MD #102: Meeting For Science!
MD #102: Meeting For Science!
Summary: The resident skinjobs and those with Arpay ear mods meet to discuss their abilities and how to test them.
Date: 19/07/2017 (OOC Date)
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The Map Room
Tactical's Clubhouse, invaded.
Sat Feb 03 2049 (MD #102)

The Map Room is seeing a lot of use lately, and now it's booked by an unlikely group of personnel from all ranks and stations. They only share on thing in common — the ability to project their senses onto others. And since Doctor Nadir tasked him with organizing a meeting she had more or less already arranged, Ambrose steps up to kick things off. The Two is still in his scrubs from Sick Bay, but with a white medical lab coat over the top. "Shall we begin?" he asks, answering the question himself by immediately doing so. "For those I don't know yet, I'd Doctor Galen. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss our related abilities to project our senses, compare notes, and see what we can learn about how the clerics do … what they do. And see if we can find ways to defend ourselves against them, or help those who have been 'reprogrammed.'" The Doctor pauses and looks around. "Perhaps we should go around the room and make introductions, and describe our experience using our abilities? Unless the Commander has something he would like to say before we begin?" His gaze swings to Petra.

Petra has found a small corner in the back of the room (by the coffeepot, natch), only occassionally glancing up to look as more people step in. Interesting to note is that THIS time, the Commander actually has his sidearm on his hip as he sits and furiously taps away at his datapad. When Ambrose calls him out, he pauses for a moment and focuses on him, then lightly shakes his head, "Only that the request you sent me a couple of hours ago is approved, but I would prefer to keep the general knowledge of it relatively quiet, if at all possible? That is all." With that said, he shoots a look around the room, then drops his gaze back to the datapad, trying to finish whatever it was he was responding to.

Lleufer just had a meeting in the Map Room a little bit ago. But he has returned as late as he dare after checking on a few things, dropping off some paperwork, and grabbing a sandwich to inhale on his way back up. There hasn't been much time for him to grab meals lately. Ynyr even now tries to finish eating the sandwich dry, with nothing to drink to wash it down before anybody expects him to do any talking. He looks tired, and this is technically his off duty shift to go get rack time. But he's still in his MP uniform with sidearm. A fresh bandage is taped to the right side of his skull above and slightly behind his right ear and his right arm is in a sling. Therefor the Master-at-Arms hangs back a little and uses his left hand to finish off his last few bites.

Randy finds herself in this neck of the woods once more. She was invited to this meeting for more than obvious reasons. She just takes a seat off to the side almost in one of the risers. She's in her greens tonight and has tucked some of her wisps of hair falling from her tie behind her pointy ears, something she does again as she sits, even though she doesn't need to. After the Commander speaks up about keeping things quiet, she reaches up to rub the back of her neck a little as she waits her turn. She looks around to all the people gathered, skinjob and Arpay augmented alike, seeing if there are any new faces.

Gunnery Sergeant Cooper Knox is in attendance and he's joined by Rance, the redneck Seven. The two are speaking quietly when they come in and Coop leans against a desk while Rance moves to sit on the one next to it. Cooper is in his uniform and Rance in his normal civilian duds. "Gunnery Sergeant Cooper Knox," he introduces, though probably everyone in here knows him. "I've been using projection for about twenty-four years. I started using it before I came forward with who I was. Small stuff. I more or less respected the ban on it, mostly in spirit. I never stopped using projection for myself since I wasn't aware that applied. I've used it with a couple people in command by order and with my wife." Which is clearly none of their business with the details. "I mainly use it to either pass along intelligence and I also use it to help ease calm. Or if I'm bored and wish I were somewhere else." The guy shrugs.

The Seven beside him lifts his hand. "Rance. Hi. How ya doin." Easy greeting. "I used it during the second war to try and strip intel out of someone once. I didn't much like it so I stopped. Kinda like your boy Cooper, I mostly just use it for vacations. Pretty beaches, pink sunsets, taste of a margarita. I didn't know ya'll had banned it in the fleet, either."

Petra's not the only one wearing his sidearm. Clara slumps into the impromptu meeting still dressed in combat blacks minus the jacket, armed with a P90 and her resting bitch face. She pats down her pockets for a cigarette, and then a lighter, resisting the urge to roll her eyes when introductions are requested. What's next, a dissertation on what they did over the summer? She lurks in the back and doesn't volunteer anything immediately.

