AWD #148: A Moment Of Recognition
A Moment of Recognition
Summary: Fleet Command takes a moment to recognize some truly heroic (suicidal?) actions…
Date: 03/06/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Fallout from recent actions. Described inside the log.
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Observaton Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.

Its early in the evening, and for the moment, Petra MIGHT have abused his position a little to have the Battlestar turned in her orbit to face away from Piraeus, leaving the Observation Deck's windows simply huge panels of nothing but stars. Additional space has been cleared up in front, along with a long, taped white line, and at the moment, Petra and Lt. Abbenshire are both decked out in their dress grays near it, with Abbenshire carrying a couple of large, flat boxes in both hands, and Petra with a folder tucked under his arm. At the onset, they are up at the front of the seating area, quietly chatting.

Ygraine has been placed on light duty, and as such, she's in her uniform rather than strolling about in her flight suit. She received the order to show, but hasn't put any thought to what it's about, and util the call for attention she's content enough to loiter and puzzle as to why the ship has turned from the planet.

Hey, it was just an announcement. Kelsey shows up in her duty greens and still moving stiffly. She's got a cane in her left hand she's using sparingly while she tries to get more weight back onto her leg. She ambles through the hatch and steps aside to let the faster people move ahead. The Ensign eventually moves towards a seat at the edge, near the back. She flops down heavily and lets off a long sigh. Ship turned? What?

Kingsbury enters in his uniform, looking around. He tilts his head at why the ship's been turned, but like Ygraine, is content to puzzle about it. He finds a place to stand and settles in. He looks concernedly at the injured people in the room.

Phin is wearing his flight suit as he strides onto the Obs Deck, so he's likely not far from having been on CAP, but he at least took a second to clean himself up a little. He looks freshly shaved. Apart from his upper lip, which he either very selectively missed, or he's making some (so far misguided, from what little one can tell at this nascent stage) attempt to grow a mustache. "Hey," he calls to Ygraine, striding over to meet her. "Any idea what this is about? I was doing my post-flight and somebody told me to come down."

Similarily to Phin, Jason is still in his flight suit as he steps in. Looking around for a few moments, he remains near the exit, looking a bit thoughtful now. Leaning against the bulkhead, he studies the other present for a few moments, but keeps quiet.

Elias is here early, though he may not be clued in with the rest of Tactical, as he is in his usual Blues, not dress Grays like Petra and Abbenshire. Elias is sitting in the back corner as people start to arrive, busy studying some papers on his clipboard. Is he working or attending this … whatever it is? Maybe he was doing paperwork on the Obs Deck and is here by happenstance.

Starstruck. Maia could never get tired of seeing them and as soon as she walks into the Obs Deck with Agrippa, through the hatch, she heads grins and motions with her head towards the window. "Just a second, find us a seat?". Wearing her fatigues, despite her off duty state, she presses her unbandaged left hand against the window, surprised when Piraeus isn't in view. Turning to see the others there gathered, she realizes more had walked in since her, and she grins, greeting them, a salute to Petra, Elias and company, but callsigns to the others. "Superstar, Dolly, Princess, Royal, Milkshake." Of course Princess is her new name for Kelsey. Looking for the seat Grippa had saved for her.

When the crowd seems to have reached critical mass, Petra finishes his conversation and turns to face the others, straightening his posture. clearing his throat, his voice is raised suddenly loud and deep across the room, "Detail, Attention! At rest! Lieutenants Kane, McBride, Kingsbury, Ensign Agrippa! Up front, toes on the line." He takes in a deep breath while he waits a few steps beyond that line, tugging his vest a little tighter in place while he waits.

On a Mercury class battlestar, there are well over 2,500 crew members. It seems as though it would be terribly easy, to be just another face in the crowd, save for one minor detail. It's an enclosed society. When a new face shows up, sooner or later, someone is going to notice — particularly when that new face is sporting a pair of Naval dress grays, with a Major's pins decorating the collar. Recognizing only Lieutenant Colonel Petra from those gathered, it's his side that Atalanta stands at, her green-eyed gaze sweeping over the assembly of officers.

Kingsbury blinks, but stands up, stepping forward and toeing the line as ordered. He gives Petra a quizzical look but stays silent.

