MD #195: A little lost
MD #195: A little lost
Summary: Adeliza, Lleufer & Sam call Emily to the CMO's office to talk about family and possibly finding some.
Date: Fri 20/Oct/2017 (OOC Date)
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CMO's Office - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Deck plating of the same composite that spans the length of the ship is softened with a miniscule area rug placed between the desk and the door. The wall to the left holds a large screen that interfaces with the data and communication system. The wall to the right holds a large whiteboard that is retained as much for sentiment as practicality. Storage lockers are stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker. A pair of comfortably worn chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a sleek looking desk faces the door itself with a desk chair that looks as well worn as the two visitor chairs that flank the door.
Mon 07/May/2049 (IC Date)

The Chief Medical Officer's office is extra clean, as the CMO herself has been personally making sure every surface in Medical is cleaned to her satisfaction. Standing near one wall in her On-Duty Blues, Adeliza's hands clasp her tablet behind her back in a semblence of parade rest as she waits. This is the Doctor's show, right now, and she's made sure her left ear is facing the room at large, and seems comfortable, with a slight air of curiosity. As for what she is waiting for, Dr. Stone has sent a message to Emily requesting her presence to discuss some medical tests that she ran. The message made clear that there was nothing that was cause for worry, but she wanted to discuss the tests with Emily, Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr and Lieutenant Wynn.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, during another war - that this very ship played a major role in - this office had a pair of stingy and deliberately uncomfortable chairs for people to sit in. Well, 'sit' would have been a generous word. Perch, really, would have been more accurate. The goal with those awful chairs was to discourage people from lingering in her nice, clean, ruthlessly organized office. Fast forward twenty or so years, then another twenty, and the CMO's office is a great deal more inviting. Gone are the ass-pinching chairs and the scent of antiseptics and cleaning solvents. The coffee maker stands side by side with a carafe that boils water for the making fo tea or cocoa or any number of packaged, mostly healthy, drinks. There's a mini-fridge as well that holds bottled water and other equally healthy drinks. But most importantly, there's actual chairs that are inviting to sit in, and the CMO is making coffee and keeping an eye on the main ward and an equal portion of her attention on the cleaning crew that has a checklist to attend to by the end of watch.

No cause for worry. Because that's never been ominous. Emily recognizes that and was found in the galley. When she shows up she's sweaty and much of her uniform, around where the apron was, is spotted with water. Still no rank or anything, for obvious reasons, her MP waits outside when she enters. Once the door is closed behind her, she folds her hands in front of her and looks around. She hasn't met Samtara yet but she recognizes Lleufer and Adeliza, clearly. She dips her head to them, then another of respect to Samtara. Not really familiar with all the ins and outs of military formality, she doesn't explain who she is or that she's reporting as requested. "Hello." There's tinges of worry at all these people in a small space, just for her.

Lleufer arrives in his MP uniform. The burns to the side of his face and head are healing very well only still a little patchy red in places. The medical gel continues to be replaced daily and is now only on his cheek and ear respectively, and Ynyr's blondish hair is starting to grow back in on the singed side. The Master-at-Arms has buzzed the rest of his skull shorter to make it more even all over once again. Samtara and Adeliza get a crisp nod, "Colonel, Lieutenant." then Lleu closes the hatch behind him as the last to arrive practiacally at the same time as Emily, "Benning." With all four of them in here, it's a little crowded. "Please Lieutenant, Benning, welcome to the chairs. I'm just here to raid Doctor Stone's coffee." The Gunny gives them a wink.

When Emily enters, Liza gives her a nod and a little smile, but doesn't say anything for now. She just stands next to the coffee machine, and then gives Lleufer his own grin and nod when he enters. "It's alright, Gunnery Sergeant. I find I can hear better this way, but I appreciate the offer." She gives a nod to the chair for Lleufer, so that Benning can have the person she trusts the most sitting next to her, while she retains her place. "Please?"

Extending the freshly poured cup of coffee to Lleufer once he arrives, Sam pours a second cup for herself as she observes the guests in her office and waits a moment while seating is sorted out. "Would either of you ladies care for a cup of tea or coffee?" is wondered as the surgeon adds a spoon full of sugar to her coffee and carries the cup over to set on the surface of her desk to cool. "And know, in advance, Ms. Benning , that none of what we hope to discuss with you is intended to be alarming in any measure. I believe in reasonable honesty when and as possible and further that one should always begin as they mean to continue. I've tried to be honest with you since the moment we met, and I fully intend to continue in that vein going forward." She tips her head slightly toward Lleu as she continues, "And he isn't raiding my coffee stash, he's helping himself to that which is already available. Raiding would require that I revoke his coffee rights and give him vegetable smoothies for a week. Anything greenish brown and gross looking while still being ridiculously good for him, vitamin wise."

