AWD #271: A Hot Bath, A Good Steak, and A Beautiful Woman
A Hot Bath, A Good Steak, and A Beautiful Woman
Summary: Leightner checks up on Amos in medical
Date: 04/Oct/2013 (OOC Date)
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Battlestar Orion - Deck 3 - Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Wed 05/Oct/2005 (IC Date)

Leightner enters the Ward, carrying a tray of supplies, instruments and bandages along with two bags of some IV solution. He heads down the line of beds, checking over patients as he walks.

Amos has spent most of the day so far dozing on and off. There'd been a moment or two of disorientation when he'd first woken, given the last he knew he was talking with Captain St Clair down on Picon, but once that was all cleared up it's been rest, sleep, stare at ceiling, sleep, painkillers, sleep and so on. Right now he's in a 'stare at the ceiling' phase, although he's tentativley considering moving into a 'sitting up gently and reading something' stage.

Leightner approaches the bedside, "Captain Ommanney, Sir." Whoa, Virgonese, rough Northern Virgonese accent. He sets the tray down at the bedside table. "I'm PO3 Leightner sir, New Corpsman. Can I get you anything sir?" He asks directly. Looking at the hookup the Captains on, and then back to the man himself.

Amos' own accent is a very precise Libran, although really, what other sort of Libran accents are there. "Corpsman," he greets in return, glancing briefly to the try as it's set down. The question has him pondering for a moment before he replies with all apparent seriousness, "a hot bath, a good steak and a beautiful woman." Noting the man's glance to his IVs he looks as well, although not knowing much more about medical issues than how to apply a field dressing it means little to him and he turns back and asks, "what's the prognosis? Anyone said yet?"

Leightner smiles, "Above me paygrade sir, I'm afraid. You're stable, on a standard Post-Op drip. Unfortunate encounter with a Sniper bullet. However, fron everything I've read you're on the road to recovery. I just don't have a ETA at the end of the road." He shrugs slightly. "Honestly sir, I couldn't tell you that I remember what a hot bath, and good steak are like at this point. It's been so long." He takes one of the IV bags from the tray and hangs it opposits thye current one, almost empty. He then switches tubes and removes the spent bag. "Any pains or messages from your body of something wrong?" that was phrased very specificly.

"If that's you way of asking for a promotion Petty Officer Leightner," Amos starts, eyeing the bag transfer with only mild interst as he does so, "well, lets just say that if you manage it you can have my job. How does that sound?" There's a faint nod at the mention of a sniper and then he asks, "did anyone else get hit?" He knows there's no one else here on the ward that he recognises from last night, but freshwounds and such wouldn't require the evac up from Crandall. He then takes a moment to consider the more serious question then shakes his head slightly. "It hurts like frak when the meds start to wearoff, don't get me wrong, but nothing else no."

Leightner chuckles as he clamps the lines into place, "Not to my knowledge, but I'm still new and just a Corpsman. I was still working on Lance O'Connell and Private Mallas when your incident happened." He shrugs, "I missed the whole admitting." A sudden bright grin, "Oh, I'd rather not have your job, sir, if ya don't mind. I'd rather have the battallion convinced me first name is 'Medic!' than have to make the calls you have to make sir."

"Alright then," Amos states, all officer like once more, "lets try it the other way. I you can manage those three, then you don't have to do my job. That more of an incentive?" At the mention of Brina and Mallas he gives a more serious nod though and asks, "how are the pair of them shaping up? That was a nasty business by all accounts."

Leightner nods more seriously as the Captain asks about his Marines. "They'll pull through." First and foremost. "The Private is damn jucky his neck wound wasn't more serious and Lance needs to not walk about with a bullet that close to a lung, but they're strong Marines, they'll be back puttin boot to ass just fine." He pauses, "The business itself sir, I'm.. not clear on exactly. I haven't met Sergeant Knox properly myself. Briefed, of course sir, the Sergeant redefines the term 'Unique Medical Condition' but I'll address me questions to someone whose job it is to answer, and not bother you, sir." He smiles a bit, and considers, reaching behind him and pulling out a Camo wrapped bar, offering it, a HOOAH! Chocolate bar. Stamped with the Virgonese Marine Corps brand. <now extinct>. "Will this appease, sir?