Duty blues is what Agrippa is currently wearing as he doesn't have Alert Five or a CAP mission coming up. Since he doesn't have those slotted tasks coming up, he was also told to show up at the Observation Deck and that is where he is, having found Maia on the way here and walked with her. He isn't exactly sure what the gathering was for but seeing the set up, it appears to be some sort of announcement or such. "Yeah, no problem." With that, he goes to find a couple of empty seats more than enough at this point.

Before he could fully sit down and relax though, Agrippa freezes up like a deer caught in headlights when his name, amongst others, are called to be front and center. Looking around for a moment, he moves away from his seat, walking to where he is ordered to.

Ygraine lifts a hand and runs it along Phin's jawline. "I like this." she says approvingly, and then wiggles her finger under his nose. "But what the frak is this?" she laughs, and then they're being called to attention, so with a carefully held breath, she shifts into attention and shifts with some relief to rest stance.

It's about that Raptor she'd frakked wasn't it? Hearing her name in that tone from Petra has Maia freezing before she ever makes it to any seat, real or imagined, that Agrippa had saved for her. Immediately though, she takes the few steps to close the distance between the window and that line she's been ordered to toe, standing at attention once her boots hit it.

Kelsey watches from the back when she hears the names. Wounded don't -technically- have to stand. She sits up a little straighter and grins, resting the cane in her lap. The Ensign has done enough campaigning to know. Or, at least, she hopes. Hopes. In the end, she rises slowly and leans heavily on the cane, watching with a hopeful smile, the youth of it shining through.

Elias's eyes flick up towards the TACCO when the Lieutenant Colonel clears his throat, and Elias rises to his feet, anticipating the call to attention. He looks over the assembled Air Wing personnel, his expression serious, assessing. When 'At Ease' is called, Elias remains standing, watching those who have been called out as they make their way forward.

Phin grins at Ygraine when she seemingly compliments him, though it fades at her question about his infant 'stache. "I'm trying something. It's for Picon." As if that made sense. If there's a further explanation, it's tabled as they're called to attention, which he snaps to. He blinks at the sound of his own name, blue eyes kind of wide as he steps up to the line they've been called to.

Good, he didnt hear his name's being heard. Which is always a good thing in Jason's mind. Pushing away from the wall as they were called to attention, he moves into that position, before he relaxes a bit more now, expression a bit distant at the moment, while he remains in place near the wall.

Once the four have taken up their positions, Petra takes the folder out from under his arm, while Abbenshire opens one of the boxes she carries and flanks Atalanta. The folder opened, Petra reads off of a paper contained within, "For exceptional performance in the line of duty within Battlestar Orion's Air Wing, as of this date, June 3rd, year 2005, the following individuals have been conferred new ranks reflecting the expectations Fleet Command has on them to continue their exemplary performance, and provide an example for their juniors to follow:

Agrippa, Alexander: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Kane, Maia: Lieutenant
Kingsbury, James: Lieutenant
McBride, Phin: Lieutenant"

With that announcement made, he nods slightly at Atalanta and Abbenshire to proceed.

Looking stunned and surprised, Agrippa is unable to react though luckily for him, it just means that he is still standing there with his attention straight forward, looking out into the starfield outside the main viewport. His name was just attached to a different rank and his brain is processing that change ever so slowly.

Kingsbury blinks /hard/, but that's his only reaction. He's got a look of shock on his face as he looks from Petra to Atalanta and Abbenshire. Then he goes back to attention, a slight shift of the head. His blue eyes are /wide/.

Ygraine's grin is completely shit-eating. She'll get the 'stache story later, for now she's enjoying the reactions of her fellow air wing members.

Kelsey taps her cane on the ground twice in celebration. She flashes them a thumbs up with a big smile. Ohyez.

A promotion! Oh. My. Gods. Unable to refrain, Gods help her, Maia hears her name and the new rank, and she does a little hip wiggle dance, eyes alight with the excitement. Exceptional performance? "Thank you, Sir!" Chancing a glance back at Kelsey, catching the thumbs up and she winks. Awwwyeah!

Phin also does not process this immediately, and he mostly looks wide-eyed and as if he'd suffered blunt impact to his skull. He opens his mouth, then snaps it closed again, trying to work himself up to something vaguely coherent. "Uh…" That wasn't it. He clears his throat, and just sputters, "Thank you, sir."

