PWD #13: A Radical Planning Session
A Radical Planning Session
Summary: Just what exactly IS it that Bennett's little expedition uncovered? Well, clearly the Air Group wants to find out!
Date: 22/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Map Room — Deck 2
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.

Petra doesn't have a huge distance to go here, so might actually be a couple of minutes early when he steps into the map room. Spying the seat Bennett's already taken, he offers her a nod of his head and a murmured, "Captain…" before approaching it and setting his notebook down on an edge of the table, "Major said we needed to have a chat about where to go with things?"

Opening the door for the Viper Air Boss, Augie is just finishing chatting with Duke as the two arrive to the meeting. "Maybe you and her could try a spar together. She's got a good skill in fighting. It could do you good to practice with someone just above your level, and I can give advice to both sides." he shrugs. And then comes to attention, and offers a salute. "Lieutenant Garrido reporting as ordered."

As he steps inside, Duke offers a faint smile to what Augie says and then nods his head "We'll see…" And with that said, he offers a firm salute to those already gathered. "Captain St. Clair" says the man the Bennett, nodding his head at her. "Major Petra" adds Duke now looking at Petra, offering another nod to the man. "Thank you all for coming here on such short notice" He clears his throat and looks around for a moment before saying "As I noted in my letter, after having a quick discussion with Captain St. Clair here, I decided to call for this meeting just to have a better understanding on what are the next steps on this matter." He looks at Petra "Major, I assume that you are wanting to send another team?"

Bennett looks up sharply as she hears footfalls outside the hatch, and with a little wiggle and a soft thump of her boots on the deck plating, she's shifted back to her feet. By the time Petra's walking in, she's just straightening her blues jacket. And by the time Augie and Duke enter, she's standing at attention with her hands clasped behind her back. "Yes, sir, that's right," she tells the tactical Major just before the others step inside. "Regarding what we found at Site 994A-3." A quick refresher, just so he isn't caught with his proverbial pants down.

Petra turns around halfway when Augie and Duke enter, straightening up to face them. When Duke asks about sending another team, he nods once, but adds the disclaimer, "I think we need to investigate it. After talking to Captain St. Clair and some of the deck crew, there are some exposure concerns since we dont know how many rads this…whatever it is…will generate once any more digging happens. We need to know if this is something natural that's going to be a hazard for further exploration and development, or if we've stumbled across something else. Because this certainly didn't show up on the surveys we took last time we were here." Not that those surveys were so detailed they couldn't have MISSED this, but still.

As he listens, Augie doesn't offer much. He does have a copy of the AAR, and he takes a seat once the others do, settling down next to Bennett as he listens. "I'll make sure to have MOPP gear prepped and a decon team on standby once we get back here. I'd suggest a portable station, but we need to determine the nature of the radiation, first, sir."

Duke listens in silence to what everyone has to say and then nods at the security measures that Augie is placing on the table "I will want radiation exposure markers for each person that goes there…as soon as they go past levels of safety, they are to come back" He nods his head at this and looks at Petra now "Major, while I do agree with you that this needs to be investigated, I am not very inclined to risk my Pilots…or any passenger aboard the Raptors. " He nods to this and licks his lips "MOPP gear should be a go and perhaps, a anti-radiation container to extract a potential sample…however, this last shouldn't be taken lightly" he nods to Augie now "For the reason the Lieutenant has placed on the table. We need to determine the nature of the radiation"

Bennett elects to remain standing, where she can easily view the map table. Just in case Petra or Duke decide to bust out pretty pictures. When the nature of the radiation is brought up, she unclasps her hands and slips a folded bit of octagonal paper out of her trousers pocket. "Gamma particles primarily, as well as trace neutron energies, according to my ECO on the recon," she offers. "I should add as well, that she felt confident there was no danger to personnel on the surface. But in order to retrieve the drill bits themselves, were we so inclined, we would certainly need to employ safeguards as Lieutenant Garrido has outlined. If you want numbers, sir, Ensign Vashti I'm sure can provide those as well — we have the data drive with the full sensor information."