"Yes sir," Ambrose bows his head to Petra. "I understand. Thank you." Then he turns back to the group. "We now have approval to use Projection on one and other, for the purposes I just outlined: finding out what it can do, how to defend against it, and how to undo the damage." His gaze then goes around to each of those who introduce themselves and give some background, then he adds a bit of his own. "I wasn't awakened until after the last war. I've never Projected to anyone else. I've done some experiments recently with self-projection, but that is the extent of my experience." Then he looks to the Arpay-modified people in the room, expression curious. "And I know even less about the ability of those with Arpay ear modifications. Perhaps one of you could give us a brief explanation of how that works?"

Ensign Miri Zahav is never late. Well, strike that. She's late today. She rushes in, still in her scrubs, remembering to pull off her surgical hair cap as she crosses the threshold into the rare air. She snaps to attention. "Sirs. I just came from surgery. My apologies."

Diaz is one of the last to join the group and as introductions are going around she only chimes in when it's her turn, "I'm Adura Diaz, Viper pilot, and until recently, I hadn't done any projection at all, or tried to, since volunteering."

Petra mmms softly and nods at Ambrose, "Just be aware you JUST requested that a few hours ago and if the Admiral feels strongly enough about it, she may override me, but…I can be convincing." There's a tightlipped smile at that as he finally hits Send on the message he was working on, and is able to turn his full attention to listening to the meeting. Clearly the man hasn't taken the eyes or ears modifications, so he must just be here for informational purposes. Or something. Or maybe he DOES live in this room lately.

Lleufer almost laughs at what Knox says about being bored and wishing he was somewhere else. Thankfully he manages to kill the laugh and also finished his sandwich so he doesn't choke. He softly clears his throat and listens to the others in turn. When it comes around to him, he stops leaning against the bulkhead, "Gunnery Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr, Mastr-at-Arms. I've had projection used /on/ me several times back when I associated with a Model Eleven, back in the last war. With Intel knowing about it." A glance to Knox who used to know Doctor Naomi Tamsen. Lleu looks back at the others, "I was among the first few chosen to get the Arpay modifications after the Erol jumped us out to the Rally Point, at the end of that war. I've not really tried to project much, but there's been a few … accidental or private things between my wife and myself, or our children over the years. But never really tried to do it intentionally with anyone else."

Clara stalwartly refuses to give an intro. She does however take up a perch next to Randy, and listens absently as the discussion turns to Arpay modifications. No comment on whether she's abided the letter of the law regarding projection use. No comment at all.

"Randy here." Randy figures everyone can squint at her pins if they really want. "Flynn. I didn't start projecting until this last year, but uh…People have to touch my ears? And…" She takes a breath as if about to take a dive off a diving board. "Well I can read people's thoughts? And I guess look through people's memories and implant things? I'm not very good at it though. I've mostly done self-projection for meditation and stuff. It helps." Ugh. Words. "Oh and I think I can do one more thing, but it's hard to describe. It's like seeing who a person really is?" She looks over at Miri and then sidelong at Clara. "I got my mods around the same time as Lleu and the other voluntary adopters due to losing my vision on a mission."

Casting a curious glance at Lleu and then around to Randy as they speak, Diaz's interest is piqued but she waits until Randy is done speaking before she nods slowly then contributes again. "The only experience I have with projection that's at all recent is from before I joined, but after the war, after I woke i mean," Diaz volunteers. "I spent a lot of time learning from the others of my line, and they shared memories, experiences as much as just memories really. Sometimes just to try to explain … what it was to be part of a community, with friends and neighbors, children and so on, a network of individuals that they were part of that was so vastly different and confusing and diverse."

Miri licks her lips, falling into parade rest at the side of the map table. A series of subtle, inscrutable emotions flicker across her freckled face, which is now framed by frizzy curls in the absence of the surgical cap. There is a small smear of blood near the hem of her scrubs top. "Ensign Miri Zahav, PA," she says, tacking on that last qualification out of pride. "I have never /projected/," she says carefully, her face now carefully schooled, "but I am sure I can." She pauses for a moment, emboldened by Randy's admission. "I can do other things. It only requires physical contact for me. Not just my ears. Any skin. It's why I've been celibate for nineteen years," she adds, tinged with bitterness. "I wear gloves at all times in my work and I avoid any prolonged contact. Even handshakes." This woman stands tall and proud, despite being starved for human touch for nearly two decades. "With simple touch, I can read emotions and thoughts. If I choose to, I can… go deeper. I believe I can change things in a person if I wanted to. Memories. Genetics, maybe." Despite her even demeanour, the hands behind her back begin to sweat and tremble. "I have only once done this intentionally, and it was with the full consent of the other participant. It was simply to see what I could see if I went deeper. I looked. I did not touch." She braces herself.

