AWD #645: A Visitor
A Visitor
Summary: Lleufer Ynyr hears Doctor Nadir has returned to the Orion. He comes by the Recovery Ward to work on paperwork and sit by her bed like a protective older brother.
Date: 28/03/2017 (OOC Date)
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Samtara Lleufer Jimenez 
Recovery Ward, Medical, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flats creens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Fri Oct 13 16:34:11 2006

Empty of all other patients save for those who've needed to convalesce for minor injuries, the recovery ward is actually very quiet for a moment. Sam is asleep in one of the beds furthest from the door, a pillow tucked behind her back to keep her from rolling onto her left side and jarring the wound that is healing with the aid of nanites and Beck's surgical expertise. On the surface, she doesn't look terribly different, save for being a good deal more sun tanned, beneath the pallor that lingers from the blood loss. Her hair is a lot longer, though, and in her sleep it's gotten trapped beneath her and Sam is making an odd little noise as she starts to wake. One hand is curled in the blankets, a gold ring still worn on her left hand.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Someone has claimed the chair by her bed but otherwise left the privacy screen where it blocks some of the view of the Ward. Lleufer is seated in that chair with clipboard and a folder. He is actually in his MP uniform and may be on duty, sidearm at his hip. He has a pen in hand and sits back with one leg lifted, his booted foot over his knee to form a makeshift desk. His Arpay enhanced eyes glance up now and then to keep tabs on the hatch in case he's wanted and has to go back to the Security Hub. He can always come back later when he's off duty, but for the moment he works on the MP duty roster he's brought, flipping quietly through pages to review requests for leave, a transfer, and other matters that require his attention as Master at Arms.

The movement in her bed draws his attention. There is likewise a silvery wedding band on his left ring finger as well. Lleu's dark eyes catch the dull gleam of Sam's and he finds himself looking at her ring with surprise. Then his attention travels to her face, yet he says nothing. Remaining quiet.

Jerking awake with a start, Sam starts to shove herself upright in the bed only to have two things happen at once. The pain in her side catches her mid motion and the fact that her hair is trapped beneath her upper body instead of to the side pulls her up short. She's snagged backward with as much momentum as that which had propelled her up in the first place, pounding heart accompanied by the bitter taste of adrenaline. She slaps one hand against the sidearm that Becks had returned to her, cleaned and somehow retrieved from Bominaire. The look of confusion edged with real fear is on her face while her mind starts to catch up again. A few ticks later, but only after she's fought her way into a sitting position, sheets tangled, she blinks, just the once, at the sight of Lleu sitting beside her bed. She speaks a word but it isn't in Colonial or Arpay, exhales a breath and tries again. "Lleu? What day is.. no, that's not, no." She stops. Frowns intently, uses both hands to slowly scrub over her face and draws in a slow breath, holds, then exhales again. "Right. Orion. It's ok. There's no machines here. It's ok. Hi," she sums up with as her hands lower, both wrists still bearing bruises that haven't entirely faded. "Wow. It's been so long since I've seen you. Your eyes.. and ears.. wow, the surgery really went as well as Becks said it did."

Lleufer sits very still when Sam thrashes and suddenly sits up, reaching for her sidearm that he very well can't see beneath the sheets anyway. Very still, watchful. Nothing to draw her attention to himself nor startle her. Just give her precious seconds to figure it out without his moving or saying a word. He might have liked to have reached out and touched her, but Lleu knows. He's woken up just like that many times. So no. Just quiet as he waits.

And then she sees him and knows who he is. Lleufer carefully sets the clipboard, folder and pen aside and smiles faintly. With both sides of his mouth. Ynyr's left eyelid no longer sags, and his dark eyes are bright. No longer dulled with depression or anxiety. Still he waits, watching her as Samtara stutters through her first words. Then he nods, "You …. have no idea how happy I am to see you." No slur, his words very clear. His smile then broadens and he lifts his left hand to make a fist - and he /can/ even with his little finger, "Yes. I'm good as new, and better. Thanks to you, to her, and to the Arpay. Much has happened while you were gone. The war here is over."