Petra nods slowly in agreement with the discussion, taking a step back to seat his butt in one of the chairs along the first riser, "If we're not sure of the safety, we might have another option. At the time, I had asked whether or not we might have brought any remote control survey equipment. Something like one of those bomb dispoal bots the MPs have planetside. Engineering should be able to work up something for that, then we'd just be risking one pilot to fly it in at a safe distance and dust off?" He glances back to Bennett and falls quiet again for a moment, nodding along with her information, then offers to Duke again, "Whatever we need to get this looked at…I can go talk to Engineering to get you whatever you decide you need to make this happen, its just a matter of letting me know."

"Gamma?" Armed with the new information, Augustus changes the game plan, standing up to make some notes with a light pen on the side of the map. "MOPP suits will need to be fitted with lead plates. Get ready for a workout, sirs." he offers as he makes his own notes. "There isn't many things that cause that type of radiation, and none are naturally occuring. Have there been any reports of lost ships in this sector?" he asks, and then listens to Petra. There's a moment, then he frowns. "I'm EOD, sir. I can go in and handle it better than the bot." It's his job. He just mentions it like a housewife would say 'oh, I could make you a sammich.' He's an engineer, Petra. But he doesn't point that out. "I mean, I'm no expert, but I can defuse most of the basics, and get walked through the more complicated shit."

Duke clicks his tongue as he crosses his arms over his chest and takes a deep breath, thinking on this. Finally, he looks at Bennett and offers "What do you say, Captain…you want to go out there again?" He looks at the others and odds "I would like to go as well, as long as I'm not seen as a bother" Since he is not a Raptor Pilot nor an ECO, nor an EOD like Augie. As for missing ships on that sector, he just shakes his head and offers "Not that I am aware of, no." And this, actually, brings a lot of scary possibilities. Now, he looks at Augie and says "Lieutenant, I know you are damn good at what you do, but if at any moment you feel that we could use a bomb disposal bot to get a sample, do speak up"

Bennett continues to scan the slip of paper with her mission notes scribbled down in somewhat legible handwriting. She turns it over, scans a little more, then spots what she was looking for. "Point four greys." As in, units of ionising radiation. Her lips purse slightly, though her eyes remain on her notes. "At the surface. We were not able to get readings from the drilling sites themselves, so we'd be going in blind there." She pauses, looking from Augie to Petra to Duke, where her gaze rests finally. "Here's what I suggest: if Lieutenant Garrido can put together or repurpose us a drone, we can take a couple of raptors in and drop it from a safe distance. Have it loaded up with a radiation sensor package. If the levels are safe for our hazmat teams, with or without the Lieutenant's proposed.. armour.. then we send them in to retrieve what they can. If not, then I guess we move out and regroup." She nods to Duke. "I'm curious to know what's down there, sir. Though I don't want to risk pilots' lives any more than you do."

Petra turns his gaze towards Augie when the man talks about doing it better than the bot, and he smiles, just a little, "As long as we can still get you back without an extra arm, Lieutenant. Bots, we can replace. Highly skilled engineers that can play the guitar, not so much." He tilts his head a little at the exchange between Duke and Bennett, rising back to his feet and chewing on the corner of his mouth, "Let me know what time you want to do this and I'll make sure I'm on Watch that shift. That way we have someone in CIC that knows exactly what you're doing, in case, say, you DO go out there, and you drop off of DRADIS and we can't get you on the radio."

As Petra agrees to his plan, Augie nods. "Granny Garrido didn't raise a fool. I'll bring ROD with me just in case." Robotic Ordinance Disposal. "But the best way to get a look at what we're doing is with boots on the ground. I'll go in check it out, and be out in time for chow." he agrees. "And it'll be easier for me to secure the sample with the tool kit."

Duke looks at Bennett as she speaks and says "Point four greys on the surface…well, let's hope that what's underneath doesn't throw a larger number than that. Point four greys might give you a headache after a couple hours of exposure and that is only if you re not wearing the proper anti-radiation outfit" He clears his throat and then nods. He still looks at Bennett for the moment and he says "Agreed." Now, he turns at Augie and adds "But you don't go alone /and/ I want security cables hooked to the Raptors at all times, in case we need to pull you out." With that said, it seems that he is pleased with how the planning is going. Finally, he looks at Bennett again and says "When would you like to do this, Captain?" Letting Bennett decide on this since she was in the initial team after all.