"Lieutenant Agrippa," Atalanta begins, selecting from among the officers gathered based — quite obviously — on the sort of familiarity which comes from looking at the photos in someone's file. The Major offers him a salute so sharp, so precise, yes, her heels actually ''click''. It soon softens into a pretty smile. "Congratulations. I hope to see more good things from you in the future," she says as she offers him both her hand and the box with his new pins.

Elias allows himself a small smile as he watches the reactions, from shock to happines, among the newly promoted Lieutenants. The expression slowly sobers as he watches the ceremony, and the officers are handed their new pips.

"Sir!" Agrippa mirrors the salute and also the snap of the heels of his boots as well, both equally sharp and impressive like the day it was drilled to perfection at the Academy. The training does come back to him, this time in a formal social event like this and after the salute, a grin appears with a touch of cockiness that is usually there. "Thank you, sir. I will not disappoint." With that said, he shakes the hand with one hand and accepts the box with the other.

Jason smiles a bit as he hears the announcement now, but aside from that, he keeps the distant expression on his face as he listens to what's being said now. Shifting his weight a bit from one foot to the other as he does, to make his current position a bit more comfortable.

With that announcement made, the folder is once again tucked under Petra's arm, and he steps forward to follow Atalanta and Abbenshire through the procession to offer a congratulations to each person.

The same process is followed for all four Wing folks, though when Agrippa and Phin are saluted a second time, they are murmured at to remain where they are and not retake their place in the crowd.

"Lieutenant Kane," Atalanta continues as she moves her way down the line. She, too, is offered the same sharp salute, the same pretty smile, the same firm handshake, and a box of shiny new bars to pin to her uniform. Though her tone is undoubtedly formal, her voice takes on a touch of warmth as she says, "It's always a pleasure to see a woman distinguish herself in the course of her duties. Congratulations on the pins."

Phin stays put when he's ordered to stay put, still looking vaguely stunned. Atalanta is eyed with some curiosity. New winged Major in dress grays and all.

When she receives the pins and the handshake, it's just a little awkward with her bandaged right hand, but never fear, Maia isn't letting that get in her way! Finally, she holds the box, snaps to attention once more. "Thank you, Sir." The elation in her eyes apparent. When dismissed, she glances at Agrippa and Dolly. "Congrats, you guys," she whispers before walking over to a seat so that she can watch the rest, looking at Ygraine, Kels and Superstar as she does with wide eyes and a mouth opened in surprise. "Can you believe it?" The words are only mouthed, not voiced, but she does have a seat and manages to even remain silent for the duration.

Kelsey looks at Maia at gives her an insanely sarcastic look. Its one of those 'What the hell were they thinking!?' looks. But in the end she snickers to herself and taps two fingers to her temple in a distance salute and looks back up front.

Ygraine lifts her brows in excitement to Maia and the others, but Phin gets the lion's share of her grin and a quick little salute, murmuring lowly to Kelsey, "We gotta call him sir again. Bets on how often we can make him blush?"

Kingsbury, too! The salute, the handshake, the pins — all offered with nothing but absolutely perfectly polished manners and a sense of genuine happiness for them all. "Lieutenant Kingsbury. The Fleet couldn't function without the hard work of our ECOs. I look forward to flying with you in the coming months," Atalanta offers the man.

Kingsbury goes through the motions, still in shock. He manages a grin and a nod to Atalanta, then steps back, wide-eyed and breathless. He stares at the box in his hands when he sits. He certainly wasn't expecting /this/.

"I'm pretty sure we can make him regret the promotion," Kelsey whispers back, a sure nod to accompany it. But she eyes Phin. Oh yes, there is mischief stewing from this particular corner of the room and anyone left up front can see it.

Yeah even sarcasm isn't bringing Maia down, 'specially when it comes from Kelsey. She just laughs softly and gives her a headshake. Making no hesitations, she's already replacing her old pins with her new ones.

And, finally, Phin. She pauses to take the measure of the man for a moment, before clicking her heels and offering him a crisp salute. "Lieutenant McBride. Congratulations on a job very, very well done and a promotion well-deserved. I've read the SABER site AAR and I look forward to seeing you in a bird soon," Atalanta says not only with a handshake, but with a sharp nod of approval.

