AWD #634: A Little Bull Between Friends
A Little Bull Between Friends
Summary: Toby looks for Kelsey to say goodbye, finds Pratt instead.
Date: 17/03/2017
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Pratt Toby 
Air Wing Corridors - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #634

Ever since the cease fire, the Wing's activity has gone down…go figure. What that translates into is Pratt ends up spending a LOT of time in the sims, when he's not trying to flirt with a certain intelligence officer. unfolding himself out of the hatch leading to the simulator bay, he stops for a moment in the corridor to rub at his face and mutter, "Well, that could have gone better." Seeing as how no one else is coming out with him, he must have been busy running drills on his own in the lull.

It's not often that knuckledraggers are seen in the wing corridors, but it does happen occasionally. What's more unusual though is for one to be about the wing's inner sanctum in their civvies, but then perhaps Toby isn't the most usual of Crewmen on board. His boots and the backpack he carries appear to be fleet issue, but the Tauran Bulls shirt on top most definitely is not, and it is drawing an curious eye from those he passes. He looks to be hovering in the vicinity of the Ready Room until he spots Pratt emerging from the sims, at which point he strides quickly over to his fellow Tauran. «Hey,» he starts quickly, not stopping for small talk, «Wescott in there? Someone said they thought she was off-ship on a flight, but I don't have time to wait and see if they're right.»

Pratt arches a brow when he sees Toby here of all places, and pulls up, «Hey, man.» He listens for a moment, then shakes his head, «Actually, I haven't seen her all day, so she's probably off-ship, yeah. If she was around, she'da been in the sims or out on deck. Whats up?» He rolls his shoulders and blinks, looking curious, «They aren't still giving you shit for decking the Marine, are they?»

Toby looks seriously crestfallen as Pratt gives his answer, lifting one hand to rake his fingers through his hair as he tries to recalculate his options on the fly. «Mind if I swap that drink for another favour?» he asks, starting to shrug the pack from his back so he can get to one of the pockets. There's a pause at the question though and he looks back to the pilot. There's a pause for a moment as he tries to work exactly what to say, but then he opts for the straight up choice and say simply, «I got the choice of dishonourable discharge or court marshal on whatever the JAG office reckons they can get to stick. Simple choice really, I wasn't planning on sticking around long term now the war seems to be over, and I've certainly no stomach for three years in the clink.»

Pratt blinks again, «No shit? For punching a Marine who can't keep her mouth shut?» He's quiet for a moment, as if digesting that for a few seconds in silence, then nods slowly in agreement, «Crappy choice either way, but I don't think I'd choose differently if I had the same decision to make, either. So…you're out of here, then? Shit man, I'm gonna have to avoid getting shot at now…» He offers the faintest of smiles at that, before adding «What can I do for you, man?»

«I think it's more the MP who wound up with a broken nose for trying to part us,» Toby confesses with perhaps just a hint of regret, «they said they'd deal with Kapali too, but I've not seen her since, and certainly haven't sought her out to check.» Because even he knows that that can't end well. Opening a side pocket on the pack he produces a small wooden carving of a bull, some degree of skill has clearly gone into it, but it's amateur rather than professional. Holding it out to Pratt he asks, «could you giver Wescott that? If she'll take it. It was carved by one of your ECOs, guy called Kingsbury, did it for me just after I came on board. I wanted to come find her, say goodbye, but I've got» he checks the time, «maybe an hour or so till my time is up. Tell her I'm sorry, and I'll try and catch up with her on P when I can, if she'll forgive me for fraking everything up.»

Pratt looks down at the offered carving as Toby holds it out, and takes it after a moment of hesitation, slowly turning it over in his hand. Slowly he nods his head in the affirmative, «Sure, yeah, absolutely, man. If she wants to get ahold of her, you wanna gimme a way for her to do that? Or are you pretty sure she's not going to want to?» His brow furrows slightly as he asks, lips pursed for the moment at the more serious nature of the ask. «Course, I don't blame you if you want to just shut all this down and leave this all behind, considering. You gotta take care of you and family.»

Toby considers in silence as he zips the bag back up and puts it over his shoulders once more. «All honesty? I have no idea if she'll want to or not. She's tough, but it was one of those conversations that there's never a good time for, and sometimes never a way back from. If I had the time to I'd give her space to either talk to me or not as she chooses, but that's not a luxury I've been afforded.» Tightening the straps a fraction to give himself something to do with his hands he then shrugs once. «I've no idea what's about to happen, the details once I tell 'em I'm getting off. Don't know how I'll be contactable, or where I'll be. I'll aim for P though, that’s about the closest thing to a home I have now, so I guess leave a message with the Ghosts perhaps?» It pains him slightly that he can't give a better answer, but there's not much he can do about it. As for the final remark though, that gets a faint smile, although it's a faintly bitter on. «Family? Don't have any of that left. Those that survived twenty years ago died when the Cylons attacked.»

Pratt rumbles softly, closing his fingers around the figure to hold on to it, «Alright. I'll make sure she gets it. But if you find yourself in a bind, well, looks like I'm either going to be here for the next five years, or down on Picon trying to make myself believe I can buy a home and retire from this crap. Either way, can't be that hard to find me, man. Always have a bottle of bourbon with your name on it.» He takes in a deep breath and lets it go, then offers the man his empty hand, «For what it's worth, good luck.»

Toby nods slowly, shallowly, «thanks. I appreciate it. If she doesn't want it though.. well, just make sure it ends up with someone who does?» He's trying to imply that Pratt can keep it, but doesn't want to outright say that in case the pilot doesn't want it. As the hand is offered he lifts up his own to shake it, then nods tot he comment about the burbon, «so noted. All goes to plan I'm never setting foot on Picon again mind, but then who can rely firmly on plans these days? Good luck to you too though, whichever option you take.»

Pratt returns the handshake with a firm grip, just adding, «If she doesn't want it, it will have a good home. Would help to have a good reminder of what I lost. As for Picon…gotcha. Reach out anyway. I mean, I AM a pilot. Pretty sure I can still be mobile, right? Glad I at least caught you before you had to scoot.» He smiles a little at that last, taking in a deep breath and letting it go.

Toby doesn't really have much to say to that that hasn't already been said. There's an air of relief about him, that he's at least passed the errand on to a safe pair of hands, but also one of sad finality, that betrays just how much he had hoped to speak with Kelsey in person before leaving. His reply though, once the handshake is done, is a slightly awkward, «yeah, me too,» then a vague gesture along the corridor that leads away from the wing's domain, «I should.. you know..» Starting in that direction he turns at the junction and looks back for a moment, giving a final short nod of thanks before he's off down the corridor and out of sight.

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