AWD #358: Acting CAG
Acting CAG
Summary: Colonel Petra pays Alejandro a visit in the Ready Room. The Lucky Strikes Squadron Leader is promoted to the Rank of Captain and made temporary acting CAG in Epiphany's absence.
Date: 14/06/2016 (OOC Date)
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Petra Alejandro 
Ready Room, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Fri Dec 30 15:57:41 2005

A lot of things happened over Saturnalia that is best left unsaid, savoured in private. Since that craziness, things have been getting back to normal. Alejandro sits in the Ready Room, his hang over more or less finally gone as he reviews gun footage from Aerilon. He's dressed in his duty blues and mostly looks sleepy and bored, but he has an electronic notepad and a stylus. Occasionally he glances at it and makes a few observation notes as the gun footage continues to play. A cup of black coffee and a coffee pot are set a bit to his left and an ashtray shows evidence of a recently smoked cigarette. The lights are otherwise off in the chamber and the sound is turned down very low as Raven's voice comes over the wireless and Rourke's responds while she is flying against a Raider. Glimpses of the landscape below shows a winding river, a blown up AA battery smoking, and a partly bombed out small town with partial tree cover.

The light thump of standard boots can be heard outside before the ready room hatch is pushed open, and Petra's bald and inked head pops through, checking to see if he's interrupting anything. Spying the squadron leader in the dim, he turns his gaze to the footage to see what's being watched, then finally steps in and nudges the hatch closed behind him. He doesn't really interrupt the playback, he just makes his way over to the row Alejandro is parked in and sinks heavily into one of the seats, putting his ever-present clipboard down on the writing table, and takes a long drink from his coffee. Watching the screen, he murmurs, "Lieutenant."

The hatch opens and Hobo glances over to see who it is as he is expecting someone. But that's not the new guy, Luc! Salazar blinks and looks more carefully before he starts to push himself right up to his feet, "Colonel, Sir." He almost says something and then offers instead, "Ehm… Fresh coffee if you want a warm up." Petra's seated but he can remain standing until he's told it's fine for him to resume his seat. The gun footage plays on, ignored for the moment.

Petra tries to wave off the man getting to his feet, but instead settles for a murmured, "As you were, Lieutenant." He takes another drink from his own mug then eyes the offered coffee before adding, "Im good. I wont take up much of your time, if you've got about 15 minutes to chat?" One brow goes up in curiosity as he focuses on Alejandro's face, "Unless I missed a pretty big update, you're my Viper lead, right? They call you Hobo?"

Alejandro is not usually a very formal kind of guy. You don't have to tell him twice to resume his seat - he does so and goes back to sort of sprawling in it and pours himself more coffee. "I have all the time you want, Colonel. Waiting on two new viper pilots to show up in a while. Put them through the sims tonight and see where they stand." A nod, "Yes, sir. On both counts." If this isn't about Saturnalia antics, he can relax. Hopefully. Salazar pauses the gun footage and tracks it back, then leaves it frozen where Petra had walked in. He sips his coffee once before he asks, "What can I do for you, Sir? This about Janik or Raynor?"

Petra mmms and slowly shakes his head in the negative at the second question, "No, actually this is about Major Arrington. I don't know what already filtered down, but the Admiral's had to temporarily repurpose our CAG for a while off ship, and while I have faith our two Squadron Leaders can handle things without her….you wouldnt BE Squadron Leader if you couldn't handle it….seeing as how the Major did not designate a deputy CAG, that leaves us with a bit of a hole and confusion when one of my other Department Heads wants to talk to the Wing." He pauses and glances at the frozen screen, then back to Alejandro's face, "So really, two problems."

"Ah, well, not really a problem. Butch and I are easy to get along with and we work well together. I expect between the two of us, the Captain and I can do whatever you need, Sir." Alejandro doesn't seem to be worried about that, "The CAG isn't expected to be gone long, I assume. You have a mission plan you want us to work on?"

Petra rumbles again softly while he listens, and takes a longer drink from his mug. Important to inhale it all before it gets cold, of course, "Nothing at the moment, but that might change soon. Im sure you and Captain St. Clair will do fine. As for how long the Major will be gone…that, I don't know. So as tempting as the idea of letting you two go at it is, we ARE a Battlestar, not a mercenary unit, so it's important to keep the organization up so the machine continues to work well in a crisis. To that end, I need an acting Commander, Air Group. When we get Major Arrington back, they'll probably end up Deputy so we don't go through this if we lose her again. The problem with THAT is a can't very well have a Lieutenant CAG…can I?" Again, that brow goes up while he studies Alejandro's face.