Amos seems glad of the news of the other two, shame about the Private who'd died but thats war. Look to the living and all. "Good to hear," he states with a slight nod, before giving the corpsman a wry smile as Knox is mentioned. "Ah yes, the Sergeant is somewhat of an interesting case. From what I'm told though I don't believe that there's anything different about what needs to be done to treat him should he get hit as well." He;s not a doctor mind, but certainly from a 'slap a field dressing on, call for a medic' it's the same for the human-form as it is for a human. THe chocolate bar though, that gets an actual chuckle, although not much of one because the hurts, and he replies, quite obviously amused, "I don't know, which is it supposed to be, the bath, the steak or the woman?"

Leightner shrugs, allowing the bar to be claimed. "Well, sir, I have noticed there's a number of fine looking women about, and a bath is more a tub than anything, so I suppose this has to be the steak." He nods, "Aye, sir. I know there's no medical differance in the Sergeants treatment, it just seems that everyone else knows if it is Knox or not. Somehow." He shrugs, "I just kept me trap shut an waited to see if I was needed." He shrugs. "I'll ask Ensign Kostas next time I'm Boots On."

Amos can't fault the logic there so he takes the bar, although he's not making a move to open it yet. "As you wish Petty Officer Leightner," he states, still smiling a little, "but you still owe me a hot back and a beautiful woman. Don't go thinking I'll be forgetting that." As for how to tell a Knox from a Six, that he can pass on quiet easilly, "the good sergeant has a scar on his cheek, it's easy enough to spot at close range, but if you're further off then look at the fatigues. He wears an old JTAC set most of the time, different cammo pattern. If you track him down he'll show you I'm sure." It's in his interests to after al.

Leightner listens, thinking with interest, then nods slowly, "Aye sir, I'll have to do that if I find the chance to talk to him." he shrugs, "Honestly I haven't had much chance to do more on Picon than Combat action." He smirks, "Didn't even get the chance to make it to the Command tent to report for duty before I had to Medevac." He grins, amused by this. "Feels like home."

"Given the way things are on the ground I suspect you'll be bust for a while," Amos notes, twisting carefully to put the chocolate bar on the small table beside his bed for later. At the mention of the command at Crandall he smiles faintly, "I wonder how Ensign Kotas is getting on. I know I'm not going anywhere for a few days, and I'm not about to attempt a jail break I promise, but would it be okay to get reports from down there? Keep in touch with what's going on?"

Leightner nods, "Oh, I'm sure sir. Unfortunately, my authority in clearing medical matters ends at Triage. You'll have to order a Doctor to get the official reports opened to ya. I'll mention ya to her if ya like once I get back down there." A slight gesture to the instrument tray he was carrying, "Right now, I'm on B an' B sir, 'Bandages an Brig' I'm making rounds, filling docotrs orders for patients, changing bandages." He looks to the Captains IV, "IV bags. an If a call comes in for a Medic to somewhere on the ship, usually, Brig. That's me." He turns to the tray, "An I'm afraid I should be gettin back to that sir, unless there's anything you need?"

"Tell her not to get too comfortable as I'll be back there before she knows it," is Amos' amused reply before he nods to the comment about the reports. As the man makes to leave he offers a "thanks for that Corpsman and I hope you have a quiet and uneventful day. Don't forget though," he adds, "you owe me."

Leightner nods, thinking as he lifts the tray, "Aye sir, I remember, Hot woman and a Hot bath." He manages to pronounce the Capital H on both. "I'll keep it in mind." He smiles as he moves off to the other patients.

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