AAR: Adar Assassination


August 26th, 2005

FR: SGT Lleufer Ynyr
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin, CPT Rhonwen Llywarch by her request, JAG Office
RE: Assassination of former Colonial President Richard Adar on Caprica.


August 26th, 2005

On August 24th, Colonel Spree's hand picked Marine team from the Orion was dropped on Caprica at the designated landing for pickup by Major Jankovic's resistance. Jankovic provided us with a briefing of the situation and options, and directed us to a major source of his intelligence, a Nine. Corporal Baca interviewed the Nine, called Colleen who claims to be a 'Sister of Ceres'. With due caution of the source, we chose one of three Adar's known public appearances or speech giving locations which included: His very well guarded estate, a stadium, and a parade. We chose to make our strike at the Caprica Capitol City parade.

Two days later, on the morning of August 26th, the Marine sniper team went into position in the cover of CCPD uniforms. Armed with a S-18 Solothurn anti-tank 18mm rifle lent by Major Jankovic, our three person team located ourselves on the rooftop of a low three story building along the parade route. A tarp was used to provide minimal concealment while the S-18 was set up by Lance Corporal Erik Jast. Myself and Corporal Baca took up related positions with scoped rifles.

At precisely 12:33 Caprica local time, President Adar came into sight along the parade route exactly as the Nine said he would. All of her intel, including checkpoints and roadblocks to avoid proved accurate, as well as parade composition, route and timing. At 12:41 we fired our shots. Corporal Baca's and my shots were near misses at 600 yards with windage. LC Erik Jast's shot with the S-18 was a direct hit. Before live Colonial wide broadcast, President Richard Adar was terminated. (See attached broadcast footage of President Adar's parade.)

Our team at once evacuated the roof but not before a Cylon Raider swooped down and ID'd three people in CCPD uniforms. A BOLO was broadcast and the search was on for our team. Meanwhile, small arms fire broke out in the chaos, touching off a useful distraction for our attempt to escape. CPL Baca and LC Jast took the outside fire escape and I took the inside stairs. We were to meet up at our vehicle three blocks south and head for our pickup with further intel from the Nine provided. CPL Baca split off from Jast when CCPD officers were encountered to stop them. She stole a CCPD cruiser and took off in the car. Simultaneously I had a run in with a CCPD officer who drew his sidearm on me. I attempted to subdue him but was forced to fire two shots, wounding or killing him. LC Jast and I met up at our designated vehicle.

Two CCPD cruisers caught up with us on the freeway. While LC Jast drove, I fired a burst into the engine blocks of each car, taking them out. LC Erik Jast took a graze to his shoulder from counter fire. Our vehicle ID compromised, we got off of the freeway and ditched the car, seeking another to appropriate. No one was at our pickup point where we were to be extracted by Major Jankovic's people but there was a sign painted with a Raptor like creature. We proceeded to the secondary pickup point and waited for signs of a birdie, or CPL Baca.

At 16:11, Captain Bennett Saint Clair arrived in a Raptor for extraction. No sign of Corporal Baca. We were taken directly to Picon for debriefing, arriving approximately 7 to 8 hours later. There we viewed the live broadcast of President Adar's parade with Colonel Spree. It was then in the followup time delayed 'live' broadcast that we were informed of CPL Baca's fate and her having lured a good deal of the CCPD and Cylon Raider parade security to direct attention away from our escape. (See secondary broadcast footage attached.)

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Please see AWD #231: Caprica Caper attached.

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