Rance lets off a low whistle.

"Can we ditch this AA meeting bullshit and discuss instead what we're gonna do about the clerics?" Clara blurts out, folding bonelessly into her chair, and drawing her knees to her chest as she pulls from her cigarette. "Never mind there's literally armies of these fraks to contend with. I want to know what we're gonna do about them. And their.. weaponized projection, or whatever we're calling it." She looks to Miri for a long moment at her admission, expression tinged with.. no, not pity; compassion.

There are not enough chairs in here for everyone to sit down. Lleu's tired, not had any stims today. So he lowers himself to the deck and settles himself on the floor against the bulkhead. He can see the others and hear them, but it's entirely possible he may not be able to stay awake.

Coop glances over to Rance with the whistle and just looks to Miri impassively, but nods once. Clara's words have him look to Petra, then to Ambrose. Rance slides off the desk beside him and crosses his arms.

Petra's gaze follows the conversation around the room. Most people, as every single person in the room begins confessing they have mind reading powers, should start looking more and more disturbed. Instead he just arches his brow a couple of times at the few folks that mention KNOWING the regulation and doing it anyway, though the look he shoots Cooper is slightly more amused, with a faint shake of his head like the answer doesn't surprise him one bit. For the moment, the scarred and inked Commander just stays quiet and continues to listen. When Clara gets cranky, he simply folds his arms across his chest and shifts his weight a little. After a moment or two of internal debate, then clears his throat, "We will also need to learn how to purge this from someone that has been so controlled. There are going to be individuals we are going to want to save, if the damage is not permanent." Commander Vagueness doesn't bother to elaborate at the moment, however.

"Sirs, are we talking about purely defensive capability, or are we also talking about offensive?" Knox lifts his voice after watching Clara a moment longer, but his voice is directed to the room.

Randy watches Miri like a hawk as she speaks, as if trying to communicate with just her eyes. When Miri talks about possible genetic alterations, Randy's jaw tenses and her hand bunches up some of the loose fabric of her fatigues slightly. It's a decent sized room. Maybe not everyone will notice. As Clara interrupts the proceedings, Randy's eyebrows arch just slightly, with naive thoughtfulness as she chews on the side of her lower lip. "Wouldn't it be good just to be able to detect tampering to start with? I mean so we can screen people and prevent shite-I mean bad stuff from happening in our own backyard?"

Diaz was among the last to arrive so she's only a few feet away from Miri, though she was leaning against the wall with her hands tucked into her pockets until just now. She leans out and rests one hand on Miri's shoulder, "I don't think there's a single person in this room who hasn't used their abilities in on way or another in a way that they don't want to put on a sign and hold it over their heads." She tucks her hands back into her pockets and eyes the Commander, "If Miri can read that deep, maybe she can help heal those that were messed with in the first place," she wonders with a shrug then falls silent at the question that Coop asks followed, immediately, by the one Randy asks.

Visibly surprised that she is not currently in handcuffs, Miri lowers her hands to her sides. "I don't know for sure, but I think if I looked I could probably see if it had happened, at the very least." She leaves out the part about it not being easy on her. This isn't about her. When Diaz mentions healing, she adds, "I would be willing to try. Healing is what I do."

"If the damage can be done, maybe it can be detected. Like a.. scar on the soul." Clara's dark eyes find Coop for a few seconds, then drop to her smoke. "I also want to know how we feel about practicing weaponized projection. Or using it on the enemy. Where's the line?"

