AWD #083: A Matter Of Opinion
A Matter Of Opinion
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 30/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Viper Berthings
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #83

Nicodemus is sitting on his bunk in a pair of sweats and a long sleeved gray issued shirt. He's staring at a set of dog tags in his hands, turning it over, trying to stare a hole through them. Beside him on his bunk is a leather bound sketchbook, closed with a leather tie around it.

It's not exactly where Maia sleeps at night but she's here for some reason or other. Stepping inside wearing her fatigue's, she looks around at the bunks, as if seeing if someone was in. Catching sight of Nico, she offers a quick grin. "Hey Bats. Guess who I ran into today…"

Lying in his bed with part of his covers pushed aside so when someone comes along he spots her. Nodding towards Maia. "Hey there." over towards Nic as well with a nod. Having been busy reading a music magazine earlier.

As if on Maia's half-question, Ceres is at the hatch and pushing in, dressed in her off duty tanks and sweats, she has a folded paper with a readout from the SIMS in hand. Her dark hair in that perfect braid is pulled back severely against her scalp and swings as she slips past the blonde. "Centerfold." SHe greets faintly and without hesitating, she moves for her locker. Skinjob alone.

Nicodemus looks up, closing his hand around the dog tags. "Centerfold," he greets softly. "I dunnow, who?" Then the cylon walks in, and his eyes move to her, watching her closely, following her with his eyes to her locker. It's a cautious stare, not quite a glare, but definitely a look of interest.

"Your brother, I didn't put Stone and Stone together. He told me you were his brother. Pretty cool stuff. Must me nice having family on board." Looking up at Luc, Maia nods politely to him too, but isn't overly friendly with her ex-husband. The last greeting though has her flicking blue eyes towards the hatch, warring with herself and finally politeness wins out. "Redux, how are you? Ah.. Good to see you again." Finally, she cracks a smile, if somewhat slight. "How'd it go?" Gesturing towards the SIMS printout.

The kind words are obviously not expected as Redux hesitates and looks taken by surprise. Her lips part, then close and she glances at the others before her dark eyes meet Maia's. She gives the paper a shake and smiles wanly, "Pretty good…left hand doesn't work quite like it used to after two rounds of shrapnel, but I will work through it. Just need more time." She meets Bats' gaze and then offers him a nod of her head before glancing over to Luc and reaching in for her sweatshirt. "How are you holding up?"

Nicodemus sighs, and makes an unhappy face at the mention of the brothers Stone. "Yeah. It's frakkin' great," though everything about his tone indicates he hates it. He nods at Ceres when she nods his way, but otherwise, continues to watch her.

Ohhh Maia hadn't expected the unhappiness from Nico, Stone had made no indication there was bad blood between them. "Right.. so while everyone here is losing family out there," hitching a thumb over her shoulder to represent the Colonies. "Yours is in here safe and sound and you seem unhappy about that? Sorry I can't sympathize." Not exactly how Maia usually reacts but family is something she feels strongly about. Her voice gentles though. "Hope that you can work it out. Trust me, it's worth it, never know when you'll say your last words to each other." So, psychology lesson over, the Raptor pilot seems a little more at ease as she speaks with Ceres and it's normal, like before she knew. Unable to refrain, her gaze settles on her left hand, noting the ring there, which reminds her of Augustus. "Are.. you okay though? I mean.." Sure she'd lost a lot of friends recently, lifting a shoulder, she ceases the question and answers the one addressed her instead. "Me? I'm good, better than I thought I'd be. I get to learn independence, right?" This time her lips twist in a crooked grin filled with self directed mirth.

Luc nods in return to the others. Noting the greeting from Maia and just shrugging. Eyes going over to Ceres then. "Just fine. You know, though, you should try and smile more if you want people to talk to you." He offers with a roll of his shoulders. "Up to you though. I mean, we are the ones flying with you. No matter what command says. Could be good to try." Continues and just talk as usual.

Ceres is near her locker now, sweatshirt in her hand, the print out from her SIMs in the other. "Thought I heard say that you were going to cross train…grats." There is a faint smile just as Luc suggests it and Redux glances towards him. She folds her jacket over her arm and glances down to her ring. "I am fine. It's never going to be easy, but then anything worth having isn't." She flexes that scarred and burned hand. "And I will try to smile more…just never had the inclination before overly. Not many people really care to see my smile. They are busy looking for some port or leaking oil."

Into the berths strides Phin. He offers a general "Hey" around. Which is gruffer than usual, but it doesn't tip over the border into belligerent. He proceeds directly to his locker.