With his turn over of receiving the rank pins in a box, Agrippa has time to turn his head to watch as the others of the Air Wing standing on the line with him receive theirs, his smile widening. He would clap except he is standing at respectful attention. He was ready for the dismissed command but when he is asked to remain behind with Dolly, Punchdrunk gives his wingman on the last mission a quick glance, wondering what else is up.

Once Maia and Kingsbury have retaken their places and Atalanta has handed out the congratulations and pins, Petra raises his voice again, "Ensign Wescott. Lieutenant Vashti. Front and center with your Viper wingmates." Eyeing the injured duo, there is a ghost of a smile, "As soon as you can manage it." Abbenshire sets the first box aside and waits patiently at Petra's and Atalanta's side with the other, not opening it.

There's a brief grin from Jason in Maia's direction, but aside from that, he just keeps his gaze on the front, and keeping silent. Especially with the two others being called to the front now.

Phin returns Atalanta's salute as crisply as one would expect of an Academy puke, then reaches down to catch her handshake. "I'll try not to disappoint, sir. Thank you." He turns his head briefly, catching Ygraine and Kelsey whispering. The ECO's grin is returned. And he's already blushing a little. It's not hard. His grin widens when they're called up.

Ygraine's brows lift, and she asides to Kelsey, "C'mon, Squire. Let's gimp our way up." Her process forward is slow, but it's steady and even keeled.

Kelsey hears her name called and eyes Ygraine. "Lady, don't make me hurt you." A pause. "Again. I mean I will turn this Raptor right around." She smirks, though, with the words and slowly turns to file on out. Kels limps and hobbles up but does her best time with it. Stepping to the line beside Grips, she winks at the man and goes to attention.

When the Raptor crew from the almost suicidal SABER mission are called forth, Agrippa can't help but break the straight facing posture, turning his head to watch as the two injured Raptorettes slowly approach the line. At the wink, Punchdrunk shoots back a grin and nod of head before returning to formal attention again.

Elias had lapsed into thought, not paying a great deal of attention as the new Major makes her congratulatory pass along the line of the promoted. But he perks up when Kelsy and Ygraine are called forward, studying the two women as they hobble up to the line.

Just as soon as she begins working on the pins, Maia realizes it's a pointless endeavor, so she reboxes them for now. Bandaged hands were a definite hindrance. Dropping her new pins, still in the box, into her front pocket, she watches as Kels and Ygraine are called and she brightens visibly. There's a quick glance to Superstar and she gives him a thumbs up, with her good left hand, but then she concentrates on what's going on, front and center.

By now, the ruckus has started attracting attention. People that were heading to chow or the rec room detoured to take a peek at what the loud voices in the Obs Deck are for. Once the actors have taken their places again, Petra pulls the folder out again and clears his throat, before beginning to read:

"On the 27th of May, 2005 Ensign Kelsey Wescott and Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Ygraine Vashti deliberately and voluntarily flew their lone Raptor into the airspace of a Saber surface to air missile battery to gather information on this deadly enemy system and its capabilities. After their entire complement of decoy drones had been destroyed by the Saber, Ens. Wescott and Lt. Vashti allowed the enemy SAM site to lock on and fire at their Raptor in order to gather a complete recording of the system and its capabilities. Despite crippling damage to their Raptor and serious injuries to both Ensign Wescott and Lieutenant Vashti, they remained within the engagement envelope and allowed the Saber to fire at them a total of five times, jumping away only when they were certain they had the necessary data. Their courageous actions have provided the Fleet with critical intelligence on this deadly enemy anti-aircraft system, and their actions will likely save the lives of many of their fellow pilots, as well as aid the Colonial Fleet and the war effort as a whole." He pauses there for a moment, flipping to the next page and not looking up - clearly, there is more coming.

Ygraine's eyes dart briefly sidelong to Kelsey, the corner of her mouth quirking upward before refocusing on Petra.

As the impressive actions that both Kelsey and Ygraine went through are listed, Agrippa finds him nodding his head at what was shared to everyone in the room, knowing that toying with a SABER platform is no easy feat.

Kelsey stands there at attention. She catches the look from Ygraine and returns that subtle smirk. Eyes going back forward, she catches something else in the crowd and takes a long breath. Eyes go back forward and she tries to straighten her greens from the hem at the sides. Its really not happening.

