AWD #146: Across the Line
Across the Line
Summary: Raptor reconnaissance across the Armistice Line explores Cylon territory. It's dark back there.
Date: 01/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Space — The Final Frontier
AWD #146

The Raptor is packed, fueled to capacity and ready to go at 15:00 hours. A pre-mission briefing was held, covering as much as it could. Which, admittedly, wasn't much. Jump out into dark territory beyond the Armistice Line and see if anything exists out there. Which could put them into the heart of whatever passes for Cylon civilization, or a very long, dull trip that amounts to hours and hours of staring into the nothigness of deserted space. Whichever will be the case, they're about to find out. Phin's already loaded into the Raptor. As a passenger. This was his dumb idea, but he can't fly the thing, so he's just here to 'observe.' And get himself blown up along with those who volunteered to go out, if it comes to that. He's strapped himself in and he even brought a book. To keep himself occupied while the Raptor crew does the actual work.

Kingsbury is walking minorly wounded as he limps toward the Raptor. He was in a firefight late last night, and had to fly he, Toybox, and Bigmouth home. So he's eyeing the bird warily as he approaches, but he doesn't object. He just straps in and goes over pre-flight protocols. Phin gets a nod.

He was early out to the deck, and has been checking the pre-flight an extra time around. So now Jason's starting to get ready as he steps into the bird again now, offering a nod and a grin to both of the others, pausing at Kingsbury's limp. "Been in a bar fight or something?" he asks a bit lightly, before he moves into the pilot seat now. "Shall we get ready for this, then?"

"You OK to fly, man?" Phin asks Kingsbury, minor note of concern in his voice. "I heard the Raptor you and Toybox were flying was hit harsh by the Forges." Jason gets a nod. He's ready, at least. Not that he needs to be terribly prepped to sit and rubberneck.

Kingsbury shrugs at Jason. "Was in a nasty firefight last night," Royal says. "I had to fly the bird home. Toybox's still in Sickbay. Bigmouth isn't in great shape, either." He shrugs at Phin. "I'm doin' all right. Toybox got beat up. Might want to check in on her."

There's a wince as Jason hears that, and he takes a few deep breaths. Looking about to say something, he closes his mouth again, looking to the controls for a few moments now. "She's… They're both going to make it, right?" Spoken a bit quietly, before he starts bringing the Raptor out and about after getting the clearance to depart.

Phin nods to Kingsbury, also wincing slight. "Been a hell of a week, between that and Yggs and Squire coming home from the SABER mission all frakked up. Anyway. Nice, flying the Raptor back. Shouldn't have to do it again today. Hopefully." He mostly sounds confident of that. Mostly. He tilts his head, awaiting the answer to Jason's question as they head out.

They're cleared to go, and the Raptor heads out into the familiar space above Piraeus. The first coordinate set to explore is also, at least, semi-familiar. As it's a location on the Colonial side of the Line. The old Armistice Station. Its location hasn't been visited in the time of the Cylon attacks, though, so it's still uncertain exactly what might be found there.

Kingsbury looks to Stand-Up in surprise. "Yeah, man, everyone's chill. I wouldn't be here if people were dyin'. I'd feel too guilty." He finishes pre-flight and looks at Stand-Up again, reporting everything normal. But he sounds /tired/ and like he hurts. Hopefully today will be uneventful. He sounds like he would probably not do well in battle. But he nods at Phin, and goes silent again, checking the control panel in front of him, an eye always on DRADIS.

Jason nods as he hears that, letting out another breath, before he glances back to the others for a brief moment, then starts getting the Raptor off. "Next stop, Armistice Station. Let's see what we find there…" And off they go.

The Raptor winks in and out of jump space, and Piraeus disappears. In its place, a remote patch of space on the edge of the Colonial system. The Armistice Station was built here more than forty years ago, after the First Cylon War, to establish a meeting place where humanity and chrome could meet each year and discuss matters peacefully. The Cylons, according to all records, never bothered to make an appearance at it.

