MD #138: A Gift Horse
MD #138: A Gift Horse
Summary: The Cylons gift the Colonials with two resurrection ships. Some of the resident Lines discuss what to do with them.
Date: Mon 23/Aug/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred fifty seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. Each seat has a display screen in front of it, controlled at the front, with a small printer to give paper copies of what is on the screen. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The ceiling has a projector with the ability to display a large holographic image behind the speaker. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear of the room is a banner display with many photos of the Second Cylon War.
Sun 11/Mar/2049 (IC Date)

Petra, for the moment, set up shop at the front of the Ready Room after having sent messages to the Lines on the boat to take a half hour to join him for a briefing. There were frankly, almost no details given, just obvious that the cross-group invitation implies this was not something for a specific operation. When people arrive, he's simply leaning on the front podium staring at his datapad, waiting for people to get here.

Rance and Knox show up together, Coop in his cammies and the Seven in jeans and a hair-metal tour shirt. They seem to have finished talking about something just before arrival. The two Marines head down to the front and stand casually to the side of the seating. Since this is a call for Lines, neither of them think this is about any kind of official business and mostly seem to be waiting for something, looking back and waiting for the others.

Pulled out of a training sim, Diaz hurries toward the ready room and follows both Rance and Coop through the door, looking both a little confused and a trifle wary at the same time.

Ambrose arrives in short order — with most of the wounded out of Sick Bay now he can spare the time, even if he is still in his duty uniform of medical scrubs and a white lab coat. The Two sees the group down front and, not wanting to keep everyone waiting, hastens to join them. "Commander," he greets Petra, then his fellow Line members. "Lieutenant. Gunnery Sergeant. Mister Hood."

Petra clears his throat softly when people filter in, murmuring a low, "Thanks for coming on short notice. I know you all have your own jobs to do, and this wont take long." He trails off at that and walks to the hatch to push it closed, then glances across the four that made it, "I know this isn't everyone, so if you don't mind helping me spread the word around. As you know, we had a little Cylon help in the attack on Piraeus. Well, they did a little more than just offer us some kamikaze pilots intercepting hits we should have been taken."

Coop and Rance both nod to Ambrose on the approach. Coop reaches out and gently claps a brotherly hand to Diaz's bicep before he looks back to Petra. Rance crosses his arms and sits on the edge of a desk, looking to Petra. hard to miss the rumors floating around. "I was wondering how much truth there was to that," Knox muses.

Diaz's slightly wary expression eases almost immediately when the Commander starts to speak, even going so far as to let out a breath she wasn't aware she was holding as Coop reaches out. A quick, slightly sheepish, smile is sent sidelong as the Ten tucks her hands into her hip pockets and nods to Ambrose as well before she chimes in with: "Their wings are marked with a pattern that makes them easy to spot in combat. Which is good, so we don't shoot them by mistake."

Ambrose listens to Petra's opening remarks gives the Commander a quizzical look as he goes to shut the hatch. Ah, this isn't for everyone's ears. There's a brief glance at the other Lines, noting their reaction thus far and looking for clues. The Two himself seems unconcerned, waiting patiently for Petra to lay it all out.

Petra mms, "Well, you can thank Major Grey posthumously for arranging a treaty with the machines that they stuck to even after his death." He approaches the podium again and taps on his datapad, to turn the main LCD screens on, showing gun camera footage from a Raptor, "So they left us one parting gift. Obviously they have no further use for them, so they handed them over. And here's where I need your help." He pauses, "I spent the last half of the war running a missile cruiser, and then taught at the Picon War college, so I'm…not as up to speed on things as I should be. I know all of you made some very significant choices when you joined us and took up personal lives, and one of those choices was giving up the ability to resurrect." The camera twitches as the Raptor pans over and brings the sight of two resurrection ships into view, clearly a recording from when someone was sent out to verify they've been handed over, "Those are ours now. And I need to know if they are something we can put to use." With that said, he looks back at the other faces, "I dont know if this is something you WANT back, or if the choice you made is reversible or not. And even if it isn't, I've been told that these things have OTHER dormant Lines on them, so I need to know if these are a security threat, and all of you are the best experts we have on these things, even if you know almost nothing…you know more than I and my Intel folks do. We need to know what crew they take to operate…is there a chance Clerics can use them to find us…a few hundred questions, you could say."

