehow, to where the Admiral and TACCO are standing, and she draws her slight frame up straighter as she pulls to a halt in front.

Brina comes to when the comand is given only to then relax when given permission. She is fairly blank-faced, nothing in her expression to give away how she's feeling or what she might be thinking at any given time.

There's a hint of a smile from Elias as he sees Clara slinking forward. "Specialist Mercier distinguished herself in action against the enemy on the celestial body known as Big Rock," he reads from the official citation. "With a great deal at risk for the Fleet, she held herself calm and composed, and accepted without qualm the hardest task for any soldier: to die in the field, far from home. Specialist Mercier took this action with no guarantee that the her Line was uncorrupted, and with no guarantee that there would be a way back. In doing so she not only freed her Line, but her actions enabled valuable negotiations with model Lines who were initially hostile, and who are now our allies. Her actions are a credit to herself and to the Fleet, and helped mark a turning point in this conflict. For her selfless act of heroism in the face of great personal risk, Specialist Clara Mercier is hereby awarded the Colonial Medal of Valor." It's Admiral Jameson who presents the medal, looping it over Clara's head, and it comes with a handshake and congratulations from the old man himself.

The entire hangar moves to stand at attention when Major Gray calls out the order. The sound makes the hangar reverberate with the sound of so many personnel coming to attention, and then a brief silence until Elias speaks again. Everyone is attentive, and even when the 'At ease' order is offered only moments later, personnel continue to stand in neat ranks at parade rest, listening. Among them is Captain Salazar, dark eyes shifting from Gray to Jameson, and his CAG up there with them, his hands clasped neatly against the small of his back.

Clara holds perfectly, almost preternaturally still as Elias speaks. The hint of a smile is spotted, and possibly even returned, and it bolsters her confidence a notch. Then the medal is bestowed, and she clasps the Admiral's hand firmly. It's followed by her fist to her chest, right next to where the medal's disk rests, and a step back before she disperses back into the crowd.

Every single member of the Lines in presence looks up to the stage and the award. There's a full, nearly collective, breath of pride. All present look at her and hold hope and confidence. There's so much unsaid but the welling of pride cannot be ignored.

Lleufer stands at parade rest but as much at attention as he can while doing so. Everyone is so smartly attired, crisply lined up one after another after another. His gaze wonders over the rather large space that was not so very long ago filled with Raptors, Vipers, and Predator craft, and even a Cylon Raider. Now so few, mostly empty, but for the ranks of people gathered here tonight. Ynyr smiles a little as Clara shyly comes up and the Corpsman receives her award. He does not clap, for they can shout and backslap their congratulations with enthusiasm after the ceremony. Lleu stays very still and quiet, straight and as tall as he may, and watches Clara receive her medal from Jameson.

Samtara arrives from the Main Corridor.

Once the Thee withdraws, Elias clears his throat, reading to push on with the next citation. There's a sense that they're just getting started. "For exceptional service aboard ship on a military mission, these individuals have distinguished themselves with their conduct. Ordered to undertake a jump of unprecedented magnitude and danger, with the possibility of return unknown, they carried out their mission in the face of great adversity, and successfully re-established contact with the galactic human community, from which our people have been isolated for thousands of years. The following personnel are hereby awarded the Bronze Cluster for their heroism. As your name is called, step forward and be recognized."

The names are read off, with a pause between each for the award to be presented. For the Orion the are Major Bennett St. Clair, Lieutenant Edison Pratt, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, Lance Corporal Tabitha Angelis, and Specialist Miri Zahav. Captain Michael Harris and the crew of the Erol are called by name and rank as well, all sixty of them, which takes some time. For the twelve crewmembers of the Erol who are receiving the award posthumously, their absence is noted by a gap in the formation and the answer of "Fallen" given by one of their shipmates. Each of those honored gets the personal congratulation by the Admiral, as well as the Bronze Cluster to add to their uniform.

And Miri gets an extra moment in the spotlight. While she is forward to receive her Bronze Cluster, Elias reads a second citation. "Specialist Zahav is also being recognized with a second award today: While in action against the enemy during the liberation of Leonis, Specalist Miri Zahav kept a cool head and tended to numerous wounded in her squad, even when wounded repeatedly herself. Her skill and demeanor are a credit to the Fleet. In recognition, she is hereby awarded the Askelpios Medallion." A second congratulatory handshake with Jameson, and a medallion looped over the Corpsman's neck.

Miri blinks in surprise, schooling her freckled features quickly. She stands tall, bowing her head for the medal and shaking Jameson's hand again.

Randy watches on as Clara receives her medal. She presses her lips together in silence. She tries to refrain from nodding or anything that might take away from the focus of the ceremony. A slight smile creeps up and then Elias starts to get to all the damned people who went to the Rally Point. This is when she starts to fall into a daze. Her brief inner lack of maturity is eventually stifled and shamed when the twelve that died are mentioned.