Emily takes the gesture to the seat and reflexively smooths the rear of her pants before sitting and crossing her legs. Hands clasp neatly in her lap, posture straight. She's still missing part of her left brow, but the mild burns have mostly healed and her color around her eyes is starting to return to its natural shade. "Coffee, please. With milk?" She listens to the rest from Samtara and nods slowly. "I understand. But this is growing a touch frightening. You wished to discuss test results with me? What is wrong? Am I dangerous to others?" Her first concern is being dangerous, yes. "Am I ill?" Eyes move about the faces in the room.

Adeliza gets a nod of understanding, though Ynyr remains standing at least until Samtara hands him a cup of black strong coffee. "Thanks, Doc." He goes ahead and takes a seat to get comfortable, then makes the funniest facial expression of disgust at 'vegetable smoothies', "Ugh, I'd drink tea or water long befre green goo, thanks." Which is good, because Lleufer already drinks tea and water most of the time. "Sam and I .. er, I mean, Doctor Stone and I go way back a lot of years, Emily. We're old friends." Ill or dangerous? Ynyr quirks a brow at Emily but -he- certainly doesn't look concerned and he's seated right next to her. He places a boot over one knee and slouches a little in the chair, sipping hot black coffee.

"I am fine, thank you, Doctor," Adeliza replies to the offer. "I may help myself to a bottle of water, later, if that's alright." She gives Emily a little shake of her head. "No, no. You are not dangerous, or ill," she does assure, but it seems that Sam is in the driver's seat, so she's not offering anything else by way of reassurances or explanations.

Sam nods as she pours a cup of coffee for Emily, adds a splash of milk and gives it a brief stir before handing the cup over and moving to lean against the edge of her desk, placing herself within conversation distance instead of taking a seat at her desk, proper. "Nothing is wrong and you're not ill," she echoes the Lieutenant's words with another nod, firm nod, of her own and tips another nod paired with a smile at Lleu. "The Lieutenant and I spoke just the other day on a number of things, and she brought to my attention that you've expressed a measure of interest in knowing whether or not you have family aboard the Orion. I explained then, as I'll do now, that such information is for you to be made aware of. It is both private, to yourself chiefly, but - should you have family aboard the Orion - it necessitates a conversation for that person or persons as well." She pauses then takes off her reading glasses, taking a moment to organize her thoughts into less .. formal tones. "What I mean to say is, if you have family, and you wish to know this family, then that person or persons has to be made aware of your presence as well. We thought it best to bring you to a quieter room to have this conversation and bring people who you trust, and the Gunnery Sergeant is one of the single most trustworthy men I've ever known, to serve as a balancing measure for how stressful this conversation may be."

Emily watches Lleufer's reaction to the banter and it eases her, just by a few degrees. He does not seem worried. Her gaze then moves to Adeliza and there is a larger sigh of relief. "Oh thank the.. goodness." She's trying to not reference Metal by reflex. Clasped hands release and reclaspe. Okay, maybe this will not be terrible. The offered coffee from Sam is taken with a whispered thanks. When Sam broaches that topic, there is immediate interest. But the longer she speaks, the more wary she becomes — because she might have been raised in a drawer, but she isn't dumb. "Concerns noted. I would like to know who my family is. You are speaking of my mother's father, then? He is aboard? Why would this be stressful?" She looks to Lleufer, "Unless you are my grandfather. Then I am appalled at myself for watching you change last night. I do hope this is not the case." Her eyes go back to the others before she sips her coffee.

Yep, he's chill'n. Lleu listens as he enjoys the cup of coffee, warming his hands on the cup in his lap. His own he takes without milk, creamer, or sweetner. Ynyr has a faint nod to something Samtara says and then looks surprised at the compliment the Colonel pays him, about being trustworthy. "Ehm, thanks. Might be the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me." Or well, ranked up there with the best. Lleu sits there thinking about Amos for a second and things his old CO had said to him when Emily's last comments snap his attention back. "What? No, don't have any grandchildren that I …" know of. Then he blinks and raises a brow at young Miss Benning having been ogling him in the barracks and even admitting to it. "I think you are safe there. I doubt we are related." Ehem, a flicker of his gaze to Adeliza and then to Samtara. Somehow or another Ynyr even manages not to get uncomfortable at the twist in the conversation and sips his coffee. Coffee is safe.