The station isn't immediately visible, though they jumped in far enough away from it that that isn't, by itself, odd. It should come within visual range in five minutes or so as the Raptor lays in a course for it, though. For his part, Phin's quiet now. He sits in the back, peering out a viewport. Neck a little craned with anticipation of…whatever they're heading toward.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Good Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Alertness: Success.

"Oh, frak," Kingsbury says to Superstar. "There's no sign of the station, but there is wreckage, it looks like." He looks frustrated and a little horrified. "Something's wrong, man."

"Can't see anything out there either…" Jason replies as he hears that, wincing a little now. "Something's not quite right here. Taking us in to where the Station is supposed to be." Bringing the Raptor in there a bit slower and more cautiously now. "Keep things ready in case we need to get out fast?"

"You bet, Superstar." Kingsbury is spooked. It's obvious in his voice. His hands are on the controls and his eyes on DRADIS.

It is wreckage, as Kingsbury said. That's plain enough as they approach the Armistice Station. What was the Armistice Station, by the look of things. There's enough debris floating in space to account for it, but all that's left of it are floating chunks of bulkheads, loose pieces of equipment, and even the odd sofa or other item of domestic comfort. Drifting silently in space. There are traces of burn marks on some of it, but whatever destroyed it, the fire was out long ago. All that's left is the remnants.

Phin lets out a low whistle, as he squints at it from his place in the back. "Damn…"

Kingsbury bites his lip and keeps his eyes on the DRADIS. Just too much to deal with right now.

"Frak…" Jason begins, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Looks like they decided to take this place fully apart." Stating the obvious, the thing to do in such a situation. There's a brief pause, before he adds, "Anything more of interest in this spot, or should we jump on to the next?"

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Good Success.

Kingsbury shakes his head and clears his throat. "There's signs of nuclear residue. It was nuked," he says, stating the obvious. "No trace of toasters anywhere, not even in long range. We're alone." He sounds full-on spooked, now.

Phin shifts on his seat, so he's not so twisted around to gawk at flying debris. "Take us a little farther up our side of the Armistice Line. Lieutenant Gray in Intel wanted us to scope out the location where the Orion found the wreckage of the Roland Reese before the attacks. It shouldn't be far from here." Indeed, the coordinates for that are an easy jump away, still in Colonial territory. Maybe the eeriness of even this piece of space is making Phin less eager to see what's on the Cylon side.

Jason nods a little bit as he hears Phin's words, starting to bring the Raptor a bit further in that direction. "Let's head over there, and then get the rest of this taken care of, shall we?" Nodding a bit as he hears Kingsbury. "Time to leave the graveyard here."

Kingsbury exhales. "Yeah. Do what we gotta, then get out."

There's more wreckage at the site of the Reese, but that's to be expected. The ship was blown, so long ago, before the attacks, by the Colonials themselves, after all. Apart from that…more signs of nothing. The Raptor continues to fly alone on its side of the Armistice Line. At least it means they haven't run into the enemy yet. Even if it doesn't make the place any less eerie. Phin takes deep breaths as he stares out the window, however little of import he can see. He's interested enough in it not to have cracked his book yet.

Still frowning as he looks out there, Jason lets out a bit of a sigh. "And now for the fun part…" he remarks a bit absently. "Ready for the jump?" Taking a few deep breaths as he keeps on looking out there now.

"Yeah. I'm ready." Kingsbury closes his eyes for a long moment before opening them again. "Hit it."

Phin smirks at Jason. "You've got an interesting idea of 'fun', Superstar. Makes me wonder how you throw a party." Nevertheless, there is a tremor of anticipation in his voice. This is, technically, where no one has boldly gone before. "Yeah. Cool. Umm, I mean, yeah. Go for it."

"Well, I'm an interesting person," Jason replies a bit lightly to Phin, before he nods at Kingsbury's words, and takes another deep breath. "Hear it goes…" And as he was told, he hits it. Now to see where they end up this time.

<FS3> Jason rolls Piloting: Good Success.

The jump is a good one. It hits its mark perfectly, and they're off into the unknown. The ship blinks back into existence in what, at first glance, seems to be another large, dark spread of empty space. But this time there's no sign of Colonial wreckage. And the information on the star system they're in is sketchy, at best. This is Cylon territory.

