AWD #089: A Judge And A Pilot Walk Into A Bar
A Judge And A Pilot Walk Into A Bar
Summary: Two friends talk about.. what else? Men, Life, Past, Present and Future.
Date: 05/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Rhonwen 
Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #89

Finally, they are getting their time in together, hopefully. Maia is already planetside and into her very first drink as she sits at the bar, awaiting Rhonwen, if she's going to make it. All dolled up in heels, a skirt and an off the shoulder shirt, she appreciates any time she can dress more feminine.

Rhonwen is dressed as she always is as of late, in khaki capris pants and black v-necked T-shirt. Her feet are clad in flip flops. Her hair has been curled and styled and those curls soften her face as they frame it beautifully. She has on some lipstick. Other than that she is not very dressed up. She comes into the bar and she pauses there as she looks around. Spotting Maia she heads over to her and she smiles brightly. "You look lovely in that my dear. Very lovely, still up for company?"

When Rhonwen arrives, Maia happens to look towards the door about then. She rises from her seat and holds out a hand in welcome until she approaches then she hugs her tightly, "I am so glad you're here, you look beautiful! Of course I am up for the company, thank you." Motioning towards the seat beside her with question. "The bar or a table?"

"Table, I will not have to worry about keeping my blance if I get drunker than first year law student after finals." Rhonwen says and she returns the hug. "You are too kind." Her smile lights up her face. "So what do they serve her and I really hope it is good old fashioned alcohol. I could use a few drinks to tonight as I have an agenda that is to get drunk. I have not done that since the since WarDay." That last part is said gently. "Do they play music and what type?"

"I think you have a good idea," Linking arms with Rhonwen, she will walk with her over to the table, her drink in her free hand. "They have any kind of alcohol you could ever dream of. It's a nice place to go for a good drunk. And if we don't make it back up tonight, then there's a lovely place I've seen not far from here beneath a tree, we could camp out until morning." Lifting her finger to her lips in the age old shhh sign, teasing her. "In case we're too drink to return." There's a nod next, "They do have music, we could even dance."

"Dancing would be lovely, I have some steam to blow off." Rhonwen tells her. Once they are at the table she moves to take a seat. "Now my dear how are you doing and what are you doing?" She asks her with another warm smile. "Let us start out with mixed drinks. I do not give a frack what anyone says, they taste good." She adds with a wink. "I am also not here to impress." She adds. "Now what have you been doing since I last saw you?"

Once seated, Maia motions over a waitress and orders a mixed drink for herself followed by Charlie's version of a sex on the beach. "Not for the name but because it tastes soooo good." Leaning forward on her forearms, she grins. "I have been debating on dating. What about you? Have you been keeping up to date on things with Lieutenant Colonel Petra?" Giving her a return wink. "I definitely think mixed drinks are best."

"Island Ice Tea." Rhonwen tell the server with a smile then she looks to Maia. "What about Marcus?" She asks her with a voice that is laced with curisoity. "Dating, who do you have in mind? If it is Marcus, you should. He needs to get shagged. There is nothing wrong with testing the waters and having some fun." She points out. "That is not losing yourself but it allows you to find yourself." She smiles again.

"Good stuff, that Island Ice Tea, Rhonwen." Maia rests her chin on her hand and looks at the woman across the table from her. "I just wondered how things were progressing with him, for you. I know you mentioned having known him a really long time." At the question, she quickly shakes her head and smiles gently. "No, no." Her voice reassuring, "Not Petra. Just in.. general. Divorced now, I guess I am free to do as I want. Testing the waters, yes. That."

"Marcus, and I," Rhonwen looks a little curious at the thought and she frowns a little bit as she thinks. "We are old friends, one could say business associates that just kept in touch and perhaps the friendship has grown stronger over time. At least I think that it has. Honestly I do not think he looks at me in that light. If he did I am sure he would have reacted before now." She shrugs her shoulders. When the drinks are brought to them she says thank you to the server. She takes a long drink and smiles. "This one is well made." She grins. "Now both sides of the coin do you want to test or just something in particular? Or are you of the mindset where would you rather see what the Fates tossed in your direction?"

"I guess the best thing isn't to force the issue and just see what happens. I had thought maybe I was getting interested in someone, but.. I don't know. Then this new guy comes and wants to give me flowers and ask me out and now I realize why should I have to decide right now? Why not just do what I want right now and see what happens later? I'm not in a hurry for a relationship. Definitely not for marriage, yet." Maia confesses. "But what if I start dating someone and then get swept off my feet? Maybe that's what I want, just to be swept off my feet all romantic like."

"If you want Romance then go for it. Keep your options open and just enjoy the ride. Love and relationships are like a boat, sometimes the boats move side by sides when the currents are in your favor and sometimes they do not. It never hurts to accept the flowers and ask the guy or girl out for a drink. You may never know what you may find." Rhonwen explains. " I think you have the right attitude."

After stirring her straw in the drink, Maia tips it up, taking a drink before licking it off her top lip. "Maybe," she says thoughtfully. "But enough about me, what about you? What is it you're wanting to do with your future?"

"I have no idea? I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up. I loved what I did do." Rhonwen sighs and then takes another drink. "I think I need another one of these." She smiles brightly. "I am just lost. Like many. Lost and I have to say that I have too many options open. One of them is getting my commission back. So much is going on. This is history and policy in the making."

"There's no rush, though. You could just do whatever it is you like, whether you become a judge here or a JAG on Orion, there's no rush to decide. Just hang out and let things happen as they will. We can just be friends and offer each other advice when we need it." Maia smiles in return, taking another drink of the concoction.

