AAR: Pallas Evacuation

The air wing is tasked with evacuating the survivors on Pallas.



04 Aug 2005

FR: CPT Bennett St. Clair
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MAJ Atalanta R. Franklin
RE: Pallas Evacuation


At approximately 17:00 hours on August 4th, 2005, four raptors comprising extraction team eight were dispatched to the Astromestrics wing of Pallas's Genevieve Station with the intent of marine insertion and civilian evacuation. On the initial trip out to the planet, no enemy contacts were sighted. Approach and landing atop the insertion points was completed successfully, and marine units proceeded to deboard the raptors. LT Vashti reported unidentified heat signatures toward the rear of the structure, and advised caution.

Shortly after, we began to receive the civilian evacuees. Most of these people were in various states of malnutrition, sickness and/or noncommunicative. Once we confirmed that all raptors were fully loaded, I requested dustoff and we commenced a return to Orion. Approximately three minutes into the return trip, several of the evacuees began to grow agitated. There was an altercation on board LT Kane's raptor, which was subsequently brought under control by LT Vashti when she managed to subdue the perpetrator. At roughly the same time, two of the passengers aboard the raptor I was flying began to exhibit signs of agitation. I requested that LT Nasreen — who had been accompanying the flight in the capacity of emergency medical care — sedate the individuals in the interests of safety of passengers and crew. However, the male passenger became increasingly agitated to the point of attacking LT Nasreen. She was unable to maintain control of the situation, and the passenger lunged for the pilot's compartment — stabbing and killing LTJG John "Pitbull" Watkins, my countermeasures officer.

LT Nasreen was then able to subdue and sedate the passenger, and I instructed her to restrain him while I initiated a landing sequence aboard Orion. LTJG Watkins was pronounced DOA by medical.

As soon as our passengers had deboarded and the raptors had been refueled, we were instructed to return to the landing zone. By this time, enemy contacts had been sighted in orbit, and the viper wing was dispatched simultaneously to fly close air support. Our extraction team was able to penetrate enemy lines and return to the landing zone at the designated time for retrieval of the marine unit. Some damage was taken to several of the raptors, but all remained intact.

Marine unit was successfully retrieved while the extraction team sustained heavy raider fire. Vipers were able to draw the brunt of the fire and enabled us to dust off and return to Orion without further incident.




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