With a soft clearing of the frog out of his throat, Petra continues, "In order for these two to have this chance, Lieutenants McBride and Agrippa had to fly Vipers at the very edge of the Saber's suspected range and try to keep the site occupied while the Raptor flew in at low altitude hundreds of miles away. Not only did this work, but they were able to attract the attention of some Raiders that would have otherwise made short work of the Raptor, or at the very least, forced the mission to abort. They caused havoc on the Cylon forces in the area, including taking out a gun position and shooting up a Cylon convoy. In the end they had four SAMs shot at them and both sustained damage to their Vipers in the process. They displayed exceptional bravery by constantly putting themselves in the path of danger to keep the attention off of their Raptor wingmates, buying Ensign Wescott and Lieutenant Vashti enough time to complete their mission objectives."

Kingsbury listens, eyes wide. He'd heard bits and pieces, of course. But hearing the whole story is something else entirely. He stares at the four up front and has serious admiration in his eyes.

Phin shrugs his shoulders as the Viper bit of that is read, still looking more stunned about all this than anything else. He manages to keep his face from getting any redder, at least, or doing anything else embarrassing while at the front of the crowd.

When the room gets quiet, Petra looks up for a moment, studying the faces pointed his direction, "For these reasons, Fleet Command, authorized by Rear Admiral Jameson, on this date, June 3rd, 2005, hereby bestows the Colonial Medal of Valor on Ensign Kelsey Wescott and Lieutenant Ygraine Vashti, and the Bronze Cluster with Valor to Lieutenants Alexander Agrippa and Phin McBride. Their extraordinary courage and selflessness, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit on themselves. May these four serve as an example to all that the light of hope and courage will never go out as long as there is a single member of the Colonial Armed Forces to embody it. We are honored to serve with these individuals."

With that said, Petra tucks the folder back under his arm, nodding for Abbenshire and Atalanta to continue while he raises his voice, "Detail, AttenTION! Present ARMS!" and then snaps a sharp, stoic salute at all four of the awardees.

Having seen the tapes of the Viper part of the mission, Maia looks at Kels and Yggy with renewed respect, then shifts it over to Grippa and Phin. Suicide mission comes to mind, yet they had all come back. Her own celebration forgotten as she considers what her fellow pilots and ECO had gone through to get the information to save lives in the future. Damn.. Colonial Medal of Valor! It's all she can do not to clap and cheer for the Raptorettes, and she has to sit on her good hand to keep from the fist pump she's just dying to do. Bronze Cluster of Valor for the Vipers.. She couldn't be more proud for anyone even if it was herself who was getting them. Sitting up straighter, she practically beams, the pride she takes in those assembled emanating off her.

Ygraine's eyes go big as saucers. The Colonial Medal of Valor? The only commendation higher is the Order of Honor. She's a little stunned, but there's no dancing in place, no gestures of victory. She stands stock still, her expression actually gone a little stark.

Elias listens through the award ceremony with little sign of surprise, watching soberly from the back. When the presentation of the medals is called, Elias straightens to attention and lifts his hand in salute. He may not have the heel-clicking snap down, but the gesture is respectful all the same.

Jason nods a little as he listens to what's being said, but otherwise his expression remains distant as he listens. There's a bit of a smile on his expression, though.

Kelsey hears that and her eyes go wide. She breaks attention for the briefest second to doubletake at Petra. Is he serious?? She blinks and looks back forward, lookin a little pale around the gills for that. Oh my. That's a lot of people saluting them. Some in particular. Don't pass out. Don't pass out. Don't pass out.

Atalanta takes three strides forward, stopping just shy of the Raptor crew which they honor this evening. There, she slowly brings her arm up into a salute that would be worthy of a presiding President. Green eyes linger on the other women's faces for several long seconds, filling with a pride that would, perhaps, come as a surprise from a woman who knows little more than their names. "Lieutenant Vashti. Ensign Wescott. Your actions embody all that the Colonies have to expect from its soldiers — duty, diligence, and determination. But beyond that, you have displayed both bravery and selfless sacrifice that stands alongside ancient heroes who once walked the earth with the gods themselves. I consider it an ''honor'' that we wear the same uniform. I would like to offer you not only my own congratulations, but the gratitude of the entire Fleet."