Ambrose too is both intrigued and somewhat alarmed by the abilities Randy and Miri claim. "That is somewhat more than I expected, given the medical literature on the subject." Which apprently leaves out things like reading minds and altering memories. "My own experiments, as I've said, were in self-projection. Assuming similar results when used on another, I am fairly confident I could make wholesale changes to someone else's memories, given enough practice. And the inclination to do so." Which does seem troubling to the Two. "Also, my results suggest that we," he looks to Clara, Diaz, Knox, and Rance here, "May be very vulnerable to this sort of thing, by our nature." Clara's snarky comment is met with a patient sort of smile from the doctor, and then he adds his two cents about the proposed experiments. "I would not be willing to use weaponized projection, in general. If the /only/ way to 'help' someone who has been overwritten by a cleric is to overwrite them again? Then perhaps."

"I'd do it." Lleufer says flatly to Clara's question, "In a heart beat. But no Cleric's going to put their hands on my ears, so I guess I'm not going to be much use to anybody in this." If he happens to catch Miri's eye as she glances nervously about, he tries to offer her a smile. That's about all Ynyr can do at the moment, and listen to the others.

Of the Six and Seven standing together, Coop looks silent and contemplative. His eyes go to the ground and he doesn't seem to have an answer. There's no small surprise that Honor would need to weigh this heavily. The guy stands there with his hands shifted behind his back looking like a statue.

Rance looks over at him, then to the others. This is a far more serious topic so he stows the cavalier attitude. The guy clearly remembers what it felt like before and it isn't so much a passing comment anymore. "I don't think I could define a line, but I'll know it when I see it. If we weaponize it for ourselves, then to me its just like a rifle. Own it, respect it. That said… This fleet's our family. Anyone willing to say what they would or wouldn't do for family? I'm in until I'm out." He doesn't say it to anyone in particular.

That there's little appetite for overtly experimenting with weaponized projection, is not a surprise. The Three looks Lleufer's way for a moment when he speaks up, then Rance for a longer moment.. then lowers her lashes again, twirling the cigarette between her fingers. "I think if we have any chance of defending against it, we're gonna need to start exploring how it works," she murmurs. "I'm not saying I like it. I'm saying this is a frakking war, and they're sure as shit not pulling their punches."

"I'm a Marine," Zahav says levelly. "If you tell me to be a weapon, I'll be a weapon."

"I wonder if there are things to look for in memories that are altered. Events that don't quite make sense, like looking for seams, or the old projector technologies where they splice films together as well?…I suspect you can't recover memories that have been wiped, but I don't know for sure," Randy says the latter to Ambrose's remark with a nod, seeming to relax in her posture a little. "It'd use weaponized projection against enemies and in defense. No way am I forfeiting my life or the people's around me to a threat like that, but I don't know what can be done about the ear thing that would be useful for the battlefield tomorrow. I have some wild ideas around tinkering with Arpay interfacing technology…but…not worth talking about." She looks over to Rance and nods in agreement with the rifle analogy. "To be completely honest, though please do not let this leave this room, not to anyone, seriously, but I can confirm, as far as I know, not scientifically or anything, that I'm pretty sure I can alter people's genetic code." How one discovers that, well Randy doesn't seem to be divulging freely right now. "If someone like Miri could do that quickly enough, she could basically turn a Cleric into goo just by touching them. But I think before that can be explored, well it won't mean anything if someone like that can't defend themselves in the process."

Miri adds, carefully, "Maybe, if this is something you wish to explore, sirs, maybe I could alter people with Arpay mods so they can do what I can do." Her normally carefree tone is heavy with the weight of the implications. "I wouldn't wish this on any of you, though. If I may speak freely, it sucks. I've been afraid to touch people at all ever since I knew I could feel their thoughts. It felt rude. Wrong."

Petra glances down at his datapad when something blinks. A frown crosses his features and slowly he rises to his feet, murmuring, "I'm sorry, I have a recon pilot I have to go talk to." He pauses to look around the room, and offers, "All of that…detection, offensive, defensive, and repair, will be important, but it is up to those of you that can do it, to determine how best to safely get better at it. We are in a potentially very bad position and may need those of you that can handle this very, very soon, so whatever you can work out, we would ask that a plan be worked out quickly. My apologies, but I have to excuse myself." With that said, he attempts to make his way through the gathering to head for the hatch.