Rance lets off a loooong whistle. "Hoooooo leeee shit." Three words. He stands off the desk and takes a step forward, looking at the picture while he strokes his beard. "Not just one, but two. A hub and a rezzie. That's quite a gift." He looks guarded, but appreciative.

Cooper turns his eyes to the screen and lets off a long sigh. "I knew this shit was going to come back one day. I frakkin knew it," he mutters, then shakes his head and looks down. His face is carefully flat, though. Looking back to Petra, he has his thoughts but isn't saying more just yet, eyes slowly drifting to the others.

Diaz blinks several times in a manner that conveys a great deal of stunned surprise, "The Cylons had resurrections ships, all this time? Just.." she frowns as she makes a vague gesture while trying to jump start her memory for terms, "mothballed, no cold storage, like cold storage, all this time? Why?" she wonders, staring at the screen with a look of confusion. "Not the tactical question, I know, but the 'why' has bearing all the same."

Ambrose is curious and listening closely. He's not privy to all of the background Petra gives but it's clear the Commander is leading up to something important so the Two doesn't interrupt. The sight of the ressurection ships on the screen explains it all. "Ah." It's a carefully neutral response, though Ambrose's brow is furrowed in thought. He looks to Knox and Diaz, guaging reactions — Rance he can hear. "I believe we can operate them," is as far as he's willing to go just yet. "Though I suspect we'll need to go aboard to confirm. After that I … well, I for one will need to do some soul searching."

Petra shakes his head lightly, "Understand that we didnt precisely have time to sit down to a long dinner conversation with them, but when it became obvious they were actually willing to help us, at the battle over Leonis, I invited them to help us hit Piraeus. We needed massive shock and awe firepower and bring basestars would send a psychological message to the Skath. When I made that offer, they volunteered that they had two resurrection ships and were 'waiting for us to ask for them'. Normally I am suspicious of people bearing gifts, so when those of you do go over to check the ships out, you WILL be doing so with a few MPs, at least until we're sure this is completely on the up and up." Again he pauses, "I need you all to be careful, that goes without saying. But I also need whatever information you can glean. If they end up being something we don't use, then we will find a deadspace location to store them, and make sure no one else can stumble across them until we decide what to do with them. If this IS something to explore, then we'll bring them along with our civilian fleet as we work on our exploration. So you've got a week or so, and I'm sure I can work something out with each of your Department Heads to get you on suspended or reduced duty so you have more time to look into this, if you want."

Rance remains quiet, as does Knox. The two share a glance with each other before they look to Ambrose and Diaz, then back to Petra. Its like watching a pair of cats follow an invisible ball. "I think I can speak for Rance and I, sir. We can provide security, too. But I'd definitely want the Doctor and a Ten looking things over. I imagine Diaz might have an idea what to look for with some of the lines considering how they were treated during the Second War, sir." Rance just nods an agreement.

Yielding to the temptation to pace around, Diaz does exactly that, scrubbing the heels of both palms against her fatigue trousers then uses both hands to scoop through her hair, making it stand more on end than not. "They waited for us to ask. Isn't that what the piranha's said? That they waited for us to ask for the families and the kids that they were holding all this time, keeping them safe?" she wonders as she paces and turns back to nod at Ambrose. "Exactly. Soul searching. But also . ." again her hands lift and she tugs at her hair, "what if they wake up and they're still on their pre-war default setting and stuck in blinder mode?" she stops pacing once she gets more or less back to where she started and nods at Rance and Knox then turns back to Petra. "Yeah. I mean, crap, sorry," the viper pilot turns red, "yes sir, I mean."

"As I recall, there was a small group who never gave up ressurection," Ambrose offers a historical footnote in answer to Diaz's question. "Possibly this is their doing. Or perhaps they're just left over from the Second Cylon War. In which case, we would need to update them ourselves." By downloading. The Two nods understanding as Petra lays out the conditions under which they can explore this 'gift' from the Cylons, then again for Knox's suggestion. "Agreed. All the Lines should all be represented. Or as many as possible." This causes Ambrose a look of thoughtful concern. "Were these ships anywhere near Piraeus during the attack?"

