ALT #368: A Needle in a Stack of Flight Footage
A Needle in a Stack of Flight Footage
Summary: Dead Raiders are combed for, perhaps to some avail. Perhaps.
Date: 09/01/2014 (OOC Date)
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Phin Warren 
Ready Room — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #368

Phin has been spending a most of his not-flying duty time in the ready room, so his presence isn't unusual. Today, though, he's not reviewing flight footage. He's at a desk with a decent view of the screen, but it's currently blank, and he's scribbling on a notepad at his elbow. Between occasional sips of coffee. There are loose papers kind of scattered around where he's working. Photos, old after action reports, that sort of thing.

Warren has his flightsuit pulled down around his waist as he slips on into the ready room. He raises his cup of coffee to his lips with one hand as he glances at the clipboard in hand. He doesn't notice anyone else in the room at first, but its not like him and Phin haven't been running into each other fairly regularly at this point. "Dolly. Any new leads?" he asks as he moves over towards Phin's desk.

Phin blinks up from his scribbling. "Oh. Toast. Hey." He takes a quick drink of coffee before replying. "I think so." He grins slight. He's kind of excited, but it's tempered excitement. And very relative excitement, since it's the sort that comes after staring at tapes and maps for hours on end. "At least, I think I hit on a couple of things that seem worth passing onto the brass. It's hard to tell from the old reports and footage and stuff what exactly's there, but these places seem like they'd at least be worth looking at." He shuffles the papers in front of him around, in search of something. He's accumulated a lot of clutter.

Well that certainly gets a raised eyebrow and a nod before Warren takes another sip of coffee. "Alright. Well then care to walk me through them?" he says as he finds himself a seat plopping down his clipboard, "Be nice if they pan out. Frakin hell. I don't think watching tape can make your eyes bleed but man we must be getting close at this point" He chuckles a moment as he relaxes back, "Pretty sure I'm still watching gun cam footage in my sleep at this point."

"Yeah, I'm starting to dream in grainy vid screens," Phin says wry. What he was looking for is, apparently, the projection controller. It was buried under some papers. He presses a button and the screen flicks on. He's got it paused on footage - from a Raptor from the look of it - doing a rescue flight away from Santos Ridge on Picon. "I know it's a ton of rubble more than anything else," he prefaces this. "But from what I can tell from the tapes we got it's worth a look for a salvage team. Especially if they can work with pieces of Raider, no shortage of the things crashed there. Hard to tell if any of them are intact enough to do the job, but it seems worth a try. Plus, we're in control of that area now, according to the latest from Picon. So I figure, even if it's a mess, it'd be safer for the salvage teams to start with and see if they could get the job done there."

Warren looks up at the screen when it flicks on, looking over the area. "Santos Ridge," he says mostly to himself as he looks over whats played, "The broken castle was called in there right?" He thinks to himself a bit and takes another sip, "Yeah I'd say you're right there, especially about the pieces. Should be toaster pieces all over the place there for the salvage crews. And its certainly within range of the airstrip and viper cover. Probably the most target rich spot in the safest spot we can manage."

"Shattered Castle. Yeah. When the Marines and the other personnel got trapped down there with those civilians." Phin grins and nods along, particularly at that last Warren says. "Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If you can get the job done in an area like that, best for everybody. If they can't find anything worth bringing back, though…" Click-click-click. Phin flicks the tape to another section. This one's less grainy. Also, it's out in space. It's Viper footage from around Hera. "We ran a salvage mission out there a few months back. From the tapes it looks like there were some large chunks of Raider debris left after we jumped away, and they probably haven't drifted that far. It'd be an E-V-A job, though. Salvage crews out there in the black in space we don't control. So…not so much safe. But I'd bet good cubits we can actually find useable Raiders there if Picon fails."

Warren nods at that, "Right shattered castle. Don't think I've ever spent as much time in a predator as there. Frakin hell." He glances at the next set of footage and nods, "Yeah thats less safe, but looks like you're right. Plenty of bits out there for us to bring back. Course we'll need to be out there in the black there as well. Make sure to note this is the backup location, and if we need to utilize it we'll need a ride out there and addequate support craft as well."

