AAR: Investigating Unknown Activity On Picon


27 April 2005 (AWD 111)

FR: LT Elijah Morgan
TO: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: LTCL Marcus Petra, MAJ Cyrus Beckett, CAPT Ron Siska
RE: Investigating unknown activity no Picon


Command received several unconfirmed reports from field sources that a group of uniformed officers were active in an area near the edge of the Guerrilla Zone on Picon. Sources indicated that more than a dozen uniformed personnel were part of this unknown group. On orders from TACCO LTC Marcus Petra, members of Charlie Company, with support from medical, took two raptors to Picon to investigate.

The raptors landed near a rest stop on the edge of the forest in the "Guerrilla area" and my team disembarked. After checking the rest area itself for signs of life, we proceeded toward the treeline of the wooded area until we observed signs of possible human activity occurring within the woods – cooking of food and talking. Taking Satff Sergeant Kavilas, Corporals Baca and Fischer, and Dr. Nadir with me, I proceeded cautiously into the woods to investigate while our second fire team, consisting of personnel with rifles and one LMG, disbursed into the woods surround the encampment and await further instructions.

We found approximately 40 individuals wearing Colonial marine and navy uniforms, officers and NCOs of high rank. The ranking officer was a female with the rank of Commander. I advised the others to remain in the trees. Then I stepped into the clearing. I quickly identified the leader by insignia that ranked her as a Commander. I hailed her and she ordered me to step forward. At that time, Staff Sergeant Kalivas also stepped forward. She identified us as personnel from the Orion, and then identified me and herself by name. The commander indicated that we were "disrupting an operation in progress." She asked about the nature of our mission. I informed her that, Intelligence informed us activity had been reported in this sector but its nature could not be determined. I indicated that we came to ascertain the nature and purpose of the group.

The commander asserted that "Spree is not in the information loop" about her group and that its operation "falls outside her purview." She indicated that we were welcome to stay but should consider our observations as classified. Dr. Nadir then questioned the authorization of the group's mission. At that point, the commander rephrased her invitation as an order that we would stay until completion of the operation in one week. Throughout this time, only the commander spoke and the members of her group obeyed her orders without audible response, like machines.

I concluded that the commander was operating outside of the chain of command, and therefore illegally, although I gave no indication of this. I told the commander that if we could not remain silent for a week without drawing further attention from our superiors. While I waited for her answer to that point, I signaled covertly to Corporal Baca to be ready to shoot if necessary. The commander failed to respond to my warning about the ramifications of our failure to report, and Corporal Baca fired. The commander's group charged us and opened fire. We returned fire in self defense. Our supporting personnel in the woods also opened fire in our defense. The enemy continued to advance with unwavering, and again almost machine-like determination, until all were dead or wounded.

The firefight lasted for only a few seconds due to the LMG. After firing ceased, we moved to recover all wounded personnel, including the sole survivor of the commander's group. Then we returned to the Orion. We are holding the prisoner are recovering in the sickbay and should be available for questioning soon. The highest ranking officer among our wounded opponents was a lieutenant colonel. The commander died almost instantly in the initial gunfire. Upon inspection, we determined that all of the encamped personnel were wearing patches identifying them as personnel from the Flak Frigate Roland Reese.





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