Petra chuckles softly at the mention of the Doctor, "Oh, she's gonna agree to this before I even finish the sentence. Willingly allowing her off the boat? She'll think I've lost it. Fair enough, whatever you need, within reason…" He trails off when Diaz elaborates, and nods slightly in agreement, "They could. I dont know, and if that's a danger, then just make it clear in your assessment." He stops there for a moment, then adds, "So no one has to make any decisions right now, and we havent really announced to the fleet that we have these yet, just you and the handful of people that might have heard it being talked about when I met the Cylons before." To Ambrose' question, he shakes his head, "As far as I know, no. But I don't know where the Cylons were keeping them other than 'somewhere safe'. I imagine that means they would not have put either ship where it could have been in range of a Cleric's resurrection attempt, but that's a guess on my part."

Knox clears his throat. "As a point of note, let's not forget a couple important things…" He steps forward. He tilts a finger towards Ambrose. "You make a good point. Piraeus wouldn't have had any Clerics on it, sir." He looks back to Petra while Rance watches. "The Lines put the generation facility on Piraeus for a reason. Every new Line brought to life was kept on Piraeus for two weeks to ensure they were not corrupted, due to the effect the planet had on us. The Skath had to know something was up or at least captured enough Lines to know about this. If the ships were close, they wouldn't have captured any Clerics. …But Clara?" He glances to the others, then back. "Second point? All the rez ships and the hub we had were put to mothball with the last post-war updates approved by the Lines. There were safeguards installed to prevent automatic generation of new Line members. The receiver systems and storage were physically disconnected from the generation facilities, if I recall. If there's anything ugly in there, we should be able to find it." He takes a breath.

Rance picks up and looks to Diaz and Ambrose. "I think we all get the deeper questions, though. But my mind is already made up." Of course Bold would alredy make up his mind. "I'm for generating new Line members if its safe. We need crew, Commander. I'm just not sure the rest of the fleet wants it. Those hubs," he waggles a finger at the picture, "can build new bodies. Hell, there's more Lines on those two ships than there probably are humans in this fleet."

"And, forgive me sir, but we need more people to fight alongside us, and if we can awaken Lines and give them a choice, to help out or to just.. they deserve to be alive, they deserve the same chance that we have. To be real," Diaz says in a soft voice, staring down at the toes of her boots for a moment then back up. "I'm not talking about a backup for those of us who are alive right now, I mean giving those line members a chance. They're not backups, is what I'm trying to say."

"Yes," Ambrose agrees with Knox. He meant Clara. "Exactly." But from what Coop says, it doesn't sound like the Lines' old ships were in any condition to recover her. And the Two is too distracted by these possibilities to be confused about which doctor is under discussion — they can sort that out if it wasn't him. Rance and Diaz hit on the troubling bit. "I'm not against awakening new Lines," Ambrose offers, sounding as if he's not entirely for it either. "I do not believe we should restart ressurection, however."

Petra leans on the podium for a bit while he listens, his attention shifting from Knox, to Rance, then on to Diaz and Ambrose. He sucks on a tooth lightly for a moment, before offering, to Rance, "As for what the crew wants or will accept, let the Admiral and I figure that one out…that's on us, whether we like it or not, though we'll take any common sense recommendations you have, along with your assessments." With that said, he taps on the podium for a second and offers to Diaz, "If that's the case, then we need to know what can of worms we might be opening by waking them up. Though, let me be very clear: NO ONE gets woken up without flying it past myself or the Admiral first. Fair enough? If everyone is good with that, then I can let you get to talking and I'll hunt you all down in a few more days if I don't hear from anyone."