"What ever we decide to do, how ever we figure it out, we need to make sure that the rest of the fleet knows that we're not going to be aiming any of this at them. It can't become an 'us' verses 'them' environment. As long as we are among humans, let us be humane. Someone said that, I forget who, but it's a pretty good reminder that this sort of thing makes a large number of people nervous. Nervous people with access to weapons can lead to lynch mobs. So. Put that somewhere on the list of things we get to figure out," she adds with another shrug. "Turning a cleric into a gibbering pile of goo would absolutely make my day. Lets all figure out how to use that skill set. Top three things on the list. Learn how to project. Learn how to defend against it. Learn how to turn clerics into gibbering piles of goo. Without causing mass hysteria." She then makes a small, somewhat rude, sound: "Just thinking about all the stuff that bounces around the average mind is enough to make me .. eeech." she twitches faintly and shudders while moving aside to clear the path so the Commander can leave the map room. She wasn't entirely sure he did that.

"I suggest we table a decision weaponized projection," Ambrose offers, then turns to look towards Petra. "And see what Command has to say on the matter when they have done the same? It's not a decision that must be made right this instant." Then the Two nods agreement with Clara, "Agreed. We do need to understand it, regardless. And then we can make a more informed decision." He turns to listen carefully to Randy's thoughts, though he's clearly thrown a bit by the part about genetic alterations. Physical changes to someone else's DNA? That's another matter entirely. "It is good to know what we /can/ do," he says, including Miri's comment in this too, "before we make any decisions. Let's start with something more basic, and see if we can alter /very minor/ things in each other's memories, and detect or repair those changes if so?"

Miri raises her hands to ribcage-level looking down at her palms. These hands have been her livelihood and her biggest fear. "I'm game to experiment if we have a volunteer."

"Miri. You, Clara, and I all sleep in the same barracks. I'm welcome to be a guinea pig," Randy says with a shrug. "You just have to promise that you don't erase all my memories of my training or you know…" Randy draws her finger in the air as if 'selecting all' and then saying, "Delete."

Cooper keeps his head down. "I'm going to need to think on this pretty hard. Thanks." He looks up enough to nod to the others, leaving Rance there. The Seven looks to the others, then watches Coop leave. "Anyone want to take bets on how Cooper falls on this one?" Its flat delivery. It wasn't meant to be funny. "I'm not sure where to start with this one, but I suppose Doc Galen's suggestion is as good as any."

"I make a habit of not placing bets on Coop. I saw him kill a dude with a door. He's capable of anything." Miri's joke doesn't quite work. Her heart isn't in it. She looks over at Rance. "Now you know why I didn't shake your hand when we met again. I'm not rude, just a freak."

Once there's general agreement not to make major decisions right this instant, Ambrose relaxes and steps back. "My first experiment," he offers to those discussing how to proceed, "was to record myself setting up the experiment, then stop the recording and leave myself a note to watch it. Then I tried to delete the memory of setting up the experiment. It would be much easier with a subject other than yourself, however." Yay, deleting your own memories. For science. "In any case, I'd be happy to coordinate and compare results with anyone who's interested."

"No surprise. When Sixes lose their tempers, cities fall." Rance doesn't seem much for jokes, either. "Eh. Maybe. If you are a freak, then you're our freak." He offers his hand to her to shake again with a low smile, then looking to Ambrose. "How official are you wanting this? Should I get a camera? Take lab notes? …Would you trust a Seven to do that if I said I would?" Bold. Leap without looking is what they do best.

Miri smiles at Rance's words. It's genuine, touched and relieved. She reaches over to shake his hand, squeezing it, but releasing before she can get anything from him. She values people's privacy. After that, she looks up at Ambrose. "We can try that now, Rosie. I'll tell you something and try to erase it, then have you try and recall. Or we can use that one and you can take notes," she adds, indicating Rance with her head.

There's a glance aside as Miri and Rance discuss the missed handshake, and Ambrose offers his fellow medical officer an quizzical look. "Now?" That hadn't been his plan, but there's no reason not to make the test. "If you like." As for protocol, he gives Rance a level look. "Do the best you can?" he suggests. One might think he doesn't expect many notes from the Seven. "I doubt we'll ever be publishing this for peer review in a scientific journals, but /some/ ability to compare notes might be useful."

Rance looks to the handshake with an easy grin. "Good to meet you." No comment to her powers or anything else. He looks back to Ambrose and nods. "I'll do what I can. If I figure something out, maybe I can just tech you with projection or something." Its an off-the-cuff joke and he taps his temple in salute. "I'm gonna go see if I can get Coop drunk. You kids have fun."

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