Pushing the sheets aside, Sam eases to the side of the bed, the sage green scrubs she is wearing are over sized and wrinkled from sleep but she's presentable all the same. "Look at you," she replies, sounding both delighted and incredulous at the same time, reaching up with both hands to touch the sides of his face, carefully turning his head slightly from side to side. "All of the lingering affects, the muscle impairment and damage, it's all gone. Better visual and aural acuity?" she wonders and lifts her hands away from his ace to take his left hand between hers, carefully examining his hand and fingers with hers, turning his hand gently as well before she glances up again. The smile on her face is one of relief and radiant happiness. "Everything aside, all of the things the Arpay mean to us, this means the most to me right now. You're you. Whole and fit, again." She searches his face, "You look.. you're happy? You got married right?" she taps one fingertip against his wedding band, grinning. "I remembered. Remember, I mean."

He edges forward in his seat and puts out a hand to steady her when Samtara moves to sit up and swing her feet over. Lleufer is right there if she needs him, but then she's wanting to touch his face and he tenses a little, "Just don't touch my ears. Becks has warned us." In case she might forget. Sam probably wouldn't. It's a little weird having his face handled, his head turned, but it's Sam and she'd doing her doctor thing so he grins. Still a little lopsided because he got so used to only the right side of his mouth working. A soft laugh, "Yeah, very acute hearing and eye sight. I can spot things WAY off when I'm outside, and hear whispers a room away." Very gently, Lleu moves his right hand to touch her shoulder while she's examining his left hand, "I can feel your heart beating. I can sense all kinds of things close around me when I'm down world."

His baritone is kept low. Lleu gives a nod, "I am fit. I am very, very happy. Bennett and I are married. We're going to go build a cabin on Piraeus, Sam. Raise kids." He's all eager to ask her questions, to hear about her adventures. Samtara's alive. She's here! The temptation to give her a hell of a bear hug is strong, but Lleu remembers how she doesn't like to be touched. He remove his hand from her shoulder and sits watching her. Patient. Let her go at her own pace.

"Down world?" Sam wonders, listening with rapt fascination, studying his face as he speaks, nodding slowly along as well and when he removes his hand from her shoulder, she simply leans forward and hugs Lleu before he moves to far away. "You're going to go build a cabin on Piraeus and raise kids. I love it," she says with another squeeze of a hug before she leans back. "That must be distracting, seeing and hearing so intensely. Can you filter it out with focus or is it an all the time sort of thing?" she wonders. "I remembered about the ears, I promise," she adds as she sits back again, studying him once more. "What was the wedding like? Was there a big bash afterward? Who got drunk and had to do the walk of shame afterward? I'm sorry I missed it. I was going to bring something back but.. well, I couldn't. But I hope it was a good day, weather I mean. A cabin! What'll you do if ghosts who aren't ghosts show up for dinner?"

A nod for her, "Down world, like on Picon, or Piraeus. Then outside? There's /so/ much life. I can feel it all around me. Insects, little animals, things I can't even see but I can feel them, Sam. If they are close by." Oh! Then she's hugging him! Lleufer is rather startled but he'll hug her back as if Sam were fragile, something that might break. He doesn't let her go for a long moment and says really low, "I was afraid you wouldn't come back." There is that.

Lleu twists his mouth, his whole mouth wryly, "It can be very distracting. I slip in ear plugs sometimes, or wear sunglasses. Sunlight when I'm used to being on the ship most of the time, is glaring. Once I'm down a while my eyes adjust." He sits back in the chair and gets comfortable, then shrugs, "Didn't invite anyone to the wedding. Barely could get away to do it at all. A tiny gathering at Charlie's after but didn't get a chance to have a real reception." Lleu thins his mouth, "Mallas was killed. Right before. He was my friend Sam. Upsets me real bad that we lost him. So we kind of skipped it and held a Wake instead. Only, the last two days right before we even gathered for that? Was a huge battle. The Cylon jumped in on us. The Orion was a Picon but we'd sent much of the Airwing to Caprica for a mission. It was bad, Sam. Really bad. We lost three entire ships and more, as well as much of what was left of our Airwing."