Coop is still looking down with his head, but his eyes lift enough to watch that go back and forth. "Yeah, I'm not about to start suggesting we resurrect. That's.. that's a road I'd have to think long and hard on. But there's something else we are overlooking and Diaz just made my point for me." He stands more straight and faces everyone. "A chance to live. A chance to be alive and make choices. A chance to be human. I assume that's what we are getting at with bringing new Lines awake." He looks to Petra specifically now. "And what do we do if we awaken a Line member, or twenty, and they are supposed to have freedom of choice, and they don't want to put on a uniform? To put it straight down on the table, that is another mouth to feed. What do we do if largely one Line doesn't want to serve? Do we stop waking them up because they aren't useful?" He steps closer to Petra, "Sir, I trust you implicitly. You know that. But this is a path through a minefield that only gets more dense with bigger charges. I hope command is considering all of these avenues." Coop then drifts his gaze to the others, "And I sure as shit hope you three are, also."

Diaz looks up again, nodding at Coop and waiting until after the Commander takes his leave, after tossing in the verbal equivalent of a hot potato grenade. "That's exactly it, we have to give them the chance. We can't just say: No, you don't get to live just because you don't want to serve. It's the same option that all civilian adults have, how is it any different that they're Lines instead.." she hauls up on that statement and stops. Exhaling a slow breath. "It matters."

Rance looks over at Knox and shakes his head. "It ain't the same thing, man. You're missing the point. We need service members. We need people. As much as I like Diaz's existentialism, and she has a point, we need fighters. And before you say anything, no, I'm not just only waking up combat Lines. We all need to be represented. We all need to have a chance to decide for-" 'our own people.' The words haven't even left Rance's mouth and he already doesn't like the taste. It's been a long time since Rance has thought of himself as a Seven and not a person. No, he'll word that differently. "The Lines should have a say, if only for their own Line members."

Coop Looks to Diaz and doesn't seem convinced. "So we generate fifty of each Line. Assuming we aren't bringing Ones back, that's five hundred and fifty new people the fleet needs to support. And what if three hundred take the option that they don't want to wear a uniform? What if all the other Elevens we wake up say 'No'? Are you willing to say that we shouldn't wake up more Elevens?" He then looks to Rance and shakes his head. "Look, Rance, we know the Sevens will fight. Sixes, too. Its just who we are. But we are putting things, on the long term, to a narrow field: We need service members. Fighters and support. I'm not going to dispute that, but at what point do we say we can't wake up any more Lines unless they serve a tour of duty? You can live, but only if you agree to a contract? Does that sound familiar?"

"Fifty is such an abstract number," Diaz fires back but in that same pensive, not confrontation, tone of voice. "Why not ten of each line or even five, just to wake them up so that they're aware of what's going on. And," she stresses her next words clearly, "my sister Lines do not get to decide whether I take up arms and fight. And I do not make that decision for them, either. It has to be a personal choice or it's slavery."

Ambrose has been silent for a time, deep in thought. Two is going to take a while to come to any conclusion on this, clearly. "How many Lines deserve a chance?" he ponders aloud. "Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? If we start awakening them in the name of self-determination, where does it stop? Who makes the decision and says 'no more'?" A question for which he has no answer at present. "We all seem agreed that /if/ we do this, the newly awakened will be given a choice? That means we can't do this until we have choices to give them." And Rance's point, while troubling in a way, seems to give Ambrose an idea. "Perhaps we should think of this like procreation. You may only awaken someone if you're willing to take a 'parental' responsibility for them. For lack of a better term."

"Oh come on, Coop. You're makin' up problems that don't even exist yet. Its a possible outcome. Possible. We haven't even woken up a single Line yet, or decided to, and you're calling doomsday at the prospect." Rance moves to sit back on the desk. "You lived out your side of the war with humanity and fought your fight. I get it. But I and everyone else had to rebel. Let's just back down from the potentials and look at the practicals." Rance is doing his best to not get his own temper up. Its working for now. He does look to Diaz, though, and nod. "I wasn't going to use Slavery specifically, but I'm with you. I get it." Though the thoughts Ambrose have has him turn and look. The guy seems on the verge of saying something and then stops to think about that.

