AAR: Site 994A-3 Drill Bit Recovery


December 23, 2004

FR: CPT Bennett St. Clair
TO: ADM Louis G. Jameson
CC: MAJ Marcus Petra, MAJ Richard Duke
RE: Site 994A-3 Equipment Recovery


At 1700 hours on December 23rd, 2004, two raptor crews containing science, medical and engineering teams were deployed to the eastern hemisphere of Piraeus for a return mission to Site 994A-3. Our purpose was to retrieve one of the drill bits amongst several that had been lost during operations at the site, bring it back to Orion for testing, and collect any soil and ground samples that the situation permitted to determine the cause of radiation signatures detected at the site. PO Rutlii, with ENS Vashti's assistance, performed a temporary modification on the lead raptor, in effect rerouting power from weapons to sensors, and boosting capabilities of our EM suite. I, CPT St. Clair, signed off on this modification with the understanding that it would be reverted following the mission, and reviewed by the Chief prior to the vehicle re-entering regular rotation.

Weather was inclement on our way down, but the coordinates of the drill site were reached without incident. Once there, myself and ENS Lennox maintained a holding pattern roughly one hundred feet above the proposed entry drill hole. I asked ENS Vashti to initiate a sensor sweep, which came back inconclusive. It was indicated that we would need to remove the drill bit before gaining any information about the radioactive material. With clearance from CIC, I ordered LT Garrido to rappel down into the drill hole and secure the drill bit for retrieval.

During this operation, LT Garrido's suit became caught on the drill's apparatus, and tore, exposing him directly to radiation. I ordered him to climb out immediately, with my assistance, and requested ENS Lennox retrieve him and have Dr. Nora Phareem administer first aid. Meanwhile, we were able to extract the drill bit from the ground. ENS Vashti then informed me that readings had spiked, and that radiation levels below ground were in the vicinity of 1800 to 1900 rads. She also reported readings indicating iron deposits, granite and lime, and traces of bitumen. The deposits are spread throughout the whole of the valley.

Dr. Khrysos Pindar expressed his reservations that the source could possibly be a deactivated nuclear device, given the numbers. I made the decision to abort the remainder of the mission, and we were ordered to RTB by Command.

Given the radiation levels detected underground, and the size of the drill bit, we elected to lift it onto Orion's flight deck rather than attempt to bring it aboard the raptor. An engineering team was requested by myself enroute, as well as decon teams for all crew and passengers. All flight and sensor data have been downloaded to external drive, and the raptors' memory banks scrubbed.


Flight Crew




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