A slow, deep breath. Lleufer adds low, "Then Admiral Fencer arrived and kicked Cylon ass. His task force wiped out their basestars left and right just when we thought we might loose the Orion. Then he jumped to Caprica, saved what was left of our Raptors and Vipers, few that were left. And afterwards, he even went to Twin Rocks and blew the Cylons to Hades there too. They ran away, Sam, begging for a Ceasefire." Had Jimenez already told her all of this? After all of that, Lleu finally remembers Sam's last question. "If the Piraen ghosts come to our home, I'll invite them in and open a bottle of scotch to share with them."

"It was a near thing," is all Sam says, actually trying to reassure Lleu once she sits back though his next words draw a "Really?" and "Fascinating" from her, in order followed a started burst of a laugh. "No one?" she wonders then sobers as his words give her more details than the general over view that Becks had given her when she'd woken up the first time on Orion.

Sam sits in silence for a few moments, using the fingers of her right hand to twist around the ring on her left while she takes it all in. "Three entire ships and more and most of what was left of our airwing," just saying it out loud to let the reality really sink in. She shake her head then, making a faint growl of sound as her hair snags again and she drags the braid over her shoulder and gives a mild twitch. "Becks said that Major Gray ordered the fleet into action. The major has command and control authority over the Arpay fleet in colonial space?" she wonders then feels her lips twitch slightly at the edges into an almost smile. "Begging for a ceasefire. Part of me wants to say not only no but no way in hell no and round them all up, dust them with aluminum powder and set them on fire. Powdered aluminum burns really really bright and hot." She then exhales a half laugh, "I just bet you would, wouldn't you."

Samtara gets a slow, serious nod out of Lleu, "Yeah and yes. I don't know what Major Grey can or can't do but he's TACCO now and Fencer is here to help, under his orders. And the Arpay have, big time. Things would have gone a lot worse, very bad indeed, if the Task Force wasn't here with us now. There might not have been an Orion for you to come back to."

Ynyr sighs, then quirks his mouth, "I get along fine with the dead. It's the living that are harder. Toby Shackleton, he got dishonorably discharged after fighting with Sergeant Kapali on the Obs Deck. Otherwise, things have been pretty quiet, since. Dealing with some APF fallout. Cylons told them to stand down but they aren't complying too well. I saw the Cylon turn on them at a munitions Depot and shoot the APF down like dogs when they didn't obey orders to surrender to us. I don't trust it. I think it's a gesture. Why would the Cylon care? Just up and leave if they really want no more war. They don't even need breathable, living worlds to thrive. I worry they are just biding their time."

"That's a lot to take in," Sam replies as she shakes her head and feels her expression cycle through a series of changes, surprise shock then surprise then around again to pensive. "You'd be wrong on that," she says finally. "If they're anything like the machines that the Arpay are fighting against, they have plans that are measured in the hundreds of years, not just in a matter of weeks or months. What's time to a machine, Lleu? Four hundred years is just a matter of maintenance and minor repairs, they're metal alloy of some sort, and they don't appear to have issues with rust. What's a thousand years, really, when they don't have to worry about old age?" She sighs then looks down again, "Would you do something for me?"

Lleufer twists his mouth, "I know all that. I think you misunderstood me. I think the Cylons are up to something and yeah, we /do/ need to remember. They can wait and see what happens. They can wait for the Machines." If he might say more, Ynyr stops. He studies Samtara, "Yes. If I can."

"In my office, well Becks office right now, there's a pair of scissors in the organizer on top of the desk. Big ones," Sam describes where the scissors are, at least in general. "Will you fetch them for me? Last time I tried getting up and moving around without one of the .. my.. our.. nurses with me they actually scolded me," she sounds somewhat baffled and amused by this.

"Scissors?" Lleu knows what she wants. He dares to reach out a hand to gently feel Samtara's long braid, "Shame for you to cut it." But, it's not his place to ask her not to. So he gets up, "But, if that's what you want, I can cut it for you. If you unbraid it, I can at least make it even." He waits a moment to see if that's what Sam wants, before he'll go and see if he can ask for them.