Kingsbury begins to look over the control panel, eagle-eyed and sharp.

Jason looks around a bit carefully. "Well, this is a good start," he remarks, mostly to himself. "Anything in particular out there?" Not sure about where in this whole lot of emptiness to bring the Raptor now.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Good Success.

"Nothing's here. We're alone. But we can get some star mapping data, Superstar," Kingsbury reports dutifully.

Phin sits a little forward on his seat. Putting himself on the edge of it, literally. Even if unexplored enemy territory is, at first, more exciting in theory than practice. To Kingsbury, he nods. Maybe a little disappointed, but not overly so. There's a certain thrill to being in an unknown part of space that hasn't quite worn off yet. "At least it's quiet," he notes. Though he doesn't sound sure whether that's a good thing or not.

"Peace and quiet are good things," Jason replies with a nod, before he nods a bit at Kingsbury's words. "Sounds like a good plan. I'm sure the higher-ups could use the data if we're ever to come over here again. Let's do it." A brief pause, and a grin as he turns to the others briefly. "Just let me know where I should point this thing."

Space is big. And Cylon space, at least the first parts of it the Raptor encounters, is big and empty, and rather boring. They get a lot of star mapping data from the first couple of coordinate points, but there's no sign of Cylon contact. Or anything else. The novelty of being in uncharted territory wears off for Phin eventually and he picks up his book, skimming it. Without a great deal of attention on the plot, admittedly. He's getting nervous that this might, indeed, have been a pointless endeavor. "How're we doing on fuel?" he asks, breaking what's been a stretch of silence as the Raptor its exploration of this area.

"Still looking good," Jason replies a bit quietly, before he adds, "At least for now. The book any good?" At least they could do most of the mapping without using too much of the fuel, right? "How many places do we have left to check?"

Kingsbury stretches and looks around, rubbing his eyes. He then sighs and falls silent again.

"I've read it before," Phin says, without much interest in the book. He nods, about the fuel. "Were four. So…two more, after this." He also rubs at his eyes, turning to peer out at the starfield again. Maybe the next jump will yield something more interesting. At this point, he's started hoping for the excitement he was dreading the first time.

Jason nods a bit. "Let's try one more, then…" Focusing fully on the controls again, he hits the button. Time to see where this next jump gets them.

Kingsbury is already ready for the jump, thankfully!

This time, their third jump in Cylon-occupied space, puts the Raptor on the edge of an asteroid belt. Which right away creates more interference for the DRADIS to deal with. The belt itself must be huge. At least as large as the Ouranos Asteroid Belt in the Colonial system, and possibly a good deal longer. It stretches far beyond their visual range, even at a distance.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Success.

"Frak me," Kingsbury breathes. "There's a basestar out there, in the asteroid belt. It's a ways off, and it hasn't seen us from what I can tell.. but it's lurking there, waiting for something."

"Oh, frak…" Jason begins, letting out a bit of a sigh. "Think we can get some scans done and get out of here before it can notice we're here?" Making sure to keep the Raptor from hitting the rocks now, he adds, "Make sure to keep the FTL ready as soon as we can. If they see us, we should be ready to go at once."

"Oh, frak…" Phin echoes the pilot and ECO. He instinctively puts his book down, but then realizes there's nothing for his hands to do. Except grab onto something tightly. "I wonder what this place even is to them. Yeah. I mean. Jump as soon as you think it's too hot to stick around. But this is the first sign of Cylons we've seen back here. Seems worth a closer look."

"Ready, Superstar. I will punch it if I gotta." Royal swallows hard, but nods in slow, reluctant agreement with Dolly.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Jason rolls Piloting: Great Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Alertness: Success.

"Time to go," Kingsbury announces, an edge to his voice. "Raiders. Heavy Raider a few clicks away. We need to go go go!"

Skillfully bringing the Raptor out of the way of a few of the asteroids, Jason nods a bit. "Whatever it is, it must be important to them, sending a Basestar out into this." He grimaces as he hears Kingsbury's words. "Can you see anything out there on your systems, Royal?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Let's get out of here!"

