AAR: Born In Fire And Fury


09 APR 2005 (AWD 93)

FR: ENS Kelsey Wescott
TO: MAJ Phoenix Straton
CC: RADM Louis Jameson, CMDR Gillian Faulkner
RE: MedEvac 04/09


At 1935 a scramble call went out for a medevac mission to Canton, Picon. Information given were coordinates and expected pick-up of a pregnant woman. Conditions were listed as calm and no hostile activity present. Approach to Canton was done at heading 270 and 500 feet AGL. Cylon artillery was seen firing in the distance and attempted radio calls to extraction team came unanswered. Green smoke was seen at listed coordinates. ENS Wescott set up a fast orbit around the town while LTJG scanned.Thermal readings indicated one live individual on the ground.

Wescott, Pilot In Command, made the decision to land and drop off LT Morgan, LT Nadir, PO2 Kalum, and PO3 Sanborn. The Raptor departed post haste and set up an aerial overwatch position. The ground team discovered a pregnant woman, Alexandria Reyes, in the process of giving birth. At roughly the same time, Evans spotted Centurions inbound to the position. Wescott ordered engagement. Evans took a position on the doorgun while Wescott made two bomb runs then used onboard 20mm.

Centurions approached the perimeter and were able to breach despite efforts of aerial gunfire support. The baby was delivered successfully. All ground personnel were wounded in the action. Wescott and Evans sustained no injuries. The Raptor was returned winchester (out of ammunition) and with minor damage to systems. Exterior damage was heavy but cosmetic only.




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