"Every time I wake up, it's tangled around or beneath me and I think I'm back in that room on Bominaire and still chained up listening to the damned priest," Sam answers, voice quiet and very carefully controlled. "I need to stop waking up on the edge of a panic attack. And this, this is an easy answer. I wore my hair long for months, it helped .. it just helped," she begins unbraiding it as she nods, eyes solemn to accompany the carefully controlled tone of voice. "Please."

He comes back shortly with the requested scissors. Nice, sharp ones suitable to cut cloth. Lleufer pulls the chair around and positions it facing the bed. "Turn your back to me and show me about where you want it cut. I'll do my best. Then you can get it styled later, how you like it." He has no comb either, but he'll be gentle to help her to finger comb out her long dark hair until it lays lightly rippled down her back. When she indicates how short she wants it, Lleu sets himself to try and cut it more or less in a staight line across, very faintly curved so it doesn't look hacked. It's not easy cutting hair when you aren't used to it. The long hanks of it begin to fall to the floor or to the edge of her bed but he ignores that for the moment. "Priests?" The tip of Lleu's tongue sticks out as he concentrates, trying not to mess up the cutting. Snip. Snip. Snip. "You … eh, allowed to have a cup of coffee? Want any?"

Indicating a length just above her shoulders, Sam turns so that she's sitting with her hands resting on her knees, and again worrying the ring slowly around with her fingertips as she sits very quietly. The offer of coffee nets a bit of a watery laugh, "I haven't had coffee in forever," is admitted. He can't see it but his question brings a smile back to her face. "I've had so much tea that I don't think I can face another cup of it anytime soon. I'd love a cup of coffee, yes." She exhales a single breath before she makes a "mmhmm" of sound. "The machines on Bominaire are in charge of everything. The priests preach their doctrine. They've shaped their culture, society, economy, what education is allowed is carefully outlined and there's no room for original thought or deviation from the structured parameters. Girls are not educated at all, save for the womanly arts that are useful to their .. well either their families or ultimately to the men who will own them, either as wife or some other domestic arrangement. They're slaves, Lleu. And the priests are well trained in the science of elocution and very, very charismatic. Persuasive. It's hard to think past it."

Lleufer is focused on finger combing out Samtara's long dark hair. Then he carefully cuts it shorter, above shoulder length. Her long tresses fall to the floor, piling up like so much discarded silk as he listens to her speaking. The last of her hair is cut and he fiddles with the edge, trying to tidy it up a bit with the scissors. "I'm no barber. I'm sorry. But I don't think I butchered too badly."

The MP with the Arpay modified eyes and ears gets back up from the seat and shifts the chair back against the wall. Lleu listens and his mouth thins before his baritone speaks low, "There are many forms of brain washing. The bastards." Briefly he lays a hand to Samtara's shoulder, "I'll go get you a cup of coffee."

With scissors in hand, the Master at Arms with pistol at his hip comes out around the privacy screen and heads back to the CMO's office to put the scissors back. And to pour the promised cup of coffee.

Sam lifts one hand to rest briefly over Lleu's against her shoulder, "Thank you," said quietly and with such heartfelt emotion that it's clear that cutting off all of that long hair is more than just removing the weight of it. She offers up a smile before using both hands to comb her fingers through it, shaking off any of the loose strands as Lleu carries her scissors back to her office and the promise of coffee.

She sits for a moment, twisting the ring around on her left hand, biting at her lower lip before she eases from the bed and uses her hands to sweep the clumps of hair into a pile and does her best to tidy up the mess of it. Most of it makes it into the rubbish bin beside the bed except for the smaller bits that defy the easy sweeping. She pulls a thick lock of the hair from the mess of it and carefully coils it into a knot which she places into the little stand beside the bed. She won't deal with it, not now, but it's there. With one hand braced against the side of the bed she eases back to her feet, moving with care and - as no one is immediately watching - she gives an equally slow and careful stretch, feeling her abdominal muscles complaining and protesting. She eases down again to sit on the edge of the bed and peels up the hem of her scrub top so that she can get a good look at the bandages that still cover the front of the entry wound, a matching bandage though a larger swath. She exhales a sound that's half exasperated and half resigned. "Penny, pizza," is muttered as she works the edge of one nail under the tape before stopping. She'd yell at a patient for doing this . . and decides not to invite that. Not today, at least. Instead of messing with it she lowers the edge of the scrub top again and, using both hands for balance, eases back into a seated position on the bed, shaking the sheet and blanket into order once more, though folds it down at the foot of the bed before she gets a good look around the empty ward, a somewhat bemused look sliding into place.

