PWD #05: Adding More Wrinkles
Adding More Wrinkles
Summary: The iron is just not hot enough to get rid of everything between two pilots.
Date: 2/1/2013
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Aios Ceres 
Storage Room - Deck 3
Storage of things..and stuff.
PWD #5

Walking the corridors back to her bunk, she is quite a ways off from any regular routes taken. Flightsuit still on, the arms are wrapped around her waist to hold it in position, her dark hair having obviously been in a braid once the way it kinks, ruffled and mussed about her face into a wild mane that she usually never sports. Her dogtags twist, bounce against her chest just at the neckline of her tanks.

A few marines pass her by, a nod given to them as she just continues her leisurely pace, humming a rather haunting four or five notes over and over.

She nears an intersection of one of Orion's many corridors, and perhaps walking too briskly for his own good, Daniel "Talkshow" Aios is far too lost in the book he has in his hands to stop himself. Their bodies crash into each other, foecing Daniel to drop the book and reach out for her waist to steady her.

"—apologies I didn't mean to." He stops when he sees that it is her. He straightens himself up and gingerly tries to leave her upright. "Ceres. I…I apologize I wasn't in my mind."

A soft 'oof' leaves her lips and Ceres stumbles back a step or two. "No..its okay…" But her words die, die very quickly in her throat as she meets his gaze. Something like pain crosses her features and is then quickly shuttered away from view. "There is no need, I wasn't really watching where I was going." Awkward silence takes its place between them as she doesn't just move on, in fact she lingers. Those dark eyes hard to read but might just be pleading for something the woman will not say.

"How have you been?" She nearly chokes out, her hands lowering as she reaches down to get his book and look at the title.

"It's been…quiet. I've been working on my book, what of it I can muster between awkward Saturnalia drag-ons and shifts." He replies, leaning down past her feet to grab the book from the floor. As he rises, he finds her eye contact and slows down just a little. His features soften, eyes filled with things yet to be said, but are held back with the hurt that she has caused him. "I was approved to transfer home but this mobilization has delayed things."

He frowns, stepping in closer. "I meant to tell you, I wasn't about to leave without saying goodbye. I…understand better now. I owe you an apology."
Now that some semblance of conversation actually takes place, she can't help but try to recover herself. Ceres nods her head to him, "That is good to hear, the rotating home. I am sorry you have to leave for what it is that is taking you away…but I really do wish you the best. I hope it goes in your favor."

That stepping closer causes her to tense up and the Captain for a moment looks wild and lost. "Thanks. Really its okay if you had. There is no apology needed. I think, Daniel..that we both have things to apologize about." She draws a breath and manages a wan smile though it never reaches her dark eyes.

Sensing that the conversation is freely ready to delve into things too personal for the hallway, Daniel glances up and down the corridor. Motioning for her to follow, he leads her over to one of the storage doors and opens it. He steps inside and turns to face her, a new breed of gravity on his brow.

"Ceres. I just want you to know that whatever hurt or pain is involved in this entire process, that I could never hate you." He starts after the door is closed behind them. "I…think I will always regret that we did not spend more time together, but I understand your reasonings. Regardless, should you ever find yourself near Caprica City and are free to look me up, I would not turn you away. You're Ceres, and when this first started we made a promise that we would remain simple and lacking complication. I crossed that line and put you in a poor position. I…thought that I could avoid my complications. I was wrong."

His words aren't so much as a plea as they are a speech he has had prepared for weeks, set aside for the right moment. He misses her, as his words drip with awkward regret, yet he forces himself still.
That lump at the back of her throat climbs higher as he beckons her with and she follows. Ceres may regret his later. The door closes with finality and his words cause her world to come to a head, a pinpricked focus as her eyes meet his. Her expression wavers without realizing it, the pain, her own regret, its obvious with how she clenches her draw and swallows once more - heavily.

"I would like that.." its said with a dry crack to her voice. An aching pain. She is looking at him, but through him. Fully through his figure, she can't seem to focus right on him. Its a haze. She might have handled this differently has she been prepared. She scrubs at the wild mane of her hair, undone and free about her.

"I miss you, Daniel."

A second passes between the two of them, and Daniel loses the ability to choose words. His lip pulls away from his teeth and his tongue presses to the inside of his teeth. He peers at her as if trying to decide just where on the burning stove to place his hands.

"I…miss you too, Ceres. Dearly." He finally admits, shoulders slumping down. His hand raises to his face, where he presses the slightly webbed skin between thumb and forefinger over his brow-line, rubbing softly. He breaks eye contact, glancing to his right where all he finds is a useless rack of cleaning supplies. He isn't looking for something else to look at, instead the glance away is a pressure valve before he dares looking back to her eyes.

"Ceres, do you want me to fight this? I can't tell if you want me to let you go and let you suffer in peace, or if you want me to put my foot down and tell you that this isn't over." He asks, eyebrows lifting hopelessly. "You're not sleeping well still. I see it all over your face. You're tearing at yourself from the inside out. It's like watching a loved one suffer a disease and my instinct tells me that you want me to take care of you, but…"

Relief? There is a sense of perhaps relief at his words, a breath exhaled as some tension leaves her. But it does not erase all that tension in the air. Its still broken, what is between them.