Nicodemus shakes his head at Maia. "My mother and sister are still out there on Picon. We haven't gotten any word on them." He doesn't address the matter of his brother at all, however. Looking back at Ceres, he lifts his brow a little, but doesn't speak.

Maia arches a brow at Luc at the suggestion, "So she has to smile more to be more approachable?" Wondering even while she is opening her mouth and speaking without thinking, why in the Gods names she is doing it.. "You've flown with her before, Luc. She may not have smiled then. Why does it matter now?" There's a brief smirk that lifts her lips just slightly before she's turning her attention back on Ceres. "I am, everyone has finally approved, I'm excited about it. It's going to take awhile, but then again I've never minded hard work. Can't wait to get out there." There's a solemn nod as she flexes that scarred hand, but she doesn't draw further attention to it. The movement from the hatch catches her eye and Maia nods a return greeting, "Hey Dolly. How's you?" Eyes flick back to Nico, but she just shakes her head in response to that.

Luc nods to Ceres before shrugging. "WEll I am mostly looking to see if there are any glitches." He offers with a cocky smirk. Listening to Nic as well though but not saying much at all to him right now. Just looking at him briefly. Hearing MAia's question. "I did?" He asks, not remembering it. Starting to smirk soon enough. "MAybe I did. No idea if she was smiling or not. Either way, I prefer her smiling. Skinjob or not, she still looks hot." He offers honestly. As for talking without thinking, well it is apparent that he usually does that. Eyes going towards Phin as well. "Hey there, Doll boy."

Luc's jest causes a faint smirk to slip across her lips and she snorts. "Touche." Ceres admits and then glances up at Maia who speaks on her behalf. Dark eyes focus and she gives Centerfold a newly appraising glance and she shifts on her feet. "Thanks, Center." There is a depth of appreciation in the woman's tone though her ears prick at Lucs words. "Keep your pants on, boyo…." Yeah, she trails off when seeing Phin and her eyes catch on the Lieutenant as the amusement dies almost instantly. "Dolly."

It's not long after Phin's entrance that Holtz strides into the berth as well, his blues jacket unbuttoned and hanging open. He stifles a yawn, offering a friendly wave to those in the compartment… which dies when his eyes fall upon Ceres. He doesn't say anything to her, but the look in his eye speaks volumes where his voice doesn't. Instead, he turns to Maia. "We'll see if you still feel that way in a few weeks, Centerfold," he says to announce his presence as he, too moves to his locker. The jacket is pulled off and haphazardly hung inside.

Ahh, viper country. Ygraine makes her way in, her freckled skin faintly pink from her post alert-5 shower. She sneaks up behind Phin and gives him a nudge. "Th'haps, Phinny?" she asks with a smile. She waves her hand in the direction of the collective, though Ceres gets, at best, a neutral look before she returns a smile to Phin.

Phin looks either fresh from the showers or the pool, judging by his still-wet hair and the towel around his neck. From his locker he retrieves his flight suit. "Well, I'm apparently not going to be shipped off to Picon," he quips to Maia, as to how he is. "So…day's a net positive, I guess. All things considered." He mostly succeeds in being glib about it. "How're you guys doing?" The question includes Luc and Holtz. But not Ceres, who he ignores. Pointedly ignores. Though Ygraine's nudge does make him turn, and crack a slight grin. "Just bracing for Alert Five and loving battlestar life, Yggs. Welcome to Viper country."

Nicodemus sighs, and he pushes himself up to his feet, noting to Phin, "Picon ain't so bad. I grew up there." He begins to walk towards the door then, "I need some air."

Luc chuckles and nods to Ceres. "You're married, or something. If those rules do apply. Though you know where my bunk is. Danger is always a bit fun." Having his rather careless attitude. Nodding to Holtz as he enters. "Hey there Storm. How is it going?" He calls from his own bunk. Nodding towards Yggy as well. "Doing quite well, Phinny." Raising a brow to the leaving Nic. "See you around, Bats."

Maia laughs briefly at what Luc has to say, not surprised as he flirts, he always flirted. "Well at least you're honest." Shoving her hands in her pockets now at the words from Ceres, she shrugs, "It's nothing. Everyone needs someone." Soon as Holtz walks in, her attention is drawn to the hatch and she drags a hand out of her pocket and returns the wave. "Hey Storm. Oh I'll still feel the same way. I have a determination that won't die." Attention: Team Blonde is in the house! "Hey Shake!" Watching Phin and Ygraine a minute, she grins, until she catches his words. "The Frak? Why are you getting shipped off to Picon?"