Kingsbury goes to attention immediately, grinning /widely/ in pride for the pilots and his fellow ECO.

Phin does manage a smile at Ygraine and Kelsey, even if he can't quite process his own new hardware. He nods short to the pair of them. Damn straight.

As the list of awards are mentioned, Agrippa glances slightly to his side as both the Raptor Pilot and ECO Officer are awarded one of the greatest medals in the Colonial military, his smile returning, unable to remain hidden. When he and Phin are also awarded medals, with Valor, the smile quickly fades and Punchdrunk returns to attention again, as is proper. When the salute is snapped up, Agrippa does the same, proud of not only himself but those he flies with. For him, it was just something that needed to be done, but he is pleased that they are being recognized.

Bennett is somewhere near the hatch, the raptor captain's presence an unobtrusive thing as it often is. She's in her blues, as are most officers here, and moves crisply to attention when the call is made by Petra. Should any of the air crew currently receiving honours look her way, there is a smile curving her lips that she doesn't even bother to stifle.

"Thank you, sir." says Ygraine, her smile tight as she gazes briefly at all of those salutes.

Kelsey can't actually speak yet. She's too busy trying to breathe.

Without any further adieu, Atalanta present both Ygraine and Kelsey with their medals, each in turn. The boxes are opened and offered reverently, for each woman to see that, yes, the moment is indeed real.

Petra lets the salutes hang for a moment before he calls out, "Order ARMS!" and drops the salute. Only then does he step up, placing Abbenshire between himself and Atalanta, and faces Agrippa and Phin, "Gentlemen." he pauses long enough to carefully lift one of the medallions out of the case, and pins it to each Pilot's chest, before reaching to shake their hands, "Outstanding work. Congratulations."

As soon as the call for salutes comes, Maia is up off that seat and saluting the honored Air Wing members, albeit with a bandaged salute hand, but she means well. Her silence speaks of reverence, for the Raptorette is seldom without a word to say.

"Thank you, sir," Kelsey squeeks out. Squire looks up at him like a deer in the headlights. 'What are you doing?! People will see this!'. She looks over his shoulder and then back to him and straight forward while he pins to her. She tries to shake her hand but its a little like flopping a wet noodle around. The best thing she can think of to say? What comes out of her mouth? "Frakkin-A, Colonel." Stay classy, Squire.

Phin straightens his posture even more - which didn't appear possible, but somehow he manages it - as Petra pins him. Deep breath, salute. Then he lowers his hand to shake the TACCO's. "Thank you, sir" is all he can manage.

Ygraine parrots, "Thank you, sir." to Petra, her smile becoming a bit more animated.

When he is pinned with his medal, Agrippa salutes once more and then shakes the Colonel's hand, "Thank you, sir!" Echoing what the others are saying as well, not a man of words at the moment.

Petra glances over at Atalanta, perhaps to make sure she is finished as well, then takes a step back to lift his voice again, "Detail, disMISSED!" and only then just completely lets his composure go, smirking broadly at the four sporting their new metal bits. In a lower voice, he murmurs, "And if you're headed that way, your first two drinks at Charlie's are on my tab. Bartender already knows."

Just as soon as everyone is dismissed, Maia can't help it, she drops her salute and walks over to where the newly honored group are, offering high fives with her left hand, pats on the back and peering at the medals. "OH MY GODS, 'Shake, Princess.. Congratulations!" It's a girl thing, ladies first and stuff.

Kelsey takes a step back and turns around when dismissed, just as planned. She faces the stars and puts a hand up on the glass to steady herself. That was a little more than she was expecting. After a moment of catching her breath, she finally looks over to the other three. She looks a little pale. Still. Her mouth bobs like she keeps trying to say something. In the end she just stands there looking like a sick fish trying to pass water over the gills. Maia can hug her, and she'll return it. But Kels is still in shock.

Bennett relaxes out of her stiffly-held stance, and sneaks a quick glance at her watch. Evidently she has someplace to be just at the moment, as she slips off for the hatch rather than stick around to mingle. She will, almost certainly, catch up with the aircrew for more personal congratulations later.

Kingsbury smiles toward the newly honored foursome and then slips out. He needs to contemplate his raise in rank alone; the quiet man is a little overwhelmed.

