AAR: Site 994A-3 Investigation and Personnel Recovery


December 15, 2004

FR: CPT Bennett St. Clair
TO: ADM Louis G. Jameson
CC: MAJ Marcus Petra, MAJ John Wisdom, ENS Ygraine Vashti
RE: Site 994A-3 Investigation


At 1700 hours on December 15th, 2004, ENS Vashti and myself, CPT St. Clair, received orders to retrieve a member of CIDSR personnel — Dr. Fionnula Taylor — from Sheridan's Main Landing Zone, and transport her to blasting site 994A-3, located 48 miles to the south and west of the Encampment. Coordinates follow.

Nothing out of the ordinary was noted on either approach or landing. Operations appeared to be proceeding as normal. We then rendezvoused with another member of CIDSR, Pete Fischer, on the ground. We were informed of an issue with drillbits breaking during the blasting process, for reasons unknown to the crew. Mr. Fischer claimed that the breakages were occuring at a depth of about seven and a half feet. Three drilling locations reported similar issues. The drill holes were said to be warm, and scans indicated radioactive material, namely gamma and trace neutron energies, at all drilling sites. Sheared drill bits had been buried, and all other procedures followed with regards to radiation concerns. Mr. Fischer confirmed that the operation was to be terminated indefinitely until further investigation could be performed by hazardous materials teams, and we agreed to transport one of his crew who had touched the drill bits to the Joseph Kildare.

I had ENS Vashti run a level four and five radiometric scan on our ascent, and she reported that initial readings were at point four greys, with the strongest levels being directly over the drill holes. She suggested that the entire valley may be irradiated at some distance below ground, and that layers of sediment from a previous landslide may be what was interfering with the readings.

I ordered ENS Vashti to download all data to secure hard drive, and wipe the sensor banks upon our return to Orion. I suggest a much more in-depth analysis of the sensor data, and possibly a return trip to obtain aerial imagery and auxiliary sonar sweeps of site 994A-3.





Please see attached.

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