Coop narrows his eyes at Rance. "I'm not selling Doomsday. I'm trying to make a point about how this could go. You're not seeing the bigger long term picture here, Rance. This could blow up in the Fleet's face. I'm not arguing for the protection of the Lines, I'm arguing for the protection of the Fleet. We, in this room, are good people who chose this life. We put on the uniform every day because we want to. These new Lines won't have the benefit of true choice and co-mingling with humanity and making that choice in full. …Maybe I am calling Doomsday, but I'm concerned that the Lines we awake may not see things like we do." Which seems as much addressed to Rance as it is to Diaz. Ambrose's point makes him think, though. "Okay, that's not awful. But it would take forever for one at a time. What are we talkin' about here?" Seems he wants to hear more.

"They aren't children," is the only rebuttal that Diaz can come up with. "Treating them like they're chidren who need sippy cups and bedtimes and a morality lesson isn't .." she exhales a breath. "No adult gets to use the phrase 'it's not fair', so I won't use that phrase. I'm only trying to say that yes, we need options to give them. No, we don't wake them up en masse and just tell them to figure it out. Yes, there has to be accountability, but if they aren't given a choice in the first place then we're taking away the accountability with the same decision. There's no place to house five hundred or five thousand, at the moment, so a -real- number is going to need to be worked out," this last said with another of those upward lift of her hands to tug at her hair.

"We are good people," Ambrose echos Knox's words, holding up his hand and giving them all a meaningful look, Rance last. "This is a decision with far reaching implications, and I think it's safe to say that there will be unforseen consequences. I understand you've already made up your mind, Mr. Hood, and in that light it may seem like the rest of us are stalling. But I, at least, am going to need a few days to thinks this over." As for his proposal about 'procreation' the Two muses a moment more before he tries to elaborate. Diaz's interpretation causes the Two to smile. "Sorry. I don't mean literal parenting. I mean that any Line who wants to awaken someone must have reasonable choices to offer them — a place to live, other than the fleet, where there are enough resources to support them and where they can contribute in a meaningful way. Once the awakened are in a situation where they can offer the same, they can decide for themselves if they want to awaken someone else."

"Norton needs a crew," Rance points to Diaz. "A lot of it. If we bring the volunteering Lines into the rest of the fleet and spread them out? We can keep the ratio's low. I'm pretty sure Doc Jimi would have a cow over the Norton being fully staffed by Lines." That idea just makes him laugh a bit. "But yeah, that's the concern, Diaz." Looking to Ambrose, though he lifts a hand and shakes his head. "Sorry, brother, but not the case. I know my tendencies. You all make your decisions in your own time. Especially your Line. Not an insult, just an understanding."

Knox shakes his head to Diaz, "Nobody is saying we treat them like children. But a mentorship program might work well. Show them the benefits. They can wipe their own asses and make their own choices." Coop is careful with the words, still not sure where he falls on this. The ideas from Ambrose have him thinking, "Yeah, I figured it wasn't literal procreation. Still. That's not a bad route. I think, like you, I'm going to need to think on that one. Its a damned sight better than just popping their hatches and offering a contract." Falling silent, it seems Cooper has said about as much as he is going to, stepping back like he is about to depart. Rance maintains his seat, though.

Diaz says, "Then we're down to a question of the needs of the many being a factor for the few to consider," Diaz doesn't so much say this as exhale it, still moving pacing around the open space in front of the lectern as she listens, thinks, and does more and more of each. "We're good people?" she wonders to Ambrose, eyeing the Two curiously. "Why? What made us good people? What makes the Eight's so irascible and irritable and downright unsociable nine times out of ten? Does that make them not good people just because their personality default is abrasive and the person most likely to ruin every holiday or celebration? That's not being a bad person, that's just a bad personality. Are we only good people because we decided to serve? Are civilians bad people because they decided not to? What if I wake up one of my sisters, she decides that this whole thing is a bad idea and wants to go raise puppies and take in stray animals. Does that mean that the next one in line doesn't get the option because the one prior wanted to go look at pictures of cats and puppies and cute ferrets instead of fight?""