Lleufer is quite unaware of Samtara's little rituals. Two cups of coffee are poured, his own black as usual. Cautious of the hot liquid, Ynyr comes back into the Recovery Warn and makes no comment about any rustling he might have picked up with his super hearing. Instead he notices the hair picked up and offers one of the cups to Samtara, "It's hot. Careful." The Marine resumes his seat and waits for his own coffee to cool before he'll dare a sip of it. "Doctor Jimenez has been doing great here, as you would expect. But I sure am glad to have you back with us. You have been missed. Is there anything I can bring you? I assume you won't be in here long if you are able to get up." Yes, he did hear her moving around while he was gone, didn't he? Lleu watches her as he tastes his coffee carefully.

Aiming a smile at Leu as he brings coffee back with him, Sam accepts the cup with a sigh of gratitude, hands curling carefully around the mug and just holding it for a moment. She breathes deeply of the scent rising from the cup, the heat seeping into her hands, the slowly rising steam that carries the promise of caffeine with it. "Oh hello, my old friend," she murmurs. That's right. Talks to the coffee. She looks up to Lleu as he tastes his own cup of coffee, not quite ready to dive into hers. "Of all the things I worried about while I was gone, I never worried about this. I knew that she'd care for all of you the same way she cared for her people. She'd never do any less," she adds with a small - careful - shrug, doing her best not to jostle the cup of coffee she's holding. "I missed all of you too." Her head shakes now, the newly cut ends of her hair brushing against and above her shoulders. "I feel better already. It's just going to be healing time, but the nanites are doing that work too, helping things along" She exhales a careful laugh, "Part of me wants to poke and prod at it and exclaim 'Fascinating!' while part of me is just glad that it works the way it works. What else did I miss?" is wondered before she lifts the coffee mug, carefully, and takes a single sip followed by another sigh.

Ynyr is in his MP uniform and armed. There's a clipboard, a folder and a pen resting on the small side table with an MP roster he'd been working on lying there. Lleu tastes his coffee again before he sets it down and picks up his work, "Well, you really /are/ back so you can just rest. Things are mostly quiet. I think I covered most of it. My surgeries, Mallas dying, my getting married, then the big battle and Admiral Fencer coming in like a boss and saving our asses. The wake afterwards, the Cylon Ceasefire, and then our working on mop up with the APF. People are talking about the war being over. About what they are going to do with their lives." He shrugs, his baritone low, the clipboard in his lap.

"So, I think that about covers it. Remember, it's only been a little over a month for us while you were gone an entire year." Lleu grimaces with his whole face like he hasn't been able to do since Santos Ridge, "I think that's enough for one month. Rest, healing and rebuilding sounds good. I guess once things quiet down enough, I'll put in for a transfer. I'll hate to leave the Orion but … if things stay peaceful, I'm going to need things to do to stay busy."

"Sergeant Ynyr, are you bringing unauthorized beverages into my recovery ward?" Becks calls from the door as she casually walks in. It's just teasing, too. The woman walks with a smile, datapad held to the left side per usual. Strolling through the empty room to Sam's bed, she looks in on them. "Sam. I figured you'd want to see your own test results." She sets the pad down on the bed but doesn't seem to be pushing the need to see anything. "Bad news, you're sick. Good news, you already knew that and you'll be in good working order enough to get out of here tomorrow."

