After-Action Reports


On this page can be found short IC incident summaries of important events we've run on this game. These are brief and straightforward reports voided of emotions, analysis, and personal thoughts, which focus solely on describing the event and its immediate consequences. They are intended to give players an easy way to catch up on the big happenings of the day!

When posting new AARs, please list them in reverse chronological order and use the template provided.

To create an AAR please refer to this page [] and enter the name in the AAR page creator and follow the instructions before creating for page naming.

After-Action Reports



MD #279: Recon Comm Station- >A lone raptor completes a long series of jumps to quietly do recon of the Comm station in the Arpay system.

MD #264 Contact Calumet- >A small team is landed on Calumet to attempt contact with Skath Resistance

MD #255: Recon Calumet and Bominaire- >LTs Sawyer and Oates reconn Bominaire and Calumet

MD #257: Picon Copper Basin Marines- >The evacuation of Copper Basin - Piper Crossing and Kolwyn, Picon.

MD #256: Picon Copper Basin - Airwing- >Brief combat action over Picon to clear Skath ships out of orbit for civilian evac of Piper Crossing and Kolwyn.

MD #162: Operation Buccaneer - Ground- >Marine and Deck's action on Aerilon at the Pless Bunker and Market.

MD #162: Operation Buccaneer - Extraction- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the aar repository page.

MD #161: Operation Buccaneer - Stage Three- >The Air Wing makes the first round of strikes against enemy targets on Aerilon.

MD #140: P-271-8- >Summary report/AAR of P-271-8 recon.

MD #063: Arpay Army Rescue- >Orion Marines are dropped on Calumet to find a missing Arpay Army platoon and discover they were attacked by Clerics.

MD #041: Operation Cold Forge- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the aar repository page.

MD #020: Operation Smokejumper- >Marines visit the planet of Bominaire and attempt to storm a castle and topple a king.

MD #007: Bominaire Stronghold Recon- >A small mixed Orion team recons a Skath stronghold on Bominaire.

MD #001: Suicide Bomber on Orion- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the aar repository page.


[Summation TBD]

AAR: Cylon Evacuation Of Aerilon- >An operation to supervise the evacuation of the Cylons from Aerilon in accordance with the cease-fire terms goes horribly wrong.

AAR: Aerilon Stronghold Assault- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the aar repository page.

AAR: Aerilon Raptor SAR- >Tricky mission to extract downed Raptor pilot and ECO on Aerilon under heavy combat fire while outnumbered by Cylon forces.

AAR: Armistice Station Clearing- >The Marines go to clear the Armistice station in prep for a meeting with the Cylons.

AAR: Colonial Conditions Update- >Colonial Conditions as of 13 AUG 2006, AWD #584

AAR: Event Horizon- > An exploratory mission returns with new friends.

AAR: Library of Libran- >Marines assault the fortified mine site on Libran.



AAR: Libran Reconnoiter- >A team of marines investigate odd cylon activity on Libran.

AAR: Airwing Extract at Lake City- >The Airwing's attempted extraction of a downed Raptor crew and Marines from Lake City, Caprica.

AAR: Raptor Crash at Lake City- >A raptor is lost on Caprica.

AAR: Coffin Retrieval- >Report on the retrieval of the unknown object, known as the "coffin" orbiting in Ragnar airspare.

AAR: Munitions Depot Bombing- SF Marines and EOD Marines join forces to blow up a bomb manufacturing facility at Crossroads while SF does their thing.

AAR: Ragnar Anchorage Recon- Ragnar Anchorage Reconnaissance

AAR: Kings Bay Arrest- >Arrest of Staff Sergeant Lochias (NPC) on the Kings Bay.

AAR: Aerilon Rhinos- >The mission to retrieve Rhinos on Aerilon.

AAR: Calabar Beans- >Please replace this line with your summary. This will appear on the aar repository page.

AAR: Operation Repo- >Shaft and Jazz recover a dead Raider over Aerilon with the help of Diomedes.

AAR: Piraeus Raptor- >The former CAG Zachary's Raptor is located on the far side of Piraeus. Ruins found, team hallucinates.

AAR: Linten Incident- >Shaft, Milkshake, and Fox experience the bitter taste of possible betrayal as they nearly jump into a Cylon ambush.

AAR: QRF Rescue on Aerilon- >Report regarding marine response to a QRF under fire.

AAR: Initial Aerilon Air Support- >Report of the Viper actions over Aerilon on AWD #314.

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