Phin winces when Warren mentions all the Predator time. "I lucked out on putting in for Viper runs. Mostly. I've been kind of trying to avoid Pred runs when I can, after Caprica." And the near-death experience in one. He gulps some coffee, nodding to Warren. "Back-up. Yeah. That's a good way to put it. I was going to do a write-up on them both for the CAG and Tactical. With, like, pictures and stuff." Hence all the photo print-outs, one would assume. "I want to make sure I didn't miss anything, y'know?"

Warren nods at that, "I can't blame you for that Dolly. And you and Punchie flew the hell out of those vipers too." He takes another sip of his coffee as he leans back, "That makes sense. I'd say make sure it comes up as suggestions from you, let the CAG do the demanding. But no way we can do the Hera one without support craft for sure. I might even throw in a raptor scout to make sure the area is clear before jumping in the taskforce. Wouldn't want to jump all the way out there with salvage craft and into an ambush."

Phin nods. "Yeah. I was going to try and phrase it like…passing along for suggestion purposes. Let the CAG and Intel decide what to do with it. Hera'll definitely need follow-up scouting if it comes to that, and even a salvage crew to Picon'd need Marine support and probably fly-over cover."

Warren nods at that, "Good. Good. I agree on that. Never know with toasters, better to be safe then be caught with your pants down." He gives another nod before finishing off his coffee and setting it down, "Well I'd say get everything together and present it to the CAG. If you want I can give it a look over before you do, but you definately have a handle on things."

"I'd appreciate it if you'd proof it. Thanks." Phin flicks the screen off again, and starts to make some attempt to organize the various papers he's been researching. As he does that, he asks, "You gotten any word on where the brass plans to his next? Far as the occupied colonies go, I mean?" He tries to make the question sound casual, but doesn't really succeed. Hard to tell if he really expects Warren to have more information than he does, but the guy's got an additional pip. That has to count for something."

Warren gives a nod at that and then a shrug, "No problem. As for what fire we're going to get tossed into next?" He leans back a moment, "Not really sure, probably have better luck hitting up Butch for that. She probably has a better idea being squadron leader and being a busdriver. Wherever we're going next they're probably going out and scouting things first. Especially with what they're doing to that raptor on the deck." Theres another shrug and a smirk to go along with it, "Hell after you give that to the CAG…you'll probably know more."

"Yeah, I saw them doing sensor work on a couple of the buses," Phin says. As for the last, he chuckles. "I doubt it. Not that I won't ask but…we'll see. The Marines went in and out of Aerilon not too long ago, but I haven't heard anything more come down about that. So maybe it was just a spot support thing. Who knows? No shortage of planets the Cylons still control, and it's not like they seem to be leaving." Though after a pause he adds, "Even if they did pull out of Picon easier than I was figuring they would."

"You never know, she could be so happy she lets something slip," Warren says with a little chuckle before giving a more solem nod. "Yeah we have a lot ahead of us still. Doubt it'll all be as 'easy' as Picon though. Hell with not having a lot of idea of what they were doing there and why picon still might not be 'easy'," he says with a final shrug.

"Have you been back much? Since our people got control of it, I mean." Phin hesitates before adding, "You mentioned before that you had family there so…" He trails off, shrugging.

Warren shifts a bit in his seat at that question and its a moment before he responds, "A few times. Mostly helping out with CAP and such. Other than that no, not really. But yeah I had family down there. I haven't heard anything about them being found yet." Theres a pause and a little shrug, "Not holding out much hope at this point."

Phin doesn't press anymore on that subject. He just inclines his head soberly. "Yeah. I'd like to find out more about what's going on back on Scorpia, with the resistance there but…" He shrugs, and gets his papers organized into a slightly neater pile. "Anyway. I'm going to take this stuff to the offices, find a desk terminal where I can type comfortable. Thanks for helping me look it over. I hope it ends up being useful for Intel, if they decide to move on this salvage thing."

Warren gives a nod at that, "We'll get there Phin. But yeah I'm sure they will, and I'm sure they'll send us out there to go babysit." He grins at the last part and gives a nod again before glancing at the paperwork he brought in with him, "I hope they do at least, eyes could use a rest from all this tape"

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