The Lieutenant doesn't turn her head to look at Samtara as she's talking, looking towards the two seated in chairs, but the focus of her eyes seems slightly distant, not focused on either occupant. She's considering Emily's question of why her relative might be problematic, and releases her right hand from behind her back to tuck her hair behind her hear when Emily continues about Lleufer. Her eyes widen slightly with amusement, and she gives a little snort that's quickly contained by pulling her lips into her mouth, the corners stretching upwards as she can't contain the smile, only the sound of her amusement.

"For many reasons, or none at all, ultimately," Sam begins, starting to answer Emily's question only to be waylaid by the the latter end of Emily's remarks which, to be fair, make Sam pause ever so briefly then exhale a bit of startled laughter. "No. To my knowledge, and I'm more or less the expert in the room, you're not related to the Gunnery Sergeant, genetically, that is. Family has a larger meaning, to my way of thinking, than just the common ties of blood." She exhales a breath that turns into a laugh again, just letting the amusement out because a good laugh for a good reason is a good thing. She runs one hand lightly over her face again and shares a smile with Adeliza before she focuses again on the topic at hand. "Right then. Genetics is one thing, and that's just science, it's just math, and math never lies. But more than that, there is knowing, there is truth. And," she rubs the heel of her left hand against her forehead, "there is the reminder that to us, this is still a disconnect of time. Twenty years lost in a matter of hours. Children, grandchildren, loved ones, gone in an instant. Your story, and the story of your parents, especially your mother, will matter a great deal. It already does, of course, in more ways than one. With your permission, then, I would like to contact this other, who I believe you are related to, and begin that . . conversation."

Emily hears the little snort-laugh from Adeliza and smiles, her look quite prim. "Well I am not going to deny certain things. If I am to integrate with this crew then I must adjust and be honest with myself and others." Apparently that is how she does this. Ahem. "But this is good to know. So I feel no shame." Chin lifted, she doesn't feel the need to look at Lleufer. Someone has been reading their pamphlets and books. When Sam gets into it, some of this is lost. 'Genetics' is a term beyond her ken. Math, she can grok on some level. The rest is existentialism that she really can't wrap her head around just yet. She remains silent, looking at Sam. "Why would.. Am I not allowed to know who this person is? Will you tell me a name? My mother gave me the name but I've long ago forgotten it. It is a simple name, none too hard to say but lost to my memories of when I was young." When she was young.

Lleufer is trying not to laugh. He shifts a hand to his brow and his gut quivers with his trying not to loose it. Goodness, whoever imagined this meeting could get so funny?! But hey, great way to break whatever tension there was, right? Oh boy. The Gunny drops his hand and kind of has a smirk as his eyes remain on Samtara. Just going to sit here and ride this one out with a cup of coffee. Yep. Thankfully the topic moves on and he relaxes, taking a sip. If he knows who they are talking about, Lleufer's not offering up the name himself. Samtara's lead.

Adeliza's tablet rests at her side, and she looks to Sam, giving her a look. "I understand how these things are usually done, Dr. Stone, but I think in this instance, perhaps, we could see if she recognizes the name?" She hasn't completely contained her humor from the situation of Emily learning how to integrate with others. "Genetics are a way of finding something in you that you have in common with other people, and that ties you to those people… having the same bloodline as someone." She tries to explain, looking for terms that might be more familiar to the young woman.

"I'm sorry, but we do not own our bloodlines, our genetics, we are the bearers of and the recipients of, and in the furthance of we share and pass along that which we have to the next generation. I cannot reveal the name of the potential relative without first gaining permission from this individual. It would be a violation of a number of privacy oaths that physicians are held to, and sworn to. Just as I would not mention your possible connection to this other person or persons if it were not something you wished to explore, in return," Sam replies, shaking her head subtly as she says this. "Privacy, what little there is, is still something that must be respected. I take it, then, that I have your permission to begin the conversation and, should it go well, arrange a meeting?"

