AAR: Helios Delta Recon

Recon to Helios Delta.



Jan 18th, 2005

FR: MAJ Bennett St. Clair
TO: ADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
CC: MAJ Zachary Sheperd, LTC Marcus Petra
RE: AAR: Helios Delta Recon



At 21:00 hours on 18 January 2005, LT Keller and I undertook a reconaissance mission to Helios Delta, for the purposes of gathering information on the status of the colonies therein. Detailed observations follow.



Upon completing our final jump to Aquaria, and assuming a standard high geostationary orbit, there appeared to be no cylon presence on the colony. LT Keller informed me, however, that he detected very strong electromagnetic interference. He was unable to pinpoint the source, though believed it to be something considerably large like a cylon basestar. Major urban centres still appeared to have power, and no radiological emissions were detected. I instructed the LT to bring us in closer, and our findings were corroborated. See attached imagery labeled AQ-01 through AQ-23. Several townships we flew over were left untouched, but the main spaceport had been gutted by what we presume to be cylon fire.

LT Keller then informed me that he had a reading on a cylon basestar and two additional contacts, on an approach vector for our raptor. I instructed him to spool FTL engines and initiated a deadstick maneuver in the meantime: thereby powering down weapons and auxiliary systems and guiding the raptor in a freefall toward the planet. We escaped the enemy contacts without any damage taken.


I recommend a return to Aquaria to determine the full scope of the situation. Clearly parts of the colony have been targeted in order to cripple it, but not destroy it. I believe there to be many survivors on the colony.



We entered Aerelon's orbit to discover a basestar present atop the colony. Scans initially revealed nothing, until we closed in on a mid-level geosynchronous orbit. Audio file AE-01 is included with our recording of what we heard over the radio upon entering the outer atmosphere. We discovered what sounded like a large battle being fought over portions of the eastern hemisphere.

We jumped into low orbit on my orders, to determine whether our assistance might be advantageous to the situation. We then began taking fire from multiple raiders, and discovered a significant armed force of Colonials on the ground. With the assistance of the Colonial unit, we were able to dispatch both air and ground cylon forces, and I proceeded to land our raptor in order to make contact with the unknown Colonials. Standard procedure was followed with regards to deployment of under-seat firearms. A transcription of our conversation with 'Bill' is attached, as are my notes on numerous questions that were asked. It was his belief that there is a large resistance effort ongoing on Aerelon, of which he was only a small part. He also expressed his belief that Canceron had been lost, and did not warrant any further investigation.

Bill directed us to two of his comrades who accompanied us back to Orion to provide tactical information to Command.


There is great possibility for liberation on Aerelon, and I feel we would gain much by returning. As is the case with Aquaria, I am curious to know why some colonies stood no chance against cylon forces, and others have fared comparatively better.



We did not have the opportunity to recon Canceron, as our fuel was low, and our weight was increased due to the passengers from Aerelon.


My conversation with one of the survivors on Aerelon suggests there is no hope for Canceron, though it would be prudent to have confirmation of this fact.

Due to fuel constraints, we were unable to complete a full recon of Helios Delta, including the Aeolus Asteroid Belt, Hestia and Styx. Suggest a return mission to cover any locations of lesser importance, if time, resources and personnel permit, at a later date.





Please see attached.

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