Angelis steps forward when it's her turn and accepts the award with a stiff nod. She carefully doesn't actually look at any of the high ranking officers and quickly falls back into the formation when it's all over with. Considering it's the first award to ever grace her formal uniform. There's no sense of emotion from her at all, as her fingers resuming their idly rolling of the errant seam of her pants leg. Eyes fixed straight ahead, watching her fellow marines and navy personal receiving their awards.

When his name is called, Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr leaves the ranks to go forward and receive his Bronze Cluster. A little tense at the attention, he presents himself in turn before Admiral Jameson and bows his head for the ribbon. His hand clasp is politely firm and dry, with direct eye contact before he says very low, "Thank you, Sirs." Then the Marine moves to return to his place in the ranks and stand attentively and with respect for all of the others being thusly awarded, and especially at the naming of their fallen.

Saint Clair steps forward with the other men that are called, lips curved in the slightest of smiles as the names are read off. It wavers only briefly when the first fallen soldier is mentioned, and by the time the twelfth name is uttered, her expression is quite solemn again. Her medal is accepted in poignant silence, and pinned next to a matching bronze cluster and handful of lesser commendations lined up neatly along her breast pocket. When it's her turn, she clasps Jameson's hand warmly and meets his eyes for a second before making her way 'offstage' unobtrusively. A glance is cast across to Sergeant Ynyr, a beat, and then she moves on toward the gathering of wing personnel.

It could be that Sergeant Ynyr watches St. Clair in return when she walks past. Yep.

Dr. Nadir's expression is solemn through the recitation of names, many if not most of the Orion personnel are recognized on sight as each are indicated. When the Major recognizes, first, Specialist Mercier and then Specialist Zahav, both are aimed a firm nod of approval, a quick gleam of a proud grin chases that nod.

There is a crack in Brina's unreadable facade, that being when Lleufer's name is called. It lasts for only a moment, the briefest of sofening around her eyes, and then she's back to looking straight ahead, parade rest still. She is attentive, taking everything in, she just doesn't let her gaze wander too much.

When each of them, Pratt and St. Clair, walk past him, Captain Salazar briefly puts out a hand to touch their shoulder in passing. Alejandro makes eye contact and passes on a nod to the Lieutenant and the Major by way of quiet congratulations. Ale otherwise keeps his place as well as his silence as the ceremony continues.

Jameson moves to the podium and leans in close. He doesn't need to and his raspy whisper comes across a bit too loud. "Evening." Taking direction to back off and stand tall, Jameson does so. He adjusts his grays before speaking again. Hands go to each side of the podium. That voice is flat, and calm, but holds the weight of ages. "Evening." He takes a breath. No pretense of a written speech evident. "I didn't write something because in the first war we never had the time. I think that its appropriate to continue that tradition." He clears his throat.

"Men. Women. We're here because people need to be recognized." That voice stays low and cool. He speaks too closely to the mic but it works, the slight lean just adding. "We hit the Twin Rocks hard. This was an operation in build for about a year with planning from Major Gray. And when we revealed we could hit it? We didn't just have our own people roaring for a fight. We had the Lines." He looks across, daring someone to argue. "We put boots on the ground. We put fighters and attack aircraft into space. Nobody in their jobs called a question. We all knew why we were going there." He reaches for a cup and subtly spits into it. "We frakked them up." Pure fact there. "But we didn't do it by the presence of our fleet. Yes, we all put ourselves out there, but we need to recognize the people who put it out there. Some of our brothers and sisters never came home. We recognize those who came home first." He leans in close. "Room, attention." Its said quietly, waiting for the deck to come to attention.

Once everyone is up, "I've authorized a new Combat Action Badge. Its forged from blue steel. All receivers are authorized to wear it at all times on any uniform. There is afforded respect." He reclasps hands on the podium. "Normally a Combat Action Badge is afforded to Marines who have seen combat in hostile territory. This one is different. Those awarded are the equal recipient of a Silver Cluster." He pauses, staring out. "That includes all Lines killed in action in the nebulae. By my order right now, we will grant them full rights and respect for those medals. All crew who went afore at the Rocks and, or, the nebulae, are afforded this badge. To the Sixty." He lifts a fist briefly in salute.

Robin also salutes with Jameson in turn. Robin is already up 'on stage,' and begins to help award members of the Wing, the 60, their CABs. There are a lot of people, but she gives care to shake the hand of each one as a part of the small Command line-up, giving various members soft words of encouragement, and saying to each, "It's an honor."

Angelis stands quietly, trying not to fidget too much. Not entirely comfortable in her uniform, fingers playing with the seams of her pants, eyes wandering the room. Not that there's much to see, here at the front. But she tries. Tries to pay attention, too.

Ensign Heron shakes the CAG's hand with a girlish grin, before realizing she should probably be serious. So then she CAG a serious face.

Penta is standing quietly at parade rest wearing his serious face.

Squaring to attention, the bit of a grin on Nadir's face has faded while the Admiral is speaking to one that is more solemn again as she glances toward where the air wing is assembled. The remains of the air wing, that is. So much empty space, like the crew of the Erol with it's list of the Fallen. The doctor angles that solemn nod at the air wing, at large.