Luc's attempt at humor gets a smirk, "The sentiment still applies if that is what you mean," in regards to marriage and then she nods, "I will keep that in mind." Though she does not sound at all serious. "Yeah, everyone does need someone, Center." Her smile fading further at Bats' departure gets a glance the sudden tension from the newly arrived pilots causes Redux to consider before her voice lifts. "Storm. Could I have a word with you?" The question lingers, even as she starts his way. Yeah, she saw the look in his eyes.

Not being too serious himself, Luc just nods to Ceres. Watching the others for a moment. Though not sure what to say really. Starting to read in his music mag again.

"Hey, Nic." Ygraine says as he seems to be heading out. Then to Maia, "Ya don't read the postings around th'berths? Apparently exerting your legal rights under th'Articles is grounds for gettin' escorted t'Picon." There's a smirk, a shrug, and a quick peep over at Holtz's bunk.

Holtz chuckles, shooting a tiny smile Maia's way. It widens slightly at the sight of Ygraine(he's not actually in his rack, but rather over by the entrance), but dies a quick death when Ceres addresses him. He flattens himself against a nearby rack for a moment to let Nicodemus pass, his grey eyes never leaving Redux the entire time, holding a flat, unfriendly glint all the while. Nevertheless, he nods shortly but sharply. "What is it?" Nine, he almost adds. His lips form the word, but don't give it sound.

"Which part?" Phin asks Nicodemus, as to Picon. "I did flight school at Hermes air base there. Don't get me wrong, I liked it fine at the time. I'm just not really bucking for a transfer." Though as the ensign walks out he just offers a, "Later." To Maia, he tilts his head. "Did you miss Buzzkill's memo to me personal? I thought it was like required corridor reading. Anyway. I'm not, is the point. It's gotten worked out. No worries." To Ygraine he repeats, "It's fine. I get what the lay of the land is now."

This is more of what she's expecting versus Luc and Maia's words. Shoring her walls back up quickly, she holds out the SIM results print out for him. "My left hand is going to work enough for me to fly. I wanted to give this to you for review. I am sure to get cleared soon and I wanted to be out on the next mission that comes up. I wanted to throw my hat into the ring as its been out far too long with my hand and everything." That scars from the fire and shrapnel makes it rather a unpleasant view. Ceres looks up at him, holding that paper out for him to take.

When Ceres agrees with her comment about everyone needing someone, Maia glances at Luc as he goes back to his music magazine, catching his gaze just briefly. There are no words exchanged this time though as her attention is conveniently drawn by Ygraine. "Yeah I read it, I just.. I didn't know it would really have him escorted to Picon." This does not please her, but again, who is she to argue? Withdrawing her other hand from her pocket she fiddles with her dog tags, rubbing them together, catching the tiny smile from Holtz, which has her catching the rest of his reaction at the same time. Only when Phin clarifies does she drag her gaze back to him. "Well good, see, I've had a talk with the Lieutenant Colonel (Petra) myself. I found out the lay of the land too. It is what it is." There's a wink though following her words this time, to Dolly.

Nicodemus pauses at the door, glancing back at Phin, "Not far from Eos." He glances around the room at everyone once more, eyes lingering a moment on Ceres, and then heads out.

Ygraine lifts her brows to Maia. "Well, just because it was illegal doesn't mean it wouldn't have been enacted." She takes a step toward Holtz, but belays it when she sees Ceres holding the paper out to him.

Holtz looks somewhat incredulous as Ceres presents her sim printout, and he just stares at her for a long moment before finally reaching out to accept it. He looks at it, then at Ceres, then at the paper again. His expression is hooded, but there's more than a few cracks in that impassive facade. The sheet isn't immediately ripped apart or crumpled into a ball, though, as much as that looks like what he'd rather do. "I'll consider it," is all he says as he turns aside, shoving the sheet into his locker without a second look.

Holtz' reaction gets a long look from Redux and his reply earns him one in turn. "Storm. Captain. This is what I do, I fly. I fly and a shoot the enemy. I want to fly. I hope you will do more than consider it." Her left hand flexes again, the webbing of scars moving even as she hesitates, as if she might say more but then takes a step back, making a move for the door as she pulls on her sweatshirt, sliding her arms into it slowly.

"I didn't assume the CAG was joking around," Phin says, starting to get into his flight suit. Which he mostly puts on over the light fatigues he was wearing before. "First time I've been called to the carpet in…awhile." He's lived as demerit-free as one can. He is nothing if not a good (reformed) straight arrow. He's kind of wide-eyed as he reflects on that, as a thing that happened. As for legal, he shrugs. "Anyway, like I said, we sorted it out. Is what it is." Maia's wink is returned. Much as he tries to ignore the exchange between Holtz and Ceres, he's no doubt listening.