"There's nothing sadder than a war horse who has no war to go charging into," Sam teases Lleu, gently, the look in her eyes, expression on her face, conveying both understanding of what he really means with his words. "If things stay peaceful, then we'll have time. Maybe," she adds that last word softly before exhaling a breath of laugh at Becks words as she strolls in. "I have a theory. And I think it's a good one. I think all physicians need to get shot, so that they can properly empathize with a patient who's been shot and adequately comprehend the depth of the fun that it is not. I think it'll make the next batch of physicians better able to triage with compassion." She arches both eyebrows up at Becks, the faintly teasing smile curving her lips. "What do you think of my theory? Final exam, get shot, have to treat each other in group and they only pass to graduation status if they all pitch in and make it to the finish line." She reaches for the datapad and rests her fingertips against it, hesitating for a moment to touch the technology then scoops it up and eyes the data already on display. "Lets hear it for antibiotics and a kick ass surgeon," she smiles up at Becks again before tipping a nod at Lleu. "This is exactly why I wasn't worried."

At the sound of Beck's voice, Staff Sergeant Ynyr moves to stand at once, "Oh, yes Sir. Absolutely." Guilty as hell but as Jimenez is smiling, he doesn't look too worried about it. Lleu lifts a brow at the news that Sam can be released so quickly. He steps out of the way to make room, snagging his cup of coffee and his clipboard and folder in his other hand. "I hacked off her hair too. She asked." Samtara's long hair is now slightly shorter than shoulder length. Hopefully Ynyr didn't butcher it too much. He sips his coffee and watches the two Doctors interact. Nadir's words make him smile though, "Nothing to worry about in medical. We've been in good hands."

"I'd make a crack joke about ten thousand years ago and Doctors shooting Doctors, but I've come to realize that our culture is damned weird compared to yours so you might believe me. Let's stick with me liking the theory and wanting Sam from eight weeks ago to hear that from your own mouth." Becks smiles happily, sitting on the edge of the bed so she can well see both of them. "Lleu, sit your butt down. We all have rank but Sam just got home. Let's just forget the pomp and circumstance that goes with it." There's a good natured wink like a mom to her son. "I noticed there was something different." Becks turrets her head to look back at Doctor Nadir. "I do the same thing. And then I take a bath. With bubbles. And soap. Then I take a shower and use a whole bottle of shampoo." Reaching out, a finger gently moves some of Sam's hair. "I think she looks great. Radiant."

Sam's breath slides out in a huff of laughter, "Hacked. He sounds like he used his boot knife and sawed at it like a maniac. He used a perfectly good set of scissors," she shakes her head at Lleu, sharing the smile with Becks and laughing again, the sound easy, comfortable. "I knew," she reaches up one hand and calmly tugs at Lleu's elbow to get him to sit down. "I knew," she says again as she turns toward Becks. "I knew that you would care for them, all of them. I wasn't worried. I only worried I'd trap you here. And that didn't come to pass, thanks to the team that came in to rescue me." She exhales a sigh of sound, "A bath sounds like a fantastic idea. Followed by an equally long soak. And then maybe another one, just to take the edge off," and she grins at her own words, not even joking either. She lifts the same hand she'd used to tug at Lleu's elbow and finger combs her hair back so that it's tucked behind both ears. "The Sam from eight weeks ago would have locked herself up in the lab and spent the day sanitizing everything she could reach long before she'd cut her hair with the scissors on her desk or suggest that getting shot is a very good teaching lesson in empathy." She leans back slightly, shifting the holster of her sidearm slightly so it doesn't dig into her side as she gets more comfortable. "I don't think the word 'weird' really fits anymore, Becks. Everything is just.. fitting for the where and why and how, you know?"

Lleufer does retake his seat and drinks some of his coffee. It and his clipboard are set aside once more, "I'm actually supposed to be on duty. So I can't stay. I need to get this MP roster finished and turned in, but I just had to come see her when I heard Sa… the Major was returned." Becks is probably the last person who cares if Lleu calls Doctor Nadir by her first name, but there are regs about that. The smile he gives her tugging on his arm though it's clear that they are close friends and he's very fond of her. "I'm relieved beyond words that she is returned alive to us." A pat of Sam's hand before she takes it back to slip her hair behind her ear.

"Besides, did you notice?" Lleu asks Samtara as he points to his knew rank pins, "I got promoted, and am Master at Arms, too. Lots of paperwork, patrols, inspections, rosters, arms inventory, investigations, reports… " He glances at Jimenez, then back to Sam, "Anyway, I shouldn't tire you. But I wanted to see you and welcome you back." Because he had been worried for her.

