AWD #330: A Job for the MPs
AWD #330: A Job for the MPs
Summary: Major Gray delivers orders to the Marine XO, with a twist.
Date: 18/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Fairfax 
Marine HQ
Where the Marines live.
AWD #330

It's a quiet time in Marine HQ. Almost everyone is gone, besides the duty NCOs and Captain Fairfax. He's currently sitting at his desk enjoying a cup of coffee, and staring off into space. Plotting the next great offensive, presumably. Or maybe daydreaming. Who knows.

Elias is not a common sight outside of Tactical-land, near the CIC on deck two. But today the Intel officer is out and about, and stopping in at the Marine HQ. Despite his rumpled duty blues, slightly haggard look, and clipboard overflowing with paperwork, the newly promoted Major still manages to look young for the grade. Seeing the CO absent, Elias heads for Fairfax's desk. He hasn't met the new Marine XO, and so he takes a moment to assess the older man before interrupting. "Captain? I'm Major gray, Fleet Intel." It's a strictly professional greeting. Sounds he is not here to socialize.

One of the duty NCOs calls the room to attention as soon as the Major walks in, so by the time he gets to Fairfax the man is jumping to his feet, coffee cup down, position of attention. "Yes Sir. Captain Fairfax, XO Charlie Company 3/8th Marines." Elias may or may not have heard that lately, it's the XO that's actually running the show. Major Rand is…otherwise engaged.

There's a blink from Elias when attention is called, and a faint, wry smile directed at the NCO in question. It's a formality he's not much used to. Plus it probably makes it difficult to sneak up on people. "As you were," he is quick to respond. Then he focuses on Fairfax. "Nice to meet you, Captain." A quick pleasantry before Elias gets straight to the point of his visit. "I have orders for you, from the Colonel." A print-out is then peeled off his clipboard and offered to Fairfax, and the Intel officer simply waits, giving the Marine XO a chance to look it over. The order is to make use an upcoming administrative review of new personnel to detain fifteen of them. Names, rank, and station are provided. None are serving aboard the Orion, but they're on fifteen different vessels throughout the Fleet. Junior officers and senior NCOs. "I'll explain, but you may want to clear the room first."

Fairfax takes the print out, looking it over thoughtfully. There's a nod of agreement then, at the Major's words, and he looks up from the print-out. "Sergeant, Private." He looks over to the duty NCO and the WIRELO on duty. "Go outside. Guard the hatch. Nobody is to enter. I'll let you know when we're done here." The two look a bit unnerved by this, but follow orders. Once the room is clear, Fairfax looks to Elias. "So what's this all about, Sir?"

There's a nod of thanks when Fairfax sends the enlisted personnel outside, and then Elias' mouth tightens as he begins to explain. "We have reason to believe that those people are all Cylon collaborators. The sort we've been hearing about from Resistance Command for the last few weeks. If our information is accurate, they're seeking positions with access to our nukes, or more importantly, the coordinates for Piraeus." And Elias pauses for now, waiting to see how the Captain takes this news.

Fairfax's face becomes a look of thunder at that. "People in the civilian sector I could…well, I couldn't understand. But it at least makes some more sense, I guess. There's always some collaborators in every occupation. But our own brothers and sisters?" He scans the list again, trying to determine if any of them are marines. "So. We arrest all of them. As simultaneously as possible. And then…" There's a pause, as his thinking brain reasserts itself. "I wonder how they're communicating with their handlers."

"Mmm," Elias answers Fairfax's shock with a guarded and rather neutral sound. "'Brainwashed' was the term used. So it may not be entirely by choice." And then a nod for the Captain's assessment of the basic mission. "Fleet command will order a full review of service records for all the new personnel, citing errors in paperwork. We'll want to grab them as quietly as we can, but given that they're on separate ships, I think the risk of any one warning the others is low." He considers the question of external communication, but again sounds skeptical. "It's unlikely that they are, given the distances involved. I suspect they're more of a … long term investment."

"These two." Fairfax stabs the names on the paper with his finger, angrily. "These two are Marines. We should get them first, since there is a good chance they're guarding nukes even as we speak." There's a thoughtful look then. "Are we just going to go from ship to ship grabbing them?"