Adeliza's words DO make more sense. "Oh! Like using science as a witness to royal and noble births. This, yes, this I understand." And it dawns on her. "You- you could prove that Queen Madilyn is my real mother." See? Quick on the uptake, but her eyes are wide. "This- this would upset the balance. Prove to my people that they have been lied to. There would be mass unrest…" Take a chill pill, Em. She doesn't take a physical pill, but she does take a breath. "Not that this matters to this ship. I understand that. But.. my people." A little, terse shake of her head. "I am sorry, continue." Looking at Sam, she's trying to follow again. "You are saying that we do not have a say in who we are, yes? This makes sense. It is different from my perspective where such things can be erased so easily." That is spoken more solemnly. "Yes, you have my permission. Of course. I would love to meet my grandfather. When can I expect to see him? I would love to see him post-haste. I want to tell him so much and learn even more about my family and who my mother was meant to be. She wanted to be a Marine because of him. I desire to join the Marines to fulfill the dreams of my mother, amongst other reasons." She looks between then. "This is all to be discussed? I admit, this is distressing. I have family here, but I cannot know whom." And there is a little of that in her voice.

"Only a brief delay, Emily. Doctor Stone has your permission to seek out this individual and discuss it with them. Give them a little forwarning so they can get used to the idea. You have to admit, it's liable to be a surprise to them. Then very likely this individual will be as eager to want to meet you as you are to meet them. Then, very likely they will want to ask you all sorts of questions about your mother. What became of her. All it takes is giving Doctor Stone the chance to have a word with them privately, first. I can't imagine that this person would not wish to meet you, but it's only fair to let them make that choice for themselves." Lleufer has about finished his cup of coffee. "I can imagine that it's exciting, hard to wait even a moment. If it was me, I'd be pretty darned eager to meet my grandparent, myself. So we understand how you feel. Doctor Stone here won't keep you waiting long."

Adeliza's eyebrows raise as Emily jumps to ideas of how to free her people, urge them rise up against the machines, and she takes a deep breath. Luckily, however, Emily contains herself, and she gives a little nod. "It does matter, Emily. Just like you, many of them are our people, too. But, we do need to take things a little… slower. First things first, and that is you and your grandfather." Her smile broadens a little. "I can't imagine that he would have any objections to meeting you, but it is a hard wait, yes." Her eyes do flick towards Sam, and then down to her tablet that she now holds in front of her, resting against her hips.

Emily looks over to Lleufer and holds her bit of frown. "But why does he get to know before I do? As much as I understand your reasoning, this does seem a trifle unfair. Now I cannot imagine he would be happy to know what became of his daughter, if he does not already know." She is looking right at Lleufer. "It is exciting. And troublesome. Am I.. Given your reasoning, it appears the judgment is that I cannot control myself if I were to know who he is before he is told?" She looks back, wondering if this is where that will stand. Adeliza's explanation does not help, though. Her wonderment still stands. But…. she suddenly stops as she seems about to say more. Lady Emily slowly rises from her feet and bows her head. "I retract my commentary with your permission. Please. I have had it explained. I will accept this and do as instructed and wait. It is the way of things. If I wish to be a member of this culture, then I must abide." And actually spoken with the hesitation of real meaning behind it. It isn't passive aggressive in the least. "I will await this conclusion with trepidation." Her head and eyes lift back, waiting to be dismissed.

Sharing a nod with Lleu and then Adeliza, Sam takes a sip from the mug of coffee that she's holding and remains silent while she listens to the different points of conversation, logic, reasoning and more that cycle around the small group in her office. In truth, she observes Emily with all the curiosity of one accustomed to the somewhat volatile and extremely emotional outbursts and fits of chemical spurred reasoning that are the hallmarks of youth. She is careful to moderate her own expression to one of neutral concern and angles a solemn nod to Emily once she talks her own way down from 'but why' to 'await'. "Excellent. I'll do this as swiftly as possible and, in the hope that all goes well, you'll know more as soon as there is more to be known. Thank you, all, for meeting on such short notice."

Lleufer smiles at Emily, "Because you are the one who's asking to meet him. If he found out about you, but you didn't know, he'd be the one who would have to wait while Doctor Stone, as the intermediary, came to speak to you on his behalf." A slight shrug, "He won't be happy about his daughter, no. That's the part that worries me, to be honest. But I think he'll be very happy to know that you have returned to us. If I was him, I don't think there's much that could make me happier than if say, my older boy Sean had lived long enough to leave a family of his behind that one day I might find them." In that case then Lleu could be a grandpa! But alas, not very likely. Then Emily's standing up and changing her mind and merely accepting things as they stand, willing to be patient. Ynyr gives a nod and finishes his coffee, then moves to stand, "All right then. I've a mission op to plan for. Let me know if any of you need anything from me."

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