Elias comes to attention when the Admiral calls. There's a small nod at the conclusion and the TACCO echoes, "to the Sixty." Then he's sidelined for a time, standing at a respectful rest as the CAG takes over the duty of awarding 'Blue Axe' decorations to those in the Air Wing. His attention strays only briefly, over the Lines and their Arpay guests, studying reactions there with little change in his own expression.

Bennett steps forward once more to accept the commendation, clasping the CAG's hand in her usual manner, in lieu of a shake. "Thank you," is murmured before she retreats to her squadron, to make room for the others.

The Sixty deserve their respect. However, the wing had a different fight. By my order, each member of The Sixty will now wear a tab on their uniform over their Orion patch, over Airborne tabs. It will identify themselves as fighters, survivors, and among the elite that we hold dear in the wing." He looks over the group.

"I will not draw a line between the Lines and humanity. We risk everything. You all, in the lines, have your motives. I do not challenge you all to reach. But believe in the fight. Believe in yourselves. We no longer fight as one. We are the fleet." The air around him goes quiet. He simply nods to the whole crew and steps back. "DISMISSED!" he yells.

Clara's reaction is difficult to gauge. Now that she's not in the spotlight, that look has returned to her eyes; lost and drifting, like a ship without an anchor. She stands straight enough though, blending into the sea of uniformed crew, and remains so even after the dismissal is given.

Randy moves after being dismissed, first in the direction she saw Clara escaping off to after her award. She lifts a hand to try to get the Specialist's attention. "Clara. Just wanted to say congrats." Her brow drops slightly in some confusion at her own wording. "Or whatever you're supposed to say. That sounded weird."

Prior to the war, this would be party time. These days Ambrosia and hors d'oeuvres are the stuff of legend, but hey, they can still socialize. Even Elias makes a token effort, turning to exchange a few pleasantries with Commander Spree before excusing himself. Then the TACCO moves into the crowd, looking for honorees to congratulate as he slowly wends his way toward the hatch.

Nadir moves through the sea of survivors and angles toward where both specialists are (or were) and salutes both young medics. "Well done," she says with a nod paired with that quick glimpse of a grin. "Well done indeed," then extends a hand forward to Miri, seeing Clara already in conversation with Ensign Flynn.

Angelis doesn't wait for a second urging. As soon as they're dismissed, she heads toward the exit. Not running exactly, but moving smartly, weaving through the crowd.

While the 60 of the Airwing goes up to receive their medals, Alejandro keeps his place in the ranks and doesn't join them. Captain Salazar affords his brother and sister pilots and ECO's his utmost respect and salutes them in silence, until they are all dismissed. Then he will go to offer quiet congratulations and eventually head back up to the Airwing corridors.

Miri shakes Dr. Nadir's hand, nodding politely. She's kept some distance between herself and the CMO for a while now. "Thank you, sir."

Lleufer breaks ranks along with everyone else when they are dismissed. He smiles and slaps people on the backs, "Good job!" As he's able, he makes his way through to where Miri at least lingers, though Clara (damn her) slipped off before he could catch her. So, Ynyr slaps /Miri/ on the back! "Very proud of you! I wasn't here for all of that, I was gone on medical. Congratulations." There's a hint of his lopsided smile to Samtara as well, "Did you get your answer about the surgeries from Command yet, Doctor Nadir?"

Clara's eyes dart Samtara's way as the doctor tips a salute, but then Randy's talking to her and the medic's attention drifts off again. "Thanks," she tells Flynn with characteristic flatness. Her mind seems elsewhere as she toys absently with the medal. "Feel like it isn't really mine, though." The confession is made very quietly; with the press of people trying to get out, she slips away, slim form melting easily into the milling crowd.

"Well someone has to pick up the check," Randy says quietly in return as Clara starts to slip away. She sighs and then gets on her tiptoes to see if she can spot someone else familiar as people amble out. She gives up and rocks back onto her heels so she can lean against the bulkhead.

Turning toward Ynyr so that she can angle a subtle nod in the Marines direction, "Both yes, and no. I'll explain later," she adds with a glance around the room. "Here is not the time for a complicated answer. But I got your memo, and thank you. I'll need all the help I can get." She salutes Ynyr, whether he likes it or not, "and congratulations to you as well," giving another nod to Miri. "Your skills kept soldiers alive in the field.

A brow rises at Samtara answering him 'yes and no' which doesn't entirely sound good, but he nods, "Understood." Then Lleu stands at attention in his spiffy dress greys and returns Doctor Nadir's salute snappily. He then grins, "I'll run you until you puke, Doctor Sir." A wink, then the MP Sergeant goes to mingle - and of course to offer Major St. Clair congratulations as well.

When Lleufer claps her on the back, Miri lets out an exaggerated whuff. "Nah. Be glad you weren't there. It was shitshow after shitshow." She realizes the CMO is still standing there and she turns to apologize. "Pardon the language, sir. And I could save more with those freak eyes and some practical surgical training." Go big or go home.

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