Bennett turns her head slightly when Augie speaks, though doesn't quite meet his gaze. There's something she isn't saying, but the gods only know what because.. she isn't saying it. "I recommend a medical team on standby as well, sir." That's directed to Duke, as her direct superior here. As to the million dollar question of when.. "Tomorrow, if I had my way. Ensign Vashti and I are ready to go as soon as you want us, sir. And I know petty officer Wescott has all but demanded to be a part of this, too." There, she looks a little less certain. The kid with a kid of her own; it doesn't sit too well with the captain.

Petra slowly takes the step or two back to the table, resting a hand on it and leaning just a little while he listens to the planning. Following the conversation around from face to face, he offers, "So the three of you, the Ensign, and then possibly the Petty officer, all with safety gear. Drops the Lieutenant while the rest of you monitor, and we play it by ear while you watch the numbers, and no heroics, right? Old man will kick my ass three ways from Sunday if I tell him something happened to all of you in one bus."

Augie's not looking at Bennett, he's intently studying the map. Absently, without thought, he fishes a cigar out of a side pocket and shoves it in his mouth to chew on. "I'll bring ROD with me, and if I can make a suggestion, have petty officer St. James on call. She's parajumped trained. If I get stuck, she's the best bet of yanking me out." he points out. And on call, just so that the crew doesn't get /bigger/. Chewing on the end of the cigar. "I can be mission ready in twelve hours. Will get a team making sure my partner's booted up and ready to go. Don't worry, Major, I'll bring back the Old Man a momento."

"There are no Heroics in my Wing, Major" says Duke to Petra, nodding his head. Well, it's not exactly /his/ wing…but still. He looks at Bennett now and says "Tomorrow it is then, have the Raptor Crew ready, I'll tag along." Now, he tilts his head and asks "Wescott?" He takes a deep breath, a bit hesitant on this one "I'll let you decide on that one, Captain…your bird, your call. But, if she goes, she doesn't go out there and she wears her safety gear" His attention drifts towards Augie, nodding to him on this "Major Petra, if you don't mind, I will send a notification to Medical asking for St. James to be ready. I shall copy you in and setup a standby Raptor Crew to take her on location if needed"

The crackle of cellophane from Augie's cigar is like catnip to a cat. If that cat were Bennett. She nearly goes for her own pack of cloves.. until she realises she doesn't keep them in her blues. Zeus's balls. "I think that's a good idea, Lieutenant," she opines regarding Afton. To Duke, she simply nods firmly. "I would prefer to have both raptors deployed simultaneously, sir, but.. I guess that isn't my call." Her lips curve into an obsequious smile.

Petra smirks faintly at Augie and nods, "Fair enough." He listens to Duke's summary of the plan and nods in agreement with the last comment, "I dont think Medical will give you any problems with that, Major…if they do? Just let me know. I'll take second shift on Watch tomorrow so you have me on Actual if something goes south, or if you find out what in Hades this is. Anything else I can arrange for you?"

"A steak dinner when we get back. And not soy steak. Real frakking steak, sir." Augie winks, obviously not serious. "I'll be ready when y'all are, sirs."

Duke considers for a moment, taking a deep breath "I would prefer not to expose two sets of Crew, Captain St. Clair" His attention drifts to Petra "Good" Now, he smirks at Augie's request for a stake and the drums on the Map table "Very good. Captain St. Clair, get your crew ready, we depart tomorrow." He takes a couple steps back from the table and says "I'll communicate with Medical" He looks at Augie "I know you'll be ready" Now, he nods and asks "Anything else?"

Well, the CAG has spoken, so Bennett bites her tongue. One learns to do these things as a lowly Captain in the military machine. "Understood, sir." She pulls in a breath. "Nothing from me, sir. At least, nothing that can be answered from here." She, clearly, is itching to get airborne. Typical pilot.

Petra straightens up as Duke wraps things up, slowly shaking his head, "Good luck tomorrow then. I'll be interested to see what the three of you find out, especially if somehow we lost a ship out here." He thumps his notebook on the table edge and steps away from it, clearly intending to follow people out.

Being the low man on the totem pole here, Augie goes and holds the door for the others exiting the room. He'll be along after he takes a few more notes.

Bennett is likely the last to leave, not for being a slowpoke, but because she looks so damned lost in thought about all this. She didn't bring a notebook, so just pushes away from the map table and slides her hands into the pockets of her blues pants before trudging for the hatch.

Duke just nods to everyone and as he departs, he pats Augie in the shoulder as he did just a moment ago when they were talking about other stuff. Yes.

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