"Would you like kids?" Rhonwen asks her. "An odd question to be certain." As the server passes she motions for her to bring her another drink. "We will see. I have a feeling I will be choosing soon." She leans back against the chair as she finishes this drink. Her cheeks are rosy. "So tell me about your life before you ended up in the military?"

The question brings more of a reaction than it should have. Her posture stiffens and her eyes lower and she shakes her head. "Kids.." Even though she shook her head, her voice sounds soo wistful. "I was pregnant once, during flight school," she says quietly, "I lost the baby. I… it hurt more than I can explain. I've always wanted a family."

Another, drink is brought to her and she thanks her. Rhonwen nods. "I know that feeling it is a painful one." She says no more nor does she press her. "there is still a chance. Ways to do it and there will be a lot of children who will be need homes. Many of their parents took up arms and perished." She sips this drink. "I am sorry for your loss." She adds and another drink is taken. "So what side of the tracks were you born on?"

"My parents are scientists, had the best of everything money could buy. I was the spoiled rich kid I guess, but I never realized it. It was just the normal for me. I was into extreme sports, danger, legos.. dancing. I always knew I wanted to be a pilot though, from the time I was a teen. So I did it. I met Luc in school for it and we found out we were pregnant and we married. Then I lost it and we separated for four years, now divorced. I'd like a family.. someday but not in these conditions. A baby deserves better than.. all this. What about you?" Maia asks softly.

"I know the rougher sides of society from first hand experience. I have no family and then one day I looked in the mirror and I realized it was too late to have one of my own." Rhonwen shrugs her shoulders. "I am forty-seven I might be able to have one still or adopt one. But, I think time is running out for me. Do not give up hope my friend. You are young, and I know these are not ideal conditions but right now every child holds all the hopes of humanity. Each child means survival for us as a race."

Reaching out, Maia gently touches the other woman's hand. "Adopting is definitely always an option. Or surrogate, should that ever come up." The sadness between them is almost palpable, but the blonde tries to brush it off. "I think love always stands a chance of surviving and whatever is most unlikely will always jump in and shock the frak out of you. So never give up, my friend." Lifting her drink to her lips she takes another sip. "Time isn't running out for you.. not as long as you live and breathe."

"It is running out biologically, but as for love, we shall wait and see." Rhonwne says as she takes Maia's hand and offers it a squeeze. "I think I may make a melancholy drinking partner. Now tell me about this person who brought you flowers, I would like to hear about that. Let us talk about more positive things tonight."

"Perhaps for children of your own, but maybe not for adoption. As you said, there will be plenty of children looking for homes." Maia says softly, squeezing her hand in return. "I never mind melancholy, Rhonwen. Sometimes it's just good to talk openly and honestly." Withdrawing her hand now, she wraps them around her drink. "Sometimes up there, I feel like there's this person I'm expected to be. You know me, I don't like being the center of attention, I like quiet evenings counting the stars and I like slow dances. I like sitting by a fireplace and cuddling, reading a book or even going out fishing and throwing them back. I like feeling special and building sandcastles only to watch the tide wash them away." Lifting her shoulders, she smiles almost sadly. "I want someone who enjoys all of that and who loves to laugh. I love to laugh."

"My dear we will have to see, you will find that person. That person exists for you." Rhonwen downs this drink and waves for another this one is taller. Her eyes look a little on the bright side and her cheeks are still flushed. "I have a feeling that you will find that person soon. I will not give up hope yet. But we will see what direction I will be pushed or what path I take, then I will decided if I take in a child." She says.

"I am committed to the Navy as a pilot for the foreseeable future, I can't just leave.. so the options are more limited for me at the moment. As for you, you have no such hindrances, do you? My immediate future is not my own, it is all mapped out for me." Maia continues slowly nursing her drink, sipping it slow. Seeing the bright eyes and pink cheeks makes her smile. She wants her friend to have a good time.

"Hindrances?" Rhonwen asks. "I have a few, we all have those." She looks at Maia. "I am not certain what is going to happen, I might be too old and set in my ways to do the navy again. I am a lousy solider for I need to think and do not follow orders blindly. So part of me will always question as it is how I learn." She looks at her. "You have more freedom than you think. Also, there is the fact that we have no idea if we will survive this."

Maia lowers her eyes at that. "If we survive.. That's what makes me want to hurry or rush into whatever life has to offer, to live and love blind and damn the consequences. Though I can't be like that. I am definitely a quality over quantity woman and I never will jump in something so important again without being sure. I may love adventure and laughter, but I have never been reckless so much. Spontaneous.. probably." Maia offers her friend another smile. "Would you enlist again? I think you underestimate yourself very much. You're an amazing person."

"If I did I would be a Captain again, though it has been a long time. You are very sweet to say that. I think that right now I am having my version of pity party." She smiles until she is showing off her dimples. Then she laughs and her laughter is warm and unrestrained. "I would say that you are correct, but none expect you to do that. Just be yourself and enjoy what you have because you are yourself. There is no need to be reckless like you pointed out." Rhonwen then confides. "Part of my melancholy is that I realized there is just me in my and lot of unsaid and unstated business. Then again I still have my law library even though it is digitalized. That is something I guess. I do not fear being alone or dying alone, but sometimes it is nice to have someone who you know you are more intimate with. Like you pointed out there is someone for everyone. Including me, okay I am done with pity party." Her smile grows impish. "You never did tell me more about that man."

Just then there is the announcement that everyone belonging on Orion, it has gone to Alert 2 to return to the ship so the talks are cut short and the two hurriedly return to the Battlestar

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