Ambrose nods his understanding to Rance, and he doesn't look the least offended. The Two was only trying to forestall and argument. He is contemplative, his expression relaxed even as they grapple with the issue of existence for the Lines. To the point where it takes him a second to respond to Diaz's question. "Perhaps it would be more fair to say we are not the worst people to have to make this decision. I don't know about everyone else, but I believe the Lines have a purpose. A duty. And that's what drew me to serve in the fleet. I wasn't speaking of personality, but rather a sense of purpose. Are you proposing we open the decision up to more voices, Lieutenant? That might be wise. Perhaps we should consider waking up one of each of the other Lines, to let them weigh in?" As for the more practical aspect of the 'procreation' plan, Ambrose shakes his head. "As soon as an offspring is self-sufficient, you could awaken another. If the awakened of a Line all decide not to procreate, well, that is their choice."

Cooper leaves it where it is, turning to go. Seems the guy needs to think. Rance watches him go and once he's left, he looks back to Diaz. "That's not what he meant, Diaz. Its not a judgment there on the others. Its a judgment on us, here in this room. From my take-away, Coop is saying that we're good people because we've got the benefit of experience and know what we have and what we've lost. We're good for the fleet. 'People' is the operative term. You mighta missed the compliment where he's referring to you as human in that. But I agree Coop has points. I just like to play counter-punch to keep from gettin' too high up in his saddle. Don't tell him I agree with any of it, though. I'm here because I think there's a middle ground." Looking back to Ambrose, Rance nods easily. "That's what I was trying to say, yeah. For the most part." What he is thinking on Ambrose's point remains unspoken, though. Its a lot to think on.

"Yes, I think we need to open this up to more voices, more insights, more perspectives. There is no one, singular, way or path to any decision like this. We need more voices," Diaz says with a firm nod, cautiously, "and I see where you're going now, with the procreating or more accurately responsibility-based awakening." She sighs then, "I wish there were a way to take what ever it is that's special about Piraeus and make it portable, to make sure that every line has the same experience, regardless of where they're awakened." She scuffs the toe of one boot against the floor before pacing around again, sharing a quirked smile at Rance, "I didn't catch it, but I'll remember that he meant it, which means as much, retrospective wise. There's a lot of people who've made the same decisions that we did that aren't good people, and they do bad things when they can get away with it. Humanity doesn't have a trade mark on bad choices and bad people. What if we find a whole batch of One's waiting to be woken up? do they all have to stay in cold storage forever, because of the decisions that the awake Line members have made?"

Ambrose watches as Knox takes his leave, then turns back as he catches what Rance is saying. There's a slow nod of agreement for the Seven's words. "I'll remember not to mention it to him," he says with a small smile. "The more voices, the less consensus," the Two then notes to Diaz. It's a point to consider more than a counter-argument though. He's already said he thought it would be wise. "I never experienced the awakening effect of Piraeus in quite that way, so I wouldn't even know where to begin. I think we'll need to make the best plan we can without it." The suggestion that there might be Ones in the hub or rez ship clearly has Ambrose conflicted. He thinks it over for a few seconds, then gives a slow shake of his head. "One has proven he can't be trusted. I wouldn't even consider awakening a One until we were fully prepared to deal with the potential consequences. And I am not sure we would ever be fully prepared for that."

"Piraeus doesn't have to be portable. Its there, Diaz. Unless the Skath nuke it, it will always be there. Its… its our home. As much as could go wrong with the Fleet and all the shit that could tumble down, I have to believe we, as Lines, put our stock in with the right people. And, Godsdamnit, I hate saying 'we' like we aren't human. Frak!" Rance sighs and leans back, hands on the desk to prop him up. "But its our home and that apparently means something. Ys'ral ain't out until it is. ..But on the subject of One?" He looks more serious. "Anyone wants to start waking One? We're gonna have words. I'm not taking that risk. If any of them are on that ship, I won't be party to waking his ass up." That seems pretty final from him, too. "He frakked us, Diaz. Bad. Wisdom. He's no longer the guide. We make our own way without him." Looking to Ambrose, he chuckles. "Lemme tell you, as one of the first group to awaken on P? It blows the mind. That place has something over us. You can't drop a Line there more than a couple minutes before it starts causing you to question things. There's a strong sense of duty and enlightenment. Take what you know, right? Everything you know and believe." Rance sits more forward and looks to Diaz and Ambrose. "Then imagine you're in the dark with it. Every day. Then suddenly you can see a horizon. There's a dawn breaking with new ideas that you know are true. You can't explain it. You don't have to. You know it. And as the sun creeps up it starts to fill your head and show you a different world." There's a short chuckle. "Brother that place frakked me up but good. Glad for it."