"I'll be very disappointed if he didn't use a boot knife. Scissors is damned near cheating for you at this point." Jimenez's smile glows happily. "Oh Sam, we always had faith in each other. The rest of these yahoo's took some convincing, but we got you home. Though like you said, a different woman left than the one who came home." Legs cross and arms rest lazily on her legs. She only glances to the sidearm and the knicks and scrapes. Not as battered as Jimi's, but the Arpay Doctor can tell that distinction might not be accurate for too long. "I think 'weird' still applies in some ways. But I also know exactly how you feel. You're seeing the universe with new eyes." Looking back to Lleu, she shrugs. "You're always welcome to come by, Lleu. You're always good with the patients and you're also a good patient. Medical is better with you around. Just deal with that fact as you think about your daily rounds and wonder if you should stop in and bring me a mug of coffee. Or fruit from the mess." Brow waggle. "Trust me, I'm relieved too. I like you guys, but I also like being able to go home. I think we all do."

Sam makes a play of eyeing the clock then back at Lleu, "Now, see, I figured you'd be able to make it all the way through your visit without mentioning the new pins," she teases with a grin. "Congratulations. Welcome to the life of paperwork, reports, color coded forms in a rainbow of hues only a blind colorblind drunk would approve for every day circulation. Be warned that paperwork breeds in captivity. Never leave it in your in box over night, it'll breed, multiply and take over your desk by morning. Round bin filing is the best use for any 'suggestions' by well meaning individuals who've never actually done the job you're doing. And remember the phrase 'Yes sir' is the most dangerous one in your arsenal," she winks. "Got all that?" she wonders before she laughs at Becks but nods, "I almost suggested he just use his knife but.. I thought he'd be alarmed." She reaches out and rests one hand on Becks arm for a moment, "I thought I knew what it was that I was asking to do. I had no idea, and no way to know until I was there, and back again. It's hard to just put it into words," she adds before she curls both hands around the coffee mug again and nods before remembering and glancing back to Lleu. "You saved my life," she says without preamble. "Every hour that you had me spend at the firing range, every damn lap that I ran through this ship, every round that I fired until I thought my ears were never going to stop ringing? That saved my life. You," and she turns to Becks, "and you, both of you, saved my life. And I won't ever forget it. Ever. It means everything to me. I know who I am now."

The MP clears his throat, "Somehow I think it's against regs for me to carry my Kabar around the ship without a very good reason." Lleufer looks amused nonetheless. "I'm -especially- supposed to set a good example, or something." He grins, all of his face fully mobile now. "I always stop in medical when I can. Stick my head in and look for any Marines or anyone else in here who could use a good word to cheer'm up. I -know- what it's like to have my butt stuck in here, shot up. You'll have that coffee, fruit, and any chocolate I can scrounge up. Long as you are with us, Doc. When you /do/ go home, we'll miss you." Lleu maybe especially since Jimenez has helped /him/ with such important life changing things!

Samtara makes him chuckle. "I'm already learning about that paperwork. I've never seen so much in my life. If I start dreaming about it, I'll really need a shrink for sure." But hey, at least Lleu can joke about shrinks after having to see them for a while. He finishes off his coffee and watches the two of them interacting. Then she goes and gets serious again. Ynyr glances at Jimenez, then back to Samtara. "I'm just glad you're safe."

Lleu gets back up and collects his things, "I really have to go. I have watch coming up. I'll swing by tomorrow."

"Well its not like alarmed Marines are dangerous. I mean I know I have never heard of a Marine hurting anything more than a kitten on accident." Smug smirk from Becks. Only joking, of course. The hand on her arm and the last has her nod slowly. "You almost died because I put you in the position to go. You opened the door. It takes something inside to open the door and step through. Fortitude goes a long way. Your first deployment is the worst, most informative vacation you've ever had. Always is for everyone. You're quite welcome, dear, but I assure you- you saved yourself. In every way." Back to Lleu, she smiles warmly, "I'll miss you guys too. A lot. You all have really become another family. I feel like I have another lifetime of learning to do now. People I adore who insist I try hings that we don't have. You've changed my life in many great ways. Especially people like you, Lleu. Thanks for stopping in."

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