"Thank you, sir," Phin repeats what he said before to Petra, this time about the possibility of comped drinks. Before turning to go. "Uh…what just happened?" he murmurs in an undertone that only the three exiting the front with him can probably hear.

As soon as they're dismissed, Elias relaxes and spends a moment watching as people crowd around the newly decorated and promoted group from the Air Wing. He smiles thoughtfully at the sight, then slips around the outside of the room, heading for the hatch.

Ygraine seems amiable to a pat on the back, casting Maia a grin before sidling up to Phin. "Ya got a promo, a medal, and a lousy start on a moustache." she provides him helpfully.

"Thank you sir." Agrippa repeats once more when the ceremony is finally over and the free drinks offered up. Then the Viper jock's attention shifts first to Kelsey who is now leaning against the large viewport, grinning in amusement, "Congratulations, Squire. Amazing achievement with that medal." She is no longer 'Wescott' to Punchdrunk now, the habit kicked, especially after that mission she flew against the SABER. As for what just happened, Agrippa turns to Phin and gives him a friendly slap on the back, "What happened is that you are a full fledge Lieutenant now, Dolly Sir." He also shoots Ygraine a smile as well, along with Maia who joins the group, "And congratulations to the Raptorettes. Shakes with the medal and Centerfold with the rank as well."

Since Phin is busy, Maia turns to Agrippa and offers her left hand in a fist bump. "Congratulations, Alex.." Checking out his shiny new medal. "No longer an Ensign.. how does it feel, Grippa?" That pride she feels for the group still evident on her features as she looks between them all, Kels stunned surprise bringing another smile. "So, does this mean I get to stay out of sickbay and go to Charlie's and party?"

Squire still looks a little awestruck. People are talkin to her. She hears them, but she doesn't know what to say. Eventually, she gets out something deeply meaningful and insiring. The Gods have bestown this singular line upon all of them, selecting Kelsey alone to deliver it. "Ah gotta pee!" …And she flees from the room as fast as her cane will take her.

Petra slowly turns his attention until he fixates on Elias, "Elias. You and I and the Major should talk. Have a few moments to head upstairs with us?" The Major must be the woman close by with the wings and the Major pins - the one that's been handing out the promotions with Abbenshire.

"I'm trying something," Phin defends his lousy start on a mustache to Ygraine. "It's like a new haircut. It never looks good right away." There is no evidence it will look good at any future date. But he stops talking about his attempt at facial hair. "I wasn't sure I'd ever see somebody get a Colonial Medal of Valor. That's awesome, guys. Can't get decorations much higher than that, and you definitely deserved them. And congrats on the jig pins, Grips." He turns to offer a grin to Maia. "You, too, L-T."

Having been at the back even after the part about being dismissed, Jason slowly starts making his way towards the exit now.

Both of Atalanta's brows arch sharply upwards at the request, brown brows creeping towards blonde hair in a way that only highlights the difference in their natural shading. The expression soon smoothes, instead replaced by the sort of wry smile which suggests that, yes, she's well aware that no one really wants the boss at the office party, even if they had the time to attend it, anyway. The smile is as fleeting as the look of surprise had been. "Of course, sir," she answers Petra, clasping her hands together and resting them against the small of her back.

"It feels… the same?" Agrippa answers with a bit of uncertainty though no doubt he may feel the burden of rank in the future if he ends up being the highest ranker on a mission. "Especially around you full-fledge El-Tees." As for her escaping the Medbay, Punchdrunk looks her up and down, "You look good to me." When Kelsey makes her escape though, Agrippa can't help laugh in amusement, knowing that this has more or less overwhelmed the poor girl. Nodding his head to Phin, he gives a quick, "Thanks," as well.

Petra nods slightly at Atalanta's agreement, pausing a moment to murmur at Abbenshire, "I'll be back in CIC in a couple of hours after I get out of this inferno suit. I think they make the grays out of reactor shielding." and with THAT insight given, turns to head for the hatch with the Major.

Quiet as a mouse and in the back away from the commotion a silver haired woman named Rhowen can be located. She is just watching the award ceremony. She is dressed in a uniform and she looks as neat as pin. Her uniform is well pressed and her long hair has been pulled back into a bun that rests on the nap of her neck.

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