AAR: Helios Beta Recon Redux

Evans and Kelsey complete a follow up recon of the Helios Beta system.



July 13, 2005

FR: LTJG Evans, Damon
TO: RADM Jameson, Louis; CDR Faulkner, Gillian
CC: LCOL Petra, Marcus; MAJ Franklin, Atalanta
RE: 2005-01-13 Helios Beta Recon


On 13 July 2005, myself and Ensign Kelsey Wescott revisited the Helios Beta system to update the fleet's intel from observations made six months ago. Observations to follow in the order they were taken.


2 Basestars in orbit. Civilian liners sighted arriving and leaving from the planet, ident codes captured in log for Intelligence. While liners were not under escort, the basestars did nothing to intercept or impede them, leaving the assumption that they are under Cylon control.

Using information from CMDR Spree's command, we attempted a low altitude fly by, attempting to reach Captain Wells, on-site commander of Leonis resistance. A voice answering as 'Leonis Actual' who said that, if we were 'the others Spree wrote him a little note about', he had some intel to hand off to them, and requested a face to face visit. I informed him I could make no promises and would see what I could do. After confirming he was in no immediate evac or supply need, and with Raiders beginning to encroach on our position, we jumped out to Virgon and Hibernia.

Virgon and Hibernia

Virgon has been destroyed. The impact of Anchorage and the debris of fleet has caused such tectonic damage that the core of the planet has destabilized and shifted. Refer to video and still images captured by flight recorder. Virgon has cracked in half and is in the slow process of disintegrating into an asteroid belt. When this happens, Hibernia will no longer have a gravity well to keep it in place and may become an astronomical hazard for any other celestial body in Helios Beta. Intelligence will need to research the astrometrics involved with this issue. There is no chance of anything living still remaining on Virgon.


Troy's situation appears to be unchanged. A single basestar found in orbit and Raiders on patrol. Additional footage of the destroyed habitat domes was taken, then jumped out to avoid Raider entanglement.


Pallas was skipped for this recon due to the extensive work already being conducted for the ex-fil for that outpost.

Ouranos Asteroid Belt

Searching the asteroid belt is a significant undertaking and outside the scope of a single raptor recon. The belt was skipped as well.


Confirmed no presence of any remaining Colonials at this location. At this point, the Ensign and I were ambushed by three Raiders at close range, apparently hiding in the debris waiting for Colonials to return to the scene. Ensign Wescott was successfully able to outfly the Raiders while I spooled the FTL drives back up and got us out of there. At this point, we returned hom to the Orion.



  • There were no casualties.


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