Luc just sighs about Phin being denied. "I actually thought of finding Buzz at some point." He offers but not saying as to why. Looking between them all and as for the attitude towards Ceres he just shrugs. Following into the conversation about the way of the land. "Who gives a frak about the lay of the land? We fly over it anyhow." He offers with a smirk. Looking between Holtz and Ceres. "Just give it time instead of being so eager. Not gonna help you." He offers his advice to Ceres. Still smiling though.

Maia watches Nico leaving, "See you around, Bats!" Though quickly her gaze is settled back on Ygraine. "Yeah, but who am I to protest direct orders?" Crossing her arms over her chest now almost defensively. Yeah the whole exchange between Holtz and Ceres is noticed and Maia just looks weary, but only until she sees that Phin is truly well and good after the whole incident.. Catching the wink, she gives him a crooked smile. Looking back at Luc now, she shakes her head almost imperceptibly, "Not a good idea, Gabe. Probably best you go to the top of the food chain. He'll tell it like it is." Her brows arch at his outburst. "We all have to give a frak about the lay of the land. Remember you guys bomb the frak out of what's down there."

Ygraine looks at Maia a moment, oddly saddened by the other blonde's response. "None of us are talkin' about actin' against orders. But if you're gonna stand there and tell me that illegal, unethical orders are acceptable t'ya becase 'who are ya to disobey direct orders', you're basically handin' over th'inherent rights granted to ya as a Colonial citizen and a member of the fleet. But th'principle of things being what they are, there's no arguin' that." Ygraine nods in agreement. She's keeping an eye on Ceres and Holtz too, but keeping a healthy distance.

"You should feel godsdamn lucky I'm agreeing to do that much," Holtz replies with a look back at Redux, his tone chilled and his eyes hateful. His voice is low, as not to call undue attention to the pair or to interrupt the other conversation in the room, but it's probably audible to the others nonetheless. "If I had my druthers…" He doesn't finish the sentence, but it's not as if Ceres doesn't already know how he feels. He looks at Luc, but doesn't rebuke the other pilot.

Stopping, the sweatshirt half on, Redux looks back at him a moment. "I know." Ceres lets out a breath, looking at the others. Her dark eyes narrow slightly and despite the seething hate directed her way, she keeps calm. In fact Luc's comment gets a glance and shake of her head. "No on is going to trust me here unless I can show it. Sitting in a SIM is not going to do any of that. But I get the feeling that no one wants to give me that chance. So I will just continue to wait, while the rest of you get to go out there and make a damned difference." That posh accent crisps at the end and she fixes her gaze back on Holtz. "Thank you for being considerate, Captain." She takes a step back, shrugging the sweatshirt back on as she turns and heads for the hatch, dark braid swinging down her back, hesitating but leaving her sidearm in her locker, sidestepping back on her way out.

"Guys." Phin's tone is firm now. Continued discussion of this is making him uncomfortable, even if he did rather prompt it. "It's done. And it's fine. I had some misconceptions, the CAG resolved them. Onward and uptward." He doesn't exactly sound relieved. He still doesn't look at Ceres as she goes.

Seeing the saddened look does affect Maia, but she tries not to show it. Glancing away towards Holtz and Redux, hearing them out and hearing the chilled tone, she looks away before the hateful look is given. Doesn't make the feelings in the room any less palpable. "Who am I to disobey direct orders?" She finally counters with soft spoken words. Running her fingers through her hair, she shakes her head. "Frak." This time the word is clipped and she nods ruefully to Phin, inputting nothing further into the conversation either way, except a final farewell to Ceres. "See ya later Redux." Everyone needs someone.

Luc shrugs to Ceres. "Well, tough luck. Just give it time." Being his usual neutral standing. Though with a smile. Glancing to Holtz as well. Raising a brow but not saying anything. "I gotta get going. See you lovely people around." Shoving his hands into his pockets. "Don't worry Maia, I always manage." He offers to her earlier comment as he heads on out.

"See ya, Crater." Holtz' voice is a bit warmer as he addresses Luc, but not by much. That's probably not Luc's fault, though. It's not like he's being all sunshine and roses to anyone else at the moment, either. He steps away from his locker and moves over towards his rack, climbing up the ladder that leads to his top bunk.