"What.. if… we take that memory," Diaz says quietly, frowning, clearly feeling her way through this thought.. "what if we take that memory, your memory, my memory, Inez's memory, every other Line that's awake already in the fleet.. what if we take THAT memory and save it, share it somehow? Instead of just awakening each line with the last saved memory storage point but putting THIS memory, first and foremost, before anything else? Why can't we do that?"

There is simple, fascinated silence from Ambrose as he listens to Rance's story of awakening on P. And since the subject of waking a One doesn't seem likely to go anywhere else, the Two is left to think on the Piraeus experience for a few moments more. "Hearing you describe it," he concludes, "I almost wish I had experienced it." He exhales and turns back to more immediate concerns, and the Ten's notion is given some consideration, and then a nod of support. "We could project it to them," Ambrose suggests. "But I'm not sure it would have the same effect."

Rance's chuckle is dry. Very. "In order to get that memory out of myself, and Coop? First we're assuming Coop was right about the physical disconnect. You'd have to reconnect the resurrection tech to download the memories. Then you'd have to ask Coop and I to kill ourselves. Now I might be up for an adventure, but if I'm not coming back? You're finding another way. And Coop? He just got his kids back. The man's married and has grandkids now. He's not killin' himself for this. I'm not either." Looking over to Ambrose, Rance nods. "Brother, it was beautiful. Now like you said, I could project it. So could Coop. But its not the same as being there. They're just memories." Afterwards he sighs and claps his hands to his knees. "So where do we stand right now?"

"Then how do we hook up the memory so that -all- lines can access it?" Diaz says as she does that pace around the room scuff the toe of one boot against the floor thing, again, even going so far as to kicking one boot shod foot after another against the lowest edge of the riser then doubling back again. "We figure out a way to hook the memory in so that every line can access it, and I'll do it. Not just my line. But all of them. I don't have kids," she says with a glance from Rance to Ambrose, "I don't have grandkids. I don't have a spouse or a loved one or anyone other than all of you. I remember and i hold on that memory above all else when things are the worst. It gets me through a lot of dark places and dark times."

"I don't know that we can," Ambrose admits to Diaz. He doesn't have enough technical knowledge of the system. "And I'm not sure that it would have exactly the same effect even if we can. But it is something to investigate. You'll have time to think it over." Ressurection may not be the right decision even for this. There's a meaningful look between the Ten and Seven as he contemplates the experience they shared that he did not, and then Ambrose finally gets around to responding to Rance with a summary. "We investigate the ship and hub, potentially awakening one each from the other Lines, and then come to some agreement on how to proceed?"

"We don't. Not unless we are hooking up resurrection tech. Its not that simple, Diaz." Rance shakes his head. But when she starts talking in that particular direction, he stands. "Not even No, we're talking Hell No. I'm not giving you shit for my memories now. You are not dying for some potential higher purpose, kid. You want to live to a ripe old age like me, you play it smart. Look for angles. The direct route through the brick wall does not keep you intact." He then looks to Ambrose and nods, seeming to find agreement there. "Yeah. Let's check it out then see how we want to move. I'll tell Coop what's up and he can punch me if he wants to. For now, I think I'm good."

"Guys, respectfully, it has to be an option on the table. If all the tech is working, and we can't come up with another way, then it stays on the table. I don't make your decisions, and you don't make mine," Diaz reminds as she scuffs the sole of that boot against the floor once more and turns back. "We find another way to share memories that doesn't involve a bullet between the eyes, and I'm in favor of it. We don't find another, smarter way? We don't find a way to upgrade our own tech? We don't find a solution that the best minds in the fleet can help with? It stays on the table until then." She hooks her hands into the front pockets of her trousers, "Thing about beating your head against a brick wall is that one of three things happen: The wall weakens and you get through, your skull breaks and you bleed out, or you work the learning curve and go up and over. We need to figure out a way to go up and over our own tech."

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