AAR: Trident Recovery


July 31st, 2005

FR: Sgt Lleufer Ynyr
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
RE: Trident Recovery


On July 31st, 2005, Raptor pilot Lt Karna reported visual of at least two ships of Fleet design while her team was returning from checking unscouted sections of the Ouranos Belt in Gamma. The ships appeared to be running dark, no radio contact, no running lights, no idea of damage or their status. Upon return, a small team was assembled to go and check it out. Led initially by Lt. Karna who ferried us out, Captain Samtara Nadir handed our team lead to Lt. Kale Degan.

Within the asteroid clutter, Lt. Karna distinguished not two, but five Fleet ships. They appeared to be a guided missile cruiser, minesweepers and flak frigates for close-in defense. Lt. Degan attempted radio contact with no response, reporting their engines were shut down, no heat signatures off the hulls, no emissions. Lt Karna had identical results on the other ships, guns safetied, all dark. She took us in to land in the cruiser's hanger bay where our team disembarked. Within, all was silent, deserted, but stowed tidy. Emergency power was up to provide minimal lighting. No sign of life, no sign of struggle. All small craft were absent, deployed - everything otherwise shipshape.

Hanger swept and secured, no signs of chemicals, photos and air samples taken, our team cautiously proceeded to the bridge to seek Command. Every corridor we passed was empty, no clutter, no signs of fighting, every indication of a careful evac without haste. Once at CIC, all was as neat and tidy, powered down. A single sheet of paper which Lt. Kale picked up. Silo hatch controls were dark, keys absent. Safeties in place, everything looked fully armed and fueled in so far as we could determine with the comps offline. Lt. Kale directed us to go to Command Quarters.

It was unlocked, no one posted. A man and woman lay in the bed unmoving. A folder on the desk was labeled 'Nuclear Release & Packages — Command Staff Only — CGC-41-N'. Lain on the binder are two dogtag chains with silo keys attached to each. Beside the binder was a two-page, handwritten note: Trident Note

Lt Kale took up the binder and ordered us to return to ship.



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Please see AWD #206: Mystery Ships Recon attached.

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