Ceres looks up at him, meeting that gaze. "I want you to be happy, damn it. Frak.." Its easier to curse, venting in a way that does not direct itself at him. Her hands lift and press to her mouth as she draws in a long breath through her nose. "Go to Jamey, Daniel. Your son needs you more than I do and I am not going to keep you from that, I won't make you choose and I won't change who I am. Its better to realize that we have lost something between us."

Gods it hurts still, that wound is still really raw. "I should probably go…" There is a sort of sickening resignation about it all. Unsettling.

"Ceres, wait." Daniel reaches out, snatching her wrist to try to stop her. "Wait. Just a few minutes longer, okay? In weeks, perhaps less, I'm going to be gone and if you never call on me at Caprica, then I fear you and I are like to never see each other again. Can we…not have it end this way?" He asks, giving her wrist a soft squeeze, and then he lets it go. The choice is hers.

"You don't have to change who you are. I'm not going to ask you to do anything, anymore. This…is going to be what it is, and I'm not going to ask you to change on your position. I was hoping, but if that's what you're comfortable with then there's no need to tear each other apart. There's no need to leave a scar where we could leave something…that was perfect while it lasted." He adds, a soft sigh escaping his lips. "But let's not be enemies."

It stops her, that hand at her wrist and she turns to look at him. That pain there is very palpable at the moment. She is unable to keep herself pieced wholly together. Ceres nods slowly and then turns to face him. A soft, sad smile paints her lips before she shakes her head, "You were never my enemy, Daniel. I did what I had to to push you away, to…save myself and to keep from hurting you anymore than I was going to."

"It doesn't change the fact that I miss you, that it damn well hurts not talking to you. But I know…that if I were to try to return some semblence of what we had even under the pretense of friendship at this moment, I would give in and then just frak your life over." She offers him a wan smile and then makes a motion with her hand. "I want so very much for you to get Jamey." Apparently what he said in parting their last interaction really scored a hit.

"I…want terribly to get Jamey back as well." Daniel admits, slapped lightly across the face by the memory of the cold, biting words he said to her in exit of their breakup. "I'm told I have a good chance, so long as I am present. The JAG has signed me on for transfer. It's, going to be difficult, but I think I just may have a chance."

He opens his mouth, his words catch in his throat. His hands clench at his sides, desperately wanting to yell to her, shake her, or slap her into ending this.

"What I said to you was hurtful. I was…crushed." He admits, voice lowering to a murmur. He casts a weak smile to her and shakes his head. "I really did enjoy being yours. I miss our talks. I miss you questioning my logic. If…you reconsider, weeks down the road and send me post. I would wait for you, so long as you asked, Ceres, but if not I need you to believe that I'd rather just see you happy in the end, wherever that takes you. Just…" he laughs softly. "…if it results in another marriage, don't invite me. I'd crash it drunk."

Marriage. Gods. Ceres' face goes stark blank, she stares at him a long moment and then closes her eyes, doing her best to breathe. Another slow not, not trusting herself to speak just yet. "Daniel…marriage isn't in my bag of tricks." She swallows, heaving a long breath.

"I may…Gods." she stops herself, seizes upon her words and lets out another long breath. "We are hurting ourselves by not letting go. Let go of me Daniel. Go be happy with Jamey. Have a life with your son and show that frakker of an ex-wife what being a parent is really about. Because if there is one person that deserves to be with his son, it's you. You are an amazing father, Daniel. You deserve to show it."

She rubs a hand to the lump she feels in her throat, that ache carrying. "If you ever feel like sending me some of your writings…I will read them. I will be there when you leave, don't think I won't see you off. But now? I just need some space." Gods it hurts. The words burning her throat that she won't let free, turning her stomach to bile and souring her breath.

"Yes, we keep coming to that, don't we?" He replies, looking down his chest to judge the line the buttons of his duty jacket are in. Spotting a piece of lint, he plucks it and brushes it aside. The act itself gives him a moment where he can look away from her, but it fails to hide the sigh that escapes his lips and the frustration that builds in the center of his chest.

"Ceres?" He looks up, reaching out to her. His hand stops short and he retreats his attempt to touch her. "I'm not asking this as your lover. I'm asking this as your friend. Are you going to be okay? I'll go, win Jamey, score a solid victory over Penelope and I'll even write you the results so you can do one of those evil laughs you sometimes do but…" He frowns. "…don't lie to me when I ask this. Do you believe you're going to, in the end, be okay?"

Watching him clean his immaculate uniform, her in with her ruffled hair and half dressed state. It seems such an odd pairing. Pale and dark. So many differences.

"It seems that way."

She shifts as he moves to touch her but finds that space untouched, that distance uncrossed. Ceres manages to put a face on and nods, "Yeah." Despite that, she's quiet. "Yeah…" Don't lie. Her eyes drift off to the left, fingers playing at each other. "Good luck, Daniel." That said, its all she can do to turn and start for the exit.

He watches her turn away, helpless to the display. She's lying. He knows she's lying. They both terribly miss each other, and they're both at an eternal stalemate.

He lets her go.

Standing in silence long after she leaves the room, he closes his eyes and takes in a deep, cleansing breath. His nerves are frayed and his hand unconsciously finds it threading through the jagged cuts of hair at the top of his head. Being told he's missed one second and goodbye the next, his head spins with the utter frustration of their relationship.

He steps out of the door and into the hallway, returning to his work.

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