"Uh…yeah," is all Phin can say, to the pronouncement that it's time to go. He holds on tight. He's minus any Viper cannons to shoot at the moment, but he at least sends good thoughts.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Good Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Piloting: Good Success.

It's unclear if the Raptor has been spotted. With all the interference from the field, it's hard to parse out anything you aren't directly on top of. They can catch a glimpse of that Heavy Raider Kingsbury noted, as they turn to go. Turning to land on one of the asteroids, for some reason. But that lack of interest from the Cylons probably won't last.

Kingsbury hits the FTL. The jump goes off without a hitch, and Kingsbury keeps an eye on the DRADIS to see if they're followed. He breathes hard, relaxing very little.

On edge until they've finished the jump, Jason leans back a bit in his seat as he lets out a bit of a breath. "What were they doing out there?" Looking around to see what this next place is now.

The Raptor once again blinks out, and in again, to space. The asteroid belt, and whatever that basestar and those many Raiders were doing there, is gone behind them. In its place, a planet. A gas giant, more accurately, the swirling greenish clouds of its surface visible in the distance. Though they're far enough away that the Raptor's handling isn't yet affected by the pull of its gravitational field. From here, they can see a large moon in orbit around it, but not much else.

"Mining, or something. I don't know… We'll have to research some. But I'm so freaked out I can't think straight." Kingsbury swallows hard and shakes his head. "But there's something going on there. We need to figure it out eventually." He begins to bite his nails, eyes on the DRADIS.

Phin lets out a long, audible sigh of relief as the Raptor completes it's jump away from the asteroid field and its basestar residents. "That was some sweet flying," he says. He doesn't often get to experience a Raptor from this angle. He has no interest in going back to his book now, peering out at the planet.

"We probably do, yes," Jason replies, sitting up a bit better again now, and looking out there again. "Thanks," is offered to Phin, before he lets out another breath. "Anything out there?"

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Ecm: Good Success.

"It's hard to read specifics," Royal says, "but that moon seems to have large deposits of tylium."

"Like fuel deposits?" Phin basically repeats the thing about 'tylium', but with slightly different words. "Well, that's something. Damn, that planet's huge." He squints, as if that will give him more intel on it from his somewhat off-kilter view in the backseat. It doesn't, particularly.

Jason nods a little as he hears that. "Moving us in a bit closer. Be ready to jump if something comes up." Bringing the Raptor forward now, he let out a bit of a sigh. "Only trounle if it's tylium is that there might be someone guarding it, even if we haven't seen them yet…"

Kingsbury spools up the FTL. "Ready to jump when you are." He keeps eyes on the DRADIS, though.

The moon is, indeed, anything but deserted. It's impossible to miss once they get a little closer. The mining facility on the moon of it is huge, a robotic octopus of an operation that almost seems to cover the entire surface. There's also a large, almost cigar-shaped ship parked in orbit. It doesn't match any configuration of a vessel in current records, but it's plainly not Colonial.

"What's that ship…?" Jason says as he sees that cigar-shaped ship. "Someone take a few photos of that one? And on the facility down there as well?" Looking around a bit carefully. "Where's the patrols…" he mutters under his breath.

"Interesting," Kingsbury says, eyes locked on DRADIS still. That's all he has to say, but his eyes are peeled still. The slump of his shoulders indicate swiftly-growing exhaustion. When Superstar recommends photos, he picks up a camera and starts to take pictures, rapid-fire.

<FS3> Kingsbury rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Phin edges up again, in another futile attempt to squint for vital intelligence. "I don't know, man," he murmurs to Jason, about where the patrols might be. It's plainly bothering him, as well. He doesn't have the best angle of the strange ship, but he gawks at what he can make out.

"Frak me, there's another basestar. It's behind the moon," Kingsbury reports. He sounds almost numb, this time. "Can we just go /home/ now? Before we get into trouble?"

"I guess that answers it…" Jason replies after a few moments, before he nods a bit. "Let's go home…" Looking back to the moon and the planet for a few moments, before turning the Raptor away from there.

"Uh, yeah. Home is good," is all Phin says. Checking his straps. Yep, they're secure. And home the Raptor goes.

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