Hobo is listening in his laid back, slightly slouchy way as he sips coffee. As Petra goes on to the last, both of his dark brows go up and he adjusts his position in his chair to actually sit up. Ale gives the Colonel a funny look, "Captain St. Clair is senior to me, Sir. Why would you … want me, when I was only recently made Squadron Leader?" His cup of coffee is set aside, taken a little by surprise by this visit. "I'm happy to do whatever is required, of course." Even if it's temporary.

Petra chuckles softly, "Captain St. Clair and I have been on this boat since NOMAD originally started, long before the war began. The Captain does not have aspirations to higher command and likes having her ass in the pilot's seat, and she knows if she makes CAG, that time starts getting more and more limited as her ass will need to be in the CAG's office chair more and more. She's a damned good pilot, and a damned good leader, but I also want my people doing what they are best at." He pauses there to upend his mug and drain the last of it, before setting it down, "As for you having just made Squadron Leader…well, this is a war. A year ago, I was a Captain and a Junior Tactical Officer. Four months ago, I was commanding a nuclear carrier. Sometimes, opportunities are rapid…just be accepting that this isnt because we had a funeral earlier in the day, and its just a temporary reassignment. THESE, however, are not." He fishes into a pocket and offers the man a small jewel box, "Until Major Arrington returns, you are my acting CAG, and I expect you to be attending the Department Head meetings and keeping me informed as to what the Wing is doing and in need of to function. Unless you think you can't handle the job, Captain?"

Alejandro doesn't look like a fella who wants to be stuck in the CAG's office himself, if he could help it. He smiles thinly, "Nothing I'd rather be doing than flying and shooting Raiders myself, Sir. She has good sense, Captain St. Clair." Hobo twists his mouth wryly and reaches over to pour himself a bit more coffee, and Petra too, if he wants it. Then he sets the pot down and his gaze goes to the box he's offered. His eyes flick back up to Petra's, "I guess I can do that, Sir. Doesn't sound hard. It's the tedious that I hope to hand right back to Major Arrington the moment she's back." Another grin but it's brief. Alejandro accepts the small box and opens it to look at what's inside. "I've only been on the Orion about three months. Far too many of us gone in that short time, aye."

The Captain's pins inside at least appear to be new…anything else would probably be grossly morbid of the colonel. Slowly, he nods his head, also accepting the coffee while he listens, "I dont expect you are going to run into much tedious while you are here, Captain. We are going to have our hands full for a very long time. Unfortunately I don't know what the Major recently was working on…I don't micromanage my Department Heads - I trust them to do their jobs and to let me know when they need something they don't have the authority to just go get, themselves, so you might have to pick up the pieces a little and do a quick assessment of anything that still needs doing…like with the Rhinos, I expect. When you need something, you hunt my ass down. The ability of the Air Wing to function is critical and unless the phrase 'we just lost power' or 'Raiders are boarding the ship' are coming out of someone else's mouth, you probably are going to have priority over anything else I am dealing with, if you want to talk. So don't, under any circumstances, hesitate to come talk to me if you need to. Understood?"

The Captain's pins he looks at for a moment, then his attention is back on Petra, listening. "I can ask around and find out. I know she was working with the Chief Engineer with the Pilgrim or something so I'll check with the Captain. I'll make sure anyone who needs a followup gets one. The Major probably has notes in her office - anything not sealed to her personally I'll look at. May give me direction, Sir." Hobo gives a slow nod about the Rhinos, "Westcott was working with Arrington with the Rhinos so I'll speakd with her. She'll know." A pause before he nods, "Understood, Sir. Do my best."

Petra nods once in agreement with that, and finally rises to his feetl collecting his mug and clipboard. Shifting them all to one hand, he even straightens up enough to offer the new Captain a salute and a murmured, "Congratulations, Captain. I'll look forward to speaking more with you, later."

Alejandro moves to stand and returns the salute, even though they are indoors on board the ship. It's a special occasion and due a little extra formality. "Thank you, Colonel. I hope not to disappoint. I'll get right on it." It won't kill him to stand briefly at attention before he returns to his own work.

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