"It ain't about that anymore." she says to Phin, before Ygraine turns her attention to Maia. "If those orders are illegal and unethical, then you're a member of the Fleet with th'right t'say as much, at th'very least. Read up on ya history, Maia. ''I was just obeyin' orders'' is an excuse that's been used across th'board in all of the various inter-Colonial wars." Regardless of the current situation, it seems important to Ygraine that she be clear on this, and as Holtz passes by, her fingers briefly brush his arm, but that's all.

"Later, Crater." Phin offers to Luc, inclining his head to the other pilot as he goes. He shrugs into the arms of his flight suit, but leaves it unzipped over a fatigues t-shirt for the moment. As for the exchange between Maia and Ygraine, "An officer of the Colonial Fleet cannot be compelled to execute an illegal order, and can be prosecuted for any illegal acts resulting from such." That's as close to quoting the regs as he can come. "Not that we've been issued any illegal orders. And the other ones, yeah, totally not getting out of obeying. Which, nobody is trying to. Just to be clear." All wide-eyed, 'I'M NOT.' is the subtext.

"Yeah, I know Gabe." Maia comments to Luc, watching him with a neutral expression. When Ygraine continues, she drags her blue eyes back to the ECO. "I know my rights, but when every commanding officer is issuing the same orders how likely is it anyone is going to listen to anything we have to say? I'm not using it as an excuse, Ygraine." Her gaze flickers over Phin then as he quotes the regs. "Getting a little lonely out here on this limb. Just wish you weren't the ones rocking it. You've got your opinions and I got mine, yeah? Why not do what I've done with Grippa and agree to disagree? I don't actively support them." Meaning the on-board Cylons, "However, I do choose to obey my orders from my commanding officers."

Ygraine makes a frustrated face. "That ain't what I'm sayin', Maia. Those orders, they are what they are. But this?" She walks over to the note that was posted by the CAG suggesting he will leave anyone on Picon who voices disagreement and points to it. "This is illegal. But Phin says it's handled, so it's handled, and that's all I am sayin'." Hopefully clarified, Ygraine lets out a shudder and a slow breath.

"I'm not rocking anything," Phin says to Maia. "I said my piece and that's the last of it so far as I'm concerned. And yes, Yggs, it's handled. I'm sure those'll be down by tomorrow. It was just…a misunderstanding. Buzzkill let me exercise my rights as an officer as I understood them to be, through the proper chain of command, and it's fine." It's nothing he intends to take any further, at least. He aims an elbow at Ygraine to gently nudge her. S'all good. Mostly.

Ygraine's touch isn't ignored, but it doesn't seem to slow him much on his way to the bunk. "Careful you don't fall off that high horse, Lieutenant." Holtz looks coldly down at Maia from his perch on his bunk. "No one here's talkin' about disobeyin' orders. Command says she's still a pilot, fine, she's still a pilot." His tone is brusque, even chopped, as if there's a lot more he wants to say but knows he shouldn't say it. "I don't like it, mind, but I ain't about to condone mutiny, either."

"That.." Maia responds, her voice still attempting a neutrality she is far from feeling, "Is something that shouldn't have happened, I never argued that." Silenced now when Holtz addresses her, she shakes her head. "High horse." Looking between Holtz and Ygraine. "Right.. You don't get it. I don't give a frak what everyone else does. All I've said is what I am going to do." Attempting to either lighten the subject or just all in all end it, she smiles to those left in the room. "Guess I'll get back to my own bunk, think I've intruded long enough." Tipping an imaginary hat, she grins crookedly and turns to head out.

"Centerfold…" Phin follows the departing Raptor pilot, to the hatch at least. "Look, people are on edge. Me? I'm hoping it'll start leveling now. No hard feelings, OK? And you're welcome in Viper country anytime. Good luck with the cross-training. You ever need a sim partner, I'm totally game."

"None of us gives a frak about what anyone else thinks." Ygraine can't help but laugh at that. "Aren't we all just a bunch of rugged individualists." She adds, "Yeah, Maia. You ever want t'sim the Pred, I'll ECO for ya. Not that I wouldn't for ya anyway."

Maia pauses at the hatch, hearing her name, turning her head back. There's no malice in her eyes at all, in fact, she has a warm smile. "It's all good, Dolly. Emotions run high, I get that. No hard feelings." Offering him a fist bump. "Thanks, I'd like that a lot, really." Tilting her head up to look at Ygraine, smile widening. "Aren't we? I think it's what I love about you guys. There's no group I'd rather be with than all of you and I mean that. Thanks for the offer and thanks, yes, several times yes. You're the best ECO I know. I better go hit the head and sleep. Shift comes early in the morning."

Phin snorts ruefully. He might give many fraks about what people think. At least, he doesn't comment on his rugged individualism. He fist-bumps with Maia as she goes.

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