The two names Fairfax indicates are given close scrutiny by Elias, and he nods agreement. "Yes. That is a problem." As for how it is to be done, the young Major defers. "I had planned to arrange for as many as possible to be taken simultaneously, but as far as when and how to grab them … that is really your call Captain. You and your MPs are the experts here." Then the Intel officer's lips compress into a tight line. "I strongly recommend that you take no chances, though. Expect then to be armed and dangerous. Possibly even suicidal."

"As many as possible at once." Fairfax considers. "It's possible but I'd need an attachment of Officers from other areas to make that work. I can supply plenty of MPs, but I need Officers to make an actual arrest and I just don't have that many to spare. The other option is the MPs detain them all and I'll arrest them as they bring them back." A nod, then. "Armed and dangerous, yes. I wish we could arrange it like a blackbag job. Go in while they're sleeping and grab them up before they even can wake up and work out what's going on. But they're all going to be on different schedules."

"I think if your MPs can detain then successfully," Elias offers, "we can have an officer on their own vessel make the formal arrest. The ship's commanding officers will need to be in on the plan, in any case." There's a moment of consideration for the idea of grabbing them in their sleep, but the Intel officer makes a doubtful noise. "Scheduling aside, there would be a lot of other crewmembers present and … potential confusion." A glance down to notes on his clipboard, and then Elias brings up another point. "Once we have them, we'll need to hold them. I think it might be best to have them held on Piraeus, as opposed to aboard any of our vessels."

"Yes. Assuming none of them are pilots, the most they can do down there is escape, run into the wilderness, and die." Fairfax nods agreement. "It won't be hard to put up a temporary detainee facility on Piraeus at our camp there. The only thing is, Sir, I don't want to do that until we've made the snatch. Word gets around of detainee facilities going up…well, they might be able to put two and two together. But we can do that pretty quickly."

"Mmm," Elias responds with that non-committal sound again. This time to the concern of warning the targets with too much preparation. "That seems reasonable, yes. And certainly within your jurisdiction, Captain." There's a somewhat awkward pause before he notes, "As a staff officer I'm not technically in the chain of command, and this is a Marine operation. So my involvement will be more … advisory."

"Understood, Sir." Fairfax nods. "But I'm no fool. With all due respect, this mission wouldn't have come via you if the Colonel wasn't expecting your advisory capacity to, at least on some level, including overseeing I get satisfactory results in the desired way. Which is apparently the quietest way possible. I understand why. But that's why I'm sort of running all my thoughts past you, Sir." Fairfax knows when he's been assigned a minder. He doesn't seem insulted by it. Left to his own devices, he probably would have been…less than subtle.

"The Colonel has a habit of delegating to the person who suggests a course of action," Elias explains. "But yes, you're right. I will need to be involved in the planning and execution. I only wanted to make it clear that this a Marine operation. I'm here to advise and coordinate with Tactical." He considers for a second. "Unless you have any immediate questions, I can give you time to work up a plan, and then we can discuss it?"

"Understood, Sir." Fairfax echoes his earlier comment. "And no, I think you've answered all my immediate questions. That sounds like a good idea. I'll need to get with my S3, since he has primary oversight of all my operations. We'll work something up and get back to you, Sir."

"Good," the younger officer says with a quick nod. "I'll get out of your hair then, and let your people get back to work. If you run into any … obstacles, let me know immediately. The Colonel is also very good at removing those, and this is top priority." With that he tucks his clipboard back under his arm and is ready to depart. "Until next time, Captain."

"Top priority." Fairfax nods, and suddenly this prompts a question. "Oh, one thing before you go, Sir. What's the timeline on this? How much time do we have before it's go time?"

"The sooner the better," is Elias' reply. "If these people are as advertised, we need to get them under control before we mount any major operations. I believe you'll have a minimum of three to four days — it will take that long to arrange the cover story and coordinate the timing of the 'personnel reviews' across several ships."

Fairfax nods. "Very good Sir. How about you and I reconvene in three days, then, to go over the plans?" That seems to be the only last minute question he had.

"Yes," the Intel officer agrees to Fairfax's proposed time line and stops to make himself a quick note of the meeting time. "I'll check back with you then. If you don't hear from me, for whatever reason, contact Lieutenant Almaeda in Tactical."

"Very good, Sir." Fairfax nods sharply, and comes to attention for Elias to exit.

If he's become a little blasé about military discipline, the trip to Marine central may have been good reminder for Elias. There's the briefest moment of hesitation before he tells Fairfax, "Carry on, Captain." And then Elias cracks the hatch and makes his way out